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Tales of Demons and Gods

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Author: Mad SnailTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


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Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything and save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death and those of his beloved . With the vast knowledge of hundred years of life he accumulated in his previous life, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts.

Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime. “Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of the Gods that dominate everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”

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    I'll tell you a secret - the story has one big problem - it's the speed of writing. Rather, if what I heard is true, then the problem is not the speed of writing, but the speed of the spread. The reason, as I also heard, is ****** - the author has a contract with the publisher that publishes a manga that he can not lay out the chapters as before, until the manga catches up with the novel. However, the novel is simply gorgeous.

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    I like this story, one of my favourites. everything about it is good except for the super duper very slow dead snail pace release! NieLi! you must not make Ning'er sad or I'll kill you!

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    Excellent start, i like the characters very much. However the novel is in such a long hiatus i dont even know if the author have abandoned this or not. It is not worth your time for now

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    Love this story ❤️ but the update is soooooooo slow. I'm sure I'll forget more than half the characters along the way 😑 The story is about Now Li who died against the 'last boss' and given a second chance by going back through time. (Luv the character design in manhua) What I love about the MC is that he experienced so many things in his first life and got stronger but he also sharpened his knowledge about the world. He got cheats on martial arts and cultivation cuz of first life but wat I love the most is that he is very knowledgeable about various things and when it shines I just love it! I also love his attitude- caring but aggressive when needed. Most of the time funny 😂 and the first MC who I didn't give an eye roll 🙄 when I saw hints of harem. The most MC with harem usually slightly annoy me but this one I'm totally ok (or maybe I just hav to read more 😂)

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    One of the first novels ive ever read loved it until the author gave up and torpedoed it. Before you start reading, ask your self will you be satisfied never knowing the ending because at this point i doubt this guy will ever finish the novel!

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    No one I say no one Not even Gods will disagree Not even Mad Snail will Disagree by what I am going to say Mad Snail, your pet name suits you depending on the pace you have while releasing chapters . You took the name by seeing the future or changed your name to mock readers & yourself by changing the pace. Well Snail is the most suited name based on the pace while Mad represents the Overall impact the Novel, Manga & Ani.. Sorry except anime; leaves on the mind of the readers.

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    This is for those who are curious about this novel: 1st : the story is somewhat unique compared to other reincarnation novels and it's very good 2nd: you won't get bored along the way, it doesn't have those super fillers and repetitive chapters 3rd: not all villains are stupid and just asking to be slapped on the face and get trashed around 4th: even if it's a reincarnation novel, there's a lot of suspense happening and you'll be always curious about what's going to happen next, that's how good this novel is 5th and the most important of all, this novel is really good and one of my favorites, it's all because of a GOOD AUTHOR but there's also ONE VERY BIG PROBLEM and it's also the AUTHOR himself,why u ask? because he's good BUT he NEVER FINISH ANY OF HIS NOVELS, all of his novels are good but he DID NOT COMPLETE even a single story on all of his 5(FIVE) NOVELS so even if he's good i'll NEVER EVER READ ANY of his novels again but if u guys want to read a good novel and no problem of not finishing the book then this novel is one for u~, so GOODBYE MADSNAIL~

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    This novel was honestly very good at the beginning as it spawned a manhua and an anime but unfortunately, the author decided to throw away their opportunity by destroying an amazing novel. At the moment, this author is trying to rush through the entire story while only releasing a chapter a month. How is he rushing when he is only releasing a chapter a month? He decided to give MC apparently an infinite supply of cultivation items so he and the rest of his sect and anyone who allied themselves with him would be overpowered. With this rush, it has spawned numerous plotholes and it gets worse and worse as the novel slowly continues. I'm disappointed the author let down his readers and obviously let the popularity and fame get to his head and I can honestly say with how bad his previous works were and his disgusting work ethics I will no longer be supporting nor reading any more of the author's works.

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    The overall story is not bad; however, the author is working on too many projects and only release 1 chapter a month is just sad... Kills the mood for the story, and I no longer interested in it.

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    I was gonna reread TDG today because of the 3D animation xD thanks Qidian, love you all for the novels, really appreciate them. TDG is a very good read. SUPPORT THE ANIMATION GUYS!!

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    The manga, in my opinion, is complete and utter trash. The art work is good but cannot even begin to compare to the novel. The novel goes into much more detail than the manga and doesn't give you the feeling that you missed something huge, unlike the manga. So if your considering not reading this because you read the manga, think again. Truthfully, the author should try to find a way to break out of this contract before this novel starts to die

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    The novel really started well and promising, but turned to the worse. Characters were not developed, the world become too wide, but doesn't posses depth at all, areas are there just to pass through and forget about them. Things which the MC learns and gather are not used, aside from maybe once or twice in the following Chapters. MC gets progressively stronger and meets progressively stronger enemies, which he beats easily by his overwhelming experience from past life, good looking girls swarm to him ... and that's basically it. Could've been great, turned into a train-wreck in my opinion. Translation is very good, updates are really slow, story is basically a circle, characters aside from MC are nonexistent and even he is a cliche in therms of OP MC due to reincarnation basing all of his motives, moves and decision on his past life and nothing turn out of the expected. World background is on decent level, but never developed more then the passing presence of the MC, which aside from the start is usually very short. Would not suggest to any reader, aside from those who really are into the cliche of OP, reincarnation and harem.

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    I really enjoyed it at the start but as it is now I'd want to give it 0 stars. The Author isn't releasing very frequently anymore and the last time I caught up it felt rushed towards the current chapters. Basically it was a good universe and degraded into a ****ty story and lazy? author(there was some talk about him working on another novel). So much development was wasted by abandoning the characters or forgetting items for hundreds of chapters. I'd say the first 2 or 3 hundred chapters were a good read then the author went crazy and started power leveling the characters making it seem like it would end soon, and by the end you've forgotten a dozen characters who should've had much larger roles.

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    The best novel...god i have read it so many tyms n i never feel bored with it....so good man...so exciting...just author speed of posting is slow...please if u read my comment plz publish it fast

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    Did qidan seriously take this from ********** again???.....-..................................................................................-.........................................................…………..................................

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    I love almost all novels but I can see something special so I can say that this is quite good I love the chapter where he gets the panda and it is quite shocking

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    Tales of demons and gods is first novel i read, I become addicted cuz this novel and read more and more novel. Why the author write new novel and abandon this novel

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    A good story unique but now the release are so slow.... thats why its hard to maintain or remember the story so far because of slow update... i hope you can improve it.. the manga release on the otherside was fast..

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    Everything is greate but i think release is becoming slow.because of the anime , please release more page please 😁😁 all in all everything is greate!!!

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    Awesome series. Too bad the author gave up on it 2 years ago. /me slowly starts crying. Getting flashbacks of the end of The Breaker: New Waves but that series they actually said it was gonna go on break and new season just started, this one looks like it's just straight-up abandoned.

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    Author Mad Snail

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios