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Liu Xuefeng was a normal boy who had it all planned: get to the same university as his best friend Tianshi and win her love, spending the rest of his life with her.

Too bad, even though she liked him too, her rich parents opposed their relationship.

The school trip to the mountains was supposed to deepen their relationship, but...

An accident broke them apart.

He saved her from falling down the cliff but ended up falling to his death himself and ended up reincarnating into a Cultivation World, full of dangers and mysteries.

He didn't know though that Tianshi died as well and followed after him, entering the same world.

Will the two meet again and share their love without any restrictions?

Or will he succumb to the world's temptations, thinking he will never meet her again?

This is my first book ever written so please excuse the poor writing. I'm slowly editing it but it takes time. Once you reach later chapters, the quality gets much better. Book 2 of SC called Against Heaven's Will is the continuation of this book so make sure to check it out after you finish this one.

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    Truly one of the great novels on this, or any, web novel style site. Piokilek’s mastery of weaving a deep and meaningful story with well developed characters is a tribute to his abilities as an up and coming professional novelist. This was my first experience with his writing style, and I can state with confidence that each of his other novels are as well developed as this story. If you like harem novels with a great cast of characters, or are searching for a story with a developed plot and a steady flow, you should read this story about Xuefeng and his strong and beautiful women. The story grabs you and pulls your heartstrings from the very beginning.

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    My one and only regret about this Novel. Is knowing it existed this early.........urghhh.......why this happen to me?..........I wished I came across this months later.....not now......then I'd have lots of chapters Available....... I should have just minded my own business....... Sadly animals die in pursuit of Food......and people like me die at cliffhangers....... With all that said. I love how our great Author-Sensei made the Mc. Someone with common Sense and not arrogant. The female characters have their own personality. Not just some puppets. Hopefully we'll see more development with them in future chapters! Keep Up the Good Work!

    View 70 Replies

    Shameless 5 star review because i think you have to be proud of anything you are doing.....S...h...a...m...e...l...e...s...s........P...i...o...k...i...l...e...k

    View 68 Replies

    I actually like the novel, so continue writing as long as you can. Dont drop halfway, there are so many novels that are left halfway on wattpad. I created an account just to post a review here.

    View 8 Replies

    Honestly, i didnt think much. What grabbed me for a moments time was the title. Figure I’d read a few chapters an most likely not like it an move on. But before I knew it. I had read all the chapters. Hellish good read, read them all in 1 sitting.

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    LV 10 Badge

    Honestly, it's kinda ass. Just a run of the mill, MC fucks everything and everyone noteworthy and they all love him unconditionally. The plot is all laid out in front of you and is completely linear, everything happens right after the previous event, there is no returning to clean up or previous mentions of anything that happened before its just "this happens, and then that happens, and we're done". The characters don't develop in anyway, shape or form. The only "development" is that they get stronger and that's about it. Honestly not worth the read.

    View 2 Replies

    Characters are one dimensional, the Mc is supposed to have "positive" karma but acts like a normal teenager and doesn't do much for the reader to be invested in him. The world building is poor and relies on established tropes

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    I’m sorry but I came here expecting something amazing according to the reviews but all I see is TOO MUCH PORN SCENES. Sometimes I forget whether this is a novel or a **** story. It is truest weird to dedicate a few chapters just to describe sexual inter course and it kinda disrupts the reading experience.

    View 4 Replies

    This is a very well written novel so far. The characters have flesh, mc is not op, and there is romance and harem (and hopefully no ntr). Mc is growing steadily and the cheat is not ridiculous like various other reincarnation novels. If at all, it is an existence like Eggy/Jasmine from MGA/ATG but not the same. Plot has not started yet so nothing to say about that. Updates are fast. Rated 5 stars at chapter 25.

    View 30 Replies

    You shouldn't get fooled by the low number of chapters. The current 182 chapters are like 400 chapters from ordinary chinese novels, because of the lack of fillers and tedious lengthy descriptions. There is literally nothing I can complain about this novel. I really like the cultivation system, I like the characters, I like the world building, I like the writting style, I like the romance and I like the story :D I read countless chinese novels, but there are always multiple things I didn't like or utterly hated. This is the first time I found a flawless gem. It doesn't mean this is the best novel out there (maybe it could be in the future), but up until now it gave me always a good feeling, while reading it. It is even good enough for getting from today onwards 3 Power Stones daily ;)

    View 3 Replies

    Really good story here! The world is well built and fleshed out. We continue to learn more about the characters and their background throughout the story. I also really love the style of the cultivation in this world that involves getting spirit equipment from beasts that you can store within yourself or inside a special storage device. Overall, this is a great read and well worth your time and spirit stones.

