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Author: Chaos (Fish's Sky)Translator: TofuEditor: Tofu


4.44 (2,769 ratings)

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He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.

His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.

Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans.

His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!

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    At first i thought it was trash because i watched anime with really bad drawing but after reading it i understood that this novel is really diamond one.You just need to give it a chance.

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    as a chinese, i have watched all the current chapters(2600) and up to c246 in english version,i can tell you it is an very interesting novel,it makes you feel happy,sad and excited by reading it, basically the plot and plot twist makes you feel unexpected but reasonable at same time, you always wonder what will happen next, in addition basically all element are presented here including overpowered mc, disaster, big army fight, different species such as monsters,ghost,etc and is similar to our world so you will have pyramids and other mysterious places on earth that will be explored using writer's imagination and other planes and realms will be explored too(science world will be connected and explained later possibly) etc,just need to be patient and you will be surprised. For those haters and trolls, just ignore them as they just expose their stupidity(write a review without reading 1 chapter and based it on a fking anime or saying this is not about mage lol),more hate means more popular imao, they just want to drag the popularity of this series.

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    as Chinese i can tell you guys that as novel progress it gets better and better unlike other novels.Just do not watch anime because anime is really made for money and it is really bad one.

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    Ignore the trolls. There is a crappy anime and manga. Some watched that and got the wrong idea. This is an interesting novel that combines cultivation with magic and a modern setting. It does take a little bit to get into it. I think this story has a fun mc with a lot off good fight scenes. Are character has an advantage. Most people start off with one power and then gradually get more as they level up. He starts off with two. I like the waxia elements with the modern setting. Give it a shot.

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    For all of these five star reviews on this book, i guess i will have to be the equalizer; i read up to chapter 46 today, and let me tell you; my day was wasted on trash, don't read this book, don't waste your time, there are so many better books on qidian, i don't even understand how this is trending, but i will list a few issues so you can have a general idea of what you're getting into with this. 1. Science and magic is portrayed as complete opposites able to completely replace the other, this boils down to the world he lives in not even having math or physics, just magic. 2. There was mention of a cultivation technique with the old mans necklace ring, which would allow him to save the world, he promptly forgets about it and doesent remember within the next 40 chapters, idk if he ever remembers. Keep in mind that those 40 chapters span a time period of about 2 years. Yup. 3. The author mentions the characters ages etc. But forgets to mention their mental age, which is important because all of them seem about 5-10 years younger mentally than they should be; especially the 16 year olds. 4. The mc tries to lay low by being dismally bad at studying and almost getting expelled if he wasnt actually a crouching tiger hidden dragon, which he is, but hes dismal at that too; as under the examination he is measured to be better than everyone else... how to be low key: 1. Become the trash on the bottom of society, 2. Become the divine leader of the leaderboard within seconds, 3. Do it all in the presence of the whole school to be sure they notice and gossip about it, 4. Piss of the strongest existence in the whole city, because u have beef with him but u still wanna lay low... wait? The magic system is pretty pathetic aswell, though i didn't really see its potential during the 40 chapters, add onto a bunch of inconsistencies, some sexist remarks and an 'in general' scaredycat useless horndog mc what do we got? (btw the whole draw was the idea of a badass mage owning people within his own ranks, but i lost faith pretty quickly as he is basically op by virtue of deus ex machina ,or even worse; op by old man he paid respect to being hidden expert with tons of priceless treasures to help him along. There is no reason to root for him, atleast not as far as i saw, and he definitively isn't even slightly badass.) Apparently a trending story on qidian... what a joke. Lets see qidian delete this review, i'm curious if they actually do. Oh btw i rate it 1 out of 5 stars because i don't think the release rate matters when it comes to quality, in fact it might be in detriment to it. As for the writing quality, i don't only consider grammar, but overall enjoyment of the plot and characters and motivations. Cause the stuff connecting that stuff isnt air, u have to use writing to connect ****, unless you are making an encyclopedia, where its enough to put the information in alphabetical order.

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    For those who are tired of reading generic novels of cliche characters with cliche situations, go away from this novel. WUXIA disguised as modern fantasy.

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    Anime was terrible, read the novel on other site and it wasn't good. Choose better novels please, maybe really popular novels from Chinese site......................................

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    best novel i read this far.everything is perfect.Story is too good.word background is something new, different from typical cultivation worlds and mage worlds(something between them).Characters are well done(not soulless things we see in every second novel).

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    If you're tired of the same old cliché's from nearly 90% of all popular LN's. Then I suggest skipping this LN. The plot armor is really bad, and the MC's child hood trauma doesn't make sense. Either MC got rap'ed cause he was friends with a girl (mc was raped by his male cousins and uncles) or they rap'ed MC's sister and broke her legs afterwards (cause mc liked a girl.) oh and btw, the MC was like 3 or 4 years old when he was friends with said girl. lol.

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    This is most ****tiest novel i have ever read. Mc is ****, his character is ****, personality is ****.... just everything about him is ****. The story, world and character other than mc are all retards and i can't just help but hate them. Mc is hot headed and stupid and annoying. I don't know what drug author took while writing this but he shouldn't have. The way he portrays males and mc as this perverted **** and speaks as if all males are like him, the author only means himself or the other people that are his friends. Goddess woman and ice cold beauties and mc that thinks too much with his dick make this even more ****ty. Its so ****ty, one would need to invent a new word for this lvl of ****ty. Author, not all males are like you, salivating at woman in broad daylight. Its pathetic, both mc and the novel and the author. Good thing i didn't waste my time.

