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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven's Gate

Fantasy 1,236 Chapters 8.6M Views
Author: Elyon

4.78 (185 ratings)

Bronze Prize for WSA 2022 Contest Bronze Prize for WSA 2022 Contest

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Lucien was more than ready to embark in his new adventure to save a dying world from destruction as part of the Heaven's Gate Project.

However, just as he was about to be sent to the world that he was about to save, an accident happened, which forced his Patron God, the God of Gamblers, to take another gamble in order to preserve his chosen candidate's life.

Lucien, who's new identity was named Lux, found himself in a world where darkness could be light, and light could be dark. A world where morality was but a thin line from depravity, and a happy ending could only be gained, by facing the world and slapping it with a Legion of the Undying.

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    LV 15 Badge

    I would like to invite all of you to take part in this brand new adventure. I'm not going to tell any of you on how good this novel is because I believe that all of you will be able to tell if its good, or not after you read it. So, come and open the pages that will become your new reading addiction.

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    I had to re-read a few starting chapters to jog my memory haha! Anyways, people who are wondering if this book is good or not, it is from Elyon, need I say anything else? --Spoiler Alert. Read at your own risk-- After reading almost about 25 chaps in advance, all I can say is... Eriol and Lux are the best boys!! Ahem, as I was saying if you've read RWTSS from Elyon, you would know that the writing quality that you'll find in this novel will be TOP TIER! Characters are unique and diverse. I especially liked the dynamic between Lux and his grandmother. The characters feel alive and not just 1-dimensional. This will be a Necromancy-themed book as our mc is a necromancer and a summoner. Even if necromancy is not your cup of tea, I still recommend you to try out this book. You won't get too much action from him at the start coz he's weak rn and still finding his way in the new world. Talking about the world, I found the world very vast. The lore is rich and the story is just developing! The RPG style elements that Elyon (The author!) added to the story gave it a different and unique vision. The story doesn't have too much comedy and is more on the serious side, but that doesn't mean there are absolutely no jokes. Read the first 2 chapters and you'll get me. All in all, I think it's a great book that every fantasy and LitRPG fan should give a try. Thank you, Elyon for my new source of enjoyment, and best of luck to you for this year's WSA!

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    LV 11 Badge

    A quick spoiler-free review, as someone who preread the first 25 chapters. You will not be disappointed with this novel. If you enjoyed Rwtss, Elyon's work, or the fantasy genre that includes unique twists with reincarnation you will not be disappointed. The book has many similar elements to the author's past works and the world-building, description, character development, and urge to "READ MORE" is done wonderfully. Try this book out if your looking for a story that strays from typical tropes and creates a wonderful new world you can imagine inside your head.

    View 6 Replies

    So childish, I enjoyed a lot RWTSS but this one nope. The novel it's good, don't misunderstand me but again I feel I am reading a story for childs and this William compared with the other one is worst.

    View 2 Replies

    The writing is quality is superb, the world building is also well written, power system is easy to understand, but the character is just so lame, starting to his decision making and his shounen attitude, he is always being spoon feed. he is an adult in his past life yet his thinking is similar to a child. i cannot continue reading

    View 0 Replies

    I would like to preface this review by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I would definitely recommend it to someone. I just think there is a minor issue that keep it from earning a five star rating. The first issue is not one that limits the story from being rated five stars. I have read up to chapter 220 and this issue was a recent occurrence. The author stopped including the main character status page after he leaves the beginner village. I have not seen the main character’s stats or the stats of his summons for at least 30 chapters and it is a little bit frustrating. The status page was the main way that the author showed the main characters progress in the story. But, although it seems that the author is limiting the usage of the status in the soul book, it is not a dealbreaker. I can live with it. The main issue that I feel limits the story from being five stars is the interaction between the main character, female lead, and slime. Iris, the female lead, is a beast tamer. She has raised a few beasts in the past. Apparently, treating the beast like a child is the best way to raise them because that is what she does.The other reasoning the author gave for the interaction with the slime is that it is family. I understand the justification that the slime is family, not a tool or pet, but that doesn’t mean it has to be treated like a baby. when the slime is kissed on the cheek every single chapter it’s pretty annoying. Also, the slime kisses the characters on the cheek every single chapter. Obviously, I am over exaggerating. But, when reading the story it feels as if that is the case. It got on my nerves a lot when I read the story. I understand that we treat our pets in a similar manner, but it was really cringeworthy when reading. Furthermore, the slime calls the main character papa and the female lead mama which is also very annoying. I’m pretty sure this novel has an R 18 tag, and these interactions make the story seem childish. It was frustrating to read in those moments to say the least. Overall, as I said in the beginning, I would still recommend this novel. Despite the minor issues, it kept me engaged throughout the story which is not something that happens with a lot of these web novels. I would definitely give it a try and see if you like it!

