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The Third Dimension is collapsing. The Fourth Dimension is descending.

First it seemed that only technology would evolve, but who knew the world itself could too? It wasn’t as simple as climate change or tectonic movement. No, the fundamental laws of physics that governed everything were changing.

Leonel was fairly lucky. His family was decently well off, his father loved him enough to brew vomit inducing nutrient rich smoothies every morning, and this was both the day of the National Championship and his 521st confession to his dream girl, Aina. As his father always said, nothing was more important than respect and persistence.

Unfortunately, everything changed that night. At the after party of ages, the world reached a saturation point and an apocalypse descended.

Abilities awakened. Sub-Dimensional Zones opened. Invalids rampaged through the Earth like a virus...

Those who could evolve would have a slim chance for survival. Those who couldn’t would die.

This novel will be a unique spin on the dungeon/system genre. Dungeons won't be dungeons and the system won't be a system... Take a look to find out what I mean :)


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    LV 14 Badge

    ~30~ Chapters review. Why should you start reading this book? Because it's great of course! More seriously, I've read the other books of our dear author, so here is what I can tell you: - Author knows what he is doing, it's not his first shot. - Author knows how to write a novel in a more than DECENT ENGLISH and his writing is FLUID, things that unfortunately very few webnovels can boast about, especially in early chapters - Over the last few years, author has proven that he was capable of publishing multiple chapters daily. He won't disappear or go on a 6-months hiatus. - 1chap/day will probably increase in the near future after the author finishes one of his other books. If you like eastern fantasy, give a try to his other books, they are great, not flawless but they will entertain you! Now, what about THIS novel? I had some reservations about the 'system' tag because I find that systems in novels more often than not remove agency from the mc, make his growth unnatural and authors don't know how to balance that later in the story. So I'm relieved that this is a 'light system' so far, it is not some godlike entity granting op bonus only to our mc. Mixing evolution, system, apocalypse, and cultivation is a breath of fresh air! I hope author will find the right balance throughout the novel. It reminds me of 'The Oracle Paths' a little bit, but the two novels are still very different. Characters are compelling, no major flaw there so far. I don't think there will be any harem. I hope author will introduce more side characters not existing only through our mc, the very best novels also shine thanks to their original side characters, I know that it's sometimes hard to balance as the story still has to focus on one mc. I wish that our mc will continue to grow differently compared to the mcs from the author's other books, we readers like variations in our characters' personality. Overall this has been a very enjoyable 30 chapters read, I recommend everyone to give it a try, you won't regret it! This novel has the potential for top 10, I'm certain of it. PS: I hope Dyon can work faster, Dimensional Descent also needs 3 chapters a day!

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    Started with a different work of the author's. Subtle recommendation for RMW. Jumped to DD. Binged the whole story within a few hours. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I recommend someone else to do the same? Also, yes. Will you enjoy reading an author bemoan the consequences of his success? I did. Will contribute to his suff- *cough* *cough* success? Yes. Story has a great MC. World slowing being built, and is leaving very realistic, yet fantastic situations to take place. Supporting cast is having foundation slowly being set, but not a whole lot is being told or described about them besides a little about his best friend and the female lead. Author has an awesome portfolio to show his character writing, so if nothing else, the interactions between characters will draw you in. Not a lot of story written so far, but I look forward to his continued success. Give it about 5 chapters if you aren't feeling sure after the first. Respect the Game. Persist to the End.

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    In all my time, I’ve never quite read a book like this. So many books overpromise and flood there stories with far too many genres and tags that character or world developement ends up severely lacking. Not here. This is the only book I have ever read to be able to seamlessly and cohesively string together apocalypse, dungeons, clans, abilities, and steady developement etc and still have an amazingly gripping storyline. The MC is lovestricken but still has the readers rooting for him, and still presents a highly admirable and powerful persona. The ideas the author presents ARE NOT GENERIC. I feel like I speak for everyone when I say we see far too many dungeon and apacolypse stories that all seem poorly thought out and borderline plagiarism on this app. Its like a breath of fresh air to see romance and apocalypse and dungeons presented in a way that I have yet to see anywhere else at such a high level. Author all I can say is thank you and keep up the incredible work. ;) P.S. the only reason for not having a full 5 star review is that we are still discovering the world and therefore not all has been revealed. I also feel like if I’m more honest and realistic the book will gain more traction than with shameless and reasonless 5 star reviews.

