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Lightning Is the Only Way

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Author: Warmaisach

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With a father as strong as the highest heavens themselves, Gravis wasn't required to step into the cold and ruthless world of cultivation.

But when Heaven used him in a scheme to get back at his father, Gravis realized that he needed strength to gain true freedom.

As long as he remained his weak self, he would always remain beneath Heaven’s oppression. Only true power brings true freedom.

To gain strength, Gravis ventured into the lower worlds to start his cultivation under true life and death tempering.

Only a strong will, which had been forged in striving for every resource available, would allow him to reach the peak.

Heaven’s strongest weapon was Lightning of Divine Punishment, and only if he made this weapon his, would he have a chance.

So, to overthrow Heaven,

Lightning Is the Only Way!

Yet, the path to power is painful.

Not everyone reaches the peak.

But Gravis will!

No matter how much pain he feels along the way!

-- There will be 2 chapters a day --

Thanks go to Noel, Raikyodeus and Chaotic_Luck for Proofreading!

Cover by: digitalrowye

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    I am the author of this novel, so of course I am biased to myself. Welcome to my book! I thank everyone for reading my work, even if you don't like it. I have read a LOT of webnovels, many of them translated from chinese. I have seen a lot of commonly used tropes, and as a change of pace, I wanted to create something different. There will be nearly no "Young Masters". Only a very select few. (The absence of at least one idiot is just as bad as overfilling) There will be no "I must save (the Honor of) my Family!" There will be no "Heaven sent lucky chances". Heaven controls luck, and Heaven does not like the MC, at all. I also want to show a real change in Gravis' personality as time goes by. He won't always be a wimp. He won't always be a cold-hearted killing machine. Just as emotions change, people change with them. This is a lot to live up to, but I'll do my best. Updates will be 2 chapters per day. I have a backlog, so updates will be constant. Thank you all for reading!

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    When I first picked up 'Lightning is the Only Way' I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. I knew it was a Cultivation Novel and also that it would be my second such novel. What I didn't expect was to come to enjoy it as much as I did. From page one, the story pulled me in and dragged me along on a wild ride that I won't soon forget. I'll admit it was a bit slow to get started, (only for the first few chapters 3 tops) and I might be singing its praises a little too much. That said, once the journey really gets rolling it never fails to entertain. Several times I was left with my jaw hanging loosely and my mind racing as I tried to figure out how Gravis was going to come out of this one on top. Other times I was left simply speechless at the developments that went down. The characters all seem pretty fleshed out and solid. There isn't as much character detail as I'm used to, but that's not really much of a complaint at all. In ways, it helps speed the story along, while also allowing me to fabricate images of these characters all on my own. Gravis as the main character is interesting as well. Watching the way his logic and thinking have changed over these, (almost 200) chapters has been quite fun to watch. Updates have been consistent and almost always on time so no complaints there at all. Really not an issue if you're concerned about having to wait for further developments. The world is where things get a bit iffy for me. Is it solid enough for the story to work? Absolutely! However, I personally find the lack of certain details to be an issue. I love world-building and while there is indeed some in this story, I want to know more about certain things. That though is only a personal qualm and has no real bearing on my opinion of this novel. All in all, I would definitely suggest giving this Novel a read. The author works hard and has only improved on his storytelling abilities as this tale has gone on. I'm giving this Novel a Solid 4.6 but if I ignore my personal issues with this novel, (and that's easy to do) its a Complete 5 Star rating!

