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Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant

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Author: David_Tieku

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Zhang Xiaohua was a washed-up artist who tragically passed away in a car accident after heroically saving a child’s life. After his death, Zhang Xiaohua’s soul was transmigrated into a parallel universe where the entertainment industry has become sluggish.

With a group of small musicians, memories and just his wits about him, he is forced to create something for himself in his new environment, working hard to sustain himself and his mother, while also trying to regain control of his father's company.

Follow his journey as he attempts to become a world-class entertainment mogul and conquer the entertainment world by storm.


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    Hi I'm the author! As this is my first time making a story, I'm really excited as to how it'll turn out. ignore the shamelessly 5 star review please don't mind me

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    this is definitely a diamond among diamonds... im whole-heartedly vote for this novel... the plot is nice the idea is ok the mc is not stupid and wishy (dont compare him to some mc who is weak in front of women, disgusting!!) the supporting characters are so far so good addicting story confirmed definitely a fast release chapters are requaired

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    The plot breakdown of the novel may start cliche but has an originality of its own. So far, it is proceeding in a good direction with sufficient foundation for progress. As long as the originality is developed(if it steers away from IRAS, IMH, SoT), it has a great chance of being popular.

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    Much better than I’m Really a Superstar in my opinion considering it's an original. Unlike I’m Really a Superstar this focuses on showbiz rather than jumping from one thing to another.

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    LV 4 Badge

    The best novel!! This story is funny as hell 😂 after reading all those other stories with super serious heavy story lines its a huge change of pace to read this. Hope new chapters come fast. I like!

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    TBh, i came to this Novel cause of the elegant cover art and was expecting something refined and gallant read. Considering how this was supposed to be a novel about the other world's entertainment industry. However i was proven wrong. Just the first chapter alone immediately obliterated that impression. Instead of a calm protagonist or a badass protagonist. We get a 2nd generation form xianxia world type of protagonist. But instead of acting that role for disguise sake like those guys from (TTNH, OEM) He was simply showing his true nature. I don't see any redeeming factor in our mc. Honestly if he wasn't the novel protag. The mc would have already ended destroyed and humiliated by a true mc type. I feel like the mc was supposed to be reincarnated to a cultivation world but samsara made a mistake and send him to this world Instead. I hate how he instantly got cocky just right after knowing that he hold the entertainment knowledge superiority. He was that kind of mc who wouldn't develop as a character for a 1000 chapter but instead he was the type who will face mack all the way till he die which just not my cup of tea. He was incredibly childish and the so-called past experiences of his was clearly that of the lower society. I don't see him surviving the upper rung with his attitude and past experiences. I only see him suppressing the upper rung with his knowledge making them forcefully comply not by his ability but only with his knowledge. Meaning he doesnt have his own ability. He can only use things that weren't his in the first place. And be shamelessly proud it. Major turn off Anways Plot and novel writing style is good and almost comparable to a pro translator quality. But still i simply dislike the mc. Seeing how he was. I dont see myself reading this in a long run. Plus the way how things are. you plagiarising real world works will put this novel the same fate as the novel i'm really a superstar not only will you gave us face smacking you will also face copyrights issues in the near future. TlDR EVERYTHING IS NICE EXCEPT FOR THE MC. CHANGE THE MC AND THIS NOVE WILL BE PERFECT

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    LV 10 Badge

    Im suprise this novel is quite good! The story is something about man who go to parallel world that had dull entertaining world so he can bring live to the entertain world using his knowledge from his past world.

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    Based solely upon the first chapter and the synopsis, it sounds exceedingly similar to 'IRASS'. However, in execution, it is quite good. The writing style flows well and the paragraphs are correctly spaced. Though the quality of grammar is slightly sub par, the story and character development seem solid. Good job if this is your first novel!

    View 11 Replies

    Great story so far, more chapters needed please completely binged it to this point, want more not completely satisfied yet...…..at al. Do a mass release pretty please

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    Found this book not too long ago and so far its pretty good, lots of face smacking moments,hahaha. MC actually focuses on his plans for the most part unlike most other business stories. I like that you get to see the step by step process on how he does things. Anyway keep up the good work, your in my library now!

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    The writing quality of this story was really good however as a reader I feel frustrated due to the fact that it doesn't have a proper ending. There is no closure to any of the characters the author has just abruptly ended the story. For heaven sake the main character in the beginning of the story keeps hinting that he will branch out from the music industry to the film industry and so on, but that does not happen, forget that atlest end the story in such a manner that he reached the peak of the music industry. The character development is really bad. It is such a pity that the author left the readers hanging after introducing so many interesting plots. What happens to Liu Yan and Zhao Zilin, what happens to Liang Feng and his grandfather, to Cao Feifei and her family the author ha snot written a conclusion to even a single character in the novel. As a personal note I would like to say that it was initially a extremely well written book and I had such high hopes for the book. I guess greater the expectation greater the disappointment.

