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World Domination System booting up.

Current World: Unknown

Host Status: Near-death

Current Goal: Survive

Overall Goal: Dominate and Conquer the world!]

A college student struggling for cash opted for an experiment which was advertised as safe but paid a lot of money. As soon as he was strapped to a chair and had electrodes placed on his head, he fell asleep but woke up to this robotic voice in his head.

With these words started Daneel's adventures in an unknown world.
Will he explore and conquer the rapidly changing new world, as the system stated? Or will he die and be forgotten within the eddies of time?

If you have some spare change, buy me a coffee to support me at: www.ko-fi.com/killerhemboy

Release rate : 14 chapters per week

Release Schedule: 00:15, 6:00 GMT+8

Chapter Length: ~2000

Map of Angaria: https://imgur.com/a/FWi9P9c

Updated Map(SPOILER ALERT- Only see if you've read until Chapter 900) :

Discord: https://discord.gg/VCfdPUN

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    What can I say? I stumbled upon this gem and I am really surprised that it is only in the top 50 when it can easily match the current no 1 in the original rankings. The writing quality is very good (English may not be my mother tongue but I have read countless novels and this one's quality is pretty damn high), the main character seems to be (as of now) a pretty reasonable fellow, the pacing feels pretty good (up till now I never got the urge to scim through parts) and the world-building parts are neither too long nor too short. That being said, this is all my personal opinion which may be bolstered by the fact I read through A LOT of mtl or junk in the last couple of days, so bash on me all you want (idc anyway). But when LWS manages to reach rank 1 in the original rankings, this story (which imo is better than LWS) easily deserves at least a rank in the top 5.

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    One of the few unique novels in which the mc takes over the world! Has both a unique cultivation system and magic, definitely worth a read. Mc power-up is slow, he is a bit weak in the first few chapters but once he gets to the academy he gets strong fast. Another thing I like about this is that he always makes sure to pay back those who wronged him in the past, always. Anyways I'm rambling, go read this book, you won't regret it.

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    Absolute Masterpiece. Those who have read my reviews before know im either really picky or biased because i like things or authors that have been incorporated. But this, as a stand-alone work, is absolutely gorgeous in every way, shape and form. Turn this into a real life analogy, and a pile of priceless relics and unmatchably beautiful gems would greet you. God-tier on this sight.

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    Author here, finally writing a self review to promote my novel. This is my second book, and I must say I am finding it more and more fun to write and make the stories in my head come alive for you. Unlike my first which had an uneven pace in the beginning, this one is has been written with all the experience I have accumulated. I always wanted a book like Release That Witch where there would be awesome kingdom building along with the MC also being OP. And a system makes everything much more fun of course. So I started this novel. I am really humbled by the great response and will continue to be stable and steady with my writing and release frequency. This novel, like my first one, is also planned out to have a definite end, so it will not be dropped. Thanks for reading both this review and the novel, and I hope you continue to follow my novels. Cheers! Author out!

