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My Wife is the Asura Empress

Fantasy 354 Chapters 3.0M Views
Author: thewhitesnow

4.5 (61 ratings)

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[One of the Best Harem Stories on WN]

[#WPC320 #Villain_Theme Winner]

[Read only if you want a great plot, sweet romance, and a perfect harem without any forced development.]

[This novel is not one where the MC rules the plot and grows alone. The story belongs to both the MC and his spicy harem (girls).]

Enter a world of magical beasts, where humanity fights for survival against an alien race.

After losing a war against the nefarious Dhovrix, humans make a breakthrough in technology and discover a portal to the Land of Asuras, where they can acquire superhuman skills by defeating magical beasts.

With the Dhovrix threat still looming, Rio, a 16-year-old boy, is sent to Asuras to become strong. But fate has other plans for him, and he finds himself walking a path that leads him to marry the Asura Empress and turn against his own kind.

Will he choose to fight for the humans who raised him or embrace a powerful new destiny alongside his Asura bride?

Embark on an epic journey with Rio and discover where his loyalties lie in this thrilling tale of power, love, and sacrifice.

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    LV 2 Badge

    Initially, I hated this novel and wanted to drop it, but I kept reading and when I reached 77, it became my favorite. And I can say now that this is one of the best Harem + Romance novels I have read, but this novel is also packed with good actions and fun adventures. Pros: The five main girls are all unique in their own way. + Nyla is a yandere whom you will start liking around chapter 90. + Helia hates humans and you might end up disliking her from start but as the story progresses her character becomes more likable. + Lia is the ideal wife one can have, you will fall in love with her but at the start, she gives cold shoulders to MC which may annoy you, but hold onto it until the 50 chapters. As the author mentioned, he doesn't do force development and has given some chapters to develop their relationship in a natural way. + Layla is a mystery even until the current chapters I have read. But She is the number one girl and she will become your most favorite girl even though she doesn't have much screen time until now but you will understand why as you read. + Let's talk about the main character, he is naive at first and acts in an easy pushover way at the start but when you pass the 77 chapters you will get to see his real side, a cold one, really awesome. That's also the chapter where it will make this novel your favorite. However, if you're a new novel reader then this novel is not for you. Because Most good novel takes the first 100 chapters to become good and it's the same as this one. It is for those who could endure the past 77 chapters. But I promise you that reading until 77 chapters will give you goosebumps, The best plot twist one can imagine and I got to understand everything after that. Cons: The only thing I don't like about this novel is that it doesn't have two thousand plus chapters and this book doesn't get much support because most people drop it before reading past the 40 chapters. Give it a chance, it's intriguing where this story will go with all the mystery and girls. I hope this book gets all the support so we can get to have a good happy ride.

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    Great read with cute girls. Power system actually makes some sense unlike other harem stories out there. I consider myself a binge reader, when I get up to date in something I normally drop it. This is one of the only stories to bring me back waiting for chapters, i even bought a privilege for the first time. My only complaint is that i wish the chapters were longer lol.

    View 2 Replies

    Man what can I say. Amazing novel and premise so far. I love Lia and Nyla, glad that this is a harem novel and I dont have to choose. In the end after the first 47 chapters all I can say is I hope the author doesn’t drop this piece of art

    View 30 Replies

    I don't actually do reviews but this book is different well as at where I have reached its more unique than a lot of books I have read I feel like it has a lot of potential so am waiting to see where it will lead to and how author will develop the story

    View 0 Replies

    Really good so far, just hope it's not dropped when the contest is over. Seems to happen a lot these days. If the quality stays up I would even be fine with once a week updates.

