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The Heavenly Dao exists.

It decides what is right and what is wrong. To act against it is to sin, to act according to it is to be blessed by its graces.

The world of cultivation is difficult, an unchanging principle. Yet there are those who are cherished by the Heavens, cuddled into rising above all and everyone else. How can this be? Why must this be?

What is moral and just? What is evil and immoral?!


So we, the Sinners, we act against the Heavenly Daos, grasp our own fates in hopes of truly overturning them.

This is a Journey of a young boy born Blessed, but turned Sinner.

The greatest sinner of them all.

As some of you may know, I'm also the Author of Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies!
This is my second project, and one I'm incredibly passionate about!

I hope you all enjoy following the adventures of Wei Wuyin! And I hope that I can bring a fresh experience to you all.
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    LV 12 Badge

    Here's a different type of traditional wuxia/cultivation novel for you. If I could describe it in a sentence, then it would be; "a brutal, grimdark cultivation novel." There's no empathy and it accurately portrays the harsh, competitive environment, where everyone climbs a mountain of bodies in order to fight for resources and get stronger. Everything makes "sense" and the actions of the MC is logical - though brutal at times. The MC is, what you would call, a "villainous" MC, and the reason for the apostrophe is due to the fact that his actions are sometimes necessary, but it also displays his arrogance and dominance as a talent. You really get a feel for his character in the first chapter, and I'll insert a warning here, it can be *very* jarring. You read it, and then think, "No way can this be the MC. He's a total dick." But because he's a dick and not a spineless, dickless MC, unlike many other traditional wuxia novels, it's refreshing - but in a dark and twisted way. Spoiler here; in the first intro, he had just forced a girl of a rival sect to oral sex, and killed her lover in front her, and then killed her once done. Though the oral part is not mentioned explicitly, it can be deducted, and because the story starts of with the females point of view/backstory, it really portrays the harshness and lack of empathy the MC has. You then keep reading, thinking, "no way is this the MC", and then he comes across another character, with MC vibes and you think, "Yes! Finally the 'real' mc and this scumbag gets his justice." But, (un)fortunately, no. This type of twists and turn keeps you reading, slowly getting addicted to the no-nonsense MC, where you slowly get to learn more about him, and his circumstances. With this slow reveal, you unconsciously begin to accept him, root for him, and accept his brutal ways. His lack of empathy in this competitive wuxia workd becomes his strength and makes him "cool." And as if to contrast this, you also slowly begin to realise how deeply flawed other wuxia novels are - they say that it's competitive, but none of their characters in their story takes the same measures. Think about it, if your life is constantly on the ropes, would you have time to go left and right to conquer beauties or spare you rivals? No! You'd use every means at your disposal to gain strength, plot against your rivals/enemies, and further you agenda. This brings me to the second point; the side characters. They are pretty well sculpted, with their own agenda, ideals, and background. As of now, not much is known, but the MC's flashback unveils a larger story and gives more depth to the side characters. If you think the MC's a dick? Wait till you meet enemy/***** nr. 1 - it's damn near chilling what she does to gain strength. There's no right or wrong in this world, only who's weaker or stronger. Might makes right - and in this novel, it does so in the most brutal, no-nonsense, unfiltered kind of way. Dark pleasures, anyone? As of chapter 18, we've been introduced to some superficial side characters, and a few prominent ones - we're still learning more and more of the plot and MC, but not much has been revealed. This brings me to the story progression, I can see that the author is taking the long route; slowly building the characters, their relations, and unveiling a bit of the world a chapter at a time. We don't know why the character wants to become strong or why he's cultivating, though a little has been hinted at his meagre family background that could potentially have plot relevance. As of chapter 18, MC is just a ruthless, overbearing, and prideful mc, but the plot is slowly starting. I find this good, as you need time to adjust to the new paradigm mentality and the circumstances of the MC, and I'm eagerly reading to uncover more about the MC, and thus stumble upon the overarching plot in due time. Lastly, this is a pretty new story, so I'm cautious about predicting update stability. (cont. In comments).

