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5 years ago, Earth was subject to an event now known as the “World Awakening”.

At that time, the world completely changed. Mana awakened in the world, gates began opening, and a holographic screen showed up in front of the eyes of every human that outlined their “status”.

Each individual was given a talent to start with, ranging from simple abilities like enhanced eyesight to insane fantasy stuff like pyrokinesis.

And within this myriad of abilities, Damien awakened a spatial affinity with the skill “short-distance teleportation”.

At first, he was excited, thinking about intense battles and gaining great power, but the reality was quick to shoot him down.

His ability only worked in the area 10 meters around himself, and his physical stats were insanely weak, leaving him tired after using his ability a couple of times.

Disillusioned by his weakness, Damien lived a quiet life doing anything he could to meet ends meet, until one day, everything changed.

Damien was betrayed and thrown into a gate, left to fend for himself in a labyrinth of beasts.

Something snapped in him that day. He refused to stay weak and keep his head down any longer.

When he emerged from the darkness, he found himself in a new world with no idea how to return to earth.

However, he wasn’t the same kid he was when he first fell.


Discord: https://discord.gg/sEfafFXazb


Cover by Lia.Audelia

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    Yo, I am Crocs, and this is my first time trying my hand in writing novels. There are definitely shortcomings, but I’m learning more as I continue to write the story. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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    As the TRUE first official reader of Crocs' book, I knew it could do well and I still think so. This story has some similarities with the books many are aware of, but not in any means, is same. Crocs has put his own uniqueness in the book and it shows in marvelous ways, and it always keep you on the edge of your seat. Go read, won't disappoint, cheers.

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    This book honestly had so much potential however it was a complete letdown, MC casually getting needed and buffed randomly to the point where his true strength has little meaning, kind of forced relationships , MC is meant to have amazing talent and be an evolved st the same time however the girl on earth casually ahead of him while having healing abilities compared to him who slaughtered thousands and is living in a dungeon , pink haired girl casually trusting a random stranger when they first met , even going out of her way to make him escort her with a random guess he hadn't registered as am adventurer which is pretty stupid considering his strength is pretty high and she had no way of knowing that he's an otherworlder and even when he released bloodlust on her she brushed it off when she has assassins on her . Novel started off great and had amazing potential imo but just crumbled

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    Here is the authentic review from the beta reader of this novel! Writing Quality: Bruh, its the first book but as a native author, he has good grasp of writing. You can rarely find any mistake. The words are simple but well structured. Stability: Haha, *nervous chukcle* you are in for a good deal with the author. You can expect perfect stable updates hehe. Story development: Everything is well planned. Things that need more screentime are shown appropriately and if its useless filler scene, he makes sure to cut them. A solid 5/5. Character: MC is a likable and relatable character. All the Fls are well designed and put thought into. H.a.r.e.m is also well written showing perfect balance among the tension, drama and sweet moments. World: 5/5. Its a fantasy world but everything makes sense. Its well planned. i hope author makes a map of the worlds tho haha. Also Cover: Its one of the FL in the cover (reference art). It's nice and well, I love it. Conclusion: Dont skip over. Give it a try and I m sure it will hook you enough to continue reading XD.

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    I don't want to encourage other to not read this as it is a good, quality novel but there were some things that personally bothered me. I just wish the author put more thought into the background and beginning development of the character, even just a little uniqueness would have improved the quality alot. Like father left, mother in a comma, and dungeons all over the world. I get it works but try to have a little spin. The MC is also just Arifureta but with spacial abilities, white hair, loses a arm, eats monsters and gets lightning affinity is literally an exact copy. One last thing is I don't understand was how it took him 6 years to find out seemingly obvious things about his ability and how he wasn't able to get his class in this time when he had no trouble killings beast as soon as he gets stranded. Otherwise I like the development, just pointing out some flaws so any future novels are even better. :)

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    If you want to read solo leveling again you may enjoy this book. Overall there is way too much copy paste storyline from other novels, and the speed at which the MC grows is way too fast for absolutely no reason. Besides the grammar which seems solid this is probably the most poorly written story I’ve read on here so far. I think the abilities are cool but the MC just goes from 6 years of being a waste to the most talented warrior imaginable just because he gets caught in a dungeon. Not to mention he is suddenly a sword master after swinging his sword a few hours but never became one in his 6 years?? There’s other novels with the same storyline with much better pacing, I would move on past this one.

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    cover is Mori Calliope from Hololive EN good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff

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    As the first official reader of Crocs' book, I knew it could do well and I still think so. This story has some similarities with the books many are aware of, but not in any means, is same. Crocs has put his own uniqueness in the book and it shows in marvelous ways, and it always keep you on the edge of your seat. Go read, won't disappoint, cheers.

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    This book had a lot going for it to me in the beginning. I liked his slow decent into madness being stuck inside the dungeon, looking for enough power to get home. I didnt mind the system to much because you still needed to train powers and learn how to use them but all of a sudden it changes to cultivation and magic plus different worlds that are all getting mashed together and it’s not even recognized as the same story to me anymore. Dude gets out the dungeon after years and then a school arc happens and right after he is sitting atop a flying sword traveling through space. It’s still not horrible it just doesn’t give the same vibe anymore. Plus one second he wants a herem the next he is too scared ( emotional trauma ) to even hug the girl that’ s his woman. Not trying to hate though it’s kinda funny and if you like all the different power scales then it might be for you but it’s too all over the place for me.

