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Odyssey of the Blind God

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Author: HideousGrain

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In a desolate world where humans are on the brink of extinction, conquering countless dungeons, fighting against ferocious beasts, what happens to someone blind and powerless?

Nial's glorious fate was taken from him when he was only three, leaving him blind and without a trace of mana.

15 years later he was still enduring the humiliation of a rotten society that favored the mighty.
Society nearly took away his innocence and brightness, forcing him to mature, giving him an unbending will.

However, everything changed the moment he awoke his Origin.

He devoured Ancient Curses and slaughtered Gods and Devils!

Angels? He will make them kneel!

Devils and the such? All will be in his grasp
Even though I’m blind, I see more than anyone else!
I devour Curses and take control over darkness.
Mark my words…

[It will be all of you that will have to kneel in front of me!]

Just come at me Dragons, Angels, Devils, and Gods…if you dare to!

Otherwise, my ascend will be your doom!

Follow the odyssey of an ordinary, blind youth towards godhood as his fate that had once been taken from him shall be returned.

Witness his pain, and growth to an existence feared even by Ancient Gods and Fiends from primordial times!

[A/N: The MC's behavior in the early stage of the Novel will be different from what the Synopsis suggests. Please take a note of that while reading :D]

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    (Currently 150 chapters in) Going into this story what caught my eye was the fact the main character was blind and the description of curses being a source of power. After starting the story with the initial intrigue I fell in love with the character, how he developed, how the people around him also developed and felt alive. The part I loved the most about the character development was how the author took his time with turning the disability of being blind and it slowly becoming an advantage (like dare devil where although blind, he can see more than those with their sight - really cool). This provided a lot of depth to the story in which the world building - piece by piece becomes more intriguing, complex and amazing. Overall this is one of my favorite novels, and if the quality stays the same as it goes further it can definitely take a top spot on this site. (Only thing I could ask for as a reader is more chaps lol) Top tier ✌🏻😁

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    HideousGrain's novels never disappoint, instead keeps you hooked and hooked until the day the story ends. Great writing style, characters that aren't made of cardboard boxes and dialogue's that bring life to MC and everyone around him. Good luck for WSA 2022! (Even though you probably don't need any)

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    Fun read so far to ch 34. Very interested to see where its going. Updates are stable, characters are good, world design seems interesting! Keep it up author!

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    104 chapter's done, dropping now. Reason, simple it's too slow whatever other minor spoilers i still read through them but slow story development is good but 100 chapters and still being too week and no world history etc is a bit too much. It's not like i hate it, i do read slow novels but rarely as they make me feel depressed so to those who wanna read this do read it, it's a good novel so far. Mc is blind, meets a goddess, awakens his mana core at late age but still becomes powerful enough to be considered equal to normal similar age persons, Binds a curse which give him many benefits instead of disadvantages. his sister and parents gets kidnapped by powerful peoples. Read for more explained story.

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    Honestly just disappointed. (I'm only at 40 chapters) The story promises with a decent plot. But marred by a lack of creativity from the author. History boils down to coincidence after coincidence. That's it, nothing more to add. This remains a decent story to read but is sorely lacking in realism.

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    50 chapters in so far and my current thoughts. progression is insanely slow and it takes a whole chapter to describe something (which he has long chapters 17 pages). i dont need to pay for you to take a whole chapter to tell me he killed a bunch of rats that we knew all about before the chapter. once again another novel where these strong evil people come in and find out about his sick sister who has a rare mana heart so they steal her and threaten to kill the family but take them hostage with them too ALL while the mc is away doing something as usual. Seriously the trope is getting old. It could take 15 chapters to explain the whole thing without all the extra non sense instead of 50. there is a point when too much thought process, explanation, and detail become a serious issue. unless this gets any better i dont see how we will ever even reach the novel description until 1000 chapters. Now the pro’s are excellent writing but since its way too much it became a con Excellent grammar (you’ll never find yourself having to read it again or guess what the sentence means (im looking at yall “english is my 8th language” fake excusers) and is a huge bonus to the novel overall) Interesting premise of blind but using mana perception to see. Realistic emotional parents and characters in general. Very well done especially since its not the whole (i was adopted and the child of the strongest being in the universe but dropped on a weak planet) Overall a great read if you dont mind the tropes and extra spending for the insane detail and explanation, but sadly not for me because i dont want to read another kidnapped family trope.

