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Robin Burton is a young man who grow with everything anyone can hope for, immense talent for cultivation, sharp mind, a wealthy family that will stop at nothing to protect and nurture him

He had everything... except the willingness to take them.

"Why would I take the same route as my ancestors ?
why should I become stronger? to beat this and compete with that..?

At the end of this road what will happen? get a harem then die and be forgotten after a few years?

NO! That is not what I got my talent for... THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS BORN FOR!
what I want is more... much more.

I refuse... I will not take anyone's route, I will make my own...
I do not want to be a legendary figure, I will be THE Legend..

I.. Robin.. will do it my way, or die trying."

This is the story of a Researcher, a Warlord and... A Planetary Emperor.

Parents Strongly Cautioned
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    honestly probably my favorite novel on the site at the moment. As this novel is essentially coming from a researcher point of view while also running as a cultivation novel, I only have two regrets with this novel and that is the lack of personal action Robin has seen so far, which in hindsight is understandable considering how weak he technically is when talking about only cultivation level. and my other regret is that one chapter just isn't enough for me since the novel is so good 👍.

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    Writing Quality 4/5: Good word diversisty and well structured sentences, the reader won't struggle here. There are however a few minor typo's every few chapter that are probably due to autocorrect. I.E: Brian becomes brain. Story Development 4.5/5: The story focuses Mc's inventions/discoveries used for the betterment of others, be it individuals or entire communities. Something I'd like more of is POV's from different characters it's one thing to see the improvements of the Burtons via the MC another entirely from the POV of say a guard. Character Design 4/5: The MC is too OP... Well that is sort of the point but I think I'd enjoy the story more if the MC had to work together with say Ceasar to perfect the manuals for the major heavenly laws. In the end it feels as if other major characters in the story can never measure up to the MC. Updating Stability 5/5: Seems to update frequently, I just binged nearly 300 chapters so I'll just leave 5/5. World Background 4.5/5: Starts out as pretty standard xinxia fare I.E: eight kingdoms, 4 empires multiple planets. While you read the story however the book/novel takes the time to introduce dukes and the royal family from both the Mc's kingdom and foreign kingdoms.

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    I can't lie after 337 chapter if you don't like this you have to be mentally insane, the story is really good, I can see if someone doesn't like the time skips, but it works perfectly with this story and I hope the author doesnt stop with the way he is progressing because its perfect😪🙌

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    cons 1-the mc doesn't have any ambition when it comes to his personal power he is more of a teacher and scientist than a cultivator. As mentioned by author himself he is weaker than people his own level but his students become stronger way faster thanks to his teaching. so if you are looking for a super ambitious and tryhard mc I recommend against reading this plus the first 10 chapters are a slow burn and frustrating to read but after that 10 chapters which is more like a prologue it will become better. 2- taking into consideration the quality of this book the world building is severely lacking we don't know about the cities that mc visit like population, culture, architecture.....no direction such as east, west.... no sense of distance, no means of transportation, geographical clearance, no language barrier btw different places almost everything is left to reader's imagination.

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    This author surely has a lot of creativity going on. These ventures and characters are so well thought out and the plot blows my mind. I have just started to read this book and I am now at chapter 5 of 50. I can not wait to read the rest. The world background is OUT OF THIS world! I just neeeed to know what happens next. Thank you author for this great read!

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    Woah!! Such an amazingly written book 🤩 Firstly the wonderful writing and wordings attracted my attention😍 Then this interesting plot just drew me into reading it further👍🏻 Great job done by the author writing this beautifully written work 👏🏻👏🏻

