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Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

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Author: 7 Years 7 DaysTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


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Li Yu transmigrated to a world of the cultivation and martial arts. He became the head disciple of a low-ranking sect.
Coinciding with the decline of the righteous Path, demons rampaged across a chaotic world. He planned to train until he was invincible before leaving the mountain.
However, when he was 17, the Heavenly Dao Rankings suddenly descended upon the world. Whoever made the rankings would receive the rewards of the Heavenly Dao. This shocked the world.
What was even more shocking was that the person who placed first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings was Li Yu from an unknown sect!!!
Overnight, Li Yu became famous all over the world.
However, this was only the beginning. When the Divine Weapon Rankings, Blood Physique Rankings, Natural Oddities Rankings, Sons of Heaven Rankings, Sect Rankings and many more appeared one after another, the entire world was astonished!

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    This one is called 'Heavenly Dao List' and is absolutely good novel and I really enjoyed reading it, u can read the raw novel on (Mtlnovels).

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    this book is good is worth to try, just too bad the mc can't play low key haha. this book is good is worth to try, just too bad the mc can't play low key haha.

    View 8 Replies

    Too overrated. Just another typical chinese novel where the mc is overpowered asf but have the IQ of an chicken............................................

    View 20 Replies

    Story already ongoing at MTL Name = "Heavenly Dao List" Chapters - 266 Raw - 天道榜:苟成剑神的我被曝光了 ................................................

    View 5 Replies

    Actually pretty entertaining..... In my opinion. ............................................................................................

    View 2 Replies

    Its nothing special. There are problems in the first 10 chapters for heavens sakes. First the Mc is the top of the Dao list and receives a divine pet that when it reach adulthood it can reach at least the 2nd strongest realm in the world. And what does the Mc do he unknowingly cooks a god pet because he forgot to hunt for something to eat, he doesn't even question the chicken that fell from the sky and makes soup from it. Characters are cardboard and nothing unique or nice just some trash that gets chosen over some gems

    View 3 Replies

    20 chapters - read done So it's pretty cliche, have bad comedy, op mc, a simple minded(stupid) mc. No harem tag but every girls fall in love with him and will get by his side even if didn't do anything. Conclusion : it's your usual cultivation novels ...... ( still better than the other trash trial read but still bad)

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    The mc is incredibly ignorant and the story feels too forced. Some how the Heavenly Dao is unable to broadcast to the whole planet and everyone but the mc is in range of the heavenly Dao. Even though heavenly Dao couldn't broadcast to mc it could still send the rewards? Good luck.

    View 1 Replies

    bad too cliche ........,...,....................................ggdg day jtghughtthhh ygjfhfjfhfhghggggihfjccjhfgjgdjfdhhdcjgdjffhjgchjfjfhfjfjfjf

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    Started out ok, then everyone lost their marbles. I can't believe I used my passes on this to get past ch 20. Just save yourself some brain cells.

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    I quit after reading 150 chapters on mtl novel, no character development at all. It gets repetitive after that. I won't recommend it. You guys can give it a try

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    another dog novel written by a dog chinese author with 10 IQ MC and 5 IQ characters no other words needed amirite? Honestly how do they manage to even write this without their fingers breaking and their minds shattering is beyond me

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    The novel's ok, well there's not much depth and the thinking of various characters is quite shallow (for these princes, generals, sect elders, reincarnator and others you'd expect much more complicated thoughts and focuses) but at least it isn't as bad as in these some "i am evil" novels. Also the novel somewhat reminds me of 'invincible Uncle Grandmaster' novel, albeit Uncle Grandmaster was much more chill, had better conversations, good comedy and included character growth/development even at the late chapters of the novel, at the same time being a one-punch-man where fights never lasted long. As for this one, well i doubt there will be any character development, but it's ok, there are no complicated processes and info dumps, it's for those who like "shocked expressions" of people that surround MC.

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    hot garbage took 5 chapters to reveal a top 20 ranking trash mc is stupid the plot is predictable very average at best, absolutely horrible at worst

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    The first part where the MC ate the holy reward kinda hurt, and I noticed some people got mad as well in the comments but I’m VERY glad I kept reading. This has become one of my favorite reads on this app. It’s a comedy-action series, where the MC is basically Saitama from One Punch Man but he actually starts getting recognition slowly. Its sooo satisfying each time as well. Also not just the MC but the side characters are also getting huge buffs by simply following the MC, which most of his companions were enemies or unlucky people that the comedy uses to further show MCs power. All in all it’s a great read.

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    I like this kind of novel even if it's copy paste,......................................................................................,......

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    I was already boared on martial arts, transmigrators and system novels nowadays, discovering this is my greatest pleasure and joy. MC's route is unique, even the plot is something I always look forward too, even the side characters is likeable and relevant...not just some literal side characters who would be buried by time💖. Also! The author is really amazing for not filling in useless romance nor harems that make stories less enjoyable, I really like the consistent pace and the mcs uniqueness. This is something everyone should read!

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    I really liked this story, it's interesting, thrilling, and enjoyable. A change of pace from most other novels. Good op story telling very different from normal. I wish this will be picked soon so i can continue reading this amazing novel.

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    Definitely 5 stars rating for such a good ol' novel with such a good ending. Many good novel have dissapointing ending but Heavenly Dao Rankings did it good. A troupe that MC strong from the start until the end didn't ruin the pace of the story.

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    Author 7 Years 7 Days

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios