Fanfiction whose original work is published literature, such as Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice.

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  • HP: A Magical Journey [Complete]HP: A Magical Journey [Complete]


    HP: A Magical Journey [Complete]

    [A Harry Potter Fanfiction] Follow Quinn West, who finds himself in the world of Harry Potter, but are things as they seem, is the world he has landed in the same as the one he once read about. Will Quinn able to find his way in this new world? Will he ever be able to feel like he belongs here? What opportunity would the magic of this world provide him? Will it lead him to the light or drown him in the dark? Tag along as Quinn makes his way into the world of magic as he discovers the secrets behind the infinite potential behind the magic that is within his grasp. -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- This novel is my escape from the burnout that I suffered from my other novel. I have no solid plotline planned, there will be no definite release schedule. The reason for me writing is to improve my writing skills, light my brain cells. As you know that there are so many Harry Potter Fanfictions out there, it is the largest FanFiction community out there, and as I write this novel, I don't have anything in my mind that isn't already out there, but I am trying to create a piece of transformative work that would pick up ideas from that wide community and create a work that would be enjoyable to read. So, give this content a chance, and I hope that this novel would stand up to your expectations. --------------------------------------------------------------- DISCORD SERVER: --------------------------------------------------------------- PATREON LINK: --------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: I don't own any character other than my OCs. The cover pic is also not mine.

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  • Magus of the Wizarding WorldMagus of the Wizarding World


    Magus of the Wizarding World

    [A Harry Potter X Marvel Fanfic] After reincarnating into the body of a young Wizard on the Hogwarts Express. Matthew decided he wouldn't waste this second chance. He will explore the deepest secrets of the Universe on his path to power. Will he reach the peak with the help of his AI Chip or will he die trying. Follow Matthew on his next great Adventure. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For advanced Chapter consider supporting me on Patreon: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ The Wizarding World and the Marvel Universe belong to their respective owners.]

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  • HP: I Have HP: I Have


    HP: I Have "Pure" Magic

    (Check out my new HP fanfic as well!) In the Wizarding world, everyone knows what's Magic. But... does anyone know what's pure magic? Join Chris as he explores the wizarding world and realizes that... the books couldn't even describe the half of it. There's more to it than just a Tom, Harry, and Dumbledore. .... Chris is a smart and talented college student, but he had no motivation in life. What would he get after studying for hours like a dog? Money? He could find easier ways to get that. Then, fortunately, or unfortunately, he died and reincarnated to the Harry Potter world. "I have magic?!" Finally, he had found something which he could never get bored of—Magic! The eccentric genius with a penchant for breaking rules has got his hands on magic in his favorite world. He finally has a purpose in life— to explore magic to its very limits! -> Starting Point: A muggle-born orphan with nothing to call his own. (This book becomes great in the later chapters. The beginning chapters need rewriting since I was just writing for fun in the beginning so quality isn't as good as the later chapters, though they are still bearable since this book has 20k collections. The MC is a bit evil/scummy in the beginning but his character improves as his relations with the other characters deepen.) ********************************************** (Magic theory), (unique magic), (MC with high potential), (romance), (Harrypotterworld),(comedy), (Dueling), (Power Flexing) ********************************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) Link: (You can read ahead and take part in polls here.) ********************************************** I'll be posting this on as well. Discord: ********************************************** ->Word count: 1000-1500 words upto Chapter 70 1500-2000 words from chapter 71 to 90 2000-3000 words from chapter 90 onwards ********************************************** Disclaimer: So, most of this obviously belongs to J.K.-Billionaire-Rowling. I'm just writing a fanfiction out of it. The cover art is sadly, not mine either. (Also, the title used to be "I Have Magic" but since the story is more about exploring this great variable called "Pure Magic," I change the name a bit. ) Also, try reading "HP: A Magical Journey" as well, if you haven't already read it. The book's great and the author helped me out a lot!