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    In a typical Chinese cultivation light novel, the main character start from the lowest strength only to rise above all. For this miraculous outcome the MC has the help of something that is a complete cheat for cultivating. The MC along the way encounter bad guys, selfish idiots who think they are better than the rest and attack and try to humiliate other just because why not. Trashes. The MC will punish those selfish idiots by attacking and trying to humiliate them because he think he is better than them and because he have the excuses that they were the one who started it. The MC is a freaking psychopath that can murder those who offend him just like that. The other characters that exist are the good guys, that are meant to witness the power of the MC and give him opportunity to get violent with the excuse of protecting the weak against the bad guys. side characters, good or bad, don't need deep personality the just need to trigger the events and thus are shallow. The women are especially shallow thanks to sexist culture. They are just their to fall in love and be sexual trophy. The plots are usually rushed and full of holes. So where is World Domination System among the mass of Chinese cultivation novels? Woman: So far almost no girls in sight. no sexism aside from the fact that all the key spots are hold by men. The MC is not a murderous psychopath. But only because he think he is not powerful enough yet to kill those who offend him. so psychopath is yes. are the side characters only divided with good one and bad one just for the sake of having the MC get violent? Yes, the bad guys will get offended over nothing and the good one are way to kind to be realistic. It's all white or all black. The characters are very shallow. The story don't really care about character building to the point that the one and only friend of the MC is a character that we don't see interacting with the MC. He is just mentionned here and there, and of course he will get bullied by bad guys. So his job is to be a token that trigger the MC's revenge. He don't need to talk or think. the story is only focus on the growth of the MC and him kicking asses. Finally the cultivation cheat Yep it's there of course. it will allow the MC to get strong in everything. strong body, magician, magic craftsman, etc... The originality is his cheat pushing the MC toward world conquest. it should be something that bring an abnormally high deepness to the intrigue and plots. But no as expected of a typical Chinese cultivation random story, this become disappointing as well. Let me spoil the first financial success of the MC as an example: to cultivate energy is required, bloc of ether can release useful energy and thus are pricey. Alas mosquitoes are eating the blocs of ether. In order to protect the warehouse from mosquitoes, the usual method is... to erect expensive magical barriers that only last a few month then must be replaced. The MC find a way to bait and trap mosquitoes, protecting the warehouse at a cheaper cost and thus making tons of money. Flaw one: why stopping simple mosquitoes with expansive military grade magical barrier when you can just build air-proof warehouse and store the bloc of ether in pouches airtight shut? it's just normal weak mosquitoes... it's like killing flies with a rocket launcher. Flaw two: the MC doesn't test his invention over the two month it is supposed to be effective. The effectiveness of his traps might decrease over time for unknown reasons and it can all backfire in his face. Flaw three: the MC sell his product at a given price and receive the entire sum of money as benefit... what about the price for opening his store, what about paying salaries to the manager, etc.. The kingdom is supposed to have heavy taxes policy that cause turmoil and anger among the citizens, yet the MC don't pay any taxes? The plots are rushed and only what allow the MC to be a righteous violent psychopath is relevant for the author. So yeah... Overall another typical cheap cultivation story here that just copy past all the cliché except for sexy women as trophies.

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    This story is really different from other cultivation/magical fantasy novels I have read. The author incorporates both aspects quite seamlessly into the novel. I won’t say it is perfect because it isn’t. Though this is where the author is best at. He listens. He listens to his readers and isn’t afraid of criticism. So he is always changing and adapting to the readers. He has a goal set in his mind and won’t change that but journey he will tweak. So honestly I recommend everyone try it. It won’t disappoint. While I’m here I’ll just tell you to check his other novel as well. Thank you for reading. ☺️

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    Finally an original novel that seems fuckin legit. After wading through all the garbage I have found another one. If some of you haven’t read system war that also has an amazing story. Hopefully these two can be consistent with updates and we will be all good.

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    Wow, deleting any low ratings and criticism. Well, I guess it's normal when someone is insecure. Disappointed, Hemboy. 🙁 3,5 to 1 star, sorry...

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    It started off great with a good concept, so I hope that it doesn’t get dropped...................................................................................................................................................

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    MC decided to do something, in fact, he is so smart that he had already thought of four alternate ways of achieving it. First was about blah blah blah; second involved a lengthy explanation of highly irrelevant things. His third plan is obviously explained in detail too, of course he won't be using it, heck he won't use his fourth option either but author will describe it in 10 paragraphs anyway. No, instead; what MC did was blah blah blah long narration of more uninteresting facts. Alright, so writing style sucks; but character design does too. The only character development that you will see is MC every other character is incidental and it's screen time is of a few chapters at most. Interaction? What's that? They can exchange a few words, but that's it, 9 pm news have more character development than this.

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    LV 13 Badge

    A pretty great idea, a likeable character with good development and I hope it goes on till the end as I am really enjoying this and can't wait for more chapters hehe keep it up 😋

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    LV 5 Badge

    I must say I'm very disappointed, seeing this novel in the top 10 Power Ranking, I thought I'd give it a try. I realized "oh wait I've read this before and made a review" As I tried checking out what my review was (it was not a good one) I saw it being deleted. Now I know I didn't delete it since it doesn't make sense for my opinion to change (which would be a valid reason to delete it) after dropping it and not starting it again, so I'll let you guys guess who deleted this