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    LV 10 Badge

    I love this novel. The cultivation system are so in depth especially within each stage of each realm which is one of my favorite type of cultivation system. The pace of cultivation advancement is completely reasonable to me, not too fast not too slow. I really like the main character's, Wei Wuyin's, character as well. He's not a complete murder maniac or psychopath but not a saint either. He's a very realistic person with his own bottom line which is admittedly lower than most others but I like it. He's not perfect either. The thing I love the most about him is his scheming personality. The main plot is similar to Villain Cultivator except a lot less explicit sexual content and a lot less harem members but most likely if you liked that you'll like this. There are many "Blessed", people born with high karmic luck, and meant to be your classic Xianxia mc's with their stupid fortuitous encounters, and the MC basically schemes against these Blessed and around their karmic luck. People have said that this novel is borderline NTR or cuckold but I have to disagree. The definition of cuckold and NTR is when your significant other cheats on you. None of the MC's women have cheated on him. Sure, they have been with another man first but never the other way around. The fact that some of the really beautiful women that you think might be in the MC's harem but are instead with another "Blessed" make sense to me because they're "Blessed", they're meant to have beautiful women around them since they are like xianxia mcs. I don't understand the fact that people feel that every women that's described more in depth should be in the MC's harem. You'll eventually see that most of them eventually DO enter into the MC harem. Oops. Spoiler.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    LV 14 Badge

    One of the best cultivation novels I've ever read, at least top 5 of all time for sure. The characters are extremely well written. The Mc can be seen as the "rich young master" of the novel, but an extremely smart and charismatic one. The novel is well aware of the tropes inside it's genre, and plays really well within them. Every character has a personality of its own, and makes their own decisions based on their personality. Let's not even talk about the world building and cultivation realms, everything is well explained and has a reason, not just the same a to b increases qi by a billion fold. While reviewing this, I come to realize that this is probably top 3 of all time.

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    Just like before, I'll be brief and to the point. (Curse 140 Word Count). To all those reading, will read, thinking of leaving a review, comment, power stone, or reply to my comments, I thank YOU for being apart of this! Let's move forward, strongly and with anticipation for the future.

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    Novel is a Huge let down there is such a miss leading intro, for some reason the MC starts off as like a ruthless killer but then he just changes into neutral good and it’s super boring

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    For some reason I can't comment so I'll say it here. Briliant! Another incredible story that has me pumped and really interested. After reading hundreds of cultivation novels and getting bored to death by a lot of them I find this one a breath of new air. The character is really intriguing and is more in line with the "Young masters" of other novels. But his intelligence makes you feel like he is gonna stay, a bit like history's strongest senior brother in his demeanour. I am expecting even more. Well done!