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  • Holy Right: A Multiverse OccultistHoly Right: A Multiverse Occultist


    Holy Right: A Multiverse Occultist

    Current Status: Campione! Occult, "the knowledge of the hidden", something that falls outside the scope of common thinking, something incomprehensible and indecipherable to the common masses. Encompassing mysticism, spirituality, and magic. And the beings who embrace these are known as—Occultist. This, is the story of the one such occultist, same, but so much different from the rest. This is the chronicle of the son of 'The Most Evil Man in the World'. He who is 'The Beast Of Perfection', 'The Travler Of Mysterious', 'The Face Of Countless'. The– The 'Godslayer' of the 'Campione!' The 'Pope of Original Sin' of the 'Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World.' The 'BEAST' of the 'Nasuverse.' The 'God of Magic' of the 'A Certain Magical Index.' The 'Last Embryo' of the 'Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?' Tag along Roy 'Mrkl' Crowley, the 'embodiment' of the St. Michael the Archangel as he grasps the miracles of Occultism, blossoming the multiuniverse with the myths and legends of his own. For he is the— "『BEAST777』, the one who shall cross the evils of mankind! " ————————————————————————————— Tag: Worldhopping, Occultism, Multiverse, Lore. Note: The prologue is just setting the theme of the story, the real story doesn't start there. Plus, since, the first few chapters have some Occult references please do not read them like super duper fast (which we usually do) otherwise don't complain if you don't understand a thing. You had been warned! ————————————————————————————— Greed is one of the original seven Deadly Sins. However, it is also a motivation force. So, support at Patreon with advance chapters~ ———————————————————————————— You can join our discord— ————————————————————————————— Don't worry if you haven't seen the original anime because everything will be explained in detail. By everything, I mean everything. Sauce: Feilu —————————————————————————————

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  • High Human in Crossed Worlds - A HP x DxD FicHigh Human in Crossed Worlds - A HP x DxD Fic


    High Human in Crossed Worlds - A HP x DxD Fic

    Man dies. His last act in the previous life generates him an absurd amount of karma. He meets a god, and it reborns him in a crossworld of Harry Potter and DxD. He gets a gift, one that can only be fully explored with the knowledge that he learned in his previous profession in the previous world. The keeping of knowledge is also a gift. And with that, his karma is spent. Thrown in the world with a 'good luck' and a slap in the back, he fights to survive until the start of canons. The time until that, 1000 years. ------------- Yeah… Now read about some of his adventures in this crossed over world, beginning already in HP canon. ------------- English is not my main language, so you will find some strange stuff, like the mix of North American and the Queen’s English. ------------- Disclaimer: All characters that you recognize from the franchise of Harry Potter and DxD are propriety of its respective creators and I only wish that they were mine. But they are not. I only own the MC, the OCs, and the ideas that generated the non canon plot.

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  • Harry Potter: Dimensional WizardHarry Potter: Dimensional Wizard


    Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

    Edward was reincarnated into the world of Harry Potter, an act which excites him giving the fact that this was one of his favorite books. So, he embarks on the path of wizardry in the hope of discovering the way it works, the laws or theories that govern it; he wanted to find its essence. When Edward finally uncovers the answers to the question he pondered on, he suddenly thought to himself: "Since the world of Harry Potter is real, what about all the other anime, movies, games, and books that I read from my past life? And if they are indeed real, how I can I get there?" This story is an Infinite Stream novel where the mc travels through different anime and movie worlds acquiring various magical abilities and knowledge in order to become a supreme wizard that stands on the top of countless dimensions and universes. This is a wish-fulfillment and Mary Sue novel so read at your own risk, and stop complaining about it. This is not a villain story, more like a morally gray one. Warnings: The MC will spend a great deal of time in the Harry Potter World before going to other worlds. I have not decided whether the [Curse Child] is canon or not. I do not care what JK Rowling said. Although this fanfic will be a Harem, the mc will not have a thousand women. Most likely, I will write so that he has a certain relationship with some female characters, then he will leave her in her own universe. Only a few will follow him in his journey. Also, a few men will also be in his group. THIS IS NOT A YAOI. If you enjoy my writing, please go read my other novel. [Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor] Although the story is slow in the beginning, it is worth the wait for the later plots. Also published on Go check out my . Or just go into the site and search for my author name (LazySageDao). So, go and support me if you can. Discord: Disclaimer: All the characters in this novel belong to JK Rowling, and I'm just using them to write my own story. If the creator of the cover wants me to remove it, comment so in one of the newest chapters.

