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"If only we had realized what was happening sooner…"

"If only we were stronger…"

"This wouldn't have happened."


Valyr felt immense regret as he watched the world before him crumble into nothingness…

Just because they had lost the final battle.

Although he had already accepted the result before him, he still felt that it was wrong.

Holding onto his final strand of hope, he decided to wish to the heavens at his dying moment that he would get a second chance.

A second chance, where, if everything turned out the same way, he would make sure their side won.

Fortunately for him…

The heavens listened.

Reborn in the game where everything started and everything ended, Valyr quickly realized that he had been reborn not as a player.

Instead, he was now an NPC. An NPC of the game named Greater Beyond.

Bewildered at first, Valyr gradually began to adapt to his newfound circumstances, deciding to pursue the path of blacksmithing he chose in his previous life and use it to reach greater heights.

While doing so, he would make sure they would all be prepared for the final battle.

With that, witness Valyr’s journey to the peak as he eventually becomes…

The Primordial Godsmith of the Greater Beyond.
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    (This review has been made after I posted Chapter 315.) Hey there. It's been almost six months since I've started writing this novel, so I think it's about due time for me to give another review to this novel from my perspective. Of course, if you take a look at the latest reviews I've gotten, you'd see that a great portion of them say that MC acts incredibly cowardly and newbie-like for someone who has a lot of experience, with some of them even talking about how I rely on a certain phrase a lot of the time (the phrase in question is "could not help but"). From this point onward, there's a possibility that I might spoil a few things about the story, which I would like to apologize in advance for. However, I'll still try my best to not spoil it. First and foremost, let me talk about my reliance on a few key phrases, with the most glaring one you'd find while reading the story is the counter for "could not help but" in the paragraph comments. Then again, there are a few other key phrases I tend to use as a crutch throughout the novel, but let me point out that English is not my first language. Aside from that, I've taken a great portion of the inputs you've given me, which I sincerely appreciate, and have varied my usage of words ever since. From Chapter 200 onwards, rarely has the "could not help but" phrase ever been used. But alas, reviews mentioning it still pop up, so I guess worrying about is useless in the end. Moving on from that, let's talk about the MC's personality at the beginning of the novel. Similar to the active change I've made towards the omission of the usage of certain phrases, I've also taken action towards changing the MC's personality outright at Chapter 115 into something that was more in line with what people expect from someone with a lot of experience. But once again, I still get reviews about how they don't like MC's personality at the beginning and how they call him multiple names under the sun. Believe me when I say I've already taken note of it and that I am planning to rewrite the beginning of the story once I graduate college (which would happen hopefully a few months after I post this review). I'm not oblivious towards MC's personality at the beginning, especially if I know why he acts like that in the first place. In the end, I just wanted to make this review to tell everyone who is reading and who is planning to read this novel a couple of things. For those who have read my novel up to the latest chapter and are continuing to read it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And for those who are planning to pick up the book from the title and the synopsis, just keep an open mind. It's part of the reason why I made at least 90 chapters of the novel free, after all. Of course, I'd like it if you get to around Chapter 115 at the very least, but I won't hold it against you if you don't. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has given me support and constructive criticism of what I've been writing thus far, making me realize that I still have a lot to improve on. I hope you enjoy the journey the novel shall take you on. (This review shall be removed once the beginning of the story has been rewritten to fit the overall narrative better.)

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    Very good book. Read up to 800 chapters. I advise readers to not read the book if you like short arcs or stories as the plots in this book are very detailed and last many chapters. The storyline sets up the plot for the future as every word in the book is intentional and some things may be confusing will have a greater meaning in the future.

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    It's been three months since I've started writing this novel, so now I can tell you more things in this review with greater certainty. Right off the bat, I'm sure you'll notice that this novel's MC is in a similar setting as the one from TLM, being an NPC in a game world. However, that's where the similarities end. I won't tell you much about the entire story, but I can assure you that you won't be disappointed once you pick it up, especially now that I've gotten feedback from you readers, allowing me to polish this story to the next level. To those who are about to start reading the novel, and to those who have stuck with me since the beginning, we're all in for a wild ride. I hope all of you stick with me till the end.

