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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System

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Author: Faux1231

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Zombies suddenly appear all over the world, spreading rapidly in crowded cities. Within a day, national governments collapse all around the world, leading to chaos worldwide. Law and order vanish, making people fear both zombies and each other. Despite the zombie threat, groups form and fight over the limited resources.

But, amidst all of that, a man named Richard received a system that allows him to summon troops, military equipment, weapons, and vehicles. With his newfound power, he can protect himself, his comrades, his kin, and other survivors from zombies and rival factions.

A rampaging Goliath? Unleash Warthogs, AC-130s, and Apaches in the sky.

Mutant flying zombies? Establish anti-air defenses.

Juggernauts shrugging off small arms? Deploy Abrams tanks and IFVs.

Rival factions raiding? Let them face our might.
Some notes from the Author:

There'd be some strong content in this novel so you are warned.

This novel is written in light novel, anime, manhwa style, so characters will have different hair colors and expect character illustrations to be in anime or korean drawing style.

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    So, I will preface this by saying I have no love at all of zombie stories. In my experience, most have lazy writing because "Zombies go brrr." luckily, this is NOT that kind of story, and it's clear to see that it is well thought out and a lot of passion is put into this work. TLDR: Solid 9/10, well done 👍Main character: 10/10 The main character is one of the key reasons i love this story so far. Otherr than adapting to his new role a little too quickly to be believable, he is very enjoyable to root for, and also has a backbone and very strong moral compass that is flexable in a believable and interesting way that makes him extremely relateable in my opinion.World building and zombies: 8/10While most of the world building is believable and makes sense, I will say that I am a bit sad that he doesn't explain a little more about the power dynamic in the zombies. by the end of the available chapters (161 of them at time of review), the author has managed to explain it enough during the fights to help me piece it together, but early in the story it can be a bit hard to figure out what exactly the enemy can and cant be affected by, which lost me a little bit as I was unsure why they were making the decisions that they were. This isn't something that ruined the story in the slightest, but it is something I noticed and thought i should mention. Writing: 10ish/10Good grammar and engaging writing made me stay up till 6 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving to read all the available chapters... I think that says enough 😂.Closing thoughts: Overall 9.5/10 Only concern moving forward is the power scaling of where the story can go from here in terms of the zombies, but im sure the author will handle it well as they have the rest of the book, and im looking forward to continuing to read. Thanks for the content, Author! 😁👍

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    This is my favourite book so far, the only book, I repeat, the only book in existence in which modern weapons vs fantasy things are comprehensible to read. I dare to say this is better than GATE: Jietai or Summoning Japan, heck, this is the best book I've read on this platform so far. I even spent coins to buy privileges due to how good this book is. Look, if you want a non-nonsense story of modern weapons and armory curb stomping beta harem mc, this is the book for you. The protagonist is overpowered, and not a slave to the system itself. Overall, a great book.

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    Amazing story if you like Kingdom Building/Army Building it’s right up your alley set in modern times plot is of a zombie/mutant apocalypse the MC can summon troops,buildings,vehicles with his system 10/10 English I am suffering at the moment because I binge read but it has consistent updates about 20 a week wish it was 100 a day though but he’s only human it’s definitely worth reading and adding to your collection hope it doesn’t get dropped also please branch into some Naval units if it wasn’t apart of your plan already :)

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    So I've read 44 chapters of the novel so far. The plot is good and the main character has an interesting system. I think the author should not sweat the small stuff, for example mentioning the name of the vehicles (because you'll need to Google to get an idea about it), instead I suggest to just emphasis the advantages of the vehicle like the engine is powerful or the armour is strong etcetera... But that beside the point. The writing is good. More thoughts should be invested on individuals interactions. Soldiers monologue is quite good, professionally done. Romance at this stage of the apocalypse will feel forced, so I suggest not to delve into it. The MC purchase currency is Gold, but it's earned by his accomplishments, so why not just call it coins since it's the system's own currency, but doesn't really matter I guess. I'm glad the MC got his troops early on in the story, otherwise it would feel dragged out. The story has promise and the reader can't guess future events easily so that's good. Hopefully the author can update the story more frequently.[img=update]

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    I don't know why but every time I see the blackwatch (I know this is a reference to Overwatch.) I am just thinking of Blackwater. Which is quite fitting coincident for an story about military and dark theme.

