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Immortality System: The Last Human's Transmigration

Fantasy 132 Chapters 1.5M Views
Author: GRE3D

4.25 (31 ratings)

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[You have died]
[Initiating System Activation...]
Those were the words that rang in my ears the moment my vision had turned black. But unlike others who were thrown into the same situation as me, I didn’t die.

[Immortality System has been activated]

I was thrown 300 million years back in time to an era where the weak were preyed on, and the strong ruled with iron fists. An era of magical creatures beyond human understanding. An era of intelligent creatures that could rule over humanity with the power of their stare alone, and ones who could dissipate a hurricane with the snap of their fingers.

An era with magic and evolution that would allow me to climb to the top…

Thrown into the wild with no one to rely on, I was forced to turn towards the only semblance of hope in this cruel and uncaring world. The only thing that could help me survive this madness.

The light at the end of the tunnel for the last human who persisted until the end.

The only system worthy for the last survivor, and humanity's final anchor.

[Welcome to the Immortality System. A system that makes sure you never die as long as you work for it!]
To interact with the author, report mistakes, and see what the characters look like, join the discord Server: https://discord.gg/PtzXQBvAj5
Author's Note:
The story will have elements of psychology and will explore the main character's mental health. It might also sometimes have information dumps but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. 

This is not a novel with an overpowered MC. The mc, while being immortal to an extent, starts off very weak and slowly gains strength.

WARNING: For the first 30 or so chapters, the mc is barely survives by the skin of his teeth. Give the novel a chance because the mc does become much stronger from chapter 40 and onwards.


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    This book is better written than most of what you find on webnovel. Readability 5/5 The grammar and dialogue are done very well and it is easy to follow Updates 5/5 Looks like at the time of this review he has 8/chps a week. Knowing this author I am sure that number will only increase. Characters 5/5 You start right into caring about the MC and his family. The author does a good job showing thier complex interpersonal relationships. World Building 5/5 The world is described in excellent detail, painting a picture of the surroundings in your head. The book is still only scratching the surface of what is there as of this moment but I am sure it will grow. Overall 5/5 Give this book a read if you are tired of the typical webnovel and want to read something that is fun and engaging, although at times I do wonder about the author’s mental health. (You’ll see what I mean if you read it) Keep up the good work author! May your future be bright and your book be long!

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    My brother writes good books, well I would even say the best books. So here is the review you deserve. Anyway, y'all better read that book or else you'll have a problem with me.

    View 22 Replies

    If the first 5 were to represent the entire novel, the novel would be one of the best not just on this site, but of all time. I might be exaggerating a little but my opinion still stands. The system had just activated in chapter 4 and even though I hadn't seen too much yet, it has enormous potential. I am happy that the author of The Rise Of Calamity is making it since I am almost certain that the novel will be really good and the potential won't be wasted. If The Rise of Calamity was a 4-star novel, this one is a 6-star so far.

    View 9 Replies

    I read up to chapter 14. Writing style: Dramatic Lama! If it can be written dramatically, it will be! Meanwhile, MC could be described as dramatic OP emo. Dramatically, his family was killed right before his eyes. He was killed dramatically, while the bad guy explains that this is the end. Bla bla dramatically, bla bla. Dramatically, he cried, feeling pain that nobody has ever felt. Bla bla dramatically, bla bla. Dramatically, he got his hand bitten off, noticing it was gone only when he looked down at it. Blah blah, dramatic blah. Every scene tries to be that moment in movies where music plays or it moves in slow motion, or when silence stretches before a loud scream! While there is nothing wrong with having dramatic scenes, when you have chapter after chapter after chapter of dramatic everything, you not only lose the dramatic feel, but the novel begins to read as a comedy. There is a reason why nobody takes drama queens seriously. There is a reason why Drama Queens are a joke. Too dramatic for my tastes, and there are too many unanswered questions. Judging by other reviews, those questions aren't answered even after 100 chapters. I recommend this novel to dramatic lamas and drama queens! Meanwhile, I'll be fleeing before I start painting my nails black and gloomily looking at everything while muttering: "Nobody understands me, I have such deep feelings!" The following are some dramatic sentences with spoilers: "But eventually, my dreaded laughter had turned into the loud and wretched wails of a boy who was now in pain... A pain that very few would have experienced."/ just hours before, all humanity was killed off in brutal way, but only he can feel this special snowflake pain! XD "Even though I was crying, it was not because of my family's death, the death of my closest friend, nor was it due to the death of my girlfriend in the hands of those disgusting, deplorable aliens. Instead, I was simply crying out of agony. I felt in pain. The pressure of wanting to survive. The adrenaline streamed through me for so long that I had become numb to its effects. The fear of death hitting me at every corner and turn. It might have seemed selfish, but at the moment, I could only care about myself and nothing else." "'Why would home make me feel like I was looking into an empty void, where I was but a speck in the infinite cosmos, floating around without any weight... Any meaning... Any help.'" "Was this going to be the end? Was I really going to fail everyone and everything that had ever believed in me? Am I really going to die in vain, just like everyone else? Was this... Was this really the end?" "I could feel an unrelenting rage build up and boil within my very blood. The rage was like nothing I had ever felt before, and even though I could understand where it had been coming from, I didn't understand why it was so intense. A piercing, destructive and chaotic killing intent began to seep out of every pore in my body until I was finally enveloped in a dense red aura."

