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Author: Village of Ambitious BirdsTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


4.34 (1,236 ratings)

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Ling Ran, a med school senior, begins to see the world like a game UI. He uses it to pave his way towards graduation, a residency, becoming the greatest doctor in the world... And finally getting a Transformer from his newbie packs? Maybe. We don't know yet.

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    This is just average- no glaring flaws, typical tropes, nothing stands out. MC is a medical intern who suddenly gains a system, and completes tasks to earn system rewards. Coincidences pile up (like a doctor randomly calling on him, a sudden emergency, etc.) to help him accomplish the tasks. His surprising skill as a newb earns jealous glares from males and weak legs from females. All very stereotypical. The descriptions feel very off and unrealistic to me as I have worked in hospitals and social interactions do not really happen as described (for example, no doctor talks that much during a procedure and newbs are not called upon randomly like described because of both medical ethics and potential legal repercussions).

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    Website : qidian china Views : 56.20million Rating : 9.0(550) Chapters : 550+approx Status : ongoing Rank : 11 Word count : 1.47million author level : great No of works : 6 Disscussion : 325655 Year started : 2018 Chinese title : 大医凌然 Currently very popular in china. Guys my current favorite novel is "Beautiful Time With You". It's one of the best romance novels I ever read! I know many of you might be hesitating cuz it's Ye Fei Ye novel! I can understand that! But I promise you it's a very cute and prolly the funniest novel with like zero heart wrenching moments! Give it a try guys! MC is very different and also super surprising thing is ML isn't a complete jerk!

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    LV 4 Badge

    cant wait uwu uwu i love doctor stuff + game elements hhhhh uwu                                                                                                                                                                           

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    For those who want to acquire medical knowledge please read this book!!! You will absolutely not be disappointed for the knowledge you get!! You can also applied the medical knowledge you got here in real world!! After all it medical knowledge from novel!!!!

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    So many petty comments.. The novel of Pierce the heavens synopsis was misleading, I did read it afterwards & it was a really cool novel and I admit voting without reading is very irrational but at least we had a synopsis to base from. But here so many people being petty and personal over a misunderstanding, the bad comments of that novel were all deleted. And it's not like you bunch didn't judge this novel by it's cover, and not all of us will like the same thing whether a novel leaning towards Feminity or masculinity. Apparently Qidian has this much toxic people, grow up. If I encounter this toxicity this much, I will just leave QIDIAN, at that point screw novels.

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    (Copy and pasted from my NU review) This novel is extremely good with what it is. The plot is really bad, but it is a really good read. Update: Raws, 255 I originally thought that this novel was a decent read. Then it got repetitive. New cookie cutter girl swoons, ofc Ling ran ignores. Repeat. Nothing new. My breaking point is Yu Yuan. How do you get such a dumb character in the novel??? They try to interject awkwardly into situations and she is brain dead in her interactions. The breaking point of that breaking point is Ling Ran and his patriotism. There is no "China is number one" kind of oneupsmanship in medicine. We are all working to a common goal, regardless of nationality. It is extremely obvious, and it feels like colonialism 2.0, at least the way that the author describes it. Ling Ran sticks with the same hospital, even though HE KNOWS HE IS LIMITED BY THE NUMBER OF BEDS. So leave for gods sake. Mayo clinic, Shanghai foot, a lot of good places would accept him. Why does he want to be a 'world class doctor', when he stays in the chinese equivalent of the backwaters of Alabama? Tian Hao too. She is a 3rd gen rich girl who just wants to win over Ling Ran. Except she has negative brain cells. B_tch please. I am trying to enjoy the novel and all you can do is interject and add random bullcr*p. I don't care if you drive a Rolls Royce today, and a Bentley tomorrow. The only good part was Meng Leyao. Jeez, a woman who is more normal than the rest, who doesn't immediately get wet after seeing Ling Ran, except she disappears for 100 chapters. The ticket system encourages high word count, which comes at the expense of quality. Thank you for listening to my ted talk. /Rant

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    Looking at the title, my first impression is this novel will tell about the medical world which is a rare genre in webnovel. but after reading the synopsis, it turns to be another online game story. what a disappointing turn of event!

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    I'm not going to be reading this further. I did not find this story to be enjoyable. I think the biggest reason why I did not enjoy reading this story was because it was so similar to "Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming". I don't have much evidence to back myself up, but this story is giving me vibes very similar to that of the above mentioned book (which exists on QI and is completed for anyone interested). Both books seem to be oriented more to a female audience. I don't really enjoy stories like this.

