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With his Three Fundamental Views* unrighteous, the demon is reborn.
An old dream in the ancient days, a new author with an identical name.
An old story about a time traveler who was constantly being reborn.
An eccentric world that grows, cultivates, and uses Gu.
The Spring Autumn Cicada, Moonlight Gu, Liquor worm, Comprehensive Golden Light Worm, Fine Black Hair Gu, Hope Gu. . . . . .
And a peerless great demon that freely acts to his heart’s content.
Translator's Synopsis:
A story of a villain, Fang Yuan who was reborn 500 years into the past with the Spring Autumn Cicada he painstakingly refined. With his profound wisdom, battle and life experiences, he seeks to overcome his foes with skill and wit! Ruthless and amoral, he has no need to hold back as he pursues his ultimate goals. In a world of cruelty where one cultivates using Gu - magical creatures of the world - Fang Yuan must rise up above all with his own power.
Gu is a legendary venomous insect, often used in black magic practices. It can take on the form of several insects, usually snakes, crickets, worms etc.
* = one's world view, values of worth and philosophy on life

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    I was tired of these novels in which the protagonist lived for over 1000 years, and reincarnates, and when reincarnated, does not act as if he were 1000 years old, but as a young 15 year old in the heat. Always making strong people as enemies, never acting discreet and cautious, most of the struggles are because of the women who walk with the MC, and worse, always all your enemies are stupid who only know how to think with your dick. In Reverend Insanity we can read about Fang Yuan, an old demon who lived for 500 years. He acts according to his age, he is a cunning old fox, his plans are always deep and sinister, even the reader can not guess what he will do next, and so leaving the novel always unpredictable. Here you will not find random and stupid people trying to kill the MC for some casual reason. All people are intelligent and shrewd, they know when to move forward, and when they step back, for you to survive in this world, you have to be a smart person, so the stronger the person, the smarter they are. The cultivation method in romance is something good and unique, here for you to advance, you will need Gus, adorable little insects (some are not r.) That are terrible to get, evolve, and create them. And worst of all, you need to feed them. Some insects need strange foods like the heart of a vicious woman, and others need something more rare, and difficult to obtain. If I had to say something I did not like, and it made me a little uneasy while I was reading, it was at the beginning of Volume 4, but then I got used to it. Apart from that fact, the novel was incredible for me! If you're tired of the same romances, come read Reverend Insanity. Can come with high expectations, you will not be disappointed!

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    Gu Daoist Master, formerly Reverend Insanity, is a webnovel about Fang Yuan, a person who is a part of the Devil Path. The MC reincarnates due to a mysterious 'Gu' for which he makes enemies with the whole world. Follow Fang Yuan as he blasts away all plots against him, revealing the cold reality of fake righteousness. The MC is a ruthless antihero, and doesn't have one whit of compassion, and is smart and cunning. Overall, it's a good read. Also, the former translator is back so quality will be excellent too.

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    I'm obviously going to be biased because I'm the current and original translator since my Zelsky site days, but this novel is one of my favourites. I don't normally read novels during my free time but I love catching up with the raws every week so I know how the story progresses. Fang Yuan - a great main character, he's pure evil and ruthless. Only his goal of immortality matters, and anything or anyone who gets in his way, he will destroy. He is smart and plans well, and constantly has to find ways to overcome his enemies, which are usually stronger than him. The world building is great, the characters are smart, there are barely any of those dumb kind of characters around. It is constantly stressed that usually whoever can make it to Rank 6 and above are 'the top of the top' of humans and are very smart, never to be underestimated. The story develops well, introducing new factions, enemies and 'allies'. There is no harem, no 'stupid female character', no romance involving the main character so far (not counting past life events) and author likes to make sure the main character is not too OP, and always tries to make sure that every Gu has a weakness that can be countered. So there is no absolute 'most-powerful Gu' in this world. At over 1800 chapters, the raws still have much mystery to be solved, but so far while there has been ups and downs and 'boring parts' the overall is still a good read.