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    Tbh it's an alright story. Very cringy in places tho. At some points, it makes it seem a bit more real but then instead of learning from it. It happens again and again. The main thing that is making me drop is the whole heaven, bad luck thing. I mean I get it I really do but you don't have to mention it and go on and on about it every single chapter. Plus it's used in the most random ways just to make you remember again that it is there. Like when he was chasing the bandits, It was funny. He was having fun. He was heading to the city anyway, and this is just fun on the way. But then it is made out that it was heaven affecting him??? WTF how??? how will chasing bandits along the road you already have to walk affect his cultivation or will? As long as he remembers his goal and strives for it, he can do whatever tf he wants. Just because he isn't moaning and complaining about it and isn't focusing on breaking free 24/7 doesn't mean it will weaken his will... It's honestly annoying to read about every chapter. Then you have how can heaven even atk him like these situations... It was made out very clearly that all heaven would do is not give him luck. Okay so in random situations it is always the worst case. SO how is heaven making him chase bandits? It shouldn't be able to do that... Plus, how will heaven even affect the mc's luck? We call it luck but luck shouldn't be a concept to heaven. Also, if the mc always had no luck then he wouldn't survive at all. Bad luck is like when he is cultivating something can go wrong and die. Never find love etc It will be impossible for the mc to even live let alone cultivate. Also if heaven is fair why is it taking the luck of the family? It killing random people, animals etc trying to kill the mc. How would that be fair to the other people and animals???? It would be much better if heaven was made out to be a person. Cause then everyone saying heaven is fair is clearly lying cause it's not...

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    First Off Dont mind my English. As an Original Cultivation Novel Author did an perfect job of introducing new world.The World building is great.The Mc have an clear purpose what to to do and where is he going.More Importantly MC is not like kind hearted little boy who dont know the way of the world.From the story uptill now seems like author have a clear idea where the story is going in the future.I will definitely recommend it for people looking for Unique Story. Also good luck to author and have a great expectation from the novel.

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    a good beginning but the mc is not ruthless enough for someone who wants to go againts the heavens. ┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)┻━┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ╰)

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    I am just giving up. The story is just depressing to read. I understand the point of the story. I understand why everything is happening the way it is. It isn't that the story doesn't make sense. The story is fairly well written with consistent updates. The pace of the story moves along at a good clip as well. The issue really comes down to the character design and world background. Both of these are intrinsically linked due to the primary antagonist, Heaven, also being an integral part of the world design itself. It just isn't fun to read. Who cares if the MC is overpowered if things are manipulated by Heaven so that he never has a real challenge? Who cares if the MC's Dad is one of the strongest beings in creation if he just allows the other strongest beings to harass and ultimately kill his children? Who cares about the MCs goals if he destroys himself in the process? The entire time I was reading I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop, for it to feel like the MC was actually making progress. After 100+ I am done. The story is just depressing and not fun. You know that every time he gets close to someone they are going to die or have their life ruined. You know he is never going to stumble upon something interesting unless the purpose of stumbling on it is to hurt him. Tragedy: "Tragedy is a form of drama based on human suffering and, mainly, the terrible or sorrowful events that befall a main character." This story really needs a tragedy tag so that people who don't want to leave in a worse mood than they started can avoid it.

