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When Yao Ling saved a handsome man, she never thought that there would be a day she would propose a marriage to him.

"Will you marry me?" One question and it sealed their fate together.

She needed his protection and she was his savior. There was only one problem, that man lost his memory. This convenience marriage might just be a ticking bomb, one that could explode and burnt in a second when he gained his memory.

Who exactly he is? What will happen when the man regains his memories? Whether it's a happily ever after or not, it depends on their love. Will love blossom? Only time will tell.

Hope you will enjoy this ancient contractual marriage! :)


Taken from Chapter 17 :

Yao Ling squinted her eyes at him again, "Do you also look at other females like that?"

Yao Ying was dumbfounded. Where was the jealousy coming from? How come it changed from customers to females? He wanted to cry again. Woman… They could be a bit unreasonable.

"Of course not, Wife. I'm only looking at you."


"Really." Yao Ying answered firmly.

Before he dug himself another grave, Yao Ying decided to distract his little wife again. He used his final move. When a woman was being unreasonable, just shut her up and kissed her.

He hugged Yao Ling closer and kissed her until she forgot everything. That was how he saved himself that night.


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Tag: Female Protagonist, Comedy, Hidden Gem, Romance, Contractual Marriage, History, Ancient, Handsome Male Lead

Cover by: yaoyueyi. Thank you very much! ^^

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    Hello! Author here. I'd like to give readers more details about His Peasant Wife: Yao Ling, so you will know what you will expect when you read this novel : 1. This story will be started with contractual marriage between the ML and FL - an ancient one ^^ 2. It will lead them to find the FL's birth family and the ML's past. They will be adopted by a certain wealthy family. 3. The ML forgot about his past. He's a bit calculative, smart, and along the way... his masculinity will be trained. LOL. Oh... and he's also loving the FL and also er---- a bit pervert? 4. The FL is cute, smart, and beautiful. Most of the things that save her are combinations of her smartness and luck! She will learn and hone her black-bellied skill along the way. The ML's pervertedness will rub into her too >.< 5. A lot of funny and 'quite' intimate scene along the way. 6. There will be a lot of cuteness and fluffiness on the other secondary characters. 7. Some tragic event will happen but don't worry, this story will have a happy ending! A happy ending is a must for me, otherwise, I will cry a river >.< 8. I want this novel to be stress-free and always give readers happy feel. *Cheers!*

    View 103 Replies

    This novel is about the female protagonist finding her birth family. Her adopted mother passed away and married to ML who lost his memory. It is different from other novels in there is no reincarnation. Read it, funny for me and adorable as well

    View 21 Replies

    wow, I'm so late found this gem but gladly found this story too. 1st of all, thank you so much to share this novel/story/your idea to us. its really interesting story and recommended to other readers, totally hooked up. thank you so much for your hard work too. thanks also for frequently update despite real life is more important too. don't forget to take good care of your health too. keep it up and good luck to you dear author. hope reader will share/recommended this story to others.

    View 25 Replies

    The quality is good and i believe that the author has a Talent for writing as the choice of words and plot related factors follow a red thread which accounts for the readability. Although the plot seems to be old and known as there are many similar stories the possibilities are nearly endless though you can see some foreshadowing. I Would recommend this novel as it is a light read and not packed with useless stereotypical plots as of now .

    View 3 Replies

    Oh. My these old men are too shameless and they are also displayin their shamelessness in front of their entire family. I have a hunch that ying is the son of general Lin from his missing wife or something like that, i just think that they are already with their biological biological family without knowing about it.

    View 5 Replies

    Great!! Has a good backgroud. Though it is fast paced it still keeps you wanting more? Sorry, im not familliar in this, its my first giving a review😅 Cant wait for the next chapters to come.. good work author-san👍

    View 5 Replies

    I think this story is very likeable .. And i think i recommend this to be read by others because it is interesting.. So you should read this novel !

