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Tianlong Yun had it all!
He was a Crown Prince Dragon.
The youngest to reach Godhood.
Thousands of beauties in his harem.
A perfect life to live.
But all of this changed one night.
Everything he had was lost in one night.
His brother and his new lifelong mate betrayed him.
They crippled him and his cultivation and made the world believe he cultivated dark arts.
Chased by the whole Immortal World, there was only one person who still believed in him, and stayed by his side.
His fateful death companion.
But, when he thought that everything was gone, and that he would be in the line to eat Aunt Mengs soup, something incredible happened.
He woke up in a new world, a new planet, a new civilization.
He woke up in Earth???
This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
This book contains a lot of R-18 content, and also bloody and gory scenes.
So proceed at your own risk.
Thank you! If you decide to give it a try

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    skipped to the latest but he is still hiding, playing lowkey is cliche, I've seen it millions of times and is boring if it keeps going like that. the more the mc hides the more enemy would come so why hide, so stupid, I've seen so much I will play low-key and then the new enemy comes and he fights him and then he's like im going low-key again, seen **** like that 100 times over and over and over and over and is boring as ****, especially when the mc is on earth and is strong but still acts like he's in danger so he has to act normal, just act like urself. Him acting in the shadow is cliche and why do that when he can solve the problem with his own hands, and what's the point of reading if his like batman and other mc which everyone has read, it makes sense if he acted lowkey, in the beginning, to take his family over but continuing acting low key is boring, and he doesn't act like a dragon at all cuz I never heard a dragon that hides, he has 0 dragon pride and that's what I've seen so far from reading, if u wanted to do the cliche low key then go with a normal human, not a dragon. I mean, what would the readers think when they read the title, a dragon that hides from mortal, a fucking mortal, a mortal that is an ant compared to a dragon, makes no fucking sense, I don't think his a dragon or even an immortal being at all. If he was a human it would have made sense but this doesn't make sense at all, feels like the title is clickbait, why continue to read if the author says mc would forever be a stupid dragon that hides and acts like a batman.

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    Amazing novel with amazing girls. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ This novel has wincest ๐Ÿคค which is the best of the best. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ If your a man of culture you will love this novel for sure. ๐Ÿ‘Œ can't wait to read more of these great chapters and I hope it will continue for a while. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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    I have been putting off writing a review for this novel because I was hoping it would get better.... Writing Quality โญโญโญโญ Stability of Updatesโญโญโญโญ Story Developmentโญ Character Designโญโญ World Background โญโญ '(this is 2.6 โญso i tried to get it up to 3โญ but i could not do it)' (sorry author but i tried) First of all the biggest problem in this novel is the MC. He is so so so so so frustrating to read about. He should be a proud royal dragon right? WRONG! What we get is and MC who keeps on hiding his power. (Ruler in the shadows my ass he doesn't even kill someone for 100+ chapters) So if you are her for a fun fantasy trip (turn around). MC is also super slow in cultivation like for real he is still at the first layer of the first cultivation realm! 100 chapters and he is at layer 1. I'm not kidding it takes him 100 chapters to start cultivation. He fights a few mortals that's about it... Also everyone and there nan is trying to kill MC. Yet all he does is hide and hide and hide and die (that's right he fakes his own dead to hide from mortals even tho he is a cultivator) A cultivator who can't kill a single mortal and keeps hiding from them. IT TAKES HIM 100 CHAPTERS TO TAKE CARE OF A MORTAL WHORE!!!! ^ that's right you did not read this wrong. IT takes MC 100+ chapters to take care of a random WHORE! A MORTAL WHORE WITH NO BACKING/ NOT FROM A BIG CLAN/ NOT SMART/SHE HAS NOTING SPECIAL ABOUT HER/ A NORMAL FUCKING SKANK And it takes MC 100+ chapters to do noting that's right he is still hiding form her. This is also a first for me in all the novels I have read I have never seen a CULTIVATOR that's hiding from a everyday MORTAL. In the last couple of chapters it seems like author is trying to turn MC around but I would not get my hopes up. The whore was alone no1 around, no protection, no reason to not kill her. And MC left..... She also Killed his dad, Tried poisoning him, Drugged his lovers, Tried selling his MAIN WIFE to a PERV, Tried selling his second wife to a perv, Tried selling his third wife to a perv, Tried selling his slave to a perv, Tried sending/drugging his MAIN WIFE to a PERV, Tried sending/drugging his second wife to a perv, Tried killing him on more the one occasion, Tried selling his lovers to another guy, Tried .... And MC lets this random WHORE run around for 100 of chapters...... When all it would have taken was to just kill her and be over with it. This novel is so frustrating i don't even know if i can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun novel to read. I'm also not sure I will continue reading this when I'll need to pay but ill probably keep reading it but think long and hard b4 you guys start reading this FRUSTRATING NOVEL! Ooo yea i almost forgot MC is also and emotional wreck for the first 90+ chapters. So all in all its meh.