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    As someone who read the whole novel, I'll give out 4.8 stars. The Writing Quality is perfect. Well, I can't say much on it as someone who doesn't naturally speak english, but it was perfectly understandable for me. And even if there were errors and misspellings, they were quickly corrected as soon as possible. Story Development? That one deserves some praise-worthy claps! Wuxia? Xianxia? The search of Immortality? Dao? The understanding of medicine? Get that stuff outta here! This novel makes a twist out of everything that would be considered cliches! Immortality is actually achievable, the dao can be actually understood! The elements of the beginning matter even in the end, and the elements of the end explains everything about the beginning! Everything makes sense once you read the whole novel, and you will not regret it, I can assure you that. So, before reading the novel, don't assume that what you know from the other cultivation novels will help you here, because you will be as lost as an American in a vegetarian bar. Character Design... Well, it's excellent! Our protagonist, Gravis, goes all the way through the emotional spectrum, starting as a naive kid before trying to harden himself to prepare for the world of cultivation, before he actually matures. Everyone makes mistakes, and Gravis is no exception, but it's because of the mistakes he makes that he grows up after understanding and learning how to deal with them. You will rarely see a protagonist with a personality as excellent as Gravis among the novels here in Webnovel, in my opinion. However, while I want to assign 5 stars here like in the rest, I have to take off a point because that's as far as it goes for Gravis. As for the side characters, I have to admit that they all were written with a plan in mind, the author knew what to write for each of them and perfectly shaped them as he wanted. However, to be honest, I think the author could have done more with them, but it's fine as long as the novel is good, which it is. Updating Stability? Well, it was 2 chapters a day like the majority of the novels here, what else can I say? Except at the end, when the author had to send out 1 chapter every 2 days due to some deals with WN itself for a certain in-app event, the author respected his timeline. World Background? Absolutely outstanding! This cultivation world can truly be called unique, and you can't tell me otherwise without reading the novel first! We have all the tools to understand the whole world, along with some details that gives us a clear sight of how the world looks like. As for everything else in the sidelines? That's open for interpretation. But they are on the sidelines because they don't truly matter, you can consider them at most as filler. All in all, I truly appreciate the time I spent with the novel and the author. I enjoyed reading about Gravis' journey across all the four worlds, and seeing the ups and downs of his adventures. Whether it was when Gravis was heavily injured because of unique circumstances, whether that happened during a hard fight, whether he spent his time by himself getting stronger, whether it was when he found his friends and lover, whether it was when he dealt with his father, the Opposer, and the Highest Heaven... As a reader, I can definitely say that I am satisfied with this novel, from the start to the end. I will be reading Sword God in a World of Magic now, a novel made by the same author. For anyone reading this and actually liking the novel, I'll be waiting for you in there. Goodbye, Gravis and everyone, it was a pleasure to read about your story.

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    pretty solid novel, some people bash it for the fact that the "bad luck" part of the novel is all heaven's fault, and yes it is, but that's part of the novel. it isn't some random bs that he just blames it out of nowhere, it's part of the main characters "gravis" background. it's something his entire family has to deal with, not just him, so I see it as just another element of the story that adds something else to make it less boring. This story isn't repetitive either, it's not just "go to new place, make someone mad, get their family/master involved, then whole sect, destroy sect, go to new area, repeat" when the enemy is the world itself, instead of trouble popping up randomly, it's instead finding allies and friends that is random since the mc has to assume the world is against him. overall, this novel has some pretty good development and story elements to it and takes a very different approach to cultivation compared to other novels, and is worth the time to read it.

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    This is crazy good for an Original Work!!! I have only read a few chapters so far. Normally I would never leave a review after just a few chapters unless the author was really bad. But this one is so GREAT at writing and the logic behind his world and world building is fantastic! This LN actually has the "heavens" of the cultivation universe/world show an intelligence or capacity to think and that it is actively continuously working against cultivators growing stronger (or also called going against the heavens). Very great start to this LN and I really can't wait to read more and get an in-depth immersion into this LN's world :-)

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    my first impression of the story and that it lacks experience and care in its development, but that the author has a lot of reading baggage (I recommend reading some Korean novels, they have many good works on this escalation from the lower world to the upper), he it avoids errors that I am tired of reading. it is worth following at least until his rise to the intermediary world and see if the errors that bothers me in the work will change.Writing Quality: ok, very decent you are well located and you know what is happening, just stop repeating information that we already know (he has experience you don't need to repeat it so many times he has a stronger body we already understand that too)Stability of Updates: I don’t know, I started reading yesterday (and I’m finished (chap 96)) But I think 2 a day and very good stories need more thought which is one of the problems of this workStory Development: it has its problems, like out of hours or very sudden team skips but its ok, the problem comes in the gain and development of the intention to kill that could be more worked and more challenging because it just comes out of nowhere, it fights and it improvement he suffers and it improves happens very fast without a real challenge for something that should only grow with a life or death challenge, the fights with demonic beasts in the beginning of the story only occurred because he is absolutely sure that he will not die not only because he has experience (at least it seemed like this for me) the animals are treated as if they were stupid / arrogant (or as you call them "inexperienced") which is not a characteristic of animals but of humans (cats have fought once in their lives try to get close to a cat that you don't know or dog, there are those that will accept the approach but in the majority they will have some reaction or alert or withdrawal they will not just ignore you).

