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Immortality Through Array Formations

Immortality Through Array Formations

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Author: Observing the Emptiness


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The hierarchy of Tao Cultivation is strict, and the life of a Loose Cultivator is difficult.
At the age of ten, Mo Hua's Sea of Consciousness conjured a Taoist Stele.
It could forge Divine Sense, learn Formation.
Mo Hua would use the Taoist Stele to craft the Supreme Divine Sense, to comprehend the various heavenly Formations, and to strive for the Longevity Road.
He would change not only his own destiny but also the destiny of all bottom-tier cultivators under the heavens.
(Traditional Xianxia, no system, Formation genre, growth genre)


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    raw???? ....................,...........

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    The only problem I find annoying is the mixup of genders . MC is male but becomes she sometimes due to bad translation. otherwise I found this novel to be a good read and liked it very much .

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    Uncommon world setting, has traditional xianxia elements but is still unique (not in a gimmicky way like systems) Translation quality could be better as pronouns sometimes get mixed up. Looking forward to more chapters

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    This was an honest surprise. I wasn't expecting to like a Whats New novel and was only reading it for the fast pass. Story wise, the plot is interesting and can hook you in. The only problem I have with this is the translation moxing up the pronouns which can be distracting. Hopefully the story maintains this quality throughout. Please drop me an mtl link or raw name if you happen to know it, I wanna read it.

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    LV 14 Badge

    Unique approach , good character design and background. While the environment is the same as many other novels, the concept is new and novel. Haven't gone too far into the story , only 25 chaps in. Almost tempted to spend and buy my way through the rest of the chapters , but i have been disappointed far too ofter, so im going to wait it out. Negatives : Gender mixup is a big problem throws me off completely. Character is very young, so perhaps the author aims to stretch the novel far , but that's a problem for me because most authors lose the motivation and the quality mid way and ultimately makes me feel like my time was wasted. Hope you can keep up the quality and not stretch it into a bad story just to fill up word count. Better keep it short as long as you keep up the quality.

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    The pronouns are constantly mixed up and somehow the characters lose their common sense as the story progresses and revert to regular xianxia characters. The world background is okay.

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    Mc is very very reckless. the only reason he is alive is because the writer wants him to be alive with no suffering.

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    I don’t even know what this novel is about it just some average low level cultivator through out I thought he would get some inheritance or something but it just all about this low level cultivator boring life 🥱

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    I honestly am absolutely loving it, the best parts are the training. A respectable rank below the quality of "Sword god in a world of magic", the magical world building is also a few respectable ranks below "Supreme Magus". The story is homely and super realizing, the poverty a 1 to 1 reflection, and the way people think are unique to each of them as well as the time. Honestly incredible if the words he and she were properly translated.

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    Author Observing the Emptiness