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    Honest reviews are here.. If you are in between the fences, either to read or not, here is a few info about this novel.. [Spoiler Alert] First, this novel is not solo MC, who got strong alone.. Rather, you would barely see MC fight with other people.. Even his first time killing humans is around Ch.100.. Plus, even when there are wars that MC starts, he won't participate in the war personally.. so, what are MC roles in this novel? MC is creating many things.. for the first 10 chapters, you would see MC aged from 14 years old (Ch.1) until 150 years old.. Yes, the author loooooooves time skip.. 10 years later, 1 month later, 30 years later, 60 years later, 6 months later, and so on.. At least, every 5 chapters, you would see time skip.. Reason? Well, as I said before, Mc is creating many things.. So, I guess the author doesn't want to waste his time and others' time explaining MC every creation progress, details, and descriptions, so he skipped it.. Secondly, by doing time skip, the author also doesn't want to make MC too OP where he can "create" in a days or so.. So, every MC creating, it would take around 4 months per new creation.. What creation did MC make? MC is creating a new technique the law of element, introducing talisman for the 1st time the the world and it8 applications, new items/technology, creating new type of pills, new method and improved older one including weapon and armor.. So, this whole time, MC just sent someone to war/kill/beat/challenge his opponent or enemy instead of doing it himself.. MC only does "research" to make his adopted son/daughter, subordinate, and his allies stronger.. You won't see a strong solo MC, adventure, and fighting scene of MC.. Reincarnation?? Nope, MC is not a transmigrator or Reincarnator.. He is just a guy who doesn't want to follow the path that is created by others and wants to try his own idea and path.. System or AI? Nah.. Doesn't exist here.. Is MC genius? Genius in terms of creating and theoretical.. But not in fighting or strategy.. Is MC a strong cultivator?? If you compare MC with a kid, yes, he is OP.. But if you compare MC to the same age as him (150 years old), MC is weak as worm.. Why? MC studying the law and at the end of his life, he finally manage to glimpse a bit the law of truth making "the entity" helping MC by resetting his cultivation and his age into a kid.. So, he is 150 years old guys who have a face and body of 13 years old boy.. So, that why I said he is weak for someone at the age of 150 years old.. MC barely has any time for his own cultivation.. So, the adventures shown in this novel are not about MC but about his adopted son.. It is the same, the fight or the competition or the wars, all that will happen in this novel except, MC did not participate any of that, at all.. Kinda like One Punch Man where we barely see MC, Saitama storyline but see many side character storyline instead.. So, what up with this novel title, Lord of the Truth, how is it related? Well, all the MC creations have to do with it, or maybe it is easier to say MC compromises the Law of Truth.. From this Law of Truth, he can see through everything: Element, Laws, Souls, People, Fruit, Herb, Pill, Weapon, Armour, and so on.. He just makes all those things easily.. Note: I am giving a low rating due to my previous review being deleted.. I give mediocre rate (3 stars) because I don't think it is good, but also, don't think it that bad.. But after my review got deleted, I became more biased toward a bad boring novel..

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    Before I get to reviewing this, let me preface this by saying that I still thoroughly enjoy reading this despite the brain-cells I lost. Now on to my review. TLDR very nice story, with subpar writing and characters but is excellent for passing time. 1: Writing Quality: Let us be honest, the writing is garbage. The author jumps between tenses constantly and uses the same phrases over and over again. This sort of writing makes the story bland and often messes with my immersion. I would suggest the author to go and get an editor to help him proofread the writing. I don't mean this as an insult to the author, I very much like the premise of the story and I would love to see it executed well, writing-wise. 2: Stability of Updates: Not much to be said here, as I am not fully caught up. 3: Story Development: I love the pacing of the story. It very much complements the "War & Military" aspect of the story. I love Kingdom Building stories and I like when they are executed well. Plot wise and Pace wise, the author is doing a great job. 4: Character Design: I had this at 3 stars before but now I made it 2 simply because there is no one character in this story that is unique. I know this what you typically expect of a cultivation novel, but that should never excuse the author of falling into the same troupes. All, and I mean literally every last one of them including the MC, is one dimensional. Side characters that have no brain of their own: check, FL that is cold and strong at first, but turns into an extension of the MC with absolutely nothing to add: check, an ambitious MC that... you get the idea. Character Interactions: This is a part of character design, however it is highly dependant on how well the author designs the characters personalities and such. So when you have all the same looking characters you get the same character interactions at every turn. MC meets someone new, said person disrespects him, mc says or does something, said person is amazed. and just repeat the process. 5:World Background: The world has a very nice premise. It has been perfectly illustrated thus far. The rules of the world have also been stated, which means the various power dynamics are clear and make sense. This sets the stage for a very nice kingdom building developments. Nicely done. To be honest I wouldn't have written this review if I didn't believe in the potential of this story. And to the author, if you are reading this I would like to say the following. This is your story and as the author/ creative mind behind it. You have every write to explore. Don't bind yourself to the troupes and limits that have been set. Explore with your writing, experiment with the characters. Make them awfully cruel, kind, brave and cowards. Or a mix of all of these, because one characteristic can never describe a human being otherwise they turn into caricatures. Try to make the world move even if the MC didn't exist, cus right now it doesn't feel like that. All I want to say is, experiment and go wild with it. All the best.