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    Personally I would say that this is a breath of fresh air in regards to the system genre. Usually novels that follow a story including a system, such as this one, are lackluster and come off as bland, this is a reoccurring trait within the system genre. However this story takes on many existing ideas and make them something entirely new and amazing. Another good point in regards to this novel is the writing. The majority of the books I've come across display some terrible writing, however this problem isn't at all evident in this novel. The writing quality is immaculate and the story flows exceptionally well. While I can't yet speak on the update schedule or the development of the story, I can say without a doubt that this story is heading on a path towards greatness and I want to be along for the ride.

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    initially ii as hyped bcs void and solo level like theme.. now it's completely rubbish .... i tried hard to read till 200 and so much disappointment that I don't want to even give another chance ... character development is trash, power leveling is stupid and author don't even show mc's progression .. first 50 chapters mc had some maturity now he is silly stupid crazy head. after moving to cloud plain he forgot entirely about his girlfriends and his mom or anything .. he completely focused on he senior sister and some stupid excuse of not able to progress and he challenge all over anyone how he sees fit. anyway it's a waste of time...

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    the first so many chapters are basically a retelling of arifureta. Elana is kaori both ate healers that love the mc. he gets stuck in a dungeon after being betrayed. First monster he hunts is a rabbit that ends up being way stronger than him. Then gets a lightning power from a wolf. Falls into a deep abyss, mutates with longer silver ish hair. like come on?? how obvious can you be just say there are heavy inspirations in the book description area.

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    Great concept and strong start, however i cannot get past the terrible dialogue. The main character really said "Wow! you werent kidding about your cooking skills. This is wifey-level skill right here for sure! Someone needs to wife you up ASAP!" Like bro nobody talks like that. I'm convinced the Author's an incel thats never talked to a woman before cuz theres just no way. Its just one of the examples but thats the one that made me stop i just couldnt push thru anymore.

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    Overrated. So I'm just leaving this rating to somehow balance it. How should I put it? It's like when romans created their own mythology after they conquered Greece. Though it's not that bad actually for beginners. You may read it if you just force it. Also, I recommend if y'all try to read the comments for every chapter as a habit. It may actually help you aside from the reviews while adding your own judgement after reading it.

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    Yo I’m at chapter 12 and this MC is already similar to an MC called hajime Nagumo in an anime called arifureta. Being stuck in a dungeon, being betrayed by his companions, having an always calm attitude no matter the situation, having his arm being removed, eats animals and gains their powers, ESPECIALLY THE DESIRE TO SURVIVE AND GO BACK HOME NO MATTER THE COST. Just something I noticed is all.

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    A good try at writing a novel but don't expect anything great. Powerups without rhyme or reason, stupid story development and just plain bad world background. This could have been so so much more as the part on earth sets things up nicely but then everything collapses. The only other good thing is the writing quality. If the content of the story would be more refined and properly paced, the writing quality would be perfect. Unfortunatly, good writing can not realy save a bad story in my books. Still, I thank you author for trying to write :) Who knows, maybe you will get better and better with time?

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    This book has a potential to become one of the top books. The writing quality and story telling is suberb with little to no errors whatsoever.

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    The 3 high stars are all easily explainable. World background is great considering the exposure to the landscape of the new world albeit a little lacking in his homeworld. Writing quality also has little to no issues. For the story development, the author incorporated several situations from both korean and chinese novels. It wasn't well done, honestly. Some details don't match up such as the 6 years timeline (seems really weird to me that the mc barely developed in 6 years). There's also the fact that the mc should've been 11 yrs old at the start of that 6 years (Are 11yr old even allowed to go to dungeons?). Many more inconsistencies are visible as the story progresses. Character design is kinda weird and what I'm most disappointed with. The mc seems to revolve from being an edgy system mc, arrogant cultivation mc, young master, and shounen mc. Read at least all the free chapters and you should realise what I mean. What really ticked me off though was how you highlighted his determination to save his mother time and time again and made it his primary goal (power to go back and cure to save his mother). Now he had the chance to win the cure yet he decided to nerf himself INCLUDING the finals where he nearly lost (Note the word on that chapter: "barely concious"). Is that the resolve of a son trying to save his mother?? That was so disappointing. In fact, knowing the princess' character, would she even take the fact that damien held back well? An anticlimactic tourna end is a million times better. Seems to me that the author decided to forgo the story up to the tournament as well as the MC's goals just to provide a thrilling fight.

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    Although the beginning of the story was very good, until before beginning of the Cloud Plane arc, when the Author had just barely introduced a deeper romance in the novel, when they arrived at the Cloud Plane they separated and stayed that way until chapter 419+, and now that they will reunite again, it seems that one of the love interests will separate from them again to go to the place that is calling her... Truly disappointing and a huge turn off. it would have been way better for the MC to not have any romantic par than to introduce them and right after already separate them...

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    I finally dropped it around chapter 162. I didn't drop it because it was bad. On the contrary I enjoyed it to some extent. IMO it's quite average but still enjoyable nonetheless. It started off alright(with a few hiccups and cliche plot devices, however, the cliche plot devices were used really well IMO). I dropped it solely because at chapter 150+, it started feeling like your regular run-of-the-mill Wuxia/Xianxia(which I'm honestly tired of). At that point it lost the Unique(for the most part) flavor that it had at first.

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