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    Epic novel so far I like how he gives us the names of the equipment the mc is using instead of just saying “large military truck” lol keep up the good work

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    After chapter 67 i dropped cuz of the ntr type. Although it DIDN'T happen to mc but the main villain had some ntr fetish and i can see him doing something to mc's girl judging by the author writing style so bye. It was a good read but unfortunately im really into the ntr stuff

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    First chapters were great but sadly in later chapters villian and story progression did kill this for me

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    its a good story but i think it can bee better in the military aspect you have to design oficeer uniforms and get an nco rank structure and maybe get a crest for the company used on documents and as a sybmol and did you take the name blackwatch from the prototype game or is it just a coincidence and as far as i am aware most Europen and American MRES are the same or even better in quality the normal shelf food lets the take the polish one for exaple i am polish its one of the best in the world and could you do a grom polish special forcer unit there are prominely featured as one of the best special forces in the world and if you do them give the polish names pls

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    Personally I expected it to be another brain dead novel that I was just gonna read for a bit to watch him become stupidly broken or something but It turns out this story is far better than I had thought, the system is very simple yet fun and satisfying at the same time and although it does give him quite a bit of op’ness at the beginning it doesn’t make him invincible and he can’t just do whatever he wants. And i can’t say for sure cause I don’t know much regarding it but it seems like the author did a decent amount of research or already knew about military weapons, vehicles, communication, and forces. Overall I’d say despite not having an incredibly interesting and engaging plot it’s still really good for just enjoyment.

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    Amazing so far I'll see how it progresses through chapter 50 good job

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    I've caught up to the last free chapter and am in need of more because THIS IS TOO GOOD! You may think his power is op but it's so well written and they talk about the necessities and discuss it well. It's a 9/10, I'm just expecting more of well written female characters as imo some of them just feel flat as a character. Maybe the author already solved that problem in the later chapters but I've not caught up yet

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    General Reader speaking here, I command you Soldier Author to pump up the chap numbers asap, our man on the front need them immediately Great Novel, I love it.Keep up the great work Author and thanks for this awesome Story [img=Loving it]

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    Amazing novel love it already the system the dialogue it’s very good it’s already top 50 of all kingdom building that I’ve read which is over ( 600 )

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    Good story. But chapters 120-130 are a complete disappointment. When hidden enemies are nearby, what do we do? That's right, we are sending the vvip sister on whom mc's mental stability rests as part of a group of 4 girls in a car into the open world only with radio communication without any support or supervision. What could go wrong? Why didn't mc send his sister on a mission to infiltrate a large camp earlier in the chapters? It would be logical for the author to create a little drama from scratch.

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    This is directly for the author of this book.If you can make sure to add at least 1 chapter a week then you will have my full interest! I occasionally search for novels that use military systems and have found so very few and almost none get past 200 chapters before they get dropped. I love work like this and will spend money on coins to buy chapters. But I also want you to work at your best and not feel pressured to make chapters of poorer quality or worse give up on other activities (family, friends or hobbies). I love the work you're doing and hope you and everyone of us can see this novel reach greatness!P.s. my personal view of greatness is this novel being over 1000 chapters but that's cuz I'm a book worm. You just do you tho

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    I loved reading the novel, and the development of Mc and his forces keeps pulling me to read more [img=update]

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    So far I’ve read over 80 chapters of this amazing story. It has a pretty good world background, awesome fights with zombies that are well detailed(author did research for the equipment used), the character development is well written,and also the best part is the conversations between characters which you can tell the author puts 100% effort into making for us readers to enjoy. Chapter updating is 2 chapters a day which is sweet but sucks when your caught up too the story lol. If your wanting a good zombie story and enjoy military stuff this will be your cup of tea 1,000%

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    Very good and entertaining so far. Will support. Keep up the good work.

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    I Like Everything simple The system and how you say it lime not military soldier however how you write spetznas soldier you can browse it on internet and imagine how they are killing the zombie :)

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    Author Faux1231