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    This is just bad....I honestly dont understand such high rating on this one, it does not make sense at all. I wont describe every little downside and plothole, coz there are too many of them, but: World building is almost nonexisting, especialy in first 80+ chapters, not sure about after that, could not force myself to read, even just for time-killing. Magic system is flawed, and not explained almost at all, the only things said are some particles and imagination. GREAT, that works(no). Power levels are stupid as well, even exalted human mage can apparently view(or feel?) WHOLE kingdom, not even a city, a freaking kingdom! What will happen next? If even at lover level mages can easily use teleportation, at warrior mage, they should be able to destroy the world with the flip of their hand? Characters, their motivations, dialogues, enviroment around MC, everything is extremely DRY! Its like nothing ever happens in this wolrd if our MC is not involved. Surroundings are super dull, author could have mentioned so many things, even just in passing, for example weather, seasons, vendors with some kingdom specialities, festivals, religion, holidays, so many things to make a world more alive and dynamic.....Then again, maybe it is better in later chapters, but so far even characters act like robots, and the only villian in the whole world is the king. King did that, king killed someones father, stole someones girlfriend, etc. I wont even mention MC specificly, coz he acts just like some another mob. 20+ years, still behaves like a newborn. And i dont say that every MC should be fucking OP genius, that knows and can do everything, but at least dont make him that dumb and that unlikable... Oh man...that was quiet a lot....Author, try reading Lord of Mysteries, or some other good fictions, just to see what does GREAT worldbuilding mean, its not only about main story, side quests(as i call them) are super important as well, and if they have an impact (even the smallest one) on the main story, thats even better. I dont know if this is your first fiction....But you REALLY need to work on worldbuilding and character-world, character-character interactions. Than again, maybe i am expecting too much, and i admit that my standards are set quiet high. (But it doesnt change the fact that this fiction is quiet lacking in some aspects) Good luck tho! Writing is hard, writing something good is even harder, but practice matters after all, maybe your next novel will be a masterpiece xD

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    OP character design with no clear plot or character development or proper interactions. It so overrated that irritated me to write this ****ty review.

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    Garbage. No logic MC trying to be nice and forgiving of his enemies. I hope hemboy removes my review cause he know this web novel is a piece of **** not worth my coins

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    I've followed this author since his first book, Invincible Earth, and I must say that he has really impressed me with the timeliness of the updates and the quality of writing. Skill seems to have gotten much better from the first book, and story seems to be going in a great direction. Keep up the good work!

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    It was good and every thing at the beginning but it just get boring after a while especially the mc . He is too perfect to the point that if you read in a chapter that the mc is being beaten up then in the next one you are gonna find "and it all proceeded how the mc expected it and now he has all the cards in his hands, he is the best " . The other problem is how the author keep repeating things about the mc's personality, in the 500 chapter you will still find the author using many paragraphs to explain the reasons behind every decision the mc make as if we forgot the same explanation that was in the previous chapter . About the side characters, as you may expect his friends all have gotten their powers thanks to him, their friendship is more like "they are grateful to him and he is nice because even if he is the king and their benefactor he still consider himself their equal" .

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    Well... not completely a fan of systems as it's an easy "deus ex machina" for authors, but this novel is good. The implementation of the system is not the best, the background a little lacking but it doesn't matter as the author it's doing great presenting the story in a gradual and interesting way, avoiding absurd or overpowered stuff, although in my opinion explaining things with a system is kinda cheating at least it's explained and gradual not a magical solution out of nowhere

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    To tell the truth i have no idea why the hell this novel is so high rated. At this point i'm only reading because i've got nothing better to do, and kingdom building novels are my guilty pleasure. So far the MC is basically your general japanese novel MC. Dumb, full of righteousness, a total pushover, a king of virgins and of course, having no dignity whatsoever. There are many inaccurate facts in the novel and the author constantly leaves plotholes. It is pretty clear at this point that sometimes he tries to fix an absurdity in the next chapter motivated by full blown criticism from the readers, but that doesn't always happens. If you want to read a novel where you can witness all that, be my guest.

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    First of all, let's leave a review before reading this system novel I am expecting after he conquers that unknown world he will start galactic domination and rule the whole galaxy I am also hopping his system is omnipotent so he can forever live as a host ( I will now start reading this novel GTG)

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    Author KillerHemboy