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Birth of the Demonic Sword

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Author: Eveofchaos

4.68 (2,793 ratings)

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"So, that's how my life ends, what a waste of time it was...".
These were the last thoughts of a young man, shot by accident in a fight between local gangs. Little did he know that he would soon wake up in another world, a world of cultivation!
This is the story of the whoreson of a wealthy family, of a transmigrator that had no purpose in his previous life, of a demon that will make power his reason to keep on living.
Noah Balvan, after he transmigrated, will have to fight against his social status and the many difficulties of the world he was reborn in to obtain the power to stand free in the sky above anyone!
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    Hello, author here. First, I want to thank all of you for the support and the good feedbacks that you are giving me. I plan to write a long story and to review it bit by bit to correct any grammatical mistakes that I find. For now, you have my gratitude for sticking to my novel and I hope to keep seeing you all in the future. Have a nice day.

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    An extremely well written story. A real quality work. But, there needs at least 10chaps/day for it to truly be perfect 😉.....,................................,.................. .......

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    Almost 70 chapters, still this novel didn't enter top 100 rankings. I initially thought that this novel will enter top 20 when it reaches 50 chapters. Story is amazing. Content quality in each chapter is great. Mc is great. Release rate is extraordinary. Still this did not enter top 100. There is something wrong here. I can't find this novel when browsing through eastern fantasy rating section in 4.8 rating region. Generally, on webnovel, I search for original novels by two ways : 1. In New novel section (I found this novel here) for new novels. 2. For slightly old and old novels, I search in genre ratings section. This novel is not in this section. If this continues, we might lose an excellent Cultivation novel(rare these days). Author, please don't lose interest, because of this issue. There is something wrong with webnovel(at least in your novel's case).

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    I have read up to chapter 70 and after seeing only positive reviews I thnk the author needs an honest one. WQuality adn SUpdates is top tier, nothing to say, just some minor mistakes but nothing much. The problem is all the rest: Despite being an original, this is exactly like all the CN novels in the good and the bad way. The MC is a reincarnator, yet he doesn't feel and earthling. He gets used to kill immediately and the fact that he is from earth is meaningless to the story, only justify his cheat ability. He is described in the early chapters like a normal good for nothing that yet becomes a workaholic with an indomitable willl after being reborn, for no apparent reason. The WB is kosher, like any cultivation novel there is the dantian, the sea of consciousness, etc. Minor variation but nothing original. A lot of faceslapping, arrogant young lords, and as in CN the avarage IQ of all chars is around 20. Even a patriarch orders amount to nothing thanks to the low IQ. If you are okay with an original novel that is identical to a CN where the MC just trains and kills and has almost no inner monologue aside those about killing and training, that just feels like a pair of pants for the reader to fit, than this is the novel for you. I dropped this after lily's death. Seriously, she was already 1 dimensional, killing her like that is lazy writing to let the protagonist be unchained. Her love didn't affect the MC in the least, he became a cold blooded killer anyway, I don't get why using her in the novel. Could have died from childbirth and no one would notice the difference, not even the MC

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    I like a MC that goes around killing people, but he should have a decent reason, in this story The MC kills people on a whim that dind’t do anything to him, moreover he Is completely hypocritical, blaming others for thing he is the first to do. It would made sense if he was born in a devious place and he can’t distinguish right from wrong, but he had a loving mother and teacher, and he was already an ***** when he came in this world. He knows perfectly right from wrong, he simply is just a shallow character that only cares about power and goes around killing people on a whim. And he is so cliché, he’s like the villain of too many stories, the baddies that what more power because he want’s more power and is evil because he’s evil without and proper reason. I hope that everybody knows that power, as much as money, it’s just a means, not the final aim, and reading about a MC that wants power without any other aim it’s quite boring. And again I would like and accept if there was a psychological growth, but fro. The beginning to the end he is the same.

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    MC is too much of a sociopath. He kills people if things are invonvenient for him. I read around 180 chapter only to drop it after that. Mc's personality is not compatible with mine. He is the person who wouldn't care to kill millions of people only to make his goal easier by 5%. I read a lot of novels including Warlock of the Magus World but somehow the mc of this novel triggers me.

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    I may enjoy a cold and evil MC, but there are several problems: 1st this is way beyond, I’ve read untill chapter 233 and he was the worst person in the whole novel, he is a complete sociopath 2nd his personality is completely flat, he is like a robot, completely devoid of emotions, and incredibly boring. It gets tiring having a psycho MC if he never makes you laugh 3rd and most important: the MC can be a total sociopath, but when the author tries continuosly to justify his choices with some cheap logic and a ridiculous view of the world that can be easily destroyed by anyone with a bit of common sense... well... that’s when u break the limit, if u want a spycho MC fine, but don’t try to make readers take his side as if he could be justify. He can’t and his logic is ridiculous and full of holes. I could go on, but, honestly it’s not worth it. I just add a last thing: the system of the nobles doesn’t make any sense, there is no wolrd were it could work it’s completely idiotic. Even if 99.9% of nobles are complete idiot that decides to keep any resource and technique for themselves there is bound to be someone who does not, and this someone would easily gain power, since it’s been clearly shown that there are countless genius among common people and just providing them the techniques would easily surpass all other powers that have an extremely low number of members die to their idiotic system. It’s impossible that a system that allows less than 1% of the population to cultivate with proper resources can go on for long, since granting proper techniques to common talented people would easily allow to create a way bigger force and it’s impossible that no one ever tried.