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  • Harry Potter: Blood of the Dragon[COMPLETE]Harry Potter: Blood of the Dragon[COMPLETE]


    Harry Potter: Blood of the Dragon[COMPLETE]

    ***This is a Harry Potter pre-canon fic.*** [The fic also involves Kingdom Building and real-world muggle geopolitics.] 1969, London Magnus, a 9-year-old boy got lost while watching a parade with his mummy. He looked around for her but only tired himself out, eventually taking a break under a tree in a park. But, that moment changed not just his, but also the destiny of the entire world. Because that tree was not normal, it contained inheritances from an ancient world-renowned wizard and a certain king. The tree had waited centuries for someone worthy and finally, it had found one. But what was so special that made little Magnus worthy? It's not possible that no other 9-year-old child ever slept under the tree in the past centuries. "OH! What a surprise, but a welcome one. At least, now I can rest easy that I made the right choice." The ancient tree thought to itself. ______________________ Tags: No Harem, Kind MC, Strong MC, decently strong to OP MC, Some Kingdom building. More of a slice-of-life story. NOTE: Severus will not end up with Lily. *Daily Updates* [A/N: MC will not magically become stronger and learn everything from chapter 1. He will learn through experience and hard work like normal people. (Except for some stuff that comes naturally to him.) Also, this story exists in the omniverse ruled by Grandpa Universe] _____________________ For advance chapters and more fics ______________________ ***I do not own anything written in this fic except my OC characters.***

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  • Harry Potter The Mutant Obscurus GamerHarry Potter The Mutant Obscurus Gamer


    Harry Potter The Mutant Obscurus Gamer

    A Drunken conversation between the heads of the Marvel-verse lead to a decision to save the life of a MCU version of Harry Potter destined by the fates to die. How? By giving him the powers of a video game character. Currently at 650K+ words

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  • Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)


    Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)

    [A SI Harry Potter and Marvel (MCU) Xover Fanfiction] --------------------------------------------------------------- A sick 16 year old MC dies at the same time, emerald eyes open up confused. Shouldn't I be dead? Why the hell am I so tiny? What's her name? What are these voices in my head? Follow the young telepath as they make way in a world of gods and magic. Will they make their mark in this scary world or did they already do so. F*ck, time travel is really confusing. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I will admit that the first part of the story is pretty bad. It was my first time writing anything for fun so I was pretty green. If you're prepared to suffer through the first twenty chapters or so, and the story should get a lot better. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I don't own pretty much anything in this Fanfic. ---------------------------------------------------------------- PATREON LINK: ----------------------------------------------------------------

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  • Harry Potter and the Rise of the ProtectorHarry Potter and the Rise of the Protector


    Harry Potter and the Rise of the Protector

    A young man reborn into his favorite world. He was granted some request after his death, but the problem was that the granter had no control over how those request were to be granted. Watch as he grows from a single boy in the dark to a protector who wishes to light the path forward for the magical world one step at a time. ———— I just couldn’t read other fanfics cause this idea just kept ringing in my head. It’s my very first time writing or posting anywhere. And I obviously don’t own any of the settings, but so what? I’m doing cause I felt like it and for the fun of it.

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  • Harry Potter: A Certain Ancient Rune Professor of Hogwarts (TL)Harry Potter: A Certain Ancient Rune Professor of Hogwarts (TL)


    Harry Potter: A Certain Ancient Rune Professor of Hogwarts (TL)

    Synopsis: Three years after graduating from Hogwarts, Felix enters the school again. What will happen when Muggle wisdom, innovation and magic come together? PS1. Professor of ancient magic runes. PS2. Timeline, second year of the golden trio. PS3. MC don't know plot of the HP, other than it's adventure of three friends with 8 movies. === Author: Han Yousi === *Disclaimer* Other than translation, everything belong to the original creator. If the original creator wants to take it down, pls leave a review below, just found the CN novel and translate it here to increase my vocabulary, English and to earn some coffee change. If you have some extra pocket money, Support me on Patreon: This is where I read it- This is ongoing fanfic with more than 530 chapters, so you can support original author in Chinese site.

