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Magic Chronicles : Fallen Race

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Author: Hail_The_loli

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-Warning: This story contains graphic scenes of violence and bloodshed. No one under 18 is allowed-

Have you ever pondered the mechanisms behind the Demon King's power system? Wondered how they attain such formidable strength at the game's outset, or why they seem to advance in levels more swiftly and efficiently than the heroes? Look no further, for this narrative delves into those very mysteries.
"Magic Chronicles" is a game that retells the story of a war between humans and demons.

To his annoyance, Reji is given credit for the last accomplishment after finishing successfully.
The reason for his annoyance was because of the title of the achievement...[Unforgivable]

Was it because he stole a passerby's vehicle and quickly got there?

Or that he broke into other people's houses so as to break unlocked treasure boxes?

Or that he infiltrated the cult in order to "borrow" their precious relic?

"Without my careful endeavors as the savior, how would your world stand upon the invasion of the demonic race from the rift? What will you employ to cast out and seal the desolate chasms of disorder the demons summoned and are now threatening your realm?"

[Beep...The summoning ritual of the Demon King has been detected. Soon thou as well shall be chosen and descend into that chaotic rift]

Reji: ".?"
-The evil tag is there for a reason; please don't decide if he is evil or not from the first arc-
every 500+ power stones = 1+ chapter
every 50+ golden ticket = 1+ chapter

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    After Fallen Chronicles, now we have Magic Chronicles 😍📖💖 All Hail The Loli!!!! 😆📖🍭🍻

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    Holy Moly Roly Poly Doly Moly Loli 😍🍭💖 All Hail The Loli!!!! 😆📖🍭🍻

    View 0 Replies

    Wow, I am just online and I the Author of Fallen Chronicles made a new book 😍 I haven't read it yet but I have Faith that it will be worth the stars I give 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Hail The Loli!!!! 😆🍭🍻

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    Only Six Reviews? Let me Fix it by making the Lucky Seventh one 😎🎰📖 Hail the Loli!!!! 😆🍭🍻

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    I have read the Book yet but I have Faith 😼📖🥂 So here is the Perfect Score for the Perfect Ninth Review 😻🥮9️⃣ Hail The Loli!!!! 😸🍭🍻

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    Hello, I've created a platform for authors and would love for you to join. There is a 70% compensation for authors from all revenue and a contest at my webpage -> (Ze nithnovels), along with a discord at the bottom of the webpage. I hope to see you there!

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    All Five Stars 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Even though I have not read your work yet because I have Faith from Fallen Chronicles 😎📖🥂

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    Overall this is a good book with the exception of the writing style seeming a bit… peculiar. Also don’t be fooled by the villain tag, the protagonist is far more of an anti-hero than a villain

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    I have reached the chapters 60 and my impression is that the interaction between mc and fl is not so good It looks forced if you use logic but the overall novel is good for time pass there are some minor mistakes but ok

    View 3 Replies

    Thanks for the Book!!!! 😍📖🌠 I even throw the stone before reading it 🌠💎🤣 Hail The Loli!!!! 😆🍭🍻

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    Im just writing a quick review to ask the author a question aswell as inform some of you lot about the mc's early personality. im only 16 chaps in, but hear me out first, im drawn in by the tags villain, aswell as the combination of story potential that seems to be fun, if u're drawn in by that then the author's answer might be determential for you. but it seems like it will take a long time for him to become "villain like" because right now, he is more of a hero than a villain. he dislikes evil things, he dislikes murder, he dislikes torture, he dislikes the demon'9s ways in general, he seems more of a chara that just wants to live freely witht he one you love while occasionally protecting justice yknow. so imma use this review to ask one questions to make me made up my mind. will he kill innocents? some one that does nothing wrong? maybe even someone that's has been nice to him? or is he someone that only kill "evil human" or someone that's annoying to him, or someone who is in his way?

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    гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!! гаремный мусор бычье дерьмо!!!!!!

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    why did you only give Lemons scene to the succubus but skipped the elf princess?? only reason i dropped it, otherwise it was actually a good story. sad

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    Okay, the story is good, not perfect but not bad too, and do you have a discord author?!

    Reveal Spoiler
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    amazing novel with tons of potential,but where are the character illustrations ?

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    Why am I seeing a busty Ranni on the cover?

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    Bem não tem muito oque dizer. Vamos começar com o MC completa perda de tempo, se oque acontece com ele fosse uma situação real ele estaria morto assim que foi convocado.(bom que não seja). A dificuldade para ele aumentar o poder é muito grande(não fui muito a frente do romance) pelo menos para mim, devido as escolhas idiot@s dele. E acima de tudo para um Rei Demônio ele é patético e fraco. Se o autor(a) queria que ele fosse fraco do jeito que ele é, era melhor te-lo convocar como um demônio normal, e assim ele iria subindo no poder, pois acho que para conseguir o titulo de Rei Demônio precisa de muito mais do que pecado. Fora o absurdo da Santa que depois de todo esse tempo deveria ser extremamente mais forte que ele e sua raça.( não cheguei nessa parte, apenas suposição).

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    I have not read it yet but , I have faith

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    I really shouldn't make a review of this book since I haven't read it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    Author Hail_The_loli