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Our 14 year old protagonist John has lived his life in an honest manner. After losing his parents, he strives to become a man that they would be proud of. After an accident he is reincarnated into another world as an orphan.
Having started off with little to no support and information. How will he deal with this situation?

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Illustration by: rean_kidd

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Warning: Contains Violence and blood

Parental Guidance Suggested


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    Author Note: All chapters from the first 2 volumes have been fixed, edited and changed to 3rd person. So if you've read it before and want to give it another chance, you might enjoy it more. ^-^ Author's Review: -Young boy reincarnated into a new world (Immaturity + Inexperience and a rather hateable person can be present at first) But as the story progresses, so does he. Growth is slow but In my opinion it's worth the wait. Writing Quality I always try to make it as good as possible. Updates have been rather shaky lately but normally 2 chapters / day. Story develops rather strangely, it flows on it's own, nothing which is written is planned. Character Design: Spiky White and Black Hair / Green eyes Young man. A rather unusual look. World Background: Fantasy world, split and divided into 6 continent. Underworld and Heaven exist but have yet to be mentioned. <- This will play a rather big part on the story, sorry for the spoiler. For those who ask about Harem, all I'll say is I'm not a fan of Harem myself, but once again, if that's what the MC wants and he knows how to get it, he might. (Harem is uncertain) Hope you enjoyed reading this, Sorry for the long length. The book starts off light but if you can't handle a little tragedy and darkness then i won't say it's your cup of tea. Either way, ignore this review and give it a try yourself, you might or might not like it. That's all from this shameless author. I have to get back to work.[img=recommend]

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    The mc is extremely stupid guy who survives only because of plot armor. Never fight seriously. Trying to not hurt his enemies. And to learn a little he needs near death experiences his or his girls. (By the way he's denser than Japan protagonists) Simply put he disappointing you again and again. I read a few chapters more in hopes it goes better.

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    Listen, if your new to webnovel and like isekai than this novel is for you, but tbh the plot and cliches in the book is like a copy and paste of every other isekai be it novel, manga, or anime. So for experienced readers who are sick of the same plot outline then steer clear and save yourselves the lost time. Now feedback for author San, not bad at all for the novel, it was kinda rushed at the beginning and felt slightly forced, but everything connected and the flow of speech and storyline made sense so congrats on that. (Plz dont use the typical isekai plot template for a novel ever again, although the loli is not a bad idea and attracts more readers you gotta be careful that it doesn't transform into a typical oversaturated plotline)

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    I love the premise of the story! Chapters can still improve after a round of edit. I suggest you do that once you've reached chapter 10. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you and to our little John in the story. Also, I would appreciate it if you can drop a review of my novel too—The Last Dragon Hunter. Thanks in advance!

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    bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    Interesting premise, funny narration, isekai, what more could you want! Ps: character development could be improved Other than that, it's really good

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    Could barely bring myself to read more than 10 chapters. The first chapter actually hooked my because of the writing quality but the story development is just waaaaay too rushed in my opinion. Also I think the author just contradicts himself. First it seems like magic is a rare talent and only few can learn it and the main character just learns it in a matter of seconds (yes it might be a life and death situation) but still being able to "master" it in 1 chapter seems like a waste. Also I think the MC is pretty dull so was nothin for me, sorry.

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    can't really bring myself to like it. first chapter writing quality was nice, but later on everything became too rushed. actions that mc took didnt have any reason behind them. i mean in first few chapters mc suddenly gets himself a girl, learns magic, is talent poached by king and so on. premise by itself is really interesting, but story isnt living up to it. :(

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    I just love this book enough that I’m willing to give it another great review. (Plus reviews give the daily 5 exp) I would recommend this book to any chem nerd with an interest in magic.

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    Even if the magic concept of this story is good, the author does not have a good grasp of his story. Details are explained after the fact. A timeline constructed before writing would help the author to have a better grasp of his narration

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    Hey.. psst. If your just starting of reading. This is the story for you. You will love it. If your like 2-3 years into reading... nah. I mean yeah I got to like only chapter 12, but till that point. I felt like I was just reading events. A good story will make you feel like your reading a world. You know what I mean if you read it. Also Honestly, this is the authors first novel. Gotta give em props to that, his on a great start. So ema give u more stars just for that.