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    LV 10 Badge

    Turn off your brain for this one as anyone with a sliver of medical/legal knowledge would know that the MC wouldn't be able to pull off as much as he does in the medical practice as a medical newbie. The MC isn't memorable as he is the typical arrogant facesmacking MC with the world bending over to give him circumstances to show off to others as he has little to no personality to speak of. I'd recommend this novel printed so it can serve as a good campfire since it isn't enjoyable at all to anyone with a brain.

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    Though I was bit confused in the beginning of the story... after reading the first 10 chapters, the story builds. Don't bother with all the people rating as 1 star as I guess people have a lot of free time in their hand.

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    First of all, the character development is quite lacking. the author didn't explain why MC got this game like system in his mind. what kind of good deeds he had done before which granted him such cheat. Second, the way he stitches wound on Mr. Yang is too exaggerating. the wound is quite deep which affect the blood vessel. it should be stitched with different surgery thread for each type of wound. for the blood vessel, for the tendon and last for the skins. it becomes hilarious when MC did it only in one go of stitches. Third, the way he gets his first fans girl also ridiculous. Just by making stitches on the girl's brother tattoo she gives MC quite a favor. it's not even a wound that life-threatening, you know!

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    As a medical student I can say that this novel is very good and has accurate medical terminology and elements so far. Yes, it is medicine orientated, there are many special terms (medical jargons) used all over the place. So far it it heavily surgery based but I can see that he may cover many other fields in the future. This novel is a blessing for me!😂 So interesting to read...

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    An inspirational story covering how Dr. Ling helped a professional athlete recover from a car accident that left him near-crippled. Exercising intensely alongside his patient, the book concludes with them doing the Boston marathon side-by-side. That was the day that great doctor Ling ran.

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    LV 12 Badge

    This novel seems to be very interesting. So far I still like the mc, I hope it does not change. I love this kind of novels. I recomend it.Probably the next 100 chapters will continue to be just as good, after that, I'm not sure.

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    I really like this novel 😊😊 Give it try I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for translating this!! 💐💐💐

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    The guy is basically a drone with only surgery and food on his mind which is not realistic. He is a young guy with hormones and hot women around him and he is not oblivious yet the author basically makes him a robot for surgery with no feelings or hrmones. It is a good novel but author should make the character more like a young health guy and not an emotionless surgery robot with nothing else on his mind. Hell, even the worst nerds are not like that.

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    First of all, props to the translators for working through the medical terms and all that. It must definitely not be easy. As for the novel, 'meh' is really all I can say. The author gets a thumbs up for daring to create a medical novel, that's brave and must have done some extensive research, but the execution of characters and story development leaves much to be desired. The MC is rather uninteresting and the "harem" feels like plot fillers (aka unnecessary and dull).

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    ALL HUMAN PLEASE READ THIS! This is why we have the word idiot in every language. Also the premise of doctor with stupid system is so stupid, I guess only stupid people read this, oh wait the doctor is handsome, so handsome in fact many woman read the stupid story and make low score review in other novel because they want this stupid story come faster. Reason of the stupid story got 4 star: stupid woman who also crazy read this stupid story + troll. Word stupid I use in this review: 10 How stupid is this? Amazingly stupid.

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    LV 12 Badge

    I must say that I've been waiting 3 full weeks before this book obtained enouth votes, si I am happy now. I'll go to the main points now, first on the wrighting qualty, wile I've been reading books in english for three years now, I can't say I'm proficient in ortograph so my point of view may not be of interest to you but so far, I didn't see notable mistakes. Second as the book just started being translated we can't be sure about the stability of updates but I'll just say that the 18th chapter was updated 20 hours ago while the 17th was 10 hours ago, not saying it is bad, but it may be bad. For the story developpement, it's fine, I mean, in other books the mc is like "I'm hearing voices and seeing floating textes, fine I'll follow their orders" while the corect thing to think is "am I crazy? Like, in my brain?" But some weirds happening, the sister of the unicorn man find the mc's house but I don't remember the mc telling them where he lives. But overall, it's okay. For the character desing, well the mc is the classical "I don't talk much and I'm cold headed and I'm beautifull" but you now what, I don't hate what is classical! but he is a bit lucky, beeing choosen out of a full room of doctors and interns to help,while he was playing on is phone, I'm okay withe the fact that a girl will mostly go to a charming guy, but when it comes to work, you won't takes the risk to bring someone who is playing on his phone at work to help just because he is dashing, your putting yourself in danger of being fired. For the world backgroud I don't know, it seems futuristic with the transformers (I don't now about others countrys but in france transformers are a bunch of giant robots who can transform in vehicles) but my lack of medical knowledge stop me from judging anithing about the hospital. All in all, It's very good for now, and I'm waiting to see what's next! (I hope the 19th chapter will be out before the 20th)