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    Highly recommended. The MC is the most righteous character ever written. The tag “Evil Protagonist” is either purely a slander, or the MC was misunderstood by the mass.

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    Website : qidian china Views : 4.29 million Rating : 8.6(1334) Chapters : 1920 Status : ongoing Word count : 5.92 million author rank : lv5

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    Let me remind you first. If you are a person that love saviors, family bond, romantic relationships and loyal friendship, then you can stop reading while you are ahead. Same with people who like short plots and ****** villains. If you read novels where MC always has to defend his pride, then this novel is where the MC sh*t on pride. Daoist Gu plot is real deep. Story is on a whole different level. Here you have real cruelty unlike other novels where everything goes smoothly for the MC and the hot chicks always survived. Also for once there is also a great meaning and explanation for him to be transported from another world. After you manage to read past 1000+chapters, you would throw 99% of the other Chinese novels you had read and admired in the garbage bin. It's like comparing a kid story book to a ***** novel. Story is told from past, present and future. Here you don't get retard geniuses, rich arrogant young masters or worthless enemies that appear out of nowhere to annoy MC. Every single enemy is a real master that has experience real life difficulties and are veteran in plots. They are harder to kill than cockroaches. MC has real sh*tty luck and is a loner. The whole world is his enemies and has no real allies. Any good luck he had was false, scheme by the heaven in the dark to control him. Anything he encounter has a meaning later on in the future (like 500+chapters). MC has 2 personality: In the past his personality is more to the kinder side and is more reluctant to do evil. Spend 500years on pain, despair, difficulties and being suppress by heaven. He experience every kind of mood from love, friendship to hate. He is but a chess piece slowly being molded by heaven to become useful later on. Present personality:because of his 500years of life, he already experience everything life can throw at him. He already love once, so he no longer need to love anyone else. He already shed tears before, so he has no tears more to give. Compassion, friendship, family, pain, torture, schemes can no longer faze him. Here is where his personality shines. His determination and endurance is on a whole different level. Nothing can stop his path. MC has 1 goal ever since he ended in the Gu world. Eternal life. In order to accomplice that he would keep walking the road ahead no matter how many enemies or difficulties ahead. Both in past, present and future his goal has never change. That make him so different from other people. He not afraid of anything and has never regretted anything he has done. The amount of enemies he has is ridiculous. Basically the whole world want to hunt him down later on. MC has to survive by only using his brain, mouth and tricks. Here you have no hero story with rainbow and color, but cruelty and only the strong survive. Forget about novels with beauties. Here author treat female equally as hard as males. MC literally has no compassion toward them. Best things I like about Daoist Gu: MC is always true to himself. Never a hypocrite. Also he is shameless, greedy and cruel on a whole different level. He would swallow you whole without even spitting out the bones if he get the chance. But what great about Fang Yuan is that evil and good has no meaning to him. For him there is no such different between black and white. Only eternal life matter to him. For MC things like pride, morals, justice, team work, loyalty etc are just bunch of nonsense. He always see what benefits him first and see if something/someone is useful for his purposes. Another thing I love about the story is that it has a lot of philosophies and life lessons. Author put real background into the story like the Gu insects, world settings and dao school (like human, blood, stealing, wisdom, information, time, space dao etc). I especially like the Human Ancestor Biography. You can see author really spent effort on it. My personally opinion is that you really need to finish the first book to actually fell in love with the rest of the books (6 in total).

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    I haven't read the translation on Qidian yet... But the synopsis sucks comparing with the one done by others. and from this translation of the synopsis, I am deducting 4 stars for Translation quality, P.S. TO those who are new to this novel, the MC is on the devil path, he will stop at nothing to achieve his breakthrough in cultivation, and he goes back in time multiple times. He don't have famial love, he don't have a libido of a 15 year old. He is a old demon who came back to his young body and he acts like an old demon not a fucking brat from TDG. This story is worth reading, but the fucking synopsis just killed my drive to read it for now.