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    Dont even bother. I read almost up to latest chapters around 500ish due to webnovel free novel deal, I gave it a shot. At first MC is supposed to be a โ€œdragonโ€ yet sneaks around for no reason but because he is being overly cautious. I have no issues with that but then he has some fetish of using his women as bait for a particular scheme and let them get molested. Thats where I draw the bottom line. You can hide, scheme and act. But there has to be a bottom line. Clearly the author is more interested in creating plot twists and schemes within schemes than making things make sense. Even a great schemer like Lelouch would never use his sister Nunally in his schemes. This work is a failed attempt at writing a scheming type of character yet having a strange dragon pride bloodline that doesnt match Throughout the story, author loves showing how the MC acts stupid, wimpy etc to bait the enemies to attack etc. It repeats over and over. Then another common thing is for some reason his organisation has to clean house very often. Somehow ppl keep betraying his group. Cliche cultivation seclusion scenes. Cliche wife kidnapping scenes. Nothing new here or done better. Long monologues without any real story progression. MC powers up suddenly every 200chaps or so but somehow never levels up during time inbetween. Dont bother.

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    The true story of reincarnation & amazing imagination. Yung hatred towards his family was justified & so has his revenge. Xia & Yung accepting each other as a man & woman who loves & attracted towards each other from mother & son is Master stroke. I would not want to reveal more spoilers but it's worth reading if you are 18+ The story pace is little slow but worth every update. Loved it. Keep doing good work

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    My disappoinment is immesurable in this one. the idea and world building is good and has a pontential but he ruined it by he's twisted fetishes. Mc development is none existent, instead it's a character regression, Author at start will make you believe that he's character is decent and have bottomline but you will get disappointed because author will slowly trasform him like those trash young master who will resort for blackmailing, forcing innocent women without those he can't get a love one despite having advantages like bs dragon pheromone or bloodline. And don't focus on getting stronger by cultivating instead focus on scheming to look like the mc smart but clearly fail it horribly because he's scheme is how to make all the woman he's slave and use them but instead get in trouble because how beutiful they are and need his saving. how idiotic his decision by giving his woman an world experience (example:he literally bring qin slave 'no cultivation just starting' and gaoling 'low cultivation' to an inheritance cave full of strong cultivator and expect them to protect them because of their background really? How idiotic that is. By the way mc cultivation is 1st qi condensation bring an weak woman to dangerous place considered a smart scheme of mc, I can only say Bruh..). Writing quality is horrible at start where there is to much repetition of words, sentence and plotline. The good thing around 300 chapter is it lessen the repetition of words, sentence and phrase but it still there. For plots no changes it's still the same. Overall this is a story of a royal dragon that hide to a mortal focus in scheming in how to force and blackmail woman to became his sex-slave, instead of focusing in cultivating and dominate his enemy through power or strength like a true dragon should act because of how prideful and arrogant they are they despite schemer because for them schemer is for the weak, like a human excel at, not a dragon dominate through power( for me he does'nt ressemble any dragon at all, he should be a human or a snake it much more believable). And the title does'nt make sense royal dragon and phoenix? he's empress phoenix has no screen time at all she only show for snu snu, moral support and managing the background the other slave have more screen time and development than her who supposed to be the main heroined. Any way, there is still hope for this if author really want to continue on scheming atleast stop the blackmailing and the woman slave it's very predictable because i can predict his revenge he will surely make his brother wife a slave and fvxk her in front of him the same with his father nothing change like what his doing throught the novel.