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    I had to stop reading this at Chapter 233. I advise readers to read with precaution as it could have a negative impact to one's mind. All due to the MC and (I don't know about this) the Author's philosophy about life. The MC is mentally disarranged to the point where he has no sympathy after his mother's death. You can consider him no different from a beast in this world. Made me realize that the other characters are more human compared to the MC. But, the story and the ideas are interesting. I just had to drop it because I felt that it isn't worth my read anymore. I usually don't mind cold MCs.. but this one is like a robot. I don't consider Noah human anymore.

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    LV 2

    If your tired off all the same plot, and dumb mc that is only alive, cuz of plot armor and power up out the a** this is the story. This deserves to be a book from the original origins of the story and because it will literally blow u mind. Just love mc dosent make dumb mistake dosent hide got strength thru killing himself training day and night not sum system.

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    Well, I was skeptical about its 4.8 rating at the starting. But after reading all the chapters up to 126 , I feel it deserves this rating. Hell I have also given it a 4.8 rating. This novel has a lot of potential. Author is doing quite good. I like this types of novels.

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    I like the story, the plots not really unique but its entertaining to read. My one issue with this novel is, well, the romance aspect of it. I don't care if the MC is deranged or a lunatic, however it doesn't make any sense why its in the plot. Where exactly does MC even find time for a romance is the grand scheme of things?!?!? It's so unrealistic and contradictory to how you established character... how exactly does romance fit into a novel where the protag is motivated by ambition to overcome the laws of the world in the novel? He wants powers, he actively strives for it and disregards the life of others like insects to achieve what he wants.... and now your trying to make me believe he can suddenly love after all that he's done and willing to do? It's ridiculous. You don't establish the essence of your character as ruthless and power hungry, devoid of feeling and morality, only seeking power, to add in a romance in the middle of the novel.... You might ask why you shouldn't do this? Easy! Because someone willing to do anything for power would NEVER LOVE ANYONE that would become a HUGE weakness. It contradicts your plot and established MC's sense of self/motivations/goals that the author wrote HIMSELF. You could see from the earlier chapters of this novel that the author kept trying to find ways to make a romance happen, inserting the obvious FL every chance he got and it only got worse, especially at around chapter(s) 592+ onwards. It would have been all great except how the MC progressed many many chapters earlier. We know that he's a psychopath, and he lacks any feelings. By the time the romance (AKA lovesick desperate author wants some MEOWWW) comes in, its not only unbelievable, it's an insult to readers intelligence and time spent reading.

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    There is big issue with this novel, the MC is a psycho, who doesn't value life, everything can be done in order to gain more power like conducting experiments on innocent humans, eating human and stuff, at one point he literraly forsake his humanity for power. He's plain evil and clearly deserve to die. It would have been ok if the storytelling was not biased, but the author clearly approves the decision of the MC, implying the mc is pragmatic and right while kind hearted people who value life like daniel are soft and weak minded. I'm giving a bad grade because people reading it if careless can be brainwashed into accepting filthy and evil ideas subtely.

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    Not bad, but there were several things that I didn’t like such as the psychological development of the MC that was quite poorly executed, but still the world development was really good.

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    Like it so far! Good writing (English isn't my main langage thought, so I might not be good enough to see all the possible mistakes ^^), good update flow. For the story itself, the world is consistent and it is not that often that I saw authors using the three main dantian and not just one. Mixing magic and martial arts by that mean is not use often too. It seems like the author as put some thoughts in it to explain the process and not just saying "magic exists because it does...". Even thought the MC seems locked on one mindset, I like the fact that he is ruthless and don't care about moral bullsh*t or doesn't force logic to achieve his goals. He is quit straightforward, realistic and honest with himself. I wouldn't say he is a vilain, it's more like he does what's need to be done to survive while getting stronger. There is no Harem and smut cr*p so far, that's a good point too! I don't think the novel and the MC need romance either. Even if some characters are obviously here just to allow the MC to get some benefits he needs for the sake of making progresses in the story (the hunters or the unorthodox cultivators), it doesn't affect the reading that much IMO.

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    Typical kid mc that is extremely arrogant and unlikeable, nothing new. It started of well with the mc background but slowly devolved into the mc being arrogant once br started to get stronger. Killing people constantly with no regards. Had potential but unfortunately bad mc development killed the story for me.

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    LV 10 Badge

    It's almost perfect cultivation novel. Really. You can't find anything better. MC is intelligent, strong but not OP. Pacing is good. The only bad thing is that every time i read it i feel like some drug addict, wanting more and more.

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    I have been reading this story from the very beginning. I wasn't too keen on it at first, but the writing became better and I started to enjoy it immensely. Keep up the great work Eve. I truly admire your talent.

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    As the name suggests.. the book is about a cold and calclulative characters rise to power. While he doesn't go out of his way to commit evil.. he is known to be brutal towards anyone who tries to harm him. Its a refreshing character build that seems more in tune with reality. Highly recommend.

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    1) I absolutely love your story and you have my addiction burning. 2) The only real constructive feedback that I have for you is that when you realise you are using some words too many times (ex. Recomposing or ingress) that you use the thesaurus to give you more options to expand your vocabulary. 3) Last thing, try to utilize words that aren't a mouthful for people to read. Using a softer approach for the sentence "his ingress to the royal capital was a grand spectical to witness." could be changed to "his entrence to the royal capital was a grand sight to see." Those are just some general statements I made up, but the second sentence is far easier for people to read vice the former. 4) Again I love your story and your use of some interesting vocabulary and these are just some suggestions that could help amplify your writing. THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU GIVE THIS A READ OVER :D

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    Really great job!! The author created a really good story and character, a big world where we learn with the MC without being overwelmed with too many info. And what I really like is that he was able to avoid every cliché without making it forced, everything is really fluid and natural. I really hope that this work will have the success it deserves.

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    Author Eveofchaos