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The Innkeeper

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In the depths of a newborn universe, a cultivator takes advantage of the abundant energy to refine himself a treasure. But after 14 billion years of refining and quite a few more to go, he decides to entertain himself by releasing countless systems and watching how the creatures of this fledgling universe handle them.

On Earth, a young man, lost and confused about what to do with his life, sits in a park and looks up at the night sky. A shooting star, a wish and a bang. When the boy finally wakes up he hears a sound, "assimilation complete. Launching System. Welcome to the Midnight Inn. Host Designation: The Innkeeper."

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    READ THIS. ASAP. Early few reviews will make you question should you read it or not, well the answer YES. so, every author has different way to write and present their story all I will say it this one is super 'ENTERTAINING', you will definitely enjoy this.

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    What can I say about this series that others haven’t?! Comparing this to many other series I’ve read, the author seems to enjoy the story more than the reader. The world building and Characters are amazing. The details of how the power/magic system for the universe is mesmerizing. I won’t shamelessly plug, but reading this has inspired me to get back into my own writing. Just how many ideas and events that have taken place in these last 1,000 chapters. I truly feel immersed in the world that’s being crafted. This is probably the best series I’ve read with an easy to learn cultivation system makes the reader wish they could participate in the universe. 10/10 series

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    How can garbage books get endless promotions and reviews, while a great book like this remains unknown? If you want a good read, and am as tired as I am of the endless trash being released, give this book a read. Two thumbs up. Good work Author [img=recommend]

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    Mandatory shameless author review here: It's a great story with a realistic approach to the cultivation world. There may be a bit of faceslapping, a bit of humor and a bit of crying, but all of it will be done in a way that's not ridiculously obvious and annoying! The overarching story has already been planned from start to end, but how events play out can be influenced by readers feedback so feel free to leave comments on chapters telling what you like or dislike. Either way, it's not a directionless novel going randomly from one arc to the next. Each arc is important, and seemingly mundane characters and events from random chapters may come back as larger twists later so keep an eye out and feel free to theorize how the characters will play an important role later :)

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    What a little gem I found. why is this story not on the highest rankings is beyond me. the writing and the flow are excellent, even if the story is moving a little too slow (not a criticism, I'm simply greedy for more haha). Keep it up, love your work.

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    Disappointing. forced plots. no logic. straight into cultivation none sense. Not even half of the first 20 chapter is actually about the Inn. Mc is supposed to be smart but behaves rather stupid.

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    Mc just sucks, he’s supposed to be smart but keeps on making major mistakes. I feel like the plot is forced and what’s up with cultivators and knowing he has an inn. Does he really not take the systems warning seriously.. I hope he don’t let the people he knows stay in the inn for free because that’s just being an idiot, what if they get killed by strong people.

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    Not only is this bad, it also has barely anything to do with innkeeping. And it's plagued with clichés and trashy tropes all over, since the very beginning of the story.

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    this is a really 'interesting' novel. It's sort of unique, and i really enjoy the inn development aspect. however, while im less than 50 chapters in, im already disliking the MC. he is given an amazing opportunity and also has realized and experienced the grave dangers around him. however, not once does he decide to properly train before throwing himself into new danger. example of this is that he lazes around at home playing games when he could be training his body or his combat. he received two powerful pistols that he can't handle but hasnt once gone to a gun range to practice his aim with regular guns or train his strength to handle to recoil. i can tell the author has written a mediocre MC, and the only reason he is surviving is HUGE amounts of plot armor. i want to read a bit more. however if it stays like this, then the story is not worth reading.

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    Had to drop at chapter 251. Can't read this idiocy anymore. While the story is interesting and author has a good imagination, he is mostly unable to use logic and common sense. If somebody actually using his head was there instead of MC, he would be a universe hegemon by now, with trillions of MPs under his belt. There are so many ways to develop the inn and make money using all of the unique advantages, but the MC just doesnt see those or uses them. There are also many times when logic is sacrificed for plot or even outright mentioned in the story that the reason is because of plot hole, breaking 4th wall many times. The end result is a story that is interesting to read, but constantly breaks immersion when another impossible event happens that doesnt make sense within the rules of the universe established by the author. There is only so much time I can look past this until it just become too much to ignore. A pity, as the imagination, description and plot are otherwise solid and interesting. If only the author would actually think through his plot points...