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    It's not very good. The english is broken and it's too difficult to read. The power system isn't clearly explained. I know there are numbered levels. There are knights, saints and sages. But what they can do or what's the difference between real is never explained. The world is unknown. We know some countries and cities name but we don't know where they are. The characters aren't very well constructed. What are their aspirations ? What do they like? They power up and that's it. It's just cultivating and nothing else. The MC is "smart" but he makes stupid decisions which works because the author makes him succeed. I mean, he is boastful of how quick he can make others cultivate and everything is fine because he knows others will see the benefits he brings, bla bla bla. But not everything is logical in life and you can't predict all things correctly. He shows too much while being too weak. I'm sure there are other things but I stopped after 60 chapters. I was tired to see power ups being too easy and too fast.

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    AMAZING .. A Novel idea , great execution.. even his seemingly cheat in later parts comes from his own hard work rather than handed it to him ... And there is immense potential in this story to become the next big thing.. i hope it will ...still need few comercial elements.. everything still in the beginning... but there is a flow to the seemingly monotonous and unique cultivation novel that just draws u in ... go author

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    I've been reading this novel for a year now, and I can only describe it as VERY ENTERTAINING, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READING IT. Kingdom Building, Adventure and Tragedy, imo these are the main tags that best describe this series.By reading it, you can feel that the author really planned everything out, and knows where the story is heading, so there are no potholes, and everything is consistent. I am sure that there will be huge plot-twists coming in the upcoming 100 chapters, since the Planetary War Arc is here, A LOT of action is gonna be served to us.

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    The novel is very well written, pretty much perfect in my opinion. The plot is flawed though, with several things that just don't make sense. without going into much detail, these flawed plot points are usually underestimations of risk. A character will make a move that is described as full-proof and smart but if you were to look a bit closer, it's simply not. It also suffers from what I'd like to call "OP Character takes risk for no reason" where the mc will take large risks despite not getting much from it. Despite these negatives, the novel is still pretty good. The world is very cool and innovative, the cultivation system is also really cool and the characters are rather fleshed out. Good luck with the rest of the novel :) 3.8 Stars

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    At first, the story is admittedly a little confusing, but at the same time, it's interesting enough to make you want to understand more. Over the next chapters, everything starts getting clearer and you find out just how thought out the world-building is. The grammar and writing quality, in general, is good, I had no problem understanding anything. Looking forward to the next chapters!

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    This is undoubtedly the greatest novel I have ever read. The author has crafted a true masterpiece that will stay with me long after I finish reading it. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have experienced this work of art

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    Well, in the beginning, the story begins with just an ordinary young man, but he is different from his peers in some aspects, especially in his way of thinking, but you should know that any beautiful novel is at the beginning ordinary and a little boring, and this is due to the writer’s desire to build the world and a logical development of the character of the hero and his definition of the main plot that With it, noticeable development will begin in many aspects. The story is beautiful and has a promising future compared to current stories, so I recommend it.

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    The most beautiful reading in my life, I hope you do not yearn The author is very creative. Thank you for this wonderful work ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥

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    Why is the mc so carless with people he trust and cant he just develop slowly. He is rushing in to powerfull people when he is so weak. Always dependent on the whims of other people. Thats just plain stupid. Why do you write it like this?

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    Definitely, the author indeed noted that English is not his first language even so, he had do so great with the right diction to describe the event of this novel. The world background is great and the story development is excellent. The writing technic is over all great and I easily recommend this novel to everyone.

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    Well, that was very good. The story is very interesting, the development of events and characters was done more than wonderfully, the author may be a beginner, but he develops greatly with the development of events. keep it up brother!

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    So much grammar and vocabulary mistakes. However this novel will be my one of the best war&military genre novel.

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