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    If you like a story in which all characters AREN'T complete trash, this definitely isn't the novel for you. Author seems to get enjoyment in having control and power over how much he can make the 'MC' suffer. The entirety of the novel goes like this -> MC lacks information -> MC encounters an arrogant/scheming character/group -> Those people/group tries to walk over the MC and take advantage of him -> Makes enemies with major group or important individual (through no fault of his own -> MC gets chased/almost killed -> MC gets power up. Not to mention that every area he enters he is almost immediately taken captive/forced to do something stupid. His only parent (father) is supposedly very powerful from a big family yet just left his son without ANY PREPARATION for essentially an apocalypse. The world he came from was UNIFIED, yet his grandfather (THE EMPEROR) encourages everyone to chase/KILL his grandson "for his own benefit". Even to the last chapter I read, everything I read is exactly like this...just bigger enemies and more complicated schemes. Unless you are completely masochistic or sadistic (like watching the MC suffer throughout his entire life) I suggest NOT picking up this novel. Waste of time and effort.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    I read until chap 23 with high expectations considering that one of my first novels was Reaper of the Martial World, that sadly I dropped at around 400 chaps for overly complicating things. I was like, the author must have accumulated his fair share of experience all this considered. While this novel is good, the MC's character and drive or better said lack of make it hard to read. many would say character development, I would say the author over complicating things, you either man up or die, oh he is alive because of his really good ability aka Plot Armor not because he is tough. If you ask me for this kind of world an anti-hero is the best, him? Well he has 0 plans just going along following the female lead that, incredibly is more manly than he is, like a dog in love. Idk why I hoped for something worth reading, I mean the more you hope the bigger the dissapointment.

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    Dimensional Descent is a story about Leonel Morals and him trying to become as strong as possible as his world starts evolving to the next dimension. Originally, I gave this novel a better score, maybe it's just because I'm burnt out, but looking back on the novel it really isn't as good as I previously stated. Writing quality is great, there isn't many mistakes if you aren't specifically looking for them. (5/5 stars) Story development is where I'm most conflicted. You see, I really can't call it bad when I've read to nearly a thousand chapters. However, I feel like I just walked a thousand steps only to realize theres an innumerable amount of steps more. I have read to chapter one thousand, only to realize the story has gone a little everywhere, while at the same time nowhere. The only difference from the start of the novel and now is that the main character is stronger, and has more connections. It is chapter 1000, and there is still no direction for the novel. The main character has fought so many different organizations, strong enemies, etc, but looking back on it they were all pointless as it feels like none of this helped the main character's non-existent goal. How many more chapters will it take for the story to gain direction? I'm kind of tired of reading about so many "unique" characters only for all of them to be later deemed irrelevant. Aside from all this, I've long lost track of how people "progress". The main character has already done five hundred different ways to get stronger, and they all feel super exaggerated until the main character fights someone. Listen, even if you constantly say "it's a miracle for someone like the main character to fight x." I don't buy it. The main character has such a ridiculously overpowered ability that I feel is super underplayed and overplayed at the same time. His ability does everything, just not that well compared to something else. This story is the definition of the phrase "Jack of all Trades, Master of None." (2/5 stars) As for character design, I can't give an honest answer at this point. All the characters are logical, and do actions that make sense of their character. This might be due to the story rather than the characters, but theres nothing unpredictable about these characters. In one thousand chapters there is not a single character that has surprised me with their actions. Rather disappointing. Aside from that, the main character has such ridiculously slow character development it's stupid. The main character has had a "lot" of character development if you want to play with semantics, but absolutely nothing has changed. His character is the exact same, except he thinks a bit differently on a few things. It's annoying. These characters aren't substantial at all, they all feel hollow with the outline of logic. Also, I will never understand the relationship between Aina and Leonel, it feels like it changes every chapter. Aside from the first portion of the novel, it's basically just Leonel chasing after Aina constantly, and Aina constantly leaving to do something else whilst saying shes in love with Leonel. It's annoying. This is still happening at chapter 1000, and I feel like this whole relationship is too tedious to make sense. (2/5 stars) World background is a mess. They have introduced so many things and none of them conflict with each other. It feels like a world with no standard, no rules. It genuinely feels like the author is just making things up as they go along. This is doubly so for the power scaling/development, theres so many ways to progress, the "best" path for the main character changes whenever the author feels like he didn't praise the main character's overwhelming might enough. Politics are a mess to be honest. I never really understood half of what the author was ranting about. This is a world of dimensions, where the higher the dimensions the stronger the people and planets are. According to the author, a 4th dimensional existence is a god to a 3rd dimensional existence. In theory. The problem with this is it's basically irrelevant the entire story as the main character fights so many people stronger than him it's ridiculous. Aside from that, world background has the same problem that lies with character design and story development. There is a LOT of world background, but nothing really substantial. It feels like they are just padding it out instead of making sure the base is solid. (2/5 stars) Overall, this is a fairly good story superficially. Once you dig deeper you'll realize theres nothing really there, and it gets hard to read. Don't get me wrong, the characters are great, and the fights are thrilling. However I almost immediately got burnt out realizing it was chapter 1000 and realized the story basically hadn't progressed from stage 1. The author is great at writing, but the author made the story go in the wrong direction. I give this novel 3.2 stars out of 5.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Hello! If you want to see what a novel that manages to perfectly fuse dungeons/systems/the apocolypse/ and zombies in a completely new and novel way looks like, you've come to the right place! Exaggerated praise aside, I think this is one of my best works yet. I've learned a lot over my years as a web novelist and I've poured everything I have into Dimension Descent. I hope you'll come out loving the characters, world and story as much as I did while writing it.