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    I’m doing this review as per chapter 22, it’s a little early to write, but this novel is doing great so far, and I think it deserves it. It’s a long review and if you don’t want to read it all here is a summary: It’s great, without much clichés so far and if had been one, or I haven’t noticed or it hasn’t bothered me, the MC is mature and intelligent, nor too soft nor too hard, but ruthless nonetheless, a little OP, but the good OP, side characters, and enemies have well written personalities and motivations, not the young master type. The story is entertaining right of the bat and is a really good read 5/5 overall, one of the best originals so far, so go read and enjoy it. Writing quality: As I’m not a native speaker I can’t say for sure that there are no mistakes, but as of now, to me, the grammar, style and sentence structure is great, no glaring mistakes that take you out of immersion and wants to make you hit your head on the screen, in fact I haven’t seen any mistakes at all. And as the author is already pretty experienced, I don’t think it will have. (5,5) Story development: So far, it’s really good, the pace is good, not to fast that you don’t know what’s happening nor to slow that it becomes a chore to read, nice and steady, as the MC is already older we do get some flashbacks, but they are really minor so far and well put, as they do not take you out of the main story, just enhance it instead. (5,5) Character Design: Just awesome, the MC is great, mature, intelligent, and I mean he seems intelligent by real world measures, not by normalizing the entire world population IQ to -30 so that everybody says that he is The God of Cunningness and Machinations, which so far we haven’t seen much from the MC, but he is good in seen through them, anyway he is a “good”, he is not soft nor a pushover, he is apparently ruthless, but knows when to act, and does great with the girls hahaha, so far the best part of the novel imo. About the side characters, they are great, really well put together, with realistic views and distinct personalities, the antagonists we have seen so far are well built with reasonable power and ambition, not one face slapping, “you are just trash”, type of young master, which is great. No apparent romantic interest so far, the novel is tagged as Harem, I’m not really a fan, but I’ll trust the author as he has done a great job in the romance of his last novel, and as far as I’m concerned if the women that makes the harem, continue the trend of the other characters, personality and development wise, it won’t be a problem, so… (5/5) World building: So far not too much has been said about the world in general, we know it is a xianxia like world, with sects clans, cultivation and immortality, but that’s basically it, but to be clear it’s not without its own originality, I’ve read tens of cultivation novels so far, but this one has something interesting that I can’t actually put into words it’s just different and entertaining, the author does a great job of showing just what is needed, us readers don’t get confused with lack of really important details nor get so info dumped that gets our heads spinning, it’s great and it shows that the author has really developed his writing quality compared to his last novel, which had a problem with too much information being thrown at us, so far so good however. (5,5) Update stability: Now this is where it gets a little trickier, in the beginning of his last novel, his updates wore insane, like 2 to 4 well written chapters every day, latter it stabilized at 2 per day, than one, than nothing for a long while, I know he had some personal problems and it’s fine, but it was probably that he had also burnt himself out of steam due to writing at his insane initial pace, recently he has been writing again and so far, has been keeping his promises of the schedule and kept it modest, and with clear goals, like writing X chapters till the end of the month and so forth, I know he is doing this to get some momentum, and hopefully a healthy one. So, summarizing nothing conclusive can be said about updates, but I’ll give a vote of confidence by what I’ve seen so far in this novel. (5,5) Well, that was long, thanks if you have read it all and thanks if you haven’t, and remember this is nothing but my opinion of the novel so far (chapter 22, I will update this on the comments or write another review if my opinion change as the novel develops) , you can have yours and we can discuss it like civilized people we were supposed to be if you disagree. That’s it, bye hahaha

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    Pretty fantastic one but also disappointing,, why because you'll love this at the early stages and mid stages of the story but the latter part is disappointing. After the destruction of the tri-vision starfield, i was excited to see amazing development in the new starfield but author hasn't met that excitement. He just focuses on the side characters,, harem members,, subordinates,, ascendents,,other blessed. Then he focuses on describing the world background, cultivation system,,alchemic rank,,mystic rank,,resource rank and what not ; that is nothing but fillers to expand the chapter quantity... but that was fine,acceptable. But the latter part of those chapters the writing style of author has also changed,,,he fills the chapter with irrelevant explanation, comment about something but leaves the audience in cliffhangers and what is the most irritating thing is he abruptly changes the scenario,, like the development of MC is ongoing but after the next chapter we experience different scenario.

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    Deserves top-3 of cultivation novels of all time. I am at the 290 chapter right now and can tell you that the quality of the novel is not losing any bit so far. This story is very original, world is very vast, while characters don't follow any cliche script and are well developed. I hope that the author will keep up with his great work and we will get this novel at the top[img=recommend]

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    Story is great and the development is excellent. But i have a question do this have a...... you know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *ahem* snu snu, i hope there is

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    ch-515 I'll just write my complain because everything else about this novel is perfect and unique . There is no Romance . To me it feels like there are no real feelings b/w MC and his harem . It feels like Each and every girl is with him b/c of resources and safety he can provide them to make them powerful and he is keeping them b/c of their beauty. There is no real feelings involved . It feels more like arranged relationship than love relationship. MC seems more like some rich young master spending resources on girls and using their body in return . It may be because of lack of interaction between MC and his girls . There is practically no interaction or relationship building between them . The whole interaction between MC and some girls is defined in one paragraph .The way this story is building it seems to be a long novel , so it wont hurt if author spends some chapters on relationship building . AND more importantly the girls which truly care about MC(Su mei , Quing Quimu) are not in his harem at this point , I hope they will be in future . Well leaving Romance aside , this novel is the best novel i have read till date . Hoping for faster updates .