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  • Savage: The Night Wizard - (A Harry Potter Fanfic)Savage: The Night Wizard - (A Harry Potter Fanfic)


    Savage: The Night Wizard - (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

    I was an ordinary boy with a simple life... That is, until the day I died... and now I don't even know what is common in my life anymore! But in reality... I prefer it like this. Who would like to be normal if you could be a wizard? Especially if you're the greatest wizard ever! Well... I don't. ****************************************** Also help me in Patrë-on /Se7enX, there are advanced chapters for you and it motivates me to write even more. Thanks for reading! ****************************************** Attention: I don't own Harry Potter or his world, and all of this belongs to JK Rowling. The only thing belonging to me are the OC's characters and some changes in the story.

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  • Quest Maker of Soul LandQuest Maker of Soul Land


    Quest Maker of Soul Land

    Willingly dying at the hands of his only teacher to repay all his debt, Jason simultaneously plans his reincarnation and finds himself in the body of an 'evil' cultivator named Ja Sun wanted by one of the three strongest power of the Douluo Continent— Spirit Hall. But hope isn't lost. His trait from his previous life never left his side and now he will make missions in the Douluo Continent and live another life, this time, a life not owed to anybody. *** Note: I do not own the cover art. Timeline: The events of this fanfics take place eleven years before the start of the main novel. Of course, I do not own the Douluo Dalu universe. Since I am writing about the timeline never covered in the major timeline to completion, many things may be a part of the fanfiction but not mentioned in canon. *** Ps: After seeing a few complaints, I realized to add two warnings. The mc is definitely a trained fighter and not innocent since he can kill but he doesn't go around killing that much even when others love to do it. I know, it's strange since it's a cn novel but honestly we have enough men who love to cut roots. And, the character of the individuals from main novel will be slightly AU. For instance, Xiao Wu would only hug and keep chirping Ge, Ge. (Spoilers) The fem mc and others, well, I tried to put more personality, make their tongues sharper but it turned out AU. I accept that and realized that it needed to be mentioned, too. Hope you all enjoy the fanfic. *** Read 60 advance chapters and support the novel @ Patre

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  • A Bend in TimeA Bend in Time


    A Bend in Time

    Before there ever was a boy that ever lived in a cupboard on Four Privet Drive, there was a similar boy in a far worse home that lived on Spinner’s End. We all know the tale of that abused boy who grew up to become a bitter spy. But not all tales end the same for in the many parallel worlds that exist in the universe there are far better endings, and equally as many worse ones. This is a tale of one such condemned universe that for better or for worse chooses to change its own fate at through the sacrifice of the bitter spy. (All rights to the Harry Potter world and characters belong solely to J. K. Rowling. However, I do claim creative fanfiction rights. Please do not post my fanfiction elsewhere without my express permission. This work will also be partially hosted at RoyalRoad, Wattpadd, and Archive.)

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  • Grandpa Universe In Multiverse [COMPLETE]Grandpa Universe In Multiverse [COMPLETE]


    Grandpa Universe In Multiverse [COMPLETE]

    Alexander Maxim Universe, A kind old man, a war veteran, the most renowned scientist in the world. After a life full of hardship Alexander finally completes his promise to his dead wife. He made a super-effective medicine for cancer. But his kindness was greeted with ugly politics and betrayal from his loved ones. However, something different awaited him on the other side. ... After his death, due to unknowingly saving the lives of billions of people, God adopted him as his son and gave him the job to purify the multiverse from sin. From that day onwards, Angels and demons called him the God's Advocate. "My son, enjoy yourself while working, okay!. I don't want you to get bored from your job like Jesus. Damn, I miss Jesus, why did I send him there" ***Warning - No Harem, Extremely OP protagonist, more of a slice of life story.*** ___________________________ 2 Chapters daily [1st major world - Harry potter. Will not strictly follow the canon - Chapter 4-45] [2nd major world - Game of thrones - Chapter 47-105] [3rd major world - Marvel - 107 - 228] [4th major world - One Piece - 229 - 300] [5th mini-world - Star Wars - 302 - 329] [6th major world - Naruto - 330 - 402] [7th major world - Avatar: The Last Airbender - 406 - 452] [8th major world - Bleach - 460 -492] [9th major world - My Hero Academia - 493 -528] [10th major world - Full Metal Alchemist Bro. - 529 -584] [11th major world - Dragon Ball - 595 - 663] [12th Final Arc - DC world - 663 - 704] ____________________________ I do not own anything except the main character in this fanfiction. ____________________________ For advance chapters- Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Thank You.