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    Pretty good, definitely recommend got a good story so far and like how the Mc knowns his end goal. And I know for a fact the thing that gonna be attractive about this is the Aventures

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    Even though this is a cultivation novel It has continued to truly Surprise me And keep me wanting more. Written pretty well with some minor typos or spelling mistakes but nothing too noticeable You do have to buy chapters eventually but there’s plenty of good stuff to get you hooked before that It’s just generally really good I highly recommend you guys check it out

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    I have not read a lot of this, however I don’t t think I like it. This man’s motivation is weird, he wants to cultivate to get strength and seems to attribute every problem of his to “being to weak” like he for real says that about anything. Also the dialogue is wack and they talk like they’re in modern era. Also, and my biggest problem with this is that he doesnt have enough hate in his heart, going back to his weak motivation. It seems very choppy like his motivation is rarely brought up and you cant really feel his hate for Heaven. He wants to gain strength because Heaven created his best friend with a short life span and because of this he wants to gain strength so no one can do anything like that again. STUPID! And his dad the so called “Opposer” heavens equal could do nothing, really 🙄. Like how can you match Heaven in a fight and not in anything else. The character designs also came of as lackluster and very lazy, but that might just be attributed to the overall rushed pace in the beginning.

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    Reading through this novel all I can say it has been a wild ride. While reading this I have laughed, I have cried, I have felt angry and happy, this novel is phenomenal. It had the perfect ending, and the story makes the reader experience a myriad of emotions. This is by far the best novel I have ever read. I haven't genuinely cried in years but chapter 1300+ hit me hard. You sir made a great novel. Please continue writing and make more stories like this.

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    This novel is truly rare. more than a hundred chapters are up so you can basically infer how good or bad a novel is and according to me, it's a well-written novel. The author is new but he is improving steadily. The characters can actually be considered a part of intelligent species. They think before they act, and everything happens for a reason. The protagonist has had no special encounters until now(grandpa in a ring, helping some hobo and receiving some cheat or some inheritance). He might have a few advantages but there are drawbacks. This novel doesn't use recycled cliches(which deserves a salute) Everybody might not enjoy it, this is just a review according to my impressions.

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    To Warmaisach, I've been reading this novel since it was a trial read. It has only gotten better and better. While I would love to be able to read more than two chapters a day, please don't rush the chapters. The current quality of the novel is absolutely amazing. Thank you for your awesome story and I look forward to being able to read it until it's conclusion. (Which hopefully will not happen for a long time :))

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    this novel is absolutely amazing. i loved the bandit part of the story so much that i fell on the floor laughing. story is very well thought out and very well written. love this novel and would recommend everyone who likes fantasy and cultivation novels.

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    One of the best novels I’ve ever read, over 1k chapters in and im still always excited for the next. If you are debating on whether or not to read, just jump into it. The main character is always growing and learning more. Thank you for this book.

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    All I have to say is that this book is one of the best I’ve ever read, and I’ve been in the novel community since around 2018! Alright, now go read. Wait, why are you still here? *sigh*, fine, I’ll Do a comprehensive review… Writing Quality- The author has a perfect grasp of the English language, 10/10. Updating Stability- I usually give 5 stars for this category if it’s 7 or more chapters, but we get 14 daily chapters! 10(+10)/10. Story Development- Amazing, and the author’s tied up all loose ends with little to no plot holes! And the satisfaction of watching Gravis grow was great. 9/10, but since you can’t rate like that, I’ll round up to 10/10 Character Design- 100/10, the characters are logical, they talk, act and feel like real people and they are amazing, one of the best parts of this book! World Background- Loved it, and everything was explained in heavy detail, you can tell the author spent a lot of time on it. 9/10. I love this WN and have been reading on a daily basis from ~chapter 700, so I may be a little biased…. TL;DR: Character Design is its strong points, but everything else is amazing, and ________ (no spoilers!) was a great Antagonist

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    Love the new cover picture

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    Author Warmaisach