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My Beautiful Disciples, I'm really not the Main Character! Original

My Beautiful Disciples, I'm really not the Main Character!

Fantasy 202 Chapters 1.1M Views
Author: Revonne

4.69 (14 ratings)

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"I got transmigrated into a novel because of a bad review?"

Eren found his life turned upside down when he woke up as the character that he had just finished cursing in a negative review!

Not only had he been reborn as an antagonist that he hated, but he was an Elder at a Devilish Sect?

It would've been fine if that was the only problem, but that was just the beginning as he remembered that the Character was a spy sent into the Devil Sect by the Mythical Hero Academy... A character that died within the first fifty chapters?!

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    LV 13 Badge

    I've read 50 chapters and i really like this book, everything about it is great. I look forward to what will happen in the future. Please don't drop it.

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    LV 14 Badge

    The story was great, the premises also great. There really isn't much problem in the novel. At first i was expecting someone who tranmigrated or reincarnated and acceepting heroine as a disciples (without reading the synopsis and only intrested on the title) but, i didn't expected him to has a choise system and the system it self felt okay. The only thing i didn't like so far is MC was said to be walking conqueror(?) path. Until the latest chapter i read (around 70+) it was more like the bluffing path. All of the option he chooses only gave him item that make him temporarily strong. There was not really an option with a reward that gave him strength of his own. He was even scamming his sect master disciple and make her his student by deceiving her. the said student is even more powerful than him, so what is it if it was not just him bluffing. It was not i don't like the MC but, what i don't like is how the system reward work. The choice system gave is great and intresting the only problen is the reward. It looks like he will only start getting stronger until he use the fragment memory. What i didn't understand is why he didn't try to get stronger by trying to cultivate.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Looks like an interesting book. But is there Yuri? I hope not.

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    Looks really interesting.... Have read all the latest chapters and really looking forward to it....

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    The story is really good and it's took novel reincarnation to a whole another level.... Try the book you won't regret it

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    very good story author different from other novel

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    LV 14 Badge

    Definitely recommended. It has the potential to reach a better ranking, but I think updating pace is kinda self sabotaging. If the updating pace becomes faster, it would fly higher bc the story pace is a little slow/captivating.

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    un avance conciso, un poco lenta a veces, pero no al punto de frustrar, lo cual se agradece ya que últimamente los autores quieres describir asta el pedo que se tiran los personajes, dejándote capítulos enteros solo con descripciones estúpidas e inútiles.

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    it’s hard to find a great story that pulls you into its pace but it’s also annoying too because as soon as you get into it you hit the bottleneck (paid chapters) you need to read more but your on a timer before continuing. the story has great pace, storytelling, action, it’s not scattered around but focused on what’s going on at the moment, great details, and more. All in All it’s a great read your missing out if you don’t start reading.

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    i really love the book and all of its aspects ❤️😭 The mc isn't dumb nor is he too sceptical of this. I also love the secrecy shrouded around his background. Please continue updating !!! You could win a prize with this

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    Honestly, the novel is quite boring. It has some interesting parts, but overall, it's really boring and frustrating. Some of the tags are just for show, like the romance and harem, while MC is kinda pathetic, without any real depth to him. He mostly bluffs his way out of situations, and relies on external means without any real power of his own.

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    LV 13 Badge

    This will be my second review of this novel. I decided to write a new one since the story wasn't as developed back then and now that we have gotten a bit more into the story, I thought that it would be a good idea to write a new one. The writing quality is top notch and it makes me want to continue reading, which I consider to be the most important part of enjoying a book since if the writing style and quality was trash, you would soon get bored. The character design however is not very unique and I think that not a lot of characters grow and it's kind of plain, but it's not something that I pay very much attention to. I like that the author gives small hints then and there about what is going to happen to the story. But some feels too forced, (spoiler warning) like when Yu Lin talked to herself about Eren "He is really nice... just like mother told me.-" The world background is quite basic this far but still enjoyable, I don't really have anything good or bad to say about it. Despite its flaws, I still really enjoy the book, just like I did back when I had only read 50 chapters. And I can see that the book is doing better, evident by its ranking in the power stones category. It's one of the few books that I am currently following and I would be sad if less chapters came out or the booked stopped entirely, which is a good sign. Continue putting in the work!

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    muito bom estou adorando a história recomendo

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    Author Revonne