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    The single best Chinese fantasy novel I have ever read hands down. And I have read a lot of them but never have I been interested in reviewing them, simply because they could never compare to any of the great western fantasy writers like Martin or Abercrombie etc. This so far is they only Chinese novel that had managed to kindle that sense of awe and immersion that comes when you get lost in the author's world. The best part is the world building and the plot development. At the time of writing this review a total of 1798 chapters are available (raws) and the entire novel is still set in the same "world". There is no "but wait.... There's a more powerful world with stronger cultivators, better treasures" and so on and so forth. The magic here is harnessed by using "Gu" insects which have a single purpose like increase strength, shoot blades etc. They are then combined in interesting ways and one cannot simply pile on a bunch of them together because they need to be fed and can have opposing properties. The plot is absolutely amazing with no lucky "I just found the greatest treasure in the universe, in the trash bin." Everything the MC gets is truly earned. It's not all perfect though. The unavoidable issue with the stereotypical "dog eat dog" cultivation world does not allow for deeply flawed characters, all of them inevitably are a bit too realistic and many a time can seem a bit mechanical. Most of them are still well written though. The biggest concern though is the main character who has a psychopathic attachment to increasing his strength, where it is the entire point of the novel. While there is a reason why he gets this way it's a problem with all xanxia.

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    Fang yuan is the most righteous mc I’ve ever seen. He never (doesn’t) asks for anything in return after doing a good deed. He treats women with respect and equality (by feeding them to bears and then eating the bear). And he shows boundless tolerance towards those who inconvenience him (obliterates their whole clan and spares not even the children). I’ve never respected anyone more in my entire life. *behind the scenes with fang yuan pointing a gun to my head* good job but did you think I didn’t notice those hidden messages? Me: no please spare me! I’ll do anythi- *bang* *crunch as fang yuan proceeds to not even let my soul escape as he eats it and uses it for nourishment* Fang yuan: “read this novel or you’ll end up like this guy”