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    So this is just a wuick review for more chapters basically, but I'll just add my opinion and suggestions. So base on the chapters that I have read(until ch. 46), it is going pretty good. Pros 1. Great grammar - I can barely spot any mistakes in grammar until ch. 46 2. Realistic Characters - So the characters in this story has a certain depth to them and has some background of their own, in other words they're not like Passerby 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C 3. Good Writting Style - From what I have read, the author's writting is comparable to professional writtersa and is very to understand. 4. Simple but Clear Worldbuilding - The world building is decent, but still has flaws(ex. The other source of entertainment like games, sports, and etc. should be more advanced as the entertainment is industry is backwards right? So I think it should not be exactly the same). Overall it's ****** and easy to understand as it is just a bit in the future and the situation is the same except for the entertainment industry. Cons 1. The MC's First Life is Just Blank - Until ch. 46 I only noticed a few hints of details regarding his first life and although I think that is not really extremely important to the story, but it helps us to understand the MC and why he became like that. 2. The MC's Personality Might Annoy Some People - From an incident in the hotel manager underestimating him and he fights back by humiliating the manager(the standard plot). In this event he may seem annoying to people as some people see him as too petty(personally I think what he did isn't right, however it is the manager's fault for stepping on his dignity first and probably did it many times as well). Inially the MC just wated to treat his friends to a meal. 3. Some Character's Personality Might Seriously Annoy You - So some characters in this story, especially a CERTAIN FAMILY AND A CERTAIN SINGER'S personality would seriosly make you mad like I was UGHHHHHHH!!!=&=¥×#*@£. I was soooo fkin FRUSTRATED. Suggestions: - Tone down the annoyingness of some characters. - Don't put too much THOTS in the story. - No Harem PLEASE! - Try to stay orignal and don't stick too much on cliches. -MOAR CHAPTERS. - Don't be discouraged and stay awesome. P.S. If you actually read that then thanks and congratualtions I guess...

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    This novel is not bad for now and i quite enjoying reading it and i think this will be well-known in the future. I recommended to all new in this Qidian that just try read this novel.

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    The story started with a few cliches but they can be ignored as the story is very well presented. Every chapter is interesting, funny and keeps us looking for the next chapter. The writing quality is also very good, with just few minor errors every chapter or two. The story development, I feel is a bit fast but it is well balanced. Since its just the beginning of the story, we'll have to see about the character development. And since it was said that it is a parallel world similar to earth, not much details are needed for the world background. Overall, a good story with quality writing and fun and interesting to read.

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    Lol! I am actually scared to write comments in this novel. All the people here hate me... I think. But anyhow, great story. I am loving it. Good job. 👌👌🤟

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    LV 12 Badge

    Excellent!! I must say i was so into the story that i hit the end and got depressed!! Wow cant wait for future updates!! Love the MC he is so shamelessly funny i was laughing so hard at a few chapters i started to choke!! Serious asthma attack!! Luckily i was able to live through it and keep reading because the story just keeps getting better!

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    This is a review and this review shows that this is a good book.this book is being recommended to read in the future. Not today, but future. For binge reading.

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    Writing Quality: There are some grammatical errors and sentences that don't really make a whole lot of sense, but they don't hinder the understanding of the story. Plus, who doesn't have typeos? Stability of Updates: It's pretty stable, plus the idea to give out new chapters for powerstones is pretty ingenious if not time-consuming. Story Development: The story is great. Really great, although it can be predictable at times. Character design and world design: I love both. The characters are masterfully done and the world- although it was described in only a few sentences- is also good. I think that it's an ingenious idea. Overall, it's a great book. Keep writing. :)

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    This is really good!!! Keep it up!!! Your writing is very clear and fun to read. The plot is very good, not entirely unique, but not without its merits. Definitely something I will continue reading and I will look forward to the updates. 😍

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    Alright, I Made a 3.0 star review to this novel before but now i want to take it back... Although the main character pissed me the hell of the start which made me give 3.0 star, he actually reclaim himself at the later story (i like how he's being ruthless), He's the same as Zhang ye though better since he doesn't have the fucking annoying patriotic attitude, anyway recommended for people who enjoys I'm really a superstar.

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    Author David_Tieku