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    I wanted to read more before reviewing but I felt like letting out my complaints. I initially saw someone else in the review section complaining about the coincidences being too much in the novel and unrealistic. I for one don't really like novels that coincidences happen regularly in an unrealistic manner especially in favour of the MC. Except there's a special reason why. For instance in Shadow slave, one of MCs ability is "Fated" which causes him to find himself in either the worst or best of situations randomly. Even that isn't done in an annoying way. But, in this case here just from the beginning things are already landing in his laps. Immediately after awakening, three days later or so a dungeon opened in his house. I felt at least there'll be danger. But, no it's a slime monsters dungeon. And lo and behold the association allows keeping or selling of dungeons. He explained that If the dungeon has an outbreak, the family would be responsible if they choose to own it but that feels unnecessary because if there's an outbreak the family would likely be killed and suffer no repercussion. Nd letting people randomly keep dungeons serves as more of a risk Nd losing in the rewards of dungeons. Although the lady that told him all these was planning to use her power to seduce him to sell it off, I still find it unnecessary because generally the association should try and manage dungeons that appear within their jurisdiction better than that. Then the worst part of this is that this guy started killing the slimes off like very easily. This is someone who has been blind since 3 years old. Author made excuse of him training himself how to stab with pipes Nd spear while blind but I don't buy that. To be fair, author tried to repeatedly say the slimes were weak and slightly stronger normal humans could win but MC slaughtered all of them like it was a usual morning routine and I barely saw him struggle since he was doing everything almost perfectly. I even thought he'll at least get injured from the boss slime to reign his pride down a bit or make it seem a bit believable but no he in fact broke his limit and used mana reinforcement to win. MC didn't suffer a scratch on his first dungeon fight as a blind person who barely started "seeing" that same day through mana perception that only reaches a metre radius.

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    Read up to Chapter 150. Fairly average read suited more for younger audiences. Other than the MC having the standard mary sue tropes of automatically having everyone like him and constantly falling face first into opportunities there is nothing particularly wrong with this novel. The writing is average, the combat, story, adventure, world it's all very average standard stuff. Don't expect to be enthralled and unable to put it down. But you're not going to be annoyed you immediately trash it either.

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    I can't believe that you're the same author for undying warlord as well, that novel has loads of action, good story and everything, I'm not saying that this novel isn't good, out I wouldn't have reached ch106 😅 but author why does so many paragraphs repeat the same content? over and over again? it's so frustrating! If you accept critique I would like to say it needs more 'direct' words to it, thoughts and inner monologue are ok but the repeating content frustrated me so much 😭 other than that everything is lovely 👍 p.s I love undying warlord

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    Another one of HideusGrain‘s novels. This time focusing on a blind kid who starts his adventure to overcome his hindrances and reach his goals, with the help of a chanced encounter that he got as a 3-Year-Old and on a planet with only nine safe places for humans. Follow him as he strives for power, meeting new friends, who also have a big secret, and meeting new enemies, who he needs to overcome. There are many secrets that have yet to be found out and Nial is on his way to do so. The most important question: Is his chanced encounter really a chanced encounter, or is it a curse in disguise? As another entry in the multiverse by HideousGrain this novel already has as much potential as his other ones. At first the MC doesn’t have a real goal, but that changes quickly after a few chapters, due to a certain occurrence. Afterwards we can see the MC growing and working on himself to come step closer to his goals. Worldbuilding is absolutely phenomenal, which is very normal for a novel by HideousGrain. The characters are all fleshed out and,most importantly, all different to each other with their own backgrounds, pasts and shadows that they need to overcome. That makes this world feel very alive. This certain writing style is something I am very fond of and you will probably also be. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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    First! I love all of HideousGrain's novels, but this one is the best so far and is my favorite! I can't wait to read more, it's really well written and exciting.

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    Do not waste your time on this. Just cringe all the way through.

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    All things what can I say - very-very-very good!

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    In my opinion, this is the best novels I wrote until now. I cannot vouch that everyone will like it but I'm pretty sure that the majority of readers will learn to love this books, the characters and the authors(definitely no bragging) If questions occur, you can find a discord link in my profile. Join my discord server and ask me directly. :D

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    Verry good. I haven’t read anything yet, but this is in the depths of my library. The only reason why I haven’t read this is because Nial looks like a freakin middle aged man in the cover. Idk why, but he’s like- 15 isn’t he?! That’s outrageous for a 15 year old to look like a 30 year old! It’s really baffling to me + I don’t really like old MCs unless it’s for a transmigration/reincarnation/anything relating to being reborn/transported/being younger.

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    have not read this yet but I wanted to know what order to read gods eyes In as I can't really tell so it would be a big help if someone could tell me thank you!

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    This novel is great in many ways but falls short in a few key aspects that make it hard for me to feel motivated to read it. One point is that most of the mc's progression is tied to meeting random people that are the top of their field or just being extremely lucky. This makes the story feel lackluster in my opinion because he rarely has to figure out how to overcome problems by himself, he just asks his super over powered buddy for some help. I also find that the thought process is mostly telling the reader rather than showing. This creates very weird moments in the story when two lines of dialogue are separated by a paragraph of thoughts. I was a big fan of god's eyes and will probably read this as well because the world building and grammar are exceptional in grain's stories. Personally I believe these novels would be better with less immediate payouts like how shana met mc and then just this one interaction allowed the mc to acquire an extremely expensive item. Would have perhaps been better if shana was saved from the dungeon then the spear was gifted ( a more reasonable series of events). Great work author and hope to see you improving your craft as time goes on. though I believe some of these issues are derived from writing three novels at once.

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    ok I am bouyt to begin the story The reason why I have this review early is because I like the synposis and other reviews plus this kind of novels are my favourite

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    One of the best I've read on this site,perfect pacing, intriguing plot and great world building and great characters so far , it had some cliche elements but it's executed pretty nicely , great potential and waiting to see this book get more popular

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    Author HideousGrain