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    Oh boy, where do I even start. Reverend Insanity is an absolute masterpiece, an example of just about everything good in xianxia, taken to its peak. If you have even a vague interest in the genre, RI is a must read by all means - even if you do dislike some aspects of it. What makes RI so outstanding is primarily the plot, structured into distinct 'volumes'. (Though the ones marked as "1" and "2" here on Webnovel are actually the same volume) The novel starts off somewhat slow, but over the course of each volume slowly builds up to an absolutely massive climax in the last 30-40 chapters of a volume, the likes of which I have not found in ANY other webnovel out there - and very few print book series for that matter! That may sound like an exaggeration, but the first couple of turning points are amazing beyond words - unbelievably intense and unpredictable - yet so incredibly well set up and foreshadowed, with surprisingly few plot holes considering the sheer scale. And that, in a regular-release piece of ambitious action fantasy is a very impressive achievement. At its core, RI is a classic xianxia novel, with a 'relatively' traditional cultivation system, clad in the cover of 'gu' - magic insects that form the basis of not just the power system, but society on the whole, from street lights, to letters, to houses. While certainly a unique take on cultivation, with some other interesting twists I won't spoil, it's still very much a xianxia, the internal cultivation remains much the same, and many traditional elements, such as dao paths, pill refining, heavenly tribulations, inheritances, blessed lands, and so forth do appear, though often with different names. Our main character, Fang Yuan, is not only a reincarnator, but originally a transmigrator as well. Don't put too much focus on the latter, but fact is, this is his third rodeo, and he certainly acts like it. He is mature, driven, and logical. Unlike many reincarnation novels, our hundreds-of-years-old MC does not act like a naive teenager with plot-convenient 'past knowledge' that is only used as deus ex machina, no, Fang Yuan is very much an experienced *****, callous, scarred, hardened and cynical after his past life. And while I certainly consider this a good thing, its also one of the key points that will turn some people off RI. Because Fang Yuan is not a hero. He is not an anti-hero. He is not neutral. He is EVIL, to the core. Not your prideful, arrogant villain, your crazed maniacal slaughterer-for-fun, or your edgy brooding git, thank god. But he is cold, cruel, calculating, and utterly amoral. He is a manipulative double-crosser who knows when to act nice for his own benefit. There is no wholesomeness to be found, and very little comedy, this story is DARK and cruel, with virtually no exception. And don't expect this to change much. For while Fang Yuan is a fairly interesting character, he's already a grown man with hundreds of years of experience - there is not much character growth to be found. Most side characters are fleshed out enough to seem like realistic, grounded people, with their own ideals, beliefs and motivations, even quite minor characters. There are some characters which receive significantly more characterisation, and remain relevant throughout the story, and very few are entirely forgotten. But ultimately, this is not a story with more than one main protagonist. The author does not do what oh so many other authors do, in trying to write an intelligent MC by making all other characters utter morons. No, not only is our main character well and truly intelligent, so is just about everyone else. There are extremely few incompetent characters, even throw-away villains, minor characters, and lunatics are generally intelligent and rational, with very little of the clichéd blind arrogance or utter stupidity so common in xianxia works. Of course, while characters are generally intelligent, they are still limited by perspective, circumstance, pride and rules/standards, and certainly make many errors and poor decisions from an omniscient point of view. What sets our MC apart is not that he is all that more intelligent, but that he is experienced, amoral, and shameless - without the slightest care for pride, rules, or reputation. And another thing which sets RI apart from many other novels, be they xianxia or not, is that there is absolutely no romance. Zero. Zilch. We have one, perhaps two minor characters with an adoration towards Fang Yuan, but, as one would expect of intelligent characters when faced with a cold, loveless killer, they don't ever bring it up, and merely keep at a distance. One of the central recurring themes in RI is the idea of individuals versus organised groups. While with a fair bit of bias, seeing as our MC very much stands for the former, this is portrayed in a rather grey sense, with deceit, abuse and corruption, contra caring, love, and fairness being portrayed on both sides. For the most part, the author seems to write from a fairly open-minded perspective, which can very much be a breath of fresh air. And another praiseworthy aspect is that our MC, while certainly evil, and a complete psychopath, is by no means a hypocrite. He knows full well that he is evil, and makes no attempt to seek a moral high ground - if it gets him to his goal, he has no qualms with being in the 'wrong', and does not attempt to justify his actions. There are no rose-tinted glasses here. The world itself has a very strong foundation, with clear and distinct world building, history, rules, and organizational structures - everything 'makes sense', and this is something that really sets RI up for greatness. There is in-universe mythology that permeates through the story, often founding the basis for not just cultivation, but beliefs, ideals, and ways of thought as well. I do, however believe that it is important to see it as such, as much like real-world mythology, it is simplified, over-exaggerated, and metaphorical - which makes perfect sense for abstract stories passed down over countless years. While I praise it to high heavens, and it is one of extremely few novels I will ever give a perfect score, there is still no such thing as a perfect novel. It can absolutely be polarizing to a lot of people, Fang Yuan is definitely not everyone's type of MC, the serious tone doesn't ever really go away, and it is still ultimately a xianxia - which some people will like and others not. And while basically unavoidable, the lulls between climaxes can feel unbelievably slow. They are undeniably important, as they are dense to the point of bursting with foreshadowing and set-up, but by god can it be slow. The fourth (fifth on Webnovel) volume in particular really drags on, and while the pay-offs may be worth it, getting there can be a slog, especially once caught up and reading chapters as they are translated. Besides the novel itself, the translation is excellent, with the occasional slip-up here and there, but a reasonable pace and consistently good quality. There is very little to complain about here. Ultimately, I believe that beyond the plot, what makes RI so bloody good is the incredible consistency. Characters are consistent in their actions and beliefs, the power system is well founded, with the vast majority of power-ups making perfect sense - in fact, just about everything in the story just makes sense. Very little feels shoehorned in, little is left out, ignored or unexplained, and there is an incredible amount of foreshadowing and build-up. And this is why I believe that while it may not be a perfect novel, RI achieves what it sets out to achieve. There is no such thing as a flawless or universally appealing novel, but for what it is, RI is downright fantastic. Even if you do dislike aspects of it, even if the genre does not interest you, at least the first 400 chapters or so are absolutely worth a read for the quality alone. Said quality does not decay beyond that, but the story does slow down quite significantly, and if you already weren't interested it may be hard to tough it out between the climaxes.