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    I've enjoyed this story myself, but from a writing stand point, I have to say that the entire plot is forced and has no life in it. At first the rashness of the MC makes sense, but even after he learns some kind of lesson he continues to be rash and make spontaneous decisions. The most egregious thing about this is the fact that every time he makes one of these decisions it works out mostly in his favor. He may be the son of destiny in this cultivation novel but that doesn't excuse the point that he has no real consequences of his actions and the world simply gives way.

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    Author forgot that he is writing about innkeeper and not about urban cultivation. And what's with the millions of cultivators on earth and people are just unaware about them. To put that into perspective, there are less than 10 million doctors in the world. There are many other plot holes to discuss but I rather spend that time on finding better written stories. In conclusion, author derailed from a very interesting plot to a mediocre plot which is full of holes

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    I was really hoping for a good read the start felt like it could be something great but immediately felt like events either picked up too quick or become too outrageous too quick. a chara change that happens midway through due to an upgrade just seems random in how it happens. most of the novel instead of feeling like an innkeep tending to his inn, it just feel like just another cultivation novel where the mc just so happens to have the inn system that can get him what he needs. then the choices for some of the names is really just uncreative and a turn off that made me finally stop reading. made it to chap 418. tldr: I don't recommend it

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    The initial premise is rather common for a system novel with the exception of that we know where the system came from. It lands on some twit and we discover immediately how the current story will cove its plot holes. The mc has a rumor that messes with his ability to think properly, nice deflection there. The setting is hidden society type earth with cultivation subbed in for magic but it doesn't excuse all the references. While they are more understandable with this being earth they are neither funny nor relatable. The other problem is the fact that our innkeeper spends little time in his inn. With his world hopping which wasn't really interesting to his escapades on earth which also wasn't interesting. The final nail in the coffin for me was the random realm jump that gets waved away with a "something happened" before we are ill introduced to a bunch of characters we will never care about and a serving that while it has promise is not but ash in the end. Tldr the author had an idea but needed to go back over and edit it slightly.

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    mc is really dumb and boring imo. it was off to a good start but mc really turned it off for me

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    Not too shabby. While the beginning stumbles a little as it tries to find its voice, tempo, and emphasis, it eventually settles into its own rhythm. MC could be described as OP while attempting to prove that he is not OP. He always has enough points or luck or items to do everything. At first, Inn is squished to the side as MC does dumb things on earth, but thankfully, before I lost my patience, Inn returns to center stage, with MC's shenanigans diminished. If the author ever considers rewriting the beginning, it is advised that they devote more time to the inn and either reduce or move the MC's shenanigans later. Many low star reviews are about absence of inn in beginning chapters: “Not even half of the first 20 chapter is actually about the Inn.”/Rappel; “This has great potential right until chapter 10. The author completetly ruined their work.”/KIING (10 chapter introduces cultivators on earth and shifts focus from inn to MC shenanigans on earth); “Forced plot with cultivators and his family.”/Elder; Readers dislike for cultivation probably comes from two facts: it takes away time from the inn and every world and dimension has the same type of cultivation. All worlds have similar feeling. It is almost bad as MassEffect color ending. Choose your world, one has humans, other world has humans and dead humans, third has humans and animals, but all of them have cultivation and humans! Even none humans look like humans. Overall, readable novel if you don’t mind OP MC, cultivation, and aliens that are all human.

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    The base story is simple enough... but the add on plots over complicate things.It gives a similar feels to some novels i read ... but it got content heavy at the beginning real fast that for those that want to read something light and casual like me.

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    The fact that this novel was hard for me to find shows how bad Webnovel’s book promotion system is. They constantly try to get to read terrible books that have a trillion bad reviews but then never reccomend me books that are good like this one. Although I don’t have the time or patience for a full review, this book is a truly well made book, especially for this site. The concept is unique and interesting, the characters are generally well thought out and the MC eventually starts to move away from constantly relying on the system. I also like how the MC doesn’t just know the absolute best path for everything and is kinda dumb at times, because it makes it a little more relatable and interesting. Anyways, give the book a try if you haven’t already!

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    Really great book on my top 5 for sure, the only thing I would say I dont love is the pacing of the story, first I thought his cultivation speed was to slow, but then I realized that what was really slow was the time, I mean after 400 chapters or so only 1 year passed and countless events that made an empact on the universe happened, the universe being billions of years If I was the ruler of that universe I would think something terribly wrong is going on, In my humble opinion I think a time skip would make this story feel more ”realistic” and with a better flow. When I read the first 50 chapters or so it felt like years passed but in reality it hasnt even been a week since he got the system. Keep it up author

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    Where is the g*ddamn INN? ffs.... this is your just random cultivation novel.

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