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Original Works

  • Bridge of Solitude

    Bridge of Solitude


    Margaret Laurence is a smart and witty girl with a sharp tongue, cheerful personality and stubborn attitude. She is kind, friendly and is not afraid of getting into troubles or creating them. She doesn’t back down from a challenge and never lost a fight, regardless if it’s verbal, mental or physical. But that was all in the past. Somewhere along the line, she lost that spark in her and became a regular average girl. She convinced herself to stay quiet, move on with her life and not bother about unnecessary things. That’s the Margaret Laurence of Golden Dawn University today. An unexpected friendship with the silent, sleepy and the infamous, Arthur Bridge added bit of color to her otherwise mundane life. But just when things seem to fall in place, Arthur is falsely accused, and Margaret is forced to confront many things she chose to ignore. But she didn’t wish to sit aside anymore. She is intent on proving Arthur’s innocence, even if it meant going against the whole university. As the spark inside her is once again reignited, Margaret is not afraid of stirring up a whole lot of troubles and pissing off many more people who are not to be messed with. Read on as Margaret teaches harsh lessons to students and teachers alike; while using her brilliance to outsmart her opponents, play mind games with the biggest masterminds and scheme against the cunning politicians. Old conspiracies are solved and hidden plots are exposed. And all the while she helps create seven mysteries of the university along with a few bored old men. Follow Margaret’s adventures together with her gang of eccentric friends as she shakes the century old university to its foundations with all sorts of disturbances. Tags: FemaleProtagonist, SmartProtagonist, StrongFemaleLead, Bullying, Action, Humor, ModernRomance, CollegeLife Help me add these tags if you find them fit.

  • Short stories of Love

    Short stories of Love


    As the name says, they are a compilation of short love stories. Some might be oneshots and some might range from 2 to 5 chapters or more. They are all simple light-hearted reads without complex plots or the sorts. Each different story will be separated into a different volume for clarity. And the synopsis for each story will be in Volume 0.


zahyi9: So he's going to meet ZT. Be prepared dude. King Yama isn't in a good mood.

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C74
1 week ago

merryyura: I'd love to see Yang Feng taking this anger out on Tianyi 😙😈😈

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C74
1 week ago
Stupid ans stubborn old hag. This is exactly the reason I hate old folk in these novels.
But Im very satisfied that Han Zhuoli didnt hide the fact about Lu Man and decided to be upfront and convine them instead. View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C196
3 weeks ago
Seeing how 'kind and polite' the Han Parents are.. I suddenly want to turn them towards Lu Quiyan, Lu Qi and that step mother.
I reckon that'd be a massacre and feast at the same time :D View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C193
3 weeks ago

I read in a spoiler forum that Yunshen will know that Cherry baby is his daughter at around chapter 440 ish.. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C301
3 weeks ago
Jing Xi, stop manipulating your daughter into setting you and Yushen together. There is only so much that little girl can do. Ultimately you should be the one to do something about it. Jeez.
But its all kinda funny too. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C300
3 weeks ago
Inviting her in front of everyone else? Now the rumors about the both of them will be back in full force..
Im pissed at Wu Lize.. View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C158
1 month ago

SKCross: The time for divine judgment is near 😈

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C148
1 month ago

Marner: 1-I'm super excited about this!
2-What are the odds of a mini mass release for the awesomeness that I'm sure will be coming up?
3-will it help if we act cutesy?

Please, Senpai! You have our love, our anticipation, and our hope!


The Long-awaited Mr Han · C148
1 month ago
Han Zhuoli liking Lu Man? Over her dead body.
Then please just die. XD View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C146
1 month ago

Anjiii: These two are killing me inside, just wanna lock them in a room together for however long it takes to talk, discuss, or y'know? ╥﹏╥

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C97
2 months ago

mebangtanfan: How come he didn't notice her blonde hair in the video??? 😂😂😂😂

Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire · C34
2 months ago

Rashnew: Please check dear translators...It seems a chapter is missing before this one.

My Youth Began With Him · C1336
2 months ago

XOMatsumaeohana: Qin Chu could be more straight forward. But I think he isn't saying anything because he respects Song Yishi's father.

My Youth Began With Him · C1054
4 months ago

XOMatsumaeohana: Truth or dare with Song Yishi
T: Why are you pretending to be a goddess?
T: why are you trying to destroy a good marriage?
T: Did you come here to purposely cause trouble?
T: Is there a limit to being fake?

D: Please leave the house and not come back 😜

D: *for us readers* to leave the story and never return.

My Youth Began With Him · C1054
4 months ago

Dr3am_wa1ker: Lol I imagined her doing Boa Hancock's pose from one peice when she's talking down at people 😂😂😂

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife · C142
5 months ago

_Ether: just commit suicide bruh...Zi gets the core, you’re free of hassle. There! end of story...

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C13
6 months ago
Qiao chu is enjoying it a bit more than he should. Hahaha View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C314
7 months ago

Tashady: There's nothing wrong with compassion. You just have to know who to offer it to!

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C211
7 months ago
I dont think he's alive. Might be the 'Soul Jade' that preserved his body from decomposing. And this will show the imprtance of the soul jade View More

therandomguy27: aw so he is still alive...kinda ruin some tense part of the story...

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C195
7 months ago
Jun Xian is a great man. His unconditional love was able to erase the hatred Wu Xie has for the term 'grandfather'. And she was able to show such intense emotions is all thanks to him. I hope he lives forever by her side.. View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C125
7 months ago

mirgirl: Death is only the beginning.

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C127
7 months ago

mirgirl: This would be a perfect time for the big Little Black to look at Xuan Fei and... "Meow".

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C117
7 months ago

Tashady: An army of doting uncles...

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C98
7 months ago
So this Quan Ziye is not as bad as he was initially portrayed. And the love is mutual? I can get behind that. But that doesnt explain the bruises on Lin Qian's body. Maybe that has something to do with that Mother Quan or the "Second Miss"? View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C798
8 months ago

Dearest7: Never bad mouth some one, they might be behind you

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C80
8 months ago

Nina25: Really the lot of them are getting more delusional as the chapters go.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1899
8 months ago

happles: 😑NNNEEEXXXTTT!!!... 😊Thank You Dear Translators for you hard work. 👋See you Fellow Addicts/Readers at the next update! 🙏Hoping FMHM makes the TGIF#40 Mass Release list tomorrow.🙇

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1899
8 months ago

Helpful2468: Someone get me:
1. A gun
2. A shovel
3. A rock solid alibi

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1899
8 months ago
We have to admit, Lu Jingli is indeed highly intelligent. Dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing though... :P View More
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1896
8 months ago
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