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    Hem Hem. I'll say this simply, I'll say it once. So people in Qidian listen up. The novel is great, otherwise "novelupdates" reviews would not have such high scores, if you're looking for a good translation then better pack your bags and move to another site. Either translator or editor is retarded. Introduction page already has multiple grammatical errors, much more the actual translation of the novel. If translating is just a hobby or a source of fun for you then get out of here, this is not a playground. Qidian International you already have a poor reputation, one of the reasons is shoddy translations. Please change the translator before it's too late. This novel is more well known in the translated circles as Reverend Insanity, more information about it can be found in novel updates.

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    Are you tired of hypocritical Mcs, Mcs that pretend to be cold and ruthless but instantly filled with raging hormones when jade-like beauties appears?. Are you tired of Arrogant young masters and sect geniuses who have a brain the size of a pea but still somehow cultivated to excellence, who without any valid reason provokes only the Mc, cuz he be getting all the bitches?. Are you tired of childish schemes made by ancient fossils that when spoiled makes the mc appear brilliant. And finally are you tired of Mc having seduced Lady luck to make her his sugar momma and having all OP treasures falling into his lap by doing nothing, relying on his cheat to become the strongest and making cultivation system a joke?. If some or all of these answers are yes, then this is the novel for you, this author seems to do everything right and has planned the story accordingly to avoid plot holes instead of thinking and writing bull**** along the way, It's variety of characters have their own personalities but one thing is common in allof them, they are not stupid and can weigh loss and gain, although there may be a stupid charcter or two but hey a world can't be all perfect right?. So without going into spoilers, please give this novel a try and i promise it will be worth your time. Tldr Amazing novel, well worth your time.

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    Best of the best Chinese novel, hand down, in thousands of wuxia, xanxia, xanhuan, nothing ever come close to this novel in term of everything.

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    Because of this Novel... My eyes are opened!!!! ALL HAIL FANG YUAN!!!! OUR BENEVOLENT, MERCIFUL, GENEROUS, KIND, TRUTHFUL AND OUR SAVIOUR... Fang Yuan.. Hahahah hahahaha. :P

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    I want to preface this by saying this series is not actually complete. China put a ban on Reverend Insanity along with many other novels a few years ago for "cultural reasons". RI has absolutely no chill, the themes within have strong anti-authority and law of the jungle lessons. This is blatantly an evil protagonist series, and beyond that, it spits in the face of many traditional Chinese values. Sounds awesome to a western audience, but the Chinese government isn't a fan it seems. The author is now writing a series called Infinite Bloodcore, and has said that once that series wraps up (earliest of 2023), if the ban is lifted, he will continue publishing chapters for RI. Most people would be pretty deflated by that news, but this series is good enough that I would still completely recommend it. Chinese literature has stagnated extremely hard, this is the shining hero among the thousands of cardboard cutout chinese serializations. The story follows Fang Yuan, a merciless avatar of self-preservation. With near complete understanding of human morality and values, he sets out to obtain immortality in a world where nearly everything stands against him. He is ruthless, but not cruel. Tricky, but not unbelievably so. Nothing is out of bounds, nothing is sacred, nobody is safe. Can you imagine writing a character following those concepts and making them somehow NOT come off as the edgiest trash alive? Actually good writing. I know, shocking.

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    Perhaps the best Chinese Light Novel that has ever been written. Many characters are interesting, and most importantly smart. There are rarely any idiots among the MC's enemies. To be honest reading this Light Novel has ruined all others. I always compare them to Reverend Insanity, and they just can't match it at all. A must read.