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  • Saharan SuccessorSaharan Successor


    Saharan Successor

    The game of the century, [Satisfy], something thought impossible to achieve in the past era, has now blessed the enthusiastic public desiring to escape reality or explore a new world, and so a new Era was born. A World of Magic and Monsters, a World where people have to compete for every single gain they would want to achieve in this new journey. Guilds and individuals alike, regardless of inclinations have this in mind, to be free and explore the world at their own pace. And, while some are hurrying to stare at the rest from the Pinnacle, others simply have their own unique game styles that rarely would make sense with the rest. Mathias was such a person who invested everything in his own unique gameplay, and even though many had questioned his choices as a waste of time, he still plans his ascent toward the Pinnacle, finding support in an old fragment of the past that granted him with everything one would wish. Power, Prestige, Looks, Intelligence, one could say he had too much, but only his followers would know how much he invested for everything he had to this day. There was a saying in that family, a Saharan needs the power to rule over the Empire. . . . Discord: My patreon if you want to support me: ................................................................................................. Disclaimers: #This novel is a fanfic based on the game of the Korean Novel "Overgeared" by Park Saenal + the comics with the same name. NO NEED TO READ THEM IF YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THEM, MOST OF THE STORY IS ORIGINAL TAKE OF THE GAME # Elements of major VRMMO's novels, RPGs, will make their presence known, especially the ones from WoW and D&D. # All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s).

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  • Percy Jackson: The God of MagicPercy Jackson: The God of Magic


    Percy Jackson: The God of Magic

    One moment I was dying on a really uncomfortable hospital bed and the next... well, I’m alive... though this time, I'm not even human anymore... but who cares. If you want to read ahead! https://w w w.patreó

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  • Adventures of Orys Baratheon - The Wild BeastAdventures of Orys Baratheon - The Wild Beast


    Adventures of Orys Baratheon - The Wild Beast

    Robert managed to do one thing right on his wedding night and that was impregnating Cersei with his son. Watch Orys Baratheon fucking every woman in in the GoT world and making sure that he stays alive till the end. AU, Smut with very little plot, I'm not a professional writer so dont expect this to be flawless and finally, if you dont wanna read then dont fuckin read.

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  • HP: Reaper of the Wizarding WorldHP: Reaper of the Wizarding World


    HP: Reaper of the Wizarding World

    *Disclaimer: Follows main story for about 20 chapters* Death? It is often described as the embodiment of fear, man or God alike. But to Soren, it is the beginning, middle, and end of his journey. To this young man, Death is the start of his struggles through life. Watch as Soren fights to save his family from the grips of Death and struggles to live a happy life. . Type into general: $Rank Readers   

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  • Reborn as a BoltonReborn as a Bolton


    Reborn as a Bolton

    A deeply hedonistic, perverse, sadistic and selfish man loses his life. And because of all the evil he did, he is sentenced to decades of torture. After a time in his prison, he manages to escape, and for such a feat he is awarded to reincarnate with five special talents. For Magic, Sex, Poison, Archery and Alchemy. Reincarnated in the world of Game of Thrones, as the brother of Roose Bolton in seek of immortality, to dont go back to that place. * It is based on GOT, not ASOIAF, but there are many characters not typical of the series by the timeline in which the events happen. So it ends up looking more ASOIAF than GOT. But I think it is unnecessary to read the books to understand * *The chapters have 1,200 words except for the first. But this is measured in the language I wrote which is Spanish. So when translating them it is normal for the number to vary* *Harem tag is not a normal harem. He doesnt love the girls, they are just sex toys. The only one that is kinda serious for him is (SPOILER) Ashara Dayne (SPOILER), the rest are, as i said, sex toys, or they have a important position and MC uses sex or feelings to manipulate* *WARNING: There is rap*(The Mc is the rapist) and sex with minors. So wait a, before reincarnating an evil MC. And after reincarnating a selfish and totally cold MC.

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