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    Honestly the concept seems fine, it's just that every chapter leaves you confused with what's going on. The author might not see the issue because he inherently knows what's going on due to him being the one who wrote it but it is very confusing in every chapter. Chapter 1, you have no clue what's going on the entire chapter so it feels like your just reading filler text and the point is, elf bad, bad elf kill mc friend, mc sad, bad elf sad, bigger bad elf says stuff, mc dies, some guy appears, big confusing battle with other guy which I can't tell if he's the same guy or not as the other guy, etc. That was the most understandable chapter from what I've read, only chapter 2 was decent

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    The story is indeed good but to be honest I feel reading another berserk ( He won't suffer to that point no) but he is in constant suffering ,specially what happened with that snake girl really destroyed my will to keep reading. I think I will take a break from this for now cause I mostly read novels to be happy not to be upset and sad

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    I always love new spins on system stories and am glad when I come across a gem like this one. I hope people find this story as immersive as I did. First-person view is also very hard to find done right and this creator really knew what they were doing making sure you feel as the mc does! Fully recommend it, I don't spoil anything, but definitely was worth my time!

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    LV 11 Badge

    It's bad to explain, it's like throwing a lot of stuff into the story and the story is boring. ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ………

    View 4 Replies

    Being a lover of system novel, I feel intrigued just by a few lines of the synopsis. Quite catchy that I expect more adventures. Nice one, author!

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    Pretty cringe, not much more i can say honestly. has potential but the mc's feelings make 0 sense, it just feels really forced and abnormal.

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    A good book that is very well done and written. I love the writting, prett dope. I reslly recommend ...so yall add to your library now!! Goood job author

    View 0 Replies

    I expected to see something with a little bit more action, as I was led to believe by the title, but I got something just as great. I may not be that experienced with novels, but I dare say that this one was really nice. 5/5 because of the effort that the author put into this and because the main character is cool.

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    I don't like system novels but this one got me intrigued. The synopsis is catchy and has no grammatical problems. The authors does well to vividly describe the characters and the world in a way to relate to them. Well done.

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    Good job author, you improved chapafter another, great story with amazing writing style, i loved the mc and your descriptions. The plot was well written and your knowledge made great touch to the chapters keep up the good work

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    Very bad writing and MTL. If it is not MTL the writing is horrible. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    The novel reflects in some of its paragraphs what is happening in our world today*, such as: ("Humans! We, the prestiged elven race have come back to take what is rightfully ours! We shall no longer watch as you dirty our planet. Instead, we shall come back as its rightful owners and the original inhabitants of this planet! We shall annihilate the human race for the sake of mother earth!") _________ * Must be solutions there, before we humans destroy this beautiful Planet

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    my heart aches due to the fact that this novel has not been updated in 4 months 😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    LV 15 Badge

    hello author. would like to know if you will be coming back with this story?? love it and want more.

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    I think i well read it bcz the name of the author is greed ...........................................................................................

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    Author GRE3D