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    I have no words that can describe how incredible this story is. It uses the very rare villain protagonist, and to a much better extreme than I’ve ever seen. What stands out even more that that though about the protagonist is his willpower. And yes, I know that’s a relatively common advantage protagonists have, but Fang Yuan takes it to a whole new level. He literally hasn’t rested for a single moment in the entire story. Not once. Every moment is spent increasing his strength or furthering his schemes. He literally only sleeps the amount necessary to prevent his soul collapsing from from over exertion. So don’t expect any romance in the story, as that would simply be a waste of time. I’ve talked a lot about why the protagonist is great but the other characters are incredible as well. Every opponent that Fang Yuan comes across is genuinely intelligent, instead of a mindless old man screaming “Junior! You dare” or “You’re courting death!” The protagonist and antagonists have to really scheme against each other, and Fang Yuan even loses sometimes! I wouldn’t say it happens particularly often, but enough to feel incredibly realistic while still proving to us that he’s a scheming genius. Onto the world itself. Like everything else in this story, it’s incredible. The entire world is pretty much displayed to us at the beginning, with Fang Yuan getting easier access to other locations and the upper echelons of society as the story progresses, and there isn’t the cliche of constantly going to a new world or continent every time the protagonist gets a power up to keep them weak. He always feels like he’s getting noticeably stronger all the time. There’s even a unique and complex creation myth in this world that ties greatly into the main story. Next, the cultivation system. It’s the most unique one I’ve ever seen and, admittedly may not be for everyone, but I think it’s better than most others for many reasons. Basically, everyone fights with ‘Gu’ instead of magic power or qi, so to use other stories’ terms as a comparison, everyone fights with magic equipment and medicine instead of their own strength, but there is a clear importance placed on the user’s abilities as well. The phrase “There is no strongest gu, only the strongest gu master,” is repeated often. Time scaling is also greatly shortened in this story compared to others because a person’s lifespan simply doesn’t increase as their strength grows. Everyone gets 100 years to live unless they are lucky enough to find a rare gu or special method that can extend their lifespan. In addition to the threat of their own dwindling lifespan, each cultivator basically has a looming threat over their heads at all times from their own source of strength. Every gu has to be fed every so often or it will die, so everyone has to be constantly fighting for large quantities of unique food for their weapons or they’ll lose them. Later on this becomes less of an issue, but tribulations that are usually very dangerous happen quite often to make up for it. This means that no one can lock themselves in a cave for 10 000 years and magically come out super strong. Everyone has to constantly compete for benefits. Lastly the story’s morals. I touched on this earlier when I mentioned that the protagonist was evil, but he really isn’t alone. There have been less than ten genuinely good people throughout the entire story so far, and the terms ‘righteous’ and ‘demonic’ are far less black and white than they seem. Though Fang Yuan is evil, and unquestionably a demon by nature, the ‘good people’ only appear kind themselves. This is a world where strength rules everything and kindness is nothing more than a weakness that gets beaten out of those lucky enough to survive. It’s dark but very realistic in a world where one man can flatten an army with little effort. This unique outlook again makes this story truly incredible. Final words: It’s great, it’s unique, and you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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    From Chapter 1-152~ To describe this novel, I would use an analogy. Reverend Insanity is a novel that is like the Death Metal Genre within music where you either hate it till your guts or love it till your lives is at stakes. Haters would deem death metal music to be nonsense and noisy while Lovers would treat death metal music like they worshiped it. I stand at the positive side for Reverend Insanity while many falls into that hater mindset. Reverend Insanity is a novel that goes beyond any novel I have ever read. If you liked Warlock of the Magus World's Main Character, both MC is similar in their method. Although, I can say for certain that Reverend Insanity is even more evil and "insane" than what we seen of the WMW MC. Basically if you can stomach/withstand the evilness of Linley's action, you may take a step upward to the next level which is Reverend Insanity. Reverend Insanity is undoubtedly what the novel title say, he is not the good moral MC that treats family/clans/animals/women as if they are everything in his life, rather he would insanely extract the most benefit out of every person even if it requires their death to occur. The scene can get gory with very questionable scenes. My warning to fellow peaceful readers, the expectation sets for the darkest novel you may find on Qidian and stay away from it unless you want