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    the first chapter of this novel was really good and before I knew it the mc starts to act like a clown, most of the the time he thinks outloud or the chatting with his enemies like the bandits the goblin. and for someone who couldn't socialize with people to change so drastically. honestly I only got problems with the mc he's to childish, when will he get seriuos?? is it when he loses someone important?? .wel the story it self isn't bad if guys want read it give it a try then.

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    I couldn't deal with the edgy dialogue. Important factors of the story were forced, like extremely forced. Some grammar issues but not the worse. My deciding factor to drop the book was the was the edgy and cringe dialogue. I wasn't didn't see it being developed into something more interesting. BUT if you don't mind the dialogue and some forced development, then you'll be fine. Wish you well author, and hope you improve.

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    ... ffirst chapter was very good but the next ones are kind of akward and hard to read with the description like with the apple-mango-melon-orange thing. mc is should be a kind of genius but behaves really strange like shouting and talking almost everthing out loud not thinking of the problems that this could bring.... is a good story but not on my taste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    The author put his hard work into this book and now people are downVoting it because of it being in recommended?? Come on guys dont do that. If you don’t like it talk it up to the guys who made this feature.

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    I would say the story is interesting but the author just cut to the chase, from the boy reincarnating into another world to being able to cast spell within the first 2-3 hours, I had say the concept is rubbish also the magic that took people years to learn only took him 2 hours. The author should at least be considerate.

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    I'll just get to the point, the characters do too much unnecessary things, and sometimes they even do things that is contrary to what they stated in earlier chapters, the plot is overly used and the pacing is too all over the place, the characters make unusual choices and the main character is apparently the narrator, it gets boring in about 10 chapters in because of too much dialogue and stupid choices, albiet author did avoid adding too much cliche moments but i cant vouch for the other mistakes, the translation is also... i dont knoe sometimes bad sometimes good, like theres times where it goes from 100iq english then drops to -100 in the span of 1 paragraph

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    story is fine. its too kid friendly. everything is lovey dovey. after 20 chapters u could get the sense of a herem of 2 girls and maybe more in future. like what the other reviewers said the main character is pretty stupid, not an idiotic way but his world view. I'm stopping because I don't want to see alot of things go ridiculously smoothly and uninteresting development. u could say it's because its an iseki, but like come on be out side of the box and be more realistic.

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    so im going to be upfront and say ive only made it to around chapter 20 but I see a lot of early problems. first there is barely any sense of scale or description of the city the mc is in. you can assume its a capital cuty as its the city the king lives. you get no sense of how big the city is what It looks like no contrast between the rich and the poor areas little to no description on the buildings so it feels pretty dull and you have to do a lot of work on the reading end to fill these large blanks. the pacing is rediculously fast and a lot of things are either explained retroactively when they have to inform the mc’s decision. we just have to go along with it and accept the decision as a good one becuase we have nothing to inform a what would we do scenario. this was the main thing that bothered my with the fleeing the kingdom decision because we have no sense of scale, how long would he have to travel I wonder? a day apparently. to escape a KINGDOM. you are told that “oh yeah btw this whole kingdom is built to serve the nobles” with no supporting evidence of people being treated like dirt and nobles stompimg over everyone nobody treats mc badly other than random thug 1, 2, and 3. some things are shockily modern like a shower and toothpaste which just makes the worldbuilding even more out of wack. im relatively detail oriented and when a world almost completely lacks details and causality ouside the mc I kinda get really bored really fast. if youre the same well I say you probably wont like this book much. some advice for the author that you can take into consideration if you want: fantasy is a pretty rough place to start writing because you have to build a whole world from scratch because there are no irl places you can really use to inform peoples understanding of your new world especially when its technological development is vastly behind ours. I mention detail above and just sparse amounts to give the citty some sense of scale is the size of houses a simple line of densly packed two story buildings can make a city seem super bustling and you can contrast it with something like the streets emptied like mice escaping a hungry cat when say the thugs show up. it can show that the whole street take these people seriously and makes them seem more dangerous. you could also have the surrounding people act like nothing was happening or support the thugs to show the worlds attitude towards the mc. by no means must this advice be followed but things like this really help pit things in perspective for the reader and helps build suspense

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    this is an almost perfect book.... needs some spellcheck and has a fair amount of grammatical errors... but the author has an amazingly wonderful imagination and should try to have it turned into an anime

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