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    Story is pretty good and fresh Unique start with Mc an Fmc with incest I like itโ€™s nice but I feel like the story progresses a bit too slowly besides the h-scenes n training a lil slow plot I donโ€™t mind that but this guy acts like a rat so much for being a dragon dude wonโ€™t take no risks an I bet if his cultivation was high he still wouldnโ€™t expose himself scared to die when they on a world with low cultivation which makes me not like parts of this novel makes him stand out as a *****

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    Typical story that follows alot of tropes on chinese novels. The start was ok until the the end which was so confusing "the dragon empress kisses him passionately" wut thats his mom and why would the phoenix emperor be angry was the mc's mom his daughter? What about the mc's fiancee/wife(dunno), which was stated as the phoenix emperor's daughter is she the mc's aunt? I think its just a typo the one who reincarnated with him was his wife. Just the 1st chapter and already so confusing.

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    Disgusting trash where heโ€™s in love with a woman whoโ€™s been c*mmed in hundreds of times by his own father, but she just manipulates the MC into thinking she loves him. Absolutely garbage.

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    Gosh, this is my first time reading a novel with an interesting background but the writing is broken. There is no distance at all, I feel you should recruit an editor to make a better novel.

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    Can't recommend this. Poor character design and development. Awful world building. Not the greatest grasp on English. About the only good thing about this is maybe the chapter amount. The r-18 scenes are pretty poor so it doesn't even have that really going for it. If you do decide to read keep in mind this author is terribly terribly inconsistent at least up to where I've read. And if it gets better I simply do not care as I gave it a solid shot already.

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    Comment by PASSIVESPAMMER Here we go again another pussy beta male mc who wants to hide behind the scenes.90% of novels follow this smae boring plot dropping this hot garbage and dropping novels on a whole. Evey book i read mc has to hide his identity why is it a trend? It's fing cliche.

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    I liked the novel, the way he treats wives and slaves I didnโ€™t like him being in the shadows itโ€™s cool but it could have been easier, I would have read the rest but itโ€™s very expensive 900 coins to read 100 chapters, without wanting to belittle the guy's job but the way is to see if someone pirates hahaha T.T

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    delete this post. xp posts. delete this post. xp posts. delete this post. xp posts. delete this post. xp posts. delete this post. xp posts.

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    It's a great book and i loved how thole author would go in-depth and use the dialogue in certain chaps love the story loved the characters and how the characters would act to the problems that are presented by the author, I like how the author has good taste and I seem him worthy of having the title of "A Man Of Culture". I just hopes he doesn't drop the story. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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    I read the first 40 chapters and it can be seen that the author is new to writing. There is nothing wrong with this but in the comments, the author tries to justify the inconsistencies in the novel with some bs reason and the readers seem to lap it up. This is probably due to the nature of such a book being ero. But sadly, the intimate scenes after the first left me feeling cringe or nothing at all. The author set out an enticing world I was will to read more of, but after these 40 chapters, I'm not very sure anymore.

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    Well great stOry but the world is littrealy ****ed up on this novel evry father **** his daughters a mentally sick husband dont mind his wife getting ****ed roght in front of him (well he is mentally ill so uGgh ok?) i liked the story but this world is so unrealistic SexualY wise

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    Well i really want to read everything here its just that i am too poor to afford the coins as i cant use money because im still a child๐Ÿคท xd

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    As further chapters are locked,can anyone *recommend me any site to read it for free*.It is really a good novel if you are bored with other.

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