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    LV 10 Badge

    This story could be so good but the author refuses to not focus on the character Aina. The entirety of the main characters will and desires is focused on her regardless of what she does. There's been no explanation in 600 chapters of reading as to why he does this. It just becomes unbearable and its to an unreasonable degree.

    View 12 Replies

    Simp MC with a savior complex. Female lead is a higher status and I’m willing to bet probably a higher talent than him. Brilliantly written, I just personally don’t think I can read the typically good-two-shoes simp chasing after Mary Sue nonsense.

    View 2 Replies

    Writing review as of chapter 462. Decent novel better than the majority in this app but plagued with pacing issues. Story premise is interesting with higher dimensions and historical rifts. However, dimensions basically just become power levels and not much variety with rifts(would explain but don’t want to give spoilers). Author sets up for large character development by making the MC infuriatingly naive. Love story just feels forced so isn’t impactful but more like filler. Pacing becomes an issue with explanations taking majority of a chapter often with rhetorical questions that could be answered within actual story elements allowing reader to make conclusions instead of treating them like children who need everything explained. Action is good and character development is well done but as stated before character starts almost drop worthy. Will continue to read

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    Great world backround, very interesting take on the dimensions idea & ascending worlds idea! Terrible characters tho, they are just absolutely terrible, especially the Protagonist! I'd recommend if u don't focus on Protagonists but the world backround more. But if u read books and care about that Protagonist too then don't read this one because this is a Protagonist with down syndrome. All in the name of "Character development" But this isent character development he is just a retard who is mentally Weaker than everyone else & will never get over his high-school crush & is one of the weakest mentally MC's you'll ever find. Of course he still suddenly becomes mentally rage whenever someone messes with the girl he likes tho as he is a SIMP!!!

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    LV 15 Badge

    I hope the author/moderator doesn't delete comments that give true and real feedback, simply because it's not to their liking. Because it takes time and effort to give constructive feedback. I've seen them do it too often. And the only 120+ reviews have me wondering if that's the case, especially for a novel with 3+ mil views👀. The concept of the novel is very good as it combines my favorite novel The Ultimate Evolution with the concept of doomsday/world ascension. World ascension is a novel type I really like after reading Battle of Ascension and to have it combined with the concept of my favorite novel had me hyped. It was to the extent that I had a novel idea after reading Ultimate Evolution and Terror Infinity a few years ago but with the aspect of History being the driver... but I guess this novel already used it 🤷‍♂️. So it's no doubt that I like the concept. But this one is really disappointing. The MC's mentality is way too Beta and the novel too rushed. It's not a matter of speed leveling or the like, but that way too many instances are skipped or just barely glossed over which leaves readers confused. These don't make the novel "drop worthy" at least not for me because I love this type of novel, but it's still very confusing and very disappointing nonetheless. WQ 4/5: Very good writing quality if you ask me. SD 3/5: The beginning or at least after DD happens, the story seems overly rushed. Some may say that skipping some growth segments are obvious and deem it ok or at least it's not bad. But this kind of SD makes the novel very confusing. Half the time things are happening but I wonder why it's happening at all. It's like plots just come jumping out at you. So it's difficult to follow. CD 2/5: This is one of the worst CD I have ever seen tbh. It's already 80 chapters into the novel yet the MC is still as Beta as the first 5 chapters. He is still crying about morality every other chapter which makes it so difficult to read and very repetitive. Not to mention him constantly grasping unto the leg of the girl who is clearly using him... at least to me she is using him. UD 5/5: Best thing about the novel. 24+ chapters per week is really great, especially if you like this novel. WB 3/5: It's not terrible and it's not great. This ties in either the rushed SD from above. Because the SD is so rushed, after 80 chapters in, all I know about the WB is that it's some futuristic earth and the one city he stays in or around.... and of the 2 dungeons he entered.

