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Draco had risen to the top of the world through his exploits in the legendary FIVR game, Boundless.

After years of intense conflicts between his guild, Hellscape, and the guild of his former infidel lover, Darkrow, things came to a head when Draco conquered all.

Now, nothing stood in his way of total conquest within the highly acclaimed second world of mankind, as he intended to fortify his new empire.

Unfortunately, a timely assassination sent him back into the wheel of time for reincarnation, but not even the Gods gave him peace of death.

Thrust into the past, Draco realized he'd been given a second chance at life to start from scratch, with all the knowledge of over fifteen years of almost absolute power in Boundless.

Now, his path to glory will be far shorter and filled with more bloodshed than Hades could handle.


WARNING: If you're the type to be triggered easily, please do not read.

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    when i read the reviews i honestly felt like i probably wouldn't like this novel but this novel, However i was pleasantly surprised by how much i've enjoyed it. The main character is likeable and has a visible depth and as the novel progresses his growth is obvious to the reader. There is intrigue, there is sex, there is drama. Everything is in this novel, and everything is well thought out and planned and any issues that are in the novel the author is very interactive and discusses them and remedies if need be. And tbh i cant really find any fault apart from minor grammar issues. And for all those who are wondering, NO. There is no NTR and should read the novel and see for yourself.

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    Not a “professional critic” or anything like that, just a guy who enjoys reading interesting, unique and, sometimes, even cliche stories. Overall, I enjoy the time travel and/or reincarnation trophe. I like the characters and the layers between the real world and the virtual worlds. The main concern I have overall is the introduction of Draco’s background. I thought that it was a big info dump as well as the idea being revealed way too quickly. Obviously, with that info dump done, the plot starts to progress and the motives start to reveal. But I wish that it was introduced more subtlety and revealed better. Thank you for the story though! Although I’ve finished it and there are some rough spots, the writing style and ideas are very enjoyable!

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    An elaborate story set in two conjoined worlds, virtual and reality come together to form the backdrop for one of the best VR-novel stories on this Website. The usual overdone Reincarnation genre gets to relive its glory years through this story. All described and outfitted by tasteful grammar and a superb writing style. Now onto the meat of the review. For the last week I had been searching for a new VR-novel, since most of the ones I'm enthralled with and am waiting on updates for have been on hiatus or are currently way too slow with their updates. There's a long list of novels in this exact genre I've read but the ones that match up to this one aren't many. Notable ones are: -Phoenix Phire (Small hiatus should continue in a few weeks) -Rise of the Undead Legion (Very slow with updating) -Realm of Myths and Legends (Currently on hiatus) If you've read any of the above then this one is a must have on your reading list. Vice versa aswell. --- There's a lot to say for this novel and I'll try to keep it somewhat short, atleast for my standards. --- The world is as I mentioned before very elaborate more so because both 'worlds'(VR and Reality) get explored and explained, however there's no long info dumps to be found. Everything has it's time and place beyond the initial introduction which feels easy to grasp whilst reading. Never at one point did I get annoyed by exposition. Both worlds feel as if they are filled with life and adventures/interesting things. One thing I like about VR-novels among other things are the Game-Elements and they are described beautifully here, with the proper appearance. Author seemingly puts a lot of effort into making sure the numbers add up and can always be found in the chapter comments if anything is incorrect or mixed up. Overall I really like the world-building of this Novel and it feels alive. There's a few Side-Stories added in showing other people's perspectives which help in that regard. --- Characters come alive and feel genuine. Their feelings can be experienced and are played with by the Author in a realistic way. The main character has multiple personalities which after reincarnating and progressing through the story alter and change in regards to what happens in a realistic way. I usually don't really like characters which are at the utmost top of the Dao of shamelessness as many readers have called it but I find it passable, plus he doesn't use it a lot. I feel like the interactions between Qion Qi(Think I'm writing this wrong ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ) are somewhat 'too' silly sometimes. There's only so many fart jokes which I can personally enjoy before that gets old, sometimes I wish he could just be the bad ass lion sidekick I imagine him to be instead of the comedic relief of the story. Even without him farting and such there's enough humor in the Novel to get around. Author in the beginning got a lot of shit for the Female main character which I don't think he deserves. Admittedly I've come in after all the changes were made so I don't know exactly how the story was before but as it stands now I've never hated or disliked her. I actually like her drive and motivation, backstory and how she treats the people around her. I think she's well written. MC's guild is filled with fleshed out and loveable characters which I like reading Side-Stories about, aswell as interactions between them and the MC. His various love interests are the same, filled with different realistic emotions which keep them feeling alive. They add a lot to the story and I like that there's a few chapters worth of stories inbetween Arcs filled with conversations and interaction between them all. --- Writing is superb and is easy to understand and get through, the reading experience is delightful. The editor(Devil's Advocate) does his job great aswell. Anyways I need to cut it off here, can only have so much in a review, one day I'll get better at that. Thanks for writing Author (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