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    Holy crap reincarnation novel that the lover follows him? DAMN dats pretty good Now git filled up to 140 characters

    View 12 Replies

    This novel started quite interesting, but then just became a mess. Everything is handed to the MC, he has a cheat that makes him have perfect cultivation potential, he has a cheat that makes him master any martial art. At least in other Wuxia the MC trains like crazy, but this guy just has sex with anything with legs. I understand that this novel has R18 in the tags, but there are many with that say tag that have a well told story to go along with the Smut. This is not one of them.

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    Authors writing quality and story development is good, but there is this one single flaw that makes this novel so annoying to read, its about MC. Everytime there is a fight someone from his harem stands up to fight then get clapped and them he will go "I WILL KILL YOU" and let his other wifes beat the guy off, and make that annoying heroic speech. Thank you for listening to my TED talk

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    I'm sad about the fact that I found this novel when it has so few chapters. The last Novel I enjoyed this much was ISSTH from Er Gen. They are completly different but exiting to read. As a pervert myself I found myself cheering for the MC. The best part up until now was *SPOILER* making his future father in law a cuck *SPOILER END*. The grammar is also pretty good. I'm realy thankfull for publishing your work.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Story started out interesting and detailed. Later, I felt the quality of the novel and character development dropped. It’s one thing if a MC were to acknowledge himself as straight-up ruthless or have a good reason for being so, but the MC acts like a hypocrite... I noticed lots of discrepancies between the MC’s supposedly good karma/intentions/nature and his recent illogical/pointless/horrible actions. For example, the MC proclaims not wanting to steal from other innocent cultivators like a bandit. Shortly after, his group decides to use a couple dozen innocent cultivators as fodder against a supposedly “strong” spider monster; his group even deliberately blocks the exit, murders the innocents (for whatever justified reason that my logical brain is unable to fathom) as the innocents attempt to escape, or simply watch the innocents die to the spider while they beg the MC to let them go. The MC even avoids culpability in the matter by blaming the spider while somehow having the nerve to act justified and righteous. Soon, I started cringing and feeling a little disgusted when trying to read chapters. Things just don’t add up or flow.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    LV 15 Badge

    Very well thaught out, the ***** scenes are not the plot but are part of the development. Battle and character development are well paced and placed. Keep it up! 😁

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    Stability of updates 5/5 I get one chapter at the same hour every day. Very good novel, although there are some grammar mistakes here and there, it doesn't ruin the story. Keep up the good work.

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    Seriously disappointing. Contrived and forced "hardship" plot points. The one that made me stop reading was when the author decides to write that the fate fragment decided to do something that will forever prevent the MC from being able to use his fate powers and doesn't tell him until she gets called out by someone else,, which makes the fate fragment useless, conniving trash. It was a completely idiotic plot point, and ruined the entire plot and made me immediately despise the character which pretty much ruins the entire story since she's the second most important character after the MC.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Heres my review after reading though the latest chapter... Overall this story is still in its eariler stages, but shows great potential. The MC as of now dosent quite have a clear goal, but given what ive read the author will given him sufficent motivation that any reader can accept and look forward to read for many chapters to come. In regards to romance/ harem its well thought and feels natural given the MCs circumstances he is put though for his different members. An example, the MC's first girl after waking up in his new bodyhe discovers already has feelings for him. He on the other hand just left his previous girlfirend and is conflicted on how to approach the situation. To top it off the previous "owners" feelings are still there and are there to stay. Now ask yourself if you were in his shoes knowing you wont see your previous girl, theres a new girl in front of you that has no flaws you can think what would you do? The world wont bend to your whim just because you still have lingering feelings. Naturally you must adapt given the curent situation and make the most of it. The cultivation system so far is well thought out and leaves room for growth. At the beginning it might be slower then some other stories so bare with it. I hope after reading it you decide to give it a go. 104 chapters are free to read so read those first before making a hasty desicion on weher you like this novel or not..

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    Author Piokilek