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    Writing Quality is standard, which sadly most novels fail to reach, with minor mistakes that the author seems to eventually fix/will eventually fix. Can't complain about the stability of updates, with chapters coming out quick and consistently. The story is developing well, it's not as slow as I was dreading but it's not fast either. Good pacing. Character Design is alright, minor issue of the character feeling shallow although I can't precisely pinpoint why that is. Perhaps it's because there is not much history known about the character and he doesn't seem wise so far however the novel is still new, got far to go and development could end up being able to compete with the best of them. World Background is mediocre at best, we so far know there are 2 worlds, 2 villages, 2 cities, a random kingdom the MC isn't in, 2 towns and a forest. We know very little about all of it by chapter 119 but as before the novel is still at the start of everything, it can improve. Sorry for the crude review, not experienced in them, just thought I'd give an honest opinion rather than "5 stars great novel".

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    Honestly, all I can say about this novel is that the MC is a complete and utter hyper-paranoid idiot. We're constantly told how awesome he is and that he pretty much reached the peak of the game in the past, but he hardly shows it in the novel. He's constantly making himself mediocre so that no one takes a closer look at him yet he doesn't care that the Blacksmith's Guild gets a look at his 1st class and will send it to headquarters? Very inconsistent. He also reacts like a newbie to everything for the sake of the reader and it gets old fast. Also, I get that this is meant to be a VRMMO where the players develop the world, but it feels like all the NPCs have been whacked with the idiot stick a few hundred times. The system also makes virtually no sense in my opinion. It seems like the author ran with the first cool idea he had in his head and didn't bother to think of any of the implications. Only reason the review score isn't lower is because I never reached the current chapter so I have no opinion on the update stability. Honestly, I don't usually read VRMMO novels because I think they usually would suck as games and think they would be better served as isekai/regular LitRPG and this novel did nothing to dissuade me from this dislike. If anyone reading this novel wants to read a story where the MC goes back to the beginning and exploits it for all it's worth in an actual good way, read Night Ranger instead of this.

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    Disclaimer- review made at chapter 200 Pretty good so far. Doesn't excel at anything in particular, but very solid in every aspect. writing quality: 4* Good. I mean, there's not much more to say. No glaring issues, decent VSPaG. Not mind-blowing enough for 5 stars, but more than enough for a Webnovel. Story development: 4* Excellent so far. Relatively slow paced, but always interesting and has an overarching plot that is starting to come into play now. Character design: 4* This is a weird one. Sometimes the characters are weird and behave slightly awkwardly compared to previously, while other times I (mentally) squeal in delight due to a surprising but great decision to add a new dimension to a character or give them a closure that they need in a story like this. Overall though, the reason the book scores well despite its inconsistencies is the linking of characters we met previously with new plot points, which works superbly. The obvious example is the MC discovering his new body's past, but other examples include the village leader and the dungeon, as well as one of the MC's quests with the first person he meets after his "reincarnation". updating stability: 5* Honestly just great. I give big props to anyone that can consistently release a chapter a day every day of the week, and doubling that just impresses me further. World background: 4* This is 4* due to the story still being in its nascent stages. What we have seen so far is pretty standard, but interesting nonetheless. We have the growing village, the nearby biomes and other villages leading to a few larger towns, and then a capital city further away with currently unknown expanses on the way. Politically, we know of the crown and the larger families plus a small insight into some of their allies and enemies. At the moment, the monsters are quite underdeveloped background-wise, to the point some readers questioned the morality of killing them, but I at least trust the author has a plan in this aspect. Overall, great read, and I recommend it so far if this genre is your sort of thing. I will try to answer any questions people may have if I see them, and sorry if my review seems too surface-level; in actuality I'm mainly doing this to get to 10 reviews for level for of the comment badge.

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    skip the first ~45 chapters. if you've read the legendary mechanic + any vr gaming novel you'll pretty much know all the explained concepts and the storie really kicks off with the beast tide in chapter 45 so you should be fine. the pacing in the beginning is pretty bad since the author explains everything for complete genre newbies which is fine but boring for vets. aside from that i think this story could become very good it's currently to early to say (chapter 100) since the players haven't yet arrived nor have we explored the universe but i have some faith in the author he has demonstrated some skill in previous works so we should be fine. mc likes hiding his powerlevels so be ware of that although this too seems to become less egregious as we get deeper into the story. don't let this review stop you from reading the story but i had to take of some stars for the rough start. The English is excellent.