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    I quite like it, its not for everybody but if you are looking for a funny low stakes slice of life novel with op mc thats is not obnoxious or fucking evil in a modern setting and without dog blood drama or revolving door of petty never ever back down cannon fodder face slapping, this its for you! For me Ling Ran at the same time its both a typical and atypical protagonist, at the core he is a young man set on his ways that knows what he wants from his life. From his birth he has what we some readers call his biggest golden finger, not the medical system but what we might as well call conceptual beauty, all people regardless of personal taste think him the most handsome, old, young, man, female, EVERYBODY and they react according to their own natural reaction to it(there is not magical love obsession or enslavement, at least not for everybody, some people are just that shallow), he has been always been the center of attention and receive preferential treatment or resentment no matter what he does or felt, his mother has been a godsend in teaching how to cope with it. The most memorable for me its how when he was a child she gave him a box and a sign of "please give me 10 yen" and parked him in a busy street(he was not made to look like a poor beggar or sick), the box overflowed in like a hour with more money that his family clinic makes in a day/week? and she give him the talk that with his looks he does not have to work to eat and live well, he could just gather money while his youth lasts and live out of it, so he should just look for what he enjoys to do and work on that, just his looks will open doors for him. Surgery its that for him, he loves and lives for it, he cares not for fame, money or status, only as much as they enable his life passion of doing surgery. Even without the system he would have been a successful surgeon, he is book smart, not untalented, hard working and his looks will have gave him opportunities, like when on the first day the nurse choose him of all interns to do stitching, his rise would not have been meteoric or anywhere near as high, but he will have done well. His personality and actions are derived of his coping mechanism for all the attention, he is germophobe that does not like to be touched(you can imagine how much he was touched without his permission since he was child), he has zero interest in romantic relationships or sex(he has been harassed and courted since kindergarden), he does not flatter people and has minimal manners when meeting new people(he knows people always excuse him or dislike him for his looks and that almost always comes first), he is aloof(people are always trying to cozy up to him and take the slightest opening) and in general he just does not get some social niceties/behaviors since he never had to, so he never bothered to learn or maybe he just couldt? it may be accidental representation, but he in general cames across like he is somewhere in the autistic spectrum, I like it. The constant thing of a gaggle of young nurses, random beautiful girls being introduced to gaga over him got old fast, but it has toned down over the course of the book, its more a background thing now. Really like two named young females in the entire book have been immune to it, the author does not know how to write females well, but at least he is not perverted or woman hating about it. Like I said he is set on his ways, he likes his routines and does not like unfamiliar places and you know he actually has alive parents he likes, so he has stayed on the same hospital over the course of so far 1000+ chapters, which I actually think its great, I am so done with the trope of mc constantly outgrowing places or burning all bridges and having to move to other place where he just win overs/face slaps the exact same type of characters over and over. He staying in the same hospital actually enables the story to have a stable cast of characters, they are not very deep but I do like them and actually remember them! They have their own unique personalities and will be sad to see them go. There are plenty of chapters where they are center stage and Ling Ran its in the background or not at all on it, its nice and often funny variety. Also he is not sabotaging himself by doing it, there are sick people everywhere, the hospital has good facilities, he can and does freelance surgery when he runs out of beds and as told in the novel, had he left for those others hospitals when given the chance he would not have gotten as much preferential treatment(he is so spoiled on his hospital) immediately as he receives on his own hospital he will had to spend time proving himself to get the same leeway, surgery volume and freedom for task he does not like doing(medical charts, social niceties, talking with patients, warding off new romantic interests since every time he moves to a new place he has to reject in a socially acceptable way offers of dates from young women, matchmaking with daughters/nieces/granddaughters for all the older people) when he could just spend that time doing surgery or at home and saving himself the distasteful task of uprooting himself out of his routines/home.

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    Author Village of Ambitious Birds

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