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I got reincarnated with a skill book

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System, Skills, Class, Items, Dragons, Demons, Magic, The world in which Dave is transmigrated was completely like the fantasy novels and manga he had read.

Dave and Seven other people were summoned into the world through a hero-summoning ritual. For Dave, the situation wasn't a dream come true as he wasn't even the hero they were supposed to summon. The Grand Priest who summoned him announced that he was Classless. A failure, who was offered to serve as a low-class servant or the lowest-ranking soldier in the army.

Upon an argument with his summoner, Dave decides to leave the palace and live in an unknown world on his own. Later he founds that instead of receiving any class or cheat skills he had received a cheat item called Skill Book that allows him to learn any skill he wants.

He decides to make himself the strongest in the world as he starts to understand how this world works. However, as he continues the journey he found out that he had memories of another life in this same world.

What was the truth behind his previous life in this world? Will he become the strongest in the world using a cheat item?


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    The idea behind this story revolves around a skill book...No that's not the case. It's a unique item which can only help the MC learn new skills when he unlocks them. I have planned to create a story where the whole story isn't only focused on one character. Dave the main character is the driving factor of the story but the world is not needed to depend only on his actions. As the author of the story, I will not comment on the writing style or how good it is. However, I will recommend reading it because there will be many unique things in the story that you haven't read before. P.S. Leave a review after reading it if you like the story and I hope you stick around to read the premium chapters as well.

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    Very interesting work so far. I believe that if the author keeps the updates, this work will be very successful. However, I hope the author doesn't put common things like harem or romance, seeing the abundance in other works, making it a bit cloying to read. besides, it would be nice to give a little more personality and independence to the MC, sometimes its degree of innocence becomes boring.

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    The book really doesn't make any sense, I understand you want to have things from different point of view, but you should mark that with location if not character. there many things that don't make sense in the book though the writing quality like the Grammer is better than most people for fanfic.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Great synopsis already iching to read the novel, will give a proper review after that

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    Author RYZ_WN