    View 1 Replies

    I have to say the synopsis was right up my alley. Two random strangers getting married and all the chaos that would undeniably occur plus the amnesia drama sounded fun. But the writing let the story down and I was unable to connect emotionally to the story characters, The writer describe the characters and locations wonderfully but failed to touch on the emotional aspects at all. Her mother died but she pretty much only did the simple funeral and forgot about her. There is no love in her actions at all. Generally when people loose others especially loved ones, there are tears and people throw themselves into the funeral process to celebrate their life. This my mothers favourite song, her favourite food etc and you sort through the deceased possessions to see find and keep her most important things or the things that reminded you of her, objects with shared memories. Or even just to say how much you miss her.

    View 1 Replies

    I have read around 40 chapters & I am quite satisfied with the development of the plot.. hope it will continue to entertain me like it has done in the previous chapters..

    View 0 Replies

    The book does have a good premise even if it has been done before and the characters are likeable but I feel the writing lets the story down a bit. I don't feel any emotions when reading this book. My heart doesn't race while reading this nor do I dissolve in puddles of laughter. However I do like the premise and hope the author add more emotional elements to it. The author needs to create empathy between the readers and characters . Frankly there are a lot of opportunities to do so. When her mother died this is big emotional moment but the character doesn't cry or even miss her . After death outside the marraige and funeral arrangement that was her mothers wishes her daughter doesnt even talk about her. Most people want to reminisce about there loved ones. They woud at least say ," Damn, I really want to see that person again." The amnesia part is also great opportunity to create an emotional impact. Amnesia is very scary thing for people. You are suddenly surrounded by strangers and recognise anything. You could walk straight past the people and they used to be your best friends or lovers but you do't know that but that guy doesnt touch on anything except looking for his famiy. There are no emotional questions asked like I wonder what kind of famiy I have , I wonder if I will be able to see my friends again. These types of statement create emotional bonds with the reader because everyone has precious friends and family members they woud never want to loose.

    View 1 Replies

    This novel is very interesting and easy to follow without lagging behind. Well written in a simple, humble way that it makes you be able to relate and above a great story it has.

    Reveal Spoiler
    View 0 Replies

    I love cliffhangers and thrills but from all the cliffhangers here, this one is the one I am most disappointed with. So disappointed. Very disappointed. If I could write the word DISAPPOINTED a thousand times then I would but that's pointless. 😡 There's no question with regards to their mission but hanging the storyline there...huh

    View 0 Replies

    Mmmm good one .. but the first part was more interesting than the second half ............,..........,.......,.................,................ .. request to o make the story more n more nice

    Reveal Spoiler
    View 1 Replies

    Really interesting story. The character have in depth background and personality and they stick to it through the development of the story. Although the story is a little too slow paced for my liking the suspense and conflict of the story really doesn't let me get bored. I really admire the author who wrote this.

    View 0 Replies

    I really love it . The Princess and political marriage between countries. I love to see there . planning to go save the Princess. They must Love there interested in the upcoming events. I hope she is worth to save her.tbey don't have a problem solving.

    View 7 Replies

    Wonderful novel, easily read 4 chapters at once! The author is a great talent !!! I will read more with interest! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    View 0 Replies

    This story is progressing nicely with all the intriguing developments of Yao Ying and Yao Ling. The two main protagonists’ characters are written well although I find that the author made Yao Ying into a man who’s too fixated on *** and is overly jealous. There’s a time and place for acts of love, yet he’s constantly finding ways to ‘eat tofu’ from his wife. If I’m Yao Ling, I’ll probably be so stressed and upset to be just taken for *** object. I hope that this mission will give the readers more actions and less of Yao Ying’s clumsy attempts to seduce his wife. I often skipped chapters of Yao Ying’s lascivious acts of seducing Yao Ling and move on to the story itself.

    View 0 Replies

    Lovingly announced ... intriguing line, I will slowly read. I hope this novel will be interesting!........................................................ ...

    View 0 Replies

    Just now started to read... Starting in a slow pace hope will increase the interest level. The lead characters are nicely introduced. Waiting to read more

    View 0 Replies

    Author missoline87