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WSA 2024 entry novel

Getting Reincarnated as the Biblical Devil isn't something our protagonist ever thought was possible.
He was a firm believer and knew how powerful God and the Angels were, they are existence that are not to be thrived with especially God.
But here he was as the Archangel Samael, the left hand of God or the poison of God casted from Heaven to hell for rebelling against his Father, God.
"what is the meaning of this, is this God's doing"
our protagonist wondered as he knew very well that there is no way that the Almighty would not know something about this.
So he decided to wait a little while to see what would happen to him but something else happened, what he had expected did not happened, so he has to take in the fact that he is now the new Devil, the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Bloody Morningstar.

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    Seems like an interesting read so far, but there are some minor issues with run on sentences and misspelled words. Author might need to do some minor editing on some chapters but overall is still easily readable. The story of the mythology itself seems more like the DC version of creation where the prescense created the universe then basically dumped the universe onto the primordial gods. I’m interested to read more so keep up the good work.

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    Author here Giving my work a five star since it is my work you can ask anything your questions here and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Thank you for reading my Novel You can support me by spending your by Commenting your thoughts about the Novel so that I can improve and make it to your liking. Power Stones giving me Golden Tickets and let's not forget, Gifts Thanks once again for reading my Book

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    Bro this would be so good if you kept this free i looked for similiar fan fic and when i finally found yours i was so happy 😭

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    well story is ok and i like olympus mythology you all know specially about Zeus well i don't know how to describe him we all know atleast Little bit about him which is I'm sure not good things. only problem i have with this novel is that is involvement of hindu god and i know it's Just a story so i shouldn't take seriously but it's hard when your favourite GOD is getting bitten or insulted. ok i accept I'm believer of lord SHIVA.

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    The idea for the story is wonderful. I love the mythology and the way the crazy s***All that happened, but it is just wrote so strange.And the powers are so unclear that I don't particularly enjoy it. People talk and act weird with no real explanation on why. It's just not for me.

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    I have really enjoyed this one and hope it continues for a long time, so please keep it up.

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    your stories has been nice so far, keep up the good work, check your spellings and make corrections. one love💓

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    Very detailed and easy to understand novel, it really dives into the realm of gods and mythology.

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    what happened to infinity system is it dropped

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    All mighty author we cradle at your feet your creation as been great all along

    View 1 Replies

    Everythings pretty good except author locked the ch too early sooo -1 points

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    Please continue the originals it’s amazing

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    Really good concept and good writing[img=recommend] Good job author[img=update][img=update]

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    A pure work of Genius,,,hey Author you gotta promise not to give up on this alright,,, please I'd hate to see this much art not blowing up

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    Is this novel competing in WSA 2024? Please reply.

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    Great story so far keep up the good work

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    Author Adams2004