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    Here are the novel's pros and cons. Read carefully before beginning, so you don't end up dissatisfied and angry, because you're more than likely going to rant and I'm going to want to bang my head on the wall. Pros: 1. Reincarnation handled well. There is logic behind it and a relevant reason, though it is veiled behind some mystery. 2. Dark themes. This is not a story of good guy saving the world and basking us villains in the light of his noble morals. It is dark (and unfortunately, sometimes edgy) story with things that would offend people of this era. If you're the type to be triggered, do not read. No one is forcing you to. 3. Power couple. The MC and the FMC are extremely unique and possess a trait that makes them stand above all others, together and individually. 4. Overpowered MC. This means no running away from enemies or always being the underdog. More than likely, you will sympathize with the enemies of the MC. 5. Long chapters. Each chapter is 3000 words long, meaning that there is a lot of content in each of them. Sometimes there is fast-paced plot, sometimes there is dialogue and sometimes there are long soliloquies or narration/explanation/exposition in each of them. 6. Non-scripted characters. One-dimensional or background characters do not say the same type of thing or act the same kind of way in every scene. More often than not, they will speak and act in ways you would find interesting. Cons: 1. Annoying start. The first 15 or so chapters are 50-50 in terms of preference by readers. I started the novel in Jan 2019, having been off and on with it until August 2019. Those first few chapters have dialogue and actions that are of a typical CN and there are plot elements that might annoy you. After chapter 30 though, every single response I’ve received from readers are approval only, even up to the current chapter we’re on (114). 2. Too many explanations. Sometimes I can abruptly pause the plot to explain what is going on, how it affects the world, the reason why the characters in that scene are doing what they’re doing and other technical details. Call it my own type of filler. 3. Polyamory. There is a power couple and they are linked by fate, but there are other… ‘waifus’ who are there for varying reasons. There is a rule here, that the MC only ‘plays’ with very, very specific ‘waifus’ in the digital world, but is only sexually involved with his soulmate in the real world. Yes, she is aware and has no qualms. Note: This is not a harem. Harem means that there are multiple women who the MC is sexually involved with, and has feelings for. The MC has feelings for only one person and the rest are digital entities who serve one purpose or another. 4. Plot holes. I am not ashamed to admit it, there are a few plot holes in the story. I fixed most of them, but some were so problematic that I had to roll with them. I recently got a story editor, so that was how I even found out. 5. Fewer releases. My release rate is a constant 1 chap per day at the least with no exceptions, but some of you are used to 2-3 chaps a day from other authors. As I said above, I release 3k words a day, and those who release 2-3 chapters either have a length of 1.5k words or 1k words. So really, is there a difference? Here’s what to do before reading Guild Wars. 1. Check the tags. 2. Read reviews (both negative and positive, I’ve replied to some of both). 3. Clear out assumptions and comparisons in your mind, otherwise you’d be ruining your experience. 4. Keep the mentality of ‘this isn’t realistic’ out of your mind, this is fiction. What is real is what the novel wants to be real. Assess things based on the logic within the story if you truly want to immerse yourself. Enjoy your experience!