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    LV 15 Badge

    I can't make it even a few chapters in because I am cringing so much. Now normally I wouldn't write a review just because of that, but I am also confused because lots of people drop the novel because of that, yet there isn't a single other bad review? Only thing I can think of is that the author is deleting reviews with bad ratings or something idk if that is even possible. If not, just know I think this book feels soul crushingly cringe and forced, at least to me. If the author IS deleting reviews, then this doesn't matter because nobody will see it, although I'm more confused by the lack of bad ratings than anything. PS: my statements are my personal feelings and reaction to the book, If you like it then that's great, I'm glad you found a book that you like

    View 1 Replies

    Wow I didn't expect to find a hidden gem so far I really enjoyed it but I have a question dear author , is this going to be a long novel or a short one , personally I hope it would be a long one

    View 11 Replies
    LV 13 Badge

    I really like harem stories and this novel is one of the best harem stories. Keep it up author I will support you.

    View 1 Replies

    17 chapters in and it’s a great start. Character development between the MC and FMC is growing slowly but surely. This book is written and edited by the author, it’s very easy to understand the writing, nothing too complex but just the way you’d like it. World building is probably coming along, we’re just 17 chapters in so it’s a bit early to point out stuff however, I’d say give this book a try since it has a familiar yet unique and new plot you might have not seen before. 👍👍

    View 0 Replies

    a story with fantasy element and a modern world (check) Harem(check) Easy to understand (check) story has lot of potential. And i hope author does not drop it in midway. o(〃^▽^〃)o

    View 6 Replies

    A naive innocent boy is trying to be a villain? it's funny how he want the good of both worlds but what will happen by putting legs in two boats? I can understand that it's still early but Author should try showing some bloodshed by him in the upcoming chapters as the work seems to be part of wpc 320 villain theme.

    View 1 Replies

    This has became my most favorite novel. I would like the author to continue this forever..... please people keep donating power stones to this. together we will make this the top ranked book. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #best girl in nyla

    View 1 Replies
    LV 12 Badge

    Sigh I honestly liked this novel alot i read decently past chapter 138 (didn't make to 170) but that was my limit i couldn't take a particular annoying character Slight spoiler below i guess idk NYLA i cant stand her she annoys me terribly and from my perspective she is forceful and doesn't take no for an answer and does way too much i read people saying they love her optimism cheerful and playfull attitude but to me there is a limit time and place for all those things and she has none and i will say it again to me she does way too much and that one character with that annoying personality ruined this whole novel for me I like everything else except her ( everyone has there own opinions and preferences and she severely goes against mine authors work isnt bad at all it is one of the better pieces of writing i have read but NYLA ruined it. I hope Author doesn't do the same on next novel) with that being said it is a good novel you can take my opinion in to consideration but i still recommend you read because you just might like it because not everyone has the same preferences feel free to disagree with me after giving this novel a try

    View 0 Replies

    The downfall of this amazing novel was the authors insistence on destroying the MC’s backbone and making him a simp that couldn’t get the job done or return any retribution. Also destroying the MC’s first wife Lia and relegating her to be at the butt end of some garbage imperial harem. Honestly if you want yo see how to destroy a good thing go no further than this novel.

    View 0 Replies

    Honestly its subpar writing....story had potential but it just wasnt developed well. The MC and his interactions seem forced...they dont feel natural. MC is too naive, too beta, too awkward and just not confident. I mean he has the most beautiful wife but he cant hold a conversation with other women easily. He keeps asking can I hug you, can i kiss you? and it feels too stupid when she has already shown him that its okay....I mean wife keeps helping him grow but he lacks ambition. You cant feel drive from him to grow etc. She tells him to read and gain knowledge but it didnt show him doing that...honestly story is not written well. Around chapter 75 I just couldnt anymore

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    LV 15 Badge

    I was really enjoying this novel. I request the author are you abandoning or on hiatus. many off us diligent readers truly appreciate the work of art and hope to see it through the end

    View 1 Replies

    Is this novel already done? or already dropped?

    View 0 Replies

    super knjiga stalno te drzi da bi jo kar bral in bral

    View 1 Replies

    love the novel/story and lia's personality and also the mc

    View 0 Replies

    hi, nice chapters thanks. Please increase on the release ..oops it can't be helped. The story flow is nice and promising in my pov and please if possible include divine beings like Godesses,angels,.............. please

    View 2 Replies

    Author thewhitesnow