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Alekz, as a human, had one of the most boring lives he could, with an unknown future for himself. But then, he dies unexpectedly and talks with a deity before being brought to another world. The One Piece world. With the memories of watching as well as reading around 1044 chapters, he has the knowledge to completely wreck and rebuild the world however he wants. The only thing is he is reborn as Buggy.

So, the idea of being reborn as Buggy wasn't mine, I took that idea from Capt_mermain1 and ran with it in my own way.

AN: this is my first novel, so don't mind any inconsistencies or anything that doesn't entirely make sense.

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The Mc acts like a literal child and thinks in capital letters all the time despite being a transmigrator. His IQ is also below average but that's not the worse. In chapter 6 he tells others that he is not the real Buggy (which they found out because of his previously stupid behavior). All in all if you consider yourself semi-smart with at least a modicum of common sense then you will not enjoy this.

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Ok, so mc have a 'special' soul, he learned haki in minutes and for some reason he has mutiple personality disorder after merging with buggy's body. I have no problems with that, but when his bouty hunter friend shows up, the story starts it's own fanfiction. I don't like that. From that point on everything is not that fun to read.

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you should put this into the fanfic readers always go to fanfic when they search one piece gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggogo

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ok as much as I like dumb and corny mcs this take it to the top, like the dude is buggy but 10 times dumber and cringy. to the point where reading this becomes uncomfortable and not enjoyably. this needs heavy rewriting where the unnecessary paragraphs and sentences needs to be ommited in my opinion. and if you move your story you will get more readers.

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The Mc is completely pathetic and the god who reincarnated him is annoying.

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This made my brain hurt. I mean is it as bad as the harem/ OP nonsense that seems to just be a constant on this app, no. However, it really needs some work down to its core to be read without cringing.

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Hmm... so far. Things are mediocre but U do find Taki's devil fruit interesting. So as you said, the moons are heavy, like really heavy and only she can carry them. I do wonder if maybe she could throw them around like how idk... Garp's Genkotsu Meteor throw. That would be so devastating and powerful

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Author Alekz_YNot