    View 2 Replies

    Another review, aside from my dislike of the mc cuz of his childishness, I also vehemently dislike the boar cai. Seriously, it's getting tedious to read the novel when like every chapter has that boar talking cringe asf.. I mean it's ok to make a comedic character but this is just way too much.

    View 1 Replies

    A great read, enough to forget about the unpleasant reality. A shame I can't buy anything since I'm Russian, but it'll change

    View 0 Replies

    I like the idea of the Mc being a necromantic summoner, and while I am a bit biased with summoning novels I truly like the story. and while the Mc looks and feels a lot like William he has his own characteristics that different him. mc also has a terrible naming sense but besides that good novel 🙂👍

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    I like the novel but mc is just too unbearable sometimes. He's a reincarnation but he acts soo childish.. tbh mc is the only problem in the novel.. hopefully in future chapters he will start to mature as he was supposed to be considering that he is a reincarnator

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    As usual,creating trashes is a hobby to the author now.

    View 6 Replies

    very good read, the main character is a William copy but with necromancy and smaller harem. i haven't been able to find any foxes yet, but i will keep waiting for some of them. Star reading now!!!

    View 3 Replies

    I have read it a bit before when it was released Planning to start from the start once again. I have asked it before in an old review and will ask it again. Author-san, do you have a fetish for half- elves with red hair and green eyes??😅

    View 2 Replies

    elyon is deleting any reviews that points accurate criticism and is below three stars.. u can go see all the reviews. you wont find reviews that are openly criticizing the book or have given a low rating. thats really shameful elyon

    View 0 Replies

    O.O Ely-sensei published a new book! hooray~! [Spoiler ahead, read at ur own discretion.] The MC is physical copy of William, but mentally he's totally different. (Well author is same so there are bound to be some similarities.) The world building is going great atm. I personally love the convos between him and his grandma. This novel is necromancy themed, so I'm expecting a lot. If I may say, he ain't OP atm (not like i want him to be) but he sure is OG. (If u don't know what OG is, pls ask the experts beside you.) The main thing I like is 'this world should be eliminated and it will be' stuff. and the two gods who want to rebel against the old brain dead ppl who call themselves gods. That concept about first borns is unique to me cuz i haven't read it elsewhere. (don't tell me. i already know i haven't even touched the tip of Fantasy world) [I'm not sry if u got spoiled. I warned u abt there being spoilers, u didn't listen.] that's it fellas! give it a read, u will love it. if u don't, u r part of anti-goat squad and definitely not men/women of culture.

    View 1 Replies

    Great Work man Read RWTSS, loved it and this one is also awesome Keep up the good work👍

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    LV 2 Badge

    1-79 felt bland 80,200,300 onward start to pique my interest. Overall good choice of read. Able to evoke my emotion, but mostly are happy, sad on the otherwise, almost negligible. Need some arcs that would pierce my heart and lasting.

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    man we got a frcking saint here HAHAHAH, well it's not really a bad thing but man he is really emotional every chapter he always like dreaming or spitting some flowery words. is he a kid? HAHAHAHHAH

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    If you are reading this and enjoy it or don't I still recommend you read another one of the stories from this author called Reincarnated with the Strongest System. Follow along with William and his exploits and I promise it will be a long but good ride to have. To Elyon thank you for such an amazing story and can wait to read this story for another great adventure. <3

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    LV 15 Badge

    There is very few problems I have with this book and most of them could be because of auto correct. All I have to say in regards to this book is “BOOM BOOM!”

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    Author Elyon