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Harry Potter: A Certain Ancient Rune Professor of Hogwarts (TL)

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Three years after graduating from Hogwarts, Felix enters the school again.

What will happen when Muggle wisdom, innovation and magic come together?

PS1. Professor of ancient magic runes.
PS2. Timeline, second year of the golden trio.
PS3. MC don't know plot of the HP, other than it's adventure of three friends with 8 movies.

Author: Han Yousi


Other than translation, everything belong to the original creator. If the original creator wants to take it down, pls leave a review below, just found the CN novel and translate it here to increase my vocabulary, English and to earn some coffee change.

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This story is a complete dissappointment. It started really good, with a diferent aproach from other stories and an interesting mc. The mc is a reincarnated person with a cheat ability that lets him master his spells faster. We also learn that he had an interesting time at Hogwarts while studying, as he had to defeat the whole of Slithering while there. At this point I was thinking, well, this character seems to be proactive and have some backbone. Man, was mistaken! Soon I discovered that I was pretty much the opposite... As the story starts and one reads some chapters, some things start to become clear. The story follows canon events but for some reason the author doesn't want this mc to interfere with them, and does something that should not be done. He totally nerfs the mc and turns him into a complete incompetent whenever such events take place, so that he doesn't change anything. The future knowledge that he has as a reincarnator doesn't seem to work well with the author's plans and therefore such knowledge dissapears and the mc doesn't remember even the most obvious of the events in canon. Therefore we often see him stumbling around wrong assumptions all the time... Then something worse happens and suddenly the mc no longer has any drive to do anything, or any objective, or any mission/plan/etc. Nope. He gets relegated to a secondary role in the story whose only purpose is to help a little bit the golden trio, and nothing more. And from this point onwards he started to appear less and less in the story, and the golden trio started to appear more and more. Specially Hermione. There are many chapters that are entirely from her POV. In the end I can no longer say that the mc of this story is Felix, as the author turned him into someone completely useless and does nothing important in the story. But most of all, because Hermione and the golden trio appear a lot more in the story than Felix himself! As for plot advancement there is almost none. Many chapters are filled with irrelevant information that serves no purpose. Other chapters are simply flashbacks of the begining of the story that simply repeat what has already been said. Simply put, there are a lot of useless chapters that can be ignored completely.

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MC is Harry's dog 🐕 MC is beta, cuck man. MC is character secondary. MC is Dumbledore's dog🐕 [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]

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The simple flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas”, horrible story, BASICALLY 100 CHAPTERS of the book/film plot, mc remembers everyone's names, but DOESN'T REMEMBER THAT THE DIARY IS A HORCRUX, the mc has become a secondary character who becomes useless when he is needed or when "he wants to interfere with the plot". just that he existed in that world could literally have made some events not happen. basically waste and time

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Wow-what a great find its really different from all the harry potter stories here but I like it very much. I recommend harry potter readers to read this story you will like it a lot. The story starts with an older mc ( 20s) reborn in the harry potter world different from the rest.

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i dont understand why the author make the Mc being from our world,but he doesnt know when the Voldemort really died or not even know about the Slytherin snake at second year !! hahah if you had made him be from the harry potter world this could be much better

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This story is full of criticism from people used to fan-fic without much "story" and complexity, after all this fan-fic addresses magic and information from the book and "others" as faithfully as possible, changing events and plot in a subtle way and logic, without that nonsense MC super Op that does everything on its own. The other characters are suited to their stories and talents, and what I find most interesting is the way the author brings changes to the story without having to write an entire chapter just chronicling the MC's achievements. You can find this out by reading how the characters treat him or think about him. (The author changes the point of view of some characters, which in my opinion only makes the story more complete and real) [google translator]

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The Story is very interesting. It has a different point of view then most Harry Potter fanfics, with a teacher as the main man. The only annoying thing is the translation quality... Some of the choices made are strange or downright wrong (like ancient studies instead of ancient Runes or convinment instead of detention). A bit sloppy, translator should read the English HS-versions for reference (a tip ). Overall a fun read

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NVM any story that doesn't try and change the story line or mess with the plot is a waste of time and a joke. lazy writers think this is normal. Don't write if you aren't going to write something at least some what genuine. write it in your diary and read it to yourself. The translation is great and storyline would of been awesome but skipping ahead and realizing the MC literally does nothing is just another disappointment from a lazy writer who should keep his scribbles to himself. delete this story and save folk the wasted time they'd use reading this pile of garbage juice.