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    I find it enjoyable with an OP main character. The updates are lacking though. However, I knew this was going to happen. It became number 1 on GT and is now being dual hosted. It's only a matter of time before it becomes premium which is when I'll drop yet another novel just like with what happened with RSSG. I'll only read it on GT until that happens though.

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    Amazing novel, don't listen to these aholes, who gave this novel 1 star, this novel has everything you need Comedy, romance, face slapping, action and everything. And believe me guys those who had given this one star , I don't know what they want from a Chinese novel. I think they want some Western shit in Chinese novels that's why the keep complaning like a little loli.

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    The novel is awesome in every aspect. The good translation quality makes it agreeable to read this awesome novel in story development, character design and world background. The only not (totally) perfect aspect is, that the next chapter is not released on a fixed time (normaly noon in UTC+1)

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    saw the series online (they already have their own video) IT WAS AWESOME It's about OP and powerful MC who loves to conceal his strength and then come out on the top to faceslap people. There's also a super powerful and pretty FL who rarely appears.They were seperated because he was deemed unworthy,useless trash. So let the trash show you whose the top magician in the world ;D. Weak-strong,magic,transmigration(sort of),elemental magic,Loli(later in the chapters,modern day,monsters,poor protagonist,summoning magic,adaped to anime,Xuan huan,comedy,school life,underestimated protagonist. Also there's this bad ass organisation that he'll probably take down after a few hundred chapters. LOVE THE ANIME VERSION, so I hope the novel version will be as good. It's also called quan zhi fa shi if you wanna go to youtube to watch anime version.

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    Changed mind after reading it.for me it's average novel with some new elements in it.You can read it to kill time with it i think so ))))))))))))))))))))))

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    Magic setting in Alternate Universe Modern Earth gives it one of the best worldbuilding among most novels. MC has a cheat which gives him two Magic Systems (Fire and Thunder to start with) per magic cultivation rank compared to everyone who gets only one. Plus it has more functions to unlock! MC doesn't have a terrible personality - he works hard to train magic, flirts with girls, makes friendships, slaps faces... Everything you'd expect a Chinese xianxia-style MC to do. As a novel transmigrating from Gravity, if it gets per-day updates, it will be really popular. Plus it has a manhua and an anime, so there. Final rating: 10/10, would recommend.

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    Sad to see so many reviews only based on anime and comic. It's like rating your favorite book based on its ****ty money grubbing film adaption. Story starts out really slow and takes at least over 100 chapters to get interesting and addicting. Development and world building is really good. What I really dislike is that we only get 10 chapters a week while the raw already has over 2.500+ chapters

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    This is the most trash novel I've ever read in my life and the that fact people are giving this novel 5 star's make me lose faith in humanity. In the very fist chapter it's made evidently clear that author is a very special person as in his mind literature is classified as a category of science. Then in next 30 or chapters the only close thing to a love rival to mc is the heroines fist cousin ya you heard me right pretty bad huh but oh it get so much worse. Not only is he the mc only clear love rival for the fist 30 chapter's but you get to read his cringe inner monolog about why isn't my fist cousin hooking up with me. Uuuuuuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggg. Sorry i was throwing up. Then the products of science seem to be everywhere without so much any explanation in a fictional world that's supposed to be without science and the magic system seems to be a combination between a cultivation novel and avatar the last air bender which only make the products of science in world supposedly without even more baffling. Want to know something even more disgusting this novel has an anime & manga. When dozens of novels billions of times better than this one don't have ether.

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    This was one of the worst 1rst Chapters I've read in about 60 novels or so. If only the chapter was just boring and the the MC borderline morronic like many other novels.... but no... the author had to go further.. "how could we possibly have something as incredible and mysterious as Math" Good fu.cking luck explaining grades, like having 6/20 or even selling shi.t. No commerce will happen, no numbers, no sharing something between people... Cause we have name for that, it's math, and its science. And we don't do science... *slow clap* "this literature you're talking about is Science, right? Science doesn't exist here" Well, little friend. Playing with words is kinda different than playing with numbers. And if the author wrote on his resume that he was a scientist cause he wrote a novel... that would be very sad. Good luck explaining how people wrote their school books, or even the novels every one knows... because Writing is science.. and we don't do science.. *slow clap* I was so fed up with this chapter early on... and was pushing "one more chapter, the end is soon", but it kept going and going, more and more boring and stupid. "don't tell me you actually want to take the exams for Magic High School, and become a Mage" No... dumbdumb ! I've been in this school for 9 years studying magic so I could play football. OF COURSE YOU HOPE TO BECOME A MAGE IF YOU GO TO A MAGE SCHOOL ! *slow clap* "The Light Element Magic's earliest user was "Edison" The light thief, you mean ? That's it. No More. Ciao. Dropped

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    So why do we have to pay when new chapters are not released every day. It take so long for you to release new chapters. I love this novel and can wait for new chapters. So if this author doesn't do his job a little better maybe he should be replaced with someone that will.

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    Author Chaos (Fish's Sky)

    Translator Tofu

    Editor Tofu