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    First of all, let me disclose that after chapter 110 I have become the editor for this novel, so feel free to take my review with a grain of salt. Before you choose to read this I want to prepare you for what is to come, so that you will not get turned off because of the first 30 chapters which many seem to be. I will try to limit any possible spoilers to be as light as possible, but if you find my explanations for the things many seem to have issues with to be faulty or unsatisfying, then it might be better if you choose to go and read another novel. Still, I hope that this review will encourage anyone to stick with the author and allow him to show what he can do despite the rough beginning which many first time authors suffer from. Synopsis; This novel is about Draco, one of the top 5 players in a Full Immersive Virtual Reality (=FIVR) game called Boundless who after years of fighting achieves his revenge on his former girlfriend, another top 5 player. Unfortunately, he gets assassinated shortly after in the real world. Because of the interference of a certain entity he wakes up a couple of years earlier and (naturally) just in time before Boundless officially releases. Draco, now armed with his memories about future events, plans to use them so that he can conquer Boundless in this timeline. A list of Pros & Cons, if you choose to read this novel; 1. Long chapters, each one 3,000+ words 2. Daily releases. For reference, most chapters of other authors are around the 1,500-word mark, so here you get a single chapter but at double the usual length ;) 3. OP MC. Given his vast knowledge of the game he easily dominates these early parts of the game. In the real world Draco starts out in a weakened body, but him being a so-called Control master (a unique aspect of this novel) means he is more powerful than he seems, yet he is not necessarily invincible. 4. Side characters who are not 2-D. Admittedly they may start out bland at first, but they get developed to have their own characteristic, especially in their own Origin Chapters (116-120) :) 5. Real World importance. The overall story up until now had about an 85% focus on the world of Boundless and a 15% focus on the world outside of the game. This can easily change in the future since many things have already been set up. 6. Semi-Harem. In the real world he is faithful to the FMC, however, in Boundless he gets himself a Harem. Still, he has the FMC's blessings for doing so and she even actively got him some playthings to add to his collection... 7. Many explanations. Kotario fills his world and gives vast explanations for many things. 8. Rough start. As stated above the first 30 chapters are basically the point where readers either love it and praise it as one of the best novels they read in a long while, or hate it for everything it stands. Here are the Issues most people seem to have; 1. Chapter 4 This chapter kickstarts the MC's future path to success. In the previous chapter, he abuses his knowledge to prevent a future catastrophe by killing the perpetrator while he is at his weakest and gets rewarded more than handsomely. The problems most people seem to have is not realizing, because the novel has literally just started, that if you are a Level 1 character who kills a level 100 enemy, even if he was practically on his last breath, you will get the appropriate reward for such an action. Naturally, the reward for a level 90 player killing the same level 100 enemy would be far less. Such a heaven-defying action, therefore, deserves an appropriate reward. This is not a new concept. Most, if not all, Second Chance novels with a virtual reality world allow the MC to get an advantage over the rest of the player base, the big difference is that Kotario chooses to instantly give him an 'absurd' (but justified) advantage which other MCs usually only get a couple of hundred chapters in. 2. The Gold conversion As part of the earlier reward, MC gets way more money than any player on his level should reasonably ever have. The game features a Trade Center, which only gets unlocked a couple chapters later, which enables players to auction their game currency for real-life cash. The conversion for it is roughly 3$ for 1 Bronze. HOWEVER, just as any good in an economy the price fluctuates with demand and supply. In other words, if the MC were to flood the market with his cash, the price would decrease with every transaction. Also, people don't seem to care for the fact that MC has better ways to spend his in game money for even more benefits. In essence, this is a difference in viewpoint about the intrinsic value of the in game cash. To the MC it’s something he can eventually earn back, so he doesn't hesitate to aesthetically change an item for what would be a huge amount of money if translated into the real world equivalent. 3. Chapter 7; The FMC following the MC during that part. MC should be able to be much faster than she could follow him. We have since tried to rectify it as good as possible. 4. Chapter 9; The MC 'acting stupid' and getting rescued because of 'plot armor'. When MC opens up one of the rewards he got back in Chapter 4, he did so while hiding in a cave. However, people seem to forget/ignore, that he literally got a reward no one else in the previous timeline has ever gotten, so the measures he took turned out to be inadequate. True the MC has an advantage thanks to his knowledge about the future, but if he interacts with something he has not encountered before he can also make mistakes. That doesn't make him a failure as an MC, only shows that he is simply a human who can err. 5. Now let's address the elephant in the room and the major reason for this whole review; Chapter 28-30 (aka what makes most people drop the novel) There is no way to explain this without spoiling this. The MC and FMC are going to reconcile. We are currently on the 3rd iteration of this. In the first version the FMC 'betrayed' the MC, but canonically that no longer happens, at least not by her choice. I'd like to point out to you, that the FMC in question no longer exists. The one in this timeline has done nothing even vaguely close to what the "future" FMC was about to do. Expecting Draco to outright kill the younger version of her on their first meeting, just because of a grudge that technically ended after the first chapter and didn’t even happen in this one seems a bit unreasonable. Especially when there are alternative actions he could take, like preventing the circumstances which lead to the incident or straight-up breaking it off with her and never interacting with her again. However, just to give a bit of perspective about the happenings which lead to this whole feud between the two we have added an additional Chapter to Chapter 30 so that people can gain a bit more insight about what lead to FMC decision and why it changed. There are always two sides to each story after all. I would also like to point to Chapter 47-49 which are titled Wisdom Of The Lady Boss since they give you the perfect image of how the FMC functions as her own character, separate from the MC. If you have made it this far, and none of the points which I have mentioned are total dealbreakers for you, especially the last one, then let me welcome you to this awesome novel. =) Feel free to leave a comment on this review, on the chapters or even in the chapters if you use the app. Kotario and I enjoy interacting with anyone who finds the time to leave a comment, including those people criticizing the novel, as long as they stay objective and don't insult anyone or anything.

