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Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

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Author: RVN_1998

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Vicente, a renowned criminal in his time on Earth, dies during an escape when betrayed by one of his trusted associates.

However, this is not the end of Vicente's journey. Just when he thought he would die, he suddenly finds himself in a strange place, in a body different from his own.

Without understanding why or how, Vicente finds that, strangely, he has been reborn!

In his second chance, this time in a magical world full of possibilities impossible on Earth, he will follow a fantastic journey in search of the answers to his questions.

Meanwhile, he will use his own means to survive this new reality where, once again, he will suffer heavy losses!

Join Vicente on this new journey in his unique family with the old mafia ways!


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Notice: This is a fantasy story and, as such, is not related to any fact of reality.

Disclaimer: I don't own the cover; if its original creator wants me to take down or put credit, leave a message in any chapter, and I'll do it as soon as possible.


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    I don't have much to say. I only ask that you try to read the first 15 to 20 chapters. The beginning is more of an introduction to the character, characteristics, and motivations. These chapters are definitely not to be skipped, but the novel's plot starts to develop after these first chapters. I plan to release 2 chapters a day most of the time, but one day or another I may only release 1. That's it. If you have any questions, ask directly in the chapters. (Sometimes, I won't see your comment here.) I will develop the auxiliary chapter little by little, so it won't be so empty forever.

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    Update: By far this is his best book ever and top 10 of all kingdom building on the platform the MC gains tragedy in the early chapters but it’s fine he comes back stronger then ever 😈. World bulding - 9/10 Characters- 10/10 Everything else is a 10/10 aswell, The magic system is very good I love it and everything else about the novel it’s a must read if you make it past 20 chapters

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    Read it through 240 chapter, finally feels it was good chapter to give it early review. +the worldbuilding 9/10 : nicely explained throughout the the story and no unnecessary info dumps. +the supporting character 7/10 : most of them was very well introduced and some of them still carry aura of mystery to them. +the main character 6/10 : the mc (Vicente) was a neutral evil guy, he is ruthless to his enemy and caring toward his family. but he's character was sometimes feels bland like something is missing. +the plot progression 8/10 : nicely paced not too fast and not too slow but some of the subplot was really unnecess My only gripe was in where mc and his group went to Pentagram hunting in the forest and they found the guys from magic academy who was attacked by beasts and decided to help them. no problem until this point although i prefer to let them die. but after this and up until the DEAL that he made with guy named joshua (chapter 293-240) because of pentagram that not even his was single the most idiotic and dumb deal that can be avoided. it makes me rethink all of his decision up to this point.

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    harem 😭 I'm not reading dis bra. why you do this to me.

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    LV 12 Badge

    RVN has done it again, now we have a mobster in a magic world, for now 43 chapters but I think this may be one of my new favorite novels. Thank you for this piece, it works, keep it up RVN

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    The beginning was pretty solid, but man, they really threw some random tragedy at the main character, which felt a bit forced. After that though, the story was moving along nicely, keeping a good flow. But as soon as the MC left the Village for the next town, things started to drag. Plus, the plot armor was so thick. The villains just kept messing with him, and all he did was think, "I'll remember this, I'll get you back someday," without really doing anything about it. Maybe the author wanted to show the MC's growth in excruciating detail, but it just made the story super slow and it's frustrating to see those villains keep coming back for more.

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    At first, the book was intriguing, with a compelling storyline and strong adversaries. However, as the plot progressed, the repetitive cycle of the protagonist constantly facing new enemies became tiresome. What initially captivated me eventually became a tedious pattern, diminishing the overall enjoyment of the story. Ultimately, while the book had its moments, it ultimately fell short of being exceptional, settling instead for a mediocre narrative.

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    Interesting so far. when I saw there were only 9 reviews i wanted to be number 10 and unlock the ranking.

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    I am interested by the story so far, the development pace is not bad. The MC is quite intellectual and can plan ahead. I'm really curious to see where this will go and hope that it will continue to focus on the evolution of the ''family'' as whole. It would be quite refreshing to NOT have the MC simply outgrow everyone and have a ''solo'' story about him. keep up the good work!

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    I gonna be honest here after reading first 200 chapters. The forced tragedy for a guy who on earth before his reincarnation was top tier in a mafia family but somehow and some weird reason he decided not to use that prior knowledge to get his situation better from the beginning? This is honestly dumb as f*** development not sure how this is ranked as high on the story dev side of things when it's all forced bs

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    I love the character development…i hope more bloody🥃🥃🥃

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    I was enjoying this until chapter 16. I only got to chapter 16 because i feel it was mislabeled and should include tragedy. everything else seems good and if you like that sort of thing then I'm sure you'll enjoy this. Unfortunately I find that unnecessary tragedy ruins my enjoyment of novels. stress and strife are needed but tragic encounters solely to make the mc understand how strong people are is not my cup of tea.

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    The writing, grammar wise, is fairly terrible. It’s all in passive voice, so everything sounds funny. It makes it less enjoyable to read. Honestly it seems to be on purpose to make the word coung longer. Even if English isn’t your first language, you have to actively try to sound like Yoda all the time. I think the wrong tense choice is also because of everything being in passive voice. Grammar aside, the story is wonderful thus far. Interesting magic system and world development. It’s not one size fits all, you have X tiers of power with X subtiers. It seems different enough to stick out, but not unnecessarily complicated just to be different.

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    I thought the story was perfect until chapter 56, which is where you have to pay to continue reading, so I'll have to stop here because I don't have the money for that. Sorry Author-Sama

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    I think I can see where thr story is going and I love it. It is a new take on the genre and it is what I have been lookong for. The only critique (if you can even call it that 😓) is that the tragedy aspecg seems a little forced but other than that I love it 👍

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    i enjoyed the story but when gun comming i'm out, idk why fantasy world must have gun, if this is story about scifi its ok, but sorry bro i cant continue.

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    so far at 70 chapters in this is really solid, good power structure, nothing over done, and everything even the magic has a sense realism, first 20 to 30 chapters was rather slow bit once he starts building the family things get interesting real fast, and it seems like the author knows this sense he made it free till chapter 53, I recommend giving it a shot till the pay wall at least then see if you like it, but chances are if you get to it you won't want to stop

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    Initially, I had high hopes for this book, but through ~300 chapters, it devolves into " I'm not strong enough, let me get on my knees for this random person" every few chapter's. The MC has no actual conviction or challenging fights he only does anything months after he gets bullied and everything is taken from him and he NEVER fights anyone that could possibly beat him or even injure him he defaults to becoming their man servant and vowing revenge. Sadly, his backbone is non-existent. I get the author is trying to show growth, but he isn't actually doing anything in any confrontation to get better he just has a lucky encounter after getting threatened with words not actions just words.

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    I love this novel so much that I literally paid money for the first time on this app to get the privileged chapters and read them. 😈😈💰💰[img=update]

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    Author RVN_1998