to turn into a psycho. Story Development: 4.4 stars Reverend Insanity starts off with a reincarnated MC that seemingly falls into the same loop as other traditional cultivation MC where he speedily power-up, receiving "fortunate" encounters that he knows of and beating up enemies. The twist here is, the MC himself is the villain. Have you ever wondered how a villain in other novels would be like with actual intelligence and what's the action performed by him are? Reverend Insanity's story have a fresh take on the Wuxia genre where he is not a "martial hero" but a "martial anti-hero". Story Progression is moderately pace with some repetitions of details. The details addressing plot-holes is seen and the life teachings given by MC somehow adds flavor to the story even when it does not truly applies to the modern earth thinking. Character Design: 4.7 stars. I have mention MC here and MC there which shows how impactful he was to the whole novel. The author have the intention to design the MC to be a final villain boss type character and just from his starting point, I can envision how he would appear as one. His personality are twisted by our standards where if he does exist in reality, he would be a professional murderer/criminal. Despite that, by contemplating deeply, he would not be in the wrong and our standards should not be applied at all because he live in a world where the strong literally preyed on the weak. It is an all out survival. His disposition is cold, general attitude to people around him is disregard and alignment leans toward chaotic evil. With the 500 years of experience and journey, the world shaped him to be a loner. A quote of his are " I would rather let the world down, than be let down by the world!!!" The personality is written accurately and I hope the author maintain the progress of his character in the later chapters. Reverend Insanity is a clear look into 'a cunning and intelligent villain' and 'a reincarnated main character that can back that claims'. Side Characters have well defined & believable personality, making them substantial and remembered. An example would be the author having designed a single family member of MC to be the embodiment of Wuxia novel where he is justice, love and compassionate which highly contrast with MC. Every character in Reverend Insanity plays a significant role and just so you know, there is no romance(from what I know of). World Background: 4.1 It could be that because the MC hoard much of the spotlight. The world background is less appreciated since the world design are generally similar to other Wuxia novel. The starting premise displays the same direction as a reincarnated novel would, 'born with the memories but weak talent restricting the body, so need to power-up and survive'. The high rating is attributed to the unique cultivation system. At first, I have a tough time imagining and understanding the whole system due to the lack of good explanation. Then, after 100+ chapter did I develop some understanding of the system. Basically, the person have a spiritual region that contain add-on "GU" required for the user to perform skills such as invisibility and etc. The "GU" is the unique and fascinating aspects. Translation Quality: 4.5 stars I have heard that the previous translator was terrible and the standard is almost worse than machine translated version. The current translator have placed much more effort than the previous translator and I salute to you. Although there are some parts that I have a tougher time in understanding, the consistency in grammar and translation is high. Thank you Translator and Editors!! Stability of Updates: I am not exactly sure of how stable the current translation at the time of making this review. From the translator notes and the readers comments, the updates is not the most stable out there. I will still support the translator and appreciate his work. Overall, 4.43 stars Excellent novel to pick up on after crossing over the barriers. Read it with a pinch of salt. Recommended for those that read many novels out there and searching for an interesting novel. Remember kids, avoid Fang Yuan and bring all your family,friends,love,wealth,gu,clans away from him because your close ones may end up in the stomach of a bear. *evil smirk*

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    The title and the sypnosis sucks. And the LNMTL is so much better than this. 2 stars is the only thing I can do...........blah blah blah blah blah blah

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    My original review can be replaced with this one I guess since the tl'er has been changed, for the previous one who is doing a great job. As I caught up to human translation of skyfarrow, I thought might as well check out some Lnmtl as I waited and waited and am around c100 but i do have to say that it just gets better and better as you read along and is absolutely worth checking out. The mc is cool, and the story progression is great and we even see bits and pieces of clan politics and the like, I plan to stick with HTl for, no matter how easy lnmtl is confirmation of what I read with htl is great. The only downside that I still have is that qidian still will not suck and admit that they made a mistake and alter the title to Daoist Gu or Reverend Insanity but whatever at least we got a good mtl'er instead of that wuxiadream trash.

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