    View 1 Replies

    First of all I want to preface this by saying I've only read to chapter 100 so I'm not sure if anything I complain about will be fixed later on. Lets start of by saying I don't think this is a bad novel. The writing quality is fantastic - the way author describes people, objects, emotions, or scenarios is detailed, everything is neatly organized and the system notifications are easy to read, and I haven't noticed any grammar mistakes. My issues with the novel aren't really general things that happen over and over, but for the most part are certain scenarios or plot points that I didn't like. For example: Leonel. I can stand him being a 'simp', in the beginning I thought it was pretty cool, in fact. But as I progressed through the chapters, we start seeing this unhealthy obsession he has with Aina that's there as part of his personality for whatever reason. I really don't understand the point of that. Another thing is the weird way he picks who he should feel sorry for when he has to kill people. I like when characters have a moral dilemma when it comes to murdering as it's only human to, however the dilemma in this story keeps popping back up even after you think he already resolved it. This is one of the many examples of the contradictory personalities some of these characters have. Adding to this issue of contradictions, Aina also has her fair share. This especially shows when the relationship between Aina and MC is seen. It goes from her giggling at him in one moment and in the next instant a week pass without them talking to each other for whatever reason. It's weird. Also since we're on the topic of Aina, I, for the love of god, can't think of any reason why she wouldn't say anything (or HELP ffs) when they were heading back to the base. She had an inkling at what would happen if they reached the fort, but instead of tell MC, she fake sleeps to heal a minor concussion - which should have been totally easy for her to heal being an evolved human with a freaking HEALING ability - while MC toils through a giant octopus, hordes of invalids, and a fort's army. In the end they still got fked up. It felt totally pointless. And that's another point - the pacing / progression is weird. We went from the Mayan temple, to a couple chapters walking around, to 30+ chapters in the Paris S-gate, to the Fort arc. They really only spent a day in the fort (after showing them everything they got and their uses, mind you), before getting items that will powerup MC, and then getting hunted smh. Like is that not sudden to anyone else lol? Im sure theres more annoying things but I can only remember minor things that might be explained later or just don't really matter in the story. They apparently knew that the Metamorphosis will occur but didn't prepare for it - why? And whats the deal with how Paradise Islands are set up - the poorer, the higher they are? That doesn't make sense at all, seems like that setting was only used in order for them to come crashing down later. Finally, the only other thing I had problem with is the lack of certain aspects of world building. Sure, the setting is pretty creative and when it is used its detailed, but at some parts, it's just skipped straight to the action. For example, the instances when MC and Aina were both at the fort - there was no solid explanation about the situation. We only learned there were innocents like that when they were dying when MC was trying to escape. We don't know what happened to MCs other classmates. Like are they being trained? Are they taking Force classes or whatever? Have they joined the army? Certain details that might seem pointless in the overall arching storyline but without it being added, it just seems very bland. Like as if the world only exists with MC, in a sense. I started this review when I was annoyed and sleepy lol. I just wanted to vent about the novel to whoever would listen so I apologize if my ramblings devolved during the later half of the review. I will say though that although this was mostly a negative review, I especially enjoyed the power system, and the action.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    This story was a fun read until Leonel never followed through with his ideas or goals. I waited for him to upgrade his brother's abilities with Black Star until they enterd a realm where it became pointless. I waited for him to revive anyone in the silver tablet until it became to late. I waited for him to use the womb and Gold Fish until his realm was to high for it to matter. I waited for Black Star to grow into a decent character. I waited for Lionel to share dimensional cleanse with Aina or his brothers but he never doas. I waited for Aina to help point out areas where his brothers could focus on to improve but nothing. I waited on him to help his brothers but he just does the bar minimum for them to improve. this Story is just Leonel jumping from crisis to crisis and him thinking he'll help but then he never followes through.

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    *More than 300 chaps review* Honestly I am having a hard time expressing how good the Author has done with this story. Even more impressive is that he has done a phenomenal job maintaining Consistency of the plot through everything that he has going on through the worlds he weaves. Intensity, Mystery, Background Information, and Timing are just a few of the best aspects that this story carries. I got sucked into this story so hard that I binged everything that was out in less than a week, even now I want more. I crave the "what's next". Author I thank you for giving me such a story to latch on to.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Book gets worse with time. Plot armour for MC everywhere. No to little personal growth for MC. He has 1 million more brains than us but can’t let his pride take a back seat. Smh

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    Im about 20 chapters in. But my god, why does he love this girl so much? He doesnt know anything about her, she hasnt done anything for him, barely interacts with him, yet he has professed his love 500+ times? Solely because of her looks? WHY? Its just confusing and out of place. Other than that frustrating bit it hasnt been bad so far.

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    Love the book so far, especially the fact that the Mc did not turn out to one of those that immediately became some cold-blooded killer just because the world had gone awry. I really hope this book continues on😁😁

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    Always love ur stories keep up the good work !!! I always end up wanting more so heres me contributing to the bonus chappie Needed more letters

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    LV 13 Badge

    What a waste of time, read to 1600 chapters and dropped cause the author writing quality is so illogical. MC is basically "OP" but brain dead at the same time. So many plotholes. The 1600 chapter really ended it for me. This is one of the few novels where I’d rather skim read instead because the author just word vomits a bunch of irrelevant information.

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