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Alex is a middle-aged man who lives in poverty. He got falsely accused as a serial killer and sentenced to death. After his execution, he regained consciousness and gained memories that he shouldn't have. He realized that he had reincarnated into Hong Dae, the CEO of the world's largest trading company which is where the world itself is a world different from his previous world.

Alex tries to live his second life as Hong Dae, but after he fainted from lack of rest, he hands over the management of the Moonlight Company to Hong Dae's father, even though the ownership of the company is still in his name.

Alex, who has stopped working but still earns a lot of income, is starting to get interested in a trending VRMMORPG game called Phantasm Prodigy. Are you curious about what happens next? In that case, you need to find out by yourself with reading this book.

Schedule: Everyday
Chapter length: 1000 to 2100
Tags: Male MC, Transmigrated Into Another World, Rich MC, VRMMORPG

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    The author is here with a shameless self-review. After writing the first volume of this book, I found there are some fatal flow that I made. First of all, typos (Sometimes I wrote a word in the wrong arrangement, for example: taht) and mistranslation (There are some words in my language that I don't understand how to put into sentences in English). Secondly, the most fatal one, I turned Alex into a female. Yes, maybe a lot of my readers dislike it and dropped this book at that part. However, he becomes a male again in the next few chapters. Thirdly, the last one, I rarely interact with you guys, I wish we could interact more often.

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    Hi there, Author-Nim. After reading the first volume of this book, I give this book a 3,8 review. Here I explain why. 1) Writing Quality This book has a lot of typos and grammatical errors just as the author has explained. I can understand that because my native language is not English. However, the number of words for each chapter is inconsistent. I found out some chapters were short, and some were a bit long. 2) Story Development The pace of the story is kinda slow at some points and made me feel bored. However, the story itself is pretty good even though some parts kinda confusing without any explanation. 3) Character Design The character description is pretty decent I guess? But I think you forgot to explain what Alex looks like. 4) Updating Stability It's good to know if you keep updating every day, but the time is kinda random. I can understand that after I read your first Auxiliary chapter. 5) World Background Kinda vague in my mind since you said that there are three worlds in this book, but I started to understand it the more I read. I hope you do better next time. - Eien Warui.

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    so he got transmigrated, found his job too hard, didn't bother to learn and manage it, pushed responsibility to his father then kept collecting the money, now he's slacking off in vr. there's harem tag too? I can already imagine the kind mc this is

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