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    the plot was good. but clearly the author writes to fill the daily word count ( i.e money) not for the quality the story doesn't even progress for hundreds of chapters. focusing on things that holds no relevance to the core story. really disappointing the author tries to focus so much in the explanation of cultivation that it becomes annoying at times. the cultivation levels are messy and all over the places

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    if you're here for harem or romance don't read this throughout the novel it feels like ntr, most of his harem members are like someone else

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    LV 13 Badge

    There are good aspects of this novel and then there are bad as well, though the bad will start to heavily tilt the balance of the scale after a few hundred chapters. The writing quality and/ or translation is the highlight of this novel, the author has taken the time to pack in information, as well as constant world building into the story in addition to the lengthy chapters. The author is also a little more creative with the cultivation system and while, it does not venture off too much from your typical system, the author is more in-depth with explanations as well as giving each minor realm its own unique, innovative touch. Each minor realm of the cultivation system has a reason to exist and slowly, but surely builds a logical foundation over time that ties into the power the cultivation system grants each character. There are also unique elements to the story that I find creative and fun, such as the various side characters that are parodies of your typical Xiaxia protagonist or the constant countdown towards the MC's doom that pushes his cultivation vs. the typical "I want power over my own fate" trope. If I had to summarize the bad, it would have to be that the novel is directionless, slow pacing and in relation to that, too much filler. The author has, without a doubt, thought out their power system. After that though, is where the novel loses a lot of readers because it gives the feeling that the author had a great idea for the power system but didn't have much in terms of story and plotting, constructing a weak and mediocre story around a solid foundation. There is too much filler and you end up reading thick, convoluted chapters that does not push the needle forward much in the grand scheme of things, spending upward of 30 to 50 chapters to stretch stuff out. There is not much progress with the MC in terms of cultivation and while the beginning of the novel makes you believe that you know what kind of character he is, he will then later mellow out and become quite generic and quite frankly, cowardly. I would argue that this novel is more about the MC building up a faction + kingdom building in all honesty, which isn't something I was expecting this novel to turn into if you were to compare the beginning of the novel to now.

    View 2 Replies

    I am writing this not as a review, but as a personal letter to the author. Dear author, I want to sincerely thank you for writing such an extraordinary novel. I myself have been regularly reading novels for almost a whole decade and I have gone through thousands of novels. Amongst all of them yours is an amazing piece of work, I was very happy and excited that I found such an incredible novel.once again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this novel. I hope you continue this amazing journey. Sincerely, Your avid fan.

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    I'm dropping this novel. Don't get me wrong. this is one of the best novels on this site. And I really enjoyed it. Thanks Author. Unfortunately the writing quality went downhill approximately after the ch 800. fillers , fillers , fillers ... And I stopped enjoying the novel ex: "Wei Wuyin's inward reaction was intense, heart racing, blood pumping, and muscle tightening" Thank you anyway for the ride.

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    LV 15 Badge

    Yeah, I don't know, man. I'm 135 chapters in, and seeing this random dude show up called Long Chen repeatedly is annoying. Why add a cliche xianxa mc? To be a parody? It is not all that funny, to be honest. Just kill him off already... Oh, we can't because he is supposed to be a fucking parody. I even checked in the later chapters, and he is still around, lol. Come on, author; people have been complaining about him ever since he showed up. The author messes up on names quite often. This is supposed to be a harem novel, right? Where is the romance or harem in this novel? Our actual MC complains about not being able to bang a woman, but yet he's just chillin. I'll give another review when more chapters are released; however, I enjoyed the beginning of this quite a lot. I personally feel like it has been going downhill ever since this ”parody” showed up. At least the author is stable in updates, though.

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    it became really bad in the latest chapters like a chapter from 700+ where the chapter can be easily summarizes to few sentences but the chapter is filled with hundreds of words just to describe it and the story becomes so slow where an arx that can be completed in 5 chapters became 10 because of really long filler words

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    I really liked the first 800 chapters but now the author is just trying to meet the word count and writing a lot of unnecessary stuff which honestly doesn't help the story much. Well without all that it's a pretty decent story for passing time

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    LV 2 Badge

    I love this story. Simple as that. But since the beginning of the 5th volume the story has been dragging on and on. It's been a good 240ish chapters since its beginning and we're at the start of volume 6 now (at least for the 'free' chapters) and I can honestly tell you about 1 major arc that lasted a good 70 chapters that I consider actually progressing the plot while keeping the story interesting. Besides that, and a few other chapters I could honestly consider 150 of these chapters filler waste that no-one will truly remember.

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