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    I could not help but be a bit disappointed by this novel. It felt so good at first, but I could not help but notice that he feels like a complete noob at times, when he was supposed to be a pro who survived until the end. I also could not help but notice that in the first chapter, it was mentioned that he could rememeber anything if he just focused on it. I could not help but notice that he seemed oblivious to things that he should rememeber, or atleast have an idea of. An example being when he retrieved the pain relief pills through the menu. He was shocked they materialized infront of him, when after literal years of gameplay, he should have known that would happen for NPC’s. I could not help but notice that the technology tree seems highly limiting.

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    I’m really liking this so far. hope the author keeps it up

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    This book is terrible and amazing. It makes me want to read more, and I can't stop. The problem is that at chapter 89+, everything is locked, and I can't continually read. I can only unlock 2, maybe 3, every day. This is killing me. Is there a way for me to catch up and then use fast pass. My friends got hooked on this, too.

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    A nice story with lots of details I highly recommend it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    I enjoy when a story isn't rushed and when it's well written, and these certainly apply to this story. It is eloquently worded and it spends much time on describing the interactions between characters as well as the thoughts of the main character. These are both the book's greatest strenths and weaknesses in my opinion. To illustrate this I will write two lines essentially describing the same thing: -"He could not help but allow the lurking smile at the back of his mind grow on his face as he expressed the feeling his thoughts gave him" -"He smiled at the thought" I enjoy these lengthy descriptions... but not when the book is full of them. Most of the descriptions are like the first option, and I got tired of it pretty quickly. The phrase "could not help but" is also unnecessarily abused to an almost hilarious degree. While I certainly cannot fault the author on their english, I wish they would consider the time to use these dragged out ways to say things that could be short and concise. Which brings me to my second point, the pacing. Dear lord is the pacing slow, which I also enjoy at times, but only if we get some action in between. Those who have read the book may be thinking "wasn't the monster wave enough action?" and to that I say, it should have been half as lengthy and have more fighting rather than pointless dialogue. Also, the monsters are literally only described as that, 'monsters'. Nothing is said about how the regular monsters look in the first couple of chapters of the fight. I'd say, give the book a chance, those of the same opinion as me regarding pacing and language will quickly realize it isn't for them, and for the less picky, I believe you will enjoy it. It certainly isn't bad by any means, but I will not be reading more than 60 chapters of it. Hope you can take some of the criticism to heart and improve author, flaws aside I think you have a good story in you.

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    Read to chapter 112. I came to it hoping for a slightly worse legendary mechanic. I felt disappointed. The writing is good, no errors or anything, and I think the story has some interesting things to it, but I can't stand the MC. In particular, his indecisiveness on hiding or showing his power. It also feels like the MC is wasting a lot of his time and throwing away his advantage. He also doesn't seem to use his knowledge from his previous life a lot.

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    I really like the story, well thought out, only thing that annoyed me in the beginning was the im going to hide my power but that changes so now we good

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    I only got through 12 chapters. So take the review for what it’s worth. The mc of this story is supposed to be someone who is reborn into the game world prior to the game going live. The mc is someone who was involved in the end battle between the game company and the resistance. This premise sets the character up as being a high level character who should know a lot about the game. What we get however is someone who seems to be fumbling around without a clear goal. Don’t worry though because almost every chapter he wants to plan what he is going to do. This story has a similar premise to legendary mechanic but unfortunately doesn’t hit the mark to keep readers interested. Many chapter comments say “boring”. I have to agree and it is primarily because the mc is bumbling around like someone who is playing the game for the first time in their life with a pro friend giving him hints on things to make his life easier like how to develop skills instead of being a veteran player himself. I had high hopes but I’m gonna pass on the rest of this one.

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    I like the story, so just giving some support to the author and keep up the good work ! 😁

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    I Love the book I like books have crafting as a fouces, and even though the chapters are are short you make up for it in number of chapter published a week the only thing that would be better is if you upload more but I understand that is most likely not possible.

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    It's well written and easy to read and seems to be inspired from TLM which is awesome. I did expect more from MC with his experience but he's not the worst to follow. The story is enjoyable to follow along so far and there are plenty of free chapters to get acquainted with everything. I'm still confused though on how the planet or humans were destroyed among other things but yea, worth reading

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    A very interesting read for sure. Starts off slow and picks up some pace as you go. The story will definitely make you want to read more. There’s only 100 chapters so I cant say much on the overall world background but I’ hoping the author can pull through with something interesting and unique.

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    At first, I thought this novel would be another boring redo novel, but the more I read it, the better it seemed to me. I suggest you don't judge a book by its cover on this one. I'm sure you won't regret it. Trying to read it won't kill you anyway

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    Author TrueDawn