/ Urban / My military branches can Evolve Infinitely

My military branches can Evolve Infinitely

My military branches can Evolve Infinitely

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Author: Bimo Zhijian


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Mu Yuan accidentally obtained the qualification for a mysterious game which mirrors the real world. In this game, players could recruit troops, establish territories, and even manifest items from the game into reality.
His game started with ten Little Skeletons, but...
Little Skeleton→Skeleton Soldier→Skeleton Warrior→Skeleton General.....→ King of Skeleton
"What if I evolve the Little Skeleton into an Emperor of Skeletons? How would you respond to that?"
"Evolution Points, let's see what your limit is!"
Several years later, when the worlds overlapped, Mu Yuan, amidst a throng of gods and demons, had ascended to the extreme peak.
Tags: Management, Development, Evolution, Lord, Troops

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    it is a good novel and I like it very much but the length of ur chapters is decreasing as story goes on(the last chapter was only worth 7 coins and after the discount it was only 5 coins and it is hard to spend on them) so if possible don't make chapters soo short and add it to the chapters before or after it

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    Interesting till now. Let’s see where this goes. Some sentences are broken. Doesn’t make any sense. Hope it gets better cause some sentences are pretty much unintelligible. It would have been much better if it was a little bit more detailed but still it is good.

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    LV 14 Badge

    pretty good so far. I hope the author will continue and not drop this. xd

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    Definitely something i been trying to find for ages and my type of genre lets see where this goes! :) ill follow up to the end

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    Pretty decent so far now he goes from weak to better. Let’s see how it will develop further.

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    i want to read all available chapters (not counting vip), before writting anything. The overhall translation is between 6.5 and 7.5, and most of the problems i have are tied to the translation. Cons: like most stories here, names will get messed up, sometimes to world gets a bit confusing ( but it feels like the problem comes from the translation, not bad writting) and had to hit google for some expressions used ( for example 007, the first thought that came to mind was James Bond, but, it seems, it's an expression that meens 24/7). Pros: Great characters ( really like the MC and his first General) the world is good ( just don't say great because it, sometimes gets confusing, as said in the cons), the world building and character progression is very fluid ( it never seems to force anything in, everything seems to come at a proper time) and no romance or harem (because alot people like to see that), so far, but it isn't missed and it can be added without seeming force. Yeah, recomend this book alot, it's a very enjoyble reed overhall

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    Nowadays it's being more appealing to me the more I read. Especially I like MC's cautious personality and his down-to-earth attitude despite having his own golden finger. There's few good works such as this one in the case of developing the territory with clear strategy and not having a explosive growth rate like '100% drop rate'. Finally my love to the author for gifting us such a top rated novel.

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    The way this is written makes it feel like there is a RAW in another language floating around. Does anyone know the source?

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    all I got to was chapter nine because the app kept kicking me off but from what i could see it was really good.

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    Author Bimo Zhijian