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    Simply stated, this an average novel among Webnovel standards. 2-D characters that aren’t fleshed out, so they feel like the generic MC’s and secondary characters all over this website. The plot in this story started fairly simple and easy to grasp, a reincarnated second chance to reach the top and beyond. What started as a VR story became a mixture of Gods and the supernatural, which could’ve been great if it wasn’t for one thing... VR. Just like Shura’s Wrath, an older novel that tried to merge the VR world and real world. Like it’s predecessor, this one failed so far. Not to insult the authors ability but every character you’ve read about in any other VR novel, is literally the same except the change in names and locations. To the MC’s love interest whose beauty is ‘absurdly-breathtaking-she-hides-her-beauty. Even the MC and Gods can’t resist.’ The MC himself is no different, following the ‘cold-hearted and emotional’ trope. This novel could have better potential but the author tries to make things edgy and emo, making the novel a cringe-read. I assume because the author is probably a first-timer and a teenager (which turns out to be false, since they’re a law student.) Instead of using VR, the author should’ve opted to based the story in the real word with fantasy elements or- in the future where VR was so transcendent, it literally was a second life rather than just a ‘game’. This would’ve meshed the story better in my humble opinion. Instead we have immersion breaking elements such as status bars and other rpg-elements that’s redundant throughout chapters. Which will only further destroy the immersion for the reader since the author introduced the concept of different ‘universes’ based on a theme (wuxia, steampunk, western...). The novel is decent for a speed-read or when bored. If the author would further refine and better mix the world of reality and VR, this story could leap. Unfortunately the combo of stale characters and storytelling sells it short.

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    I think this is a pretty high quality book that deserves more than it gets. I didn’t notice any major grammatical mistakes that would disturb the reading experience (English is not my first language) and I just read the whole book in one go (it is currently 5 am) and enjoyed it through and through. So if you’re wavering to read this I think it’s at least worth to give it a try.

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    Might not much of a review seeing as it’s my first or second, but I do think the stars are deserved. Apparently the version I’ve read has had a few chapters/ plot holes fixed, and it’s amazing. It’s a Web novel where you don’t have to reserve one arm for face slapping. There’s real character development, interactions that aren’t scripted, epic world building and fights, and a pretty good plot that doesn’t give away too much but what’s revealed is enough to have you looking forward. The cheat mechanic is there since it’s a reincarnation novel but even that’s handled superbly. Top 2 for me. I’m gonna refer to the Author’s, Kotario’s, review. Should be pinned. He mentions being triggered, and avoiding the novel, but as I understand, that’s largely part of a now rewritten plot device, NOT cliches and repetitiveness or stupid characters. If you’re fine with the tags and synopsis, then you’re good to go. Just reserve those coins/fast passes for binging if you’re anything like me, hehe.

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    The story has some bullsh*t history tied to it and thats fine with me. The world development is pure and utter crap. The character have no depth whatsoever. The MC is too OP if your into that then it might be fine but for me it was bad. The currency exchange rate for in-game money is a load of horse ****. In my opinion the story has good potential if it has bit more depth and realism mixed into it. This is just my rant about the novel.

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    This story is amazingly detailed very underrated!!!!! Highly recommend it to all!!! Thanks author for everything so far and keep up the good work👍 I can’t wait to read more👀

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    bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    Honestly either my favorite book or second favorite. Close tie with Reincarnation of Strongest Sword God. Author seems to take extreme care to edit out his typos and fix any grammar issues so it's a very smooth read. If you like a villain or anti hero MC then this book is definitely for you, as the MC is easily one of my top fave characters out of multiple books.