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I did not like the basic novel very much, the integrity of the translator in saying that it is translated and not an original and even providing the link to it keeps me reading it. I go to chapter 25 so I can only give a superficial opinion, but I agree with many comments, the MC, who in theory is the main character, plays the secondary role and this I think is mainly so as not to have to change the base story of HP, sadly if that's the case, I find that a better idea is for the mc to be one of the golden trio than someone older as it could be better integrated into the story. Translator 9/10 I am not a native speaker of the language so the problems that many find for me do not affect much in the reading experience =) Fanfic 3/10 Thank you very much for translating the novel

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It's a good story. has some comedies (good ones at that). and the author really have a great imagination implementing the ideas a part of growth for the mc

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other's don't like this fanfic because the mc don't play much part in the main story. but for me, it was a good quality for this fanfic. this fanfic is more of a slice of life story from the perspective of a genius professor, he has his own story. while the main story of harry potter is left for the golden trio. I like his involvement as a professor.

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The author made the MC live to be Harry Potter and Hermione Granger little bit*h, he doesn't do anything for himself and doesn't have any drive or plans... Also, why did the author nerfed the MC so much even with his golden finger??? Totally not recommend this fanfic!

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Well there seems to be some really unnecessary hard comments here. With no real constructive feedback. I can only speak for myself. I'm not a writer at all. So I respect the work and the time people give to write 150 chapters, so I hope that my review won't be bad received. I enjoyed the pace and the MC. The poetry and the various little implicit comments made this original for me. For me this is a slice of life of Hogwarts professor, and I like that. But one thing that made me pursue reading chapter after chapter and what made the reading really interesting was the fact that Professor Hap doesn't know every single line in every page of the Harry potter's book. Which somewhat makes this protagonist much more believable than what we are used. For instance the photographic memory MCs that we all love. Here it made him feel like a real character in the story and not just an outsider. He is progressively guessing what's going on using his deduction and observations. The chemistry between the different characters are really well done for me, like with Mr. Snape. I would had enjoyed more interactions between Felix and Dumbledore. And I believe that changing the pov sometimes could be interesting as well. Like what sneaky Dumbledore is doing behind our backs, or what he did with the books. Or even hearing about what the death eaters are feeling. Perspective is always good I think, it can bring diversity to the storyline. One thing that I would have enjoyed seeing more is tension or conflicts. There seem to be no threat in this world, like Voldemort doesn't exist and Harry or no one is struggling. We progressively discovered over the first chapters that the MC is powerful, but we didn't really see him being challenged. And I think that the 'threat' that Felix represents for others characters like Snape is an idea that was we'll explored in the beginning, but was a bit forgotten for a whole lot of later chapters. With just some little reminders here and there that the MC brilliance could be a threat like Voldemort. Seeing how the wizarding world could react to the somewhat genius of Felix is something that makes me curious to read. Even though sometimes the story was was a little slow for me, I enjoyed the author take. I had some laugh and was addicted. Harry being inspired by Felix skills in duel is something nice to see. There's no perfect story and even Rowling had a lot of plot issues So I don't think people should be too harsh with fanfic authors, like in some comments that I've read. Overall, for me, the story was consistently good compared to others novels here. I congratulate the author for surviving in this website and for writing so much chapters. I hope that the criticism won't him/her too much. I'm thriving to continue reading the next chapters 😁 It has good potential.

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I quite like this novel. This is one of the best Harry Potter novel that I read. Everything is good, there are no grammars or other annoying things. The only problem I have is the slow pace :/ The MC is still in his first teaching year after 150+ Chapters, it’s Not a bad thing but I really hope the pace gets a bit faster. Still 4.8/5

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Best harry potter teacher fanfic i'd ever read so far and I've read a bunch of HP fanfics. Not many teacher ones get made though. It's a shame because I like teaching fics.

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I have read up to chap 570 with the machine translation. 2nd review, gave 3 at chap 270 or something. 4.5 now. First 2 years where completely canon really, only interesting thing was the mc who kinda just watched and made cool magic on the side. Yr 3 was ok with some minor changes Yr 4 and 5 is where the book really comes into its own with major changes to the story, tri wizard tournament, felix's motivations and character as well as the magic being cool, i wanna see it in the movies really.

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It is quite good. And the latest chapters have become really interesting. I like the fact that he doesn’t know canon only little parts and I feel like it will become even better

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I read the fist three chapters and is really good but I can't used to the way is translated. .........................................

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Now this is really a fanfiction, truly a good one, the kind I would like to find more often, you can tell the author is a fan that truly likes the original source.

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This is perhaps among the top five of my personal Best Harry Potter fanfiction ever. The language style takes a bit to get used to, but otherwise, the storyline, humor, power, characters, arcs, are all exemplary. Thank you.

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