/ Fantasy / Godlike: The Rise of a Skill-stealing Rune Master chasing revenge

Godlike: The Rise of a Skill-stealing Rune Master chasing revenge Original

Godlike: The Rise of a Skill-stealing Rune Master chasing revenge

Fantasy 178 Chapters 205.0K Views
Author: PilgrimJagger

4.92 (12 ratings)

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Utterly mad and consumed by hatred, Sebastian attacked Erika Luttrell’s manor.

As the woman incinerated him to ashes, Sebastian died with a crazed smile on his face, finding humor in his own death.

But fate had a wild twist in store for Sebastian. Thanks to a trinket bequeathed by his dead father, the pyromancer gets sent back to the past, landing right in the middle of another shot at payback.

There is only a tiny insignificant problem plaguing the man. Madness followed him, pushing him to take completely avoidable risks.

With a grin on his face, and flames in his hands, Sebastian will make those who ruined his family pay, and turn into cinders all the thespians within the mystical realm who gave him his powers.


RELEASE SCHEDULE: Two chapters a day UNLESS I have real life stuff to attend.

CHAPTER LENGTH: 1000-1200 words long chapters.



#Skill Creation

#Alternative World


#Mad MC

#Male MC

#Western Fantasy

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    Hello! This is my newest book; I hope you will like it. To support me, please send powerstones and help spread the word about the story. What are my thoughts on the book? In my opinion did a decent job, but ultimately, the final say is up to you. I'm hoping you'll find Sebastian, the main character likable. It's difficult to capture his essence and stay consistent with his personality, but I'm giving it my best shot. Let me know what you think.

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    All good and everything, but the pace in BSCS had some problems. Please don't mess up here! The story is very promising!

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    It's a well written book with an engaging and fun mc. The first volume (basically almost all free chaps) goes great, is fast and has a ton of fun action...however, the pacing after vol. 1 drops to a snail's pace. The good moments and twists are great but there are many chapters where nothing happens. This has been improved quite a bit in the current arc thankfully but it's still a slow burn. If the author stops stretching and padding the story I honestly believe it can become a 5-star. I'll keep reading for now.

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    wow! ive read the free chapters and so far its been a great read!! interesting mc. not many wild mc types. no filler stuff here which i appreciate. straight into the plot and chugs along at a good pace. lots of potential for world building.

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    I want mooooooooore!!![img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    PilgrimJagger never disappoints. I can see this as a huge success! I love psycho villains and the world building seems promising. For those who haven't read yet, this is a revenge story.

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    The writing quality is high! It's a pleasure to read this. Release rate?

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    It looks promising, but we still have to see if the author will keep the level high. I like the mc already

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    Love it already, and there are 18 chapters out! The world-building seems cool! Hope it will be a great book!

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    Another great book from Pilgrimjagger. I have followed him since he started writing. The improvements he made are astonishing. This book is very convincing and the mc is very peculiar. Let's hope it continues like this!

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    Author PilgrimJagger