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    Cuckold trash. MC actually takes back the thot that betrayed him just disgusting. This will be deleted anyways.......................... .. .

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    I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone, well content wise anyway... Also before I forget this gets into so really dark topics and descriptions so if you are a whiny brat that can deal with ***** content I suggest you don't touch this Im not hating on it but this guy has put a hellish amount of time into crafting a brilliant story. However, the first 20 or so chapters you either love or hate, hell even the author himself states this and I agree the beginning is very info based and alters between a typical cn reincarnation, okay I lied it follows some of the norms but it's not some goody two shoes greedy kid that has no idea how the world works or what is sex, and a man with a plan that knows what he wants also he's like god their op so is his waifu collection they be scary. Also he has tons of pop culture references, he is a man of culture. But after chapter 20 it picks up and gets like super good like binge worthy good, also these aren't short chapters the average chapter length is 30ish pages long, but yeah it's one hell of a novel I'd recommend it. Also just a shout out to the author keep up the work my friend I'm not putting this one down like ever. End of rant

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    I have nothing to say against the writing quality or the story itself. Its just not what i was promised by the author. Im currently at chapter 180 and so far i dont know why the author says the story is dark and mature. Also the author is emphasizing the whole time that Draco and Eva are evil and villains, Thats just not true, you can say hes self centered and tries everything to increase his power. But is this something evil or just being realistic ? For example when Eva bought the slaves draco she made sure that they live under good conditions. Is this evil ? Another example are the serf players. Draco also said he wanted that they live under fair conditions. Is this evil? Theyre much more examples like this and im dissapointed that the potentional of a good villian story is wasted and turned into a normie story without any special things.

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    This novel is amazing, the story is intriguing the characters are well written and have clear personalities and not plain. The plot is amazing and has tons of potential, and for once it manages to surprise me, it wasn't predictable and repetitive. The MC is a villain that's a plus the FM is the same too. The personality of the MC grow with the story *SPOILER* from a rabid dog to a smarter and milder one after he learn about things his missed in the past. The world building still a bit shallow as the story is in its start but wherever the story go everything is explained. The chapters are long, so it is 3000 words of badassery (as the author said) which make the count double or almost triple the chapters, (other novels have 1000-1500 words per chapter). The author is so talented that I hate how much I love him 😂 😂 😂. It is worth the time try it you won't regret it!

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    LOVE IT great story !! No repeated plot, no plot hole as far as i can see. Interesting plot with a bit 18+ spice there 😂 longer chapter than the usual novel also there is a filler between the arch

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    I feel this is a great novel, but from what ive read the biggest point of dissatisfaction(for myself included) is the portrayal of the relationship of the MC and the Female lead. The twist in their relationship comes off very sudden and unlikable. I think this is mostly because we spend the entire story up until this point not liking and being aggrivated by her. I think that if the reason behind her betrayal was something the MC agonized over more and maybe asked of her yet recieved an answer that set up room for a future relationship but didnt fully answer the question we would see her in a different light. This is more effective than the silent martyr style she used because we never liked her in the first place. The way I view what was written is that she was a cheating scumbag that was rightfully hurt by the MC, maybe tried to kill him, as well as a lucky piece of crap that benefited from his reincarnation. Then it turns out to be a red herring and she was actually trying to protect him. Maybe if she tried to reach out to him in the past life but he constantly denied her or if she told him she felt like she deserved to be punished but doesnt regret what she did. If the relationship wasnt shown as such an open and shut case of revenge I think it would have flown better.

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    Novel sounds intersting, but from the review's it seems there is a lot of controvery regarding hte FMC. TBH i feel if the author did not include that part in the story, there would be very little taken away from the story and a whole lot more added in. Right now, myself and many other like minded readers would no doubt find this situation to be unappealing. Anyways, great story, but I can't read further especially with the FMC's situation at the back of my mind. I turly feel this novel could have made it to the top if you didn't have this aspect in your story. Good luck

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    The author have a stinky mouth, who can't accept feedback there's so many reviews with low stars are deleted to keep this novel have a high rating. he keeps fighting with reader can't receive opinion. so overall 1.0 🌟 i hope WN let this guy jeep on deleting reviews and i hope i could give you no ⭐ star. [img=coins][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Author Kotario