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Author: Zero_writer

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"I should have stayed home and played video games." This was Ray's last thought before darkness engulfed him after he was hit by a car.

But surprisingly, instead of finding himself before the gates of hell after dying, Ray found out he was transmigrated into another world.

The world Ray was transmigrated to was called Arora World, a place where you can use different kinds of skills, magic, and even acquire powerful classes.

Ray found himself in the body of a young boy named Evan, who was studying in a hunter academy after awakening his abilities at the age of fourteen.

At first, Ray was happy that he was transmigrated into the body of someone who had awakened his abilities and could use the magic he always wanted to use.

However, as Ray went through Evan's memories, he finally realized that everything was not as simple as he had expected.

Evan had a unique physique that didn't allow him to increase his power like other people. Because of this useless unique physique, Evan was the weakest hunter in the entire academy.

And that was not all; the more Ray looked at Evan's memories, the more he realized just how troublesome his situation was.

"I know I entered this body without buying a ticket, but isn't this too much?" Ray said in a depressed voice after going through Evan's memories.

Will Ray be able to survive in this new world? Is the physique of his new body really useless? Join Ray on his adventure to find out.

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    Hey guys author here, I don't have much experience in writing so if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know. Thanks for reading.

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    The only bad thing I have to say about his novels is that I’ve caught up to the current updates and can’t read more :( the author did a great job with the character, the world background and the set up for down the road. Some authors talk about the higher powers or gods but 600 chpts in you still haven’t seen anything that hey talked about earlier. This author has not done that, everything that’s way stronger than the MC is vague and uncertain and that something I really like :) keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to many more chapters :)

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    Excellent, the first few chapters were a little Mid, but after that it became awesome. Some arcs seems to be a little but longer than it should be, but I think it's because I'm following the story with Daily release. And the Arc wich he gets his class is phenomenal... Thank you author and pls keep up the good work

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    It's not bad but after 130 chapters we still don't know why the title include "necromancer" I suppose it's his future class but author spoiled it too early.

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    LV 4 Badge

    I only read up to chapter 11. In my opinion this novel have potential, not bad. But i don't like the story because author use 3rd person perspective, just try to count how many times author write "Evan" in a single chapter, personally i don't feel connected to the story because of this. Also i feel like author need to use more punctuation, i notice author rarely use coma (,) sign on his story which made the paragraf feel chaotic. I also don't like how author do chapter 1, the sacrifice part on chapter 1 is unnecessary for me, and its better if you put it in chapter 10. In my opinion you made chapter 2 to chapter 9 as a flashback is a bad choice. I mean why would you give readers an 8 chapter long flashback right from the start? its unnecessary, everyone can literally read chapter 1 and jump to chapter 10 immediately and can still understand the story. Its a bad start in my opinion. You should know that you need to make the story as interesting as possible on early chapter to make people stay and hyped for the next chapters, but here i am dropping on chapter 11 before even i know mc new power after the sacrifice. I hope my review can help you to get better. good luck author.

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    More chapters 💥💥💥 More chapters 💥💥💥 More chapters 💥💥💥

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    honestly it's not a bad novel but I'm more displeased with the fact that it's got the word necromancer in the title but it's had nothing to do with minions or rasing anything to do his bidding and I'm at chapter 110. plus the book goes premium at around chapter 45 honestly a waste of a read from my point of view but the story's not bad if you like this kind of novel that is.

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    I just finished volume 1 and there hasn’t been any mention of necromancy. Given that it is in the title, I feel like it is false advertising. At best, the pacing and development is very slow.

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    I can't get past the grammer issues and repetitive sentences. Multiple paragraphs in the same chapter contradict themselves. The story may have had potential, but I can't continue this to find out.

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    I like the story so far. Story development is good. Keep updating

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    I gave it a try after reading comments below...and I completed more than 240 chapter...God, it's super slow paced...Unnecessary Tournament arc for more than 70 chapters. Author tried to squeeze and stretch the story in every aspect that he could... I read so many novels and this one made top list for being slow paced and awfully dragging MC's power level up and creating problems for his level ups. And none of u can understand my frustration until u read the story. But hey, it's my opinion and it should not cloud your anticipation to read go awry...

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    LV 2 Badge

    The story is great and all but I see a romance tag but don't see romance. Mc is an extra loner but I like his confidence in beating a b***h down man follows the Kazuma's if you know what I mean. His hands are e rated for everyone 🤣[img=update]

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    Going to start with getting the bad out of the way: you will find errors and a lack of ponctuation at times, it's not very bad (there are worst in this app) but you need to be ready for it ( it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get an editor but those thing cost money i guess) and also, this is more annoying then bad (alot of people do it in this ap), the writer, sometimes tries to "milk" it, he doesn't do it alot but it does appear from time to time.Now, with the bad out of the way, the story is very good, you can see he took some inspiration from Only I Level Up, if you like it you'll like this, the story progresses at an even pace, the main character is relatable, the world is very interesting and the side characters are solid, the writer is very good with updating the story ( that might change with time because of life but so far so good) and you can see the writer as plan for his story that, this is me guessing, will take sometime to complete so the story will be around for a while. I recommend this story for everyone.

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    Guys ,This novel Is really amazing... Story Development and world Building are just awesome, character Design is exelent. The first few chapters are a little bit Mid, but if you could just read 10 or so chapters you would Love the story. The comedy in Late chapters are great too. You can just feel author's improvement in writing and creativity as the story progress... Thank you author for your phenomenal Novel and pls keep up the good work.❤️

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    LV 3 Badge

    This book is genuinely such a fun read, though a few issues stick out, most notably the grammar and repetitive words. The story is very interesting and seems to be well thought out, though oddly enough, many side characters lack any form of description. The worldbuilding at times can also be all over the place, sometimes dumping a lot of information at once, though is still somewhat well done and very intriguing. Definitely worth the time it takes to read, and besides those issues is quite a good and entertaining book.

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    A fascinating story. Can't wait for new chapters.

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    I just started using WebNovel and found this gem. I have to say this is one of the best books I have read. Keep up the good work author, can't wait for more chapters.

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    I really don't like the personality of the MC I don't know it's poorly done it gets boring over time but other than that it's a good novel if you're looking for a good read with an unapologetic MC. I'm going to stop (I was on chapter 210)

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    I was really hesitant befor starting this novel but this is amazing, thanks to the Limited Free Reading event I completed more than 150 chapters and OH BOY that was super fun. I don't know how but I really liked the MC and his interaction with other characters and the fight and action scenes and power levels. I really liked the author's take on the practical exam arc(which is pretty boring in most of the webnovels) it was generic but still refreshing to me. I am really excited what the future of the MC holds and please PLEASE PLEASE Don't drop or Drag the story or make it typical Harem. All the best dear author [img=recommend] Hoping for the best.

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    I like the novel because I'm just being biased that the main protagonists has the same name as me

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    Author Zero_writer