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"The dark mage, Jason, died a heroic death at the age of thirty. He sacrificed himself bravely to save all the rankers in the tower from the Others and everyone in the tower will always remember him as a hero."
That is the story that everyone heard about Jason's death. The truth was very different.
In truth, Jason was betrayed by the heavens just before the war ended and he was killed by the angels for his dark magic.
But, as fate would have it, Jason was thrown through time after his death and he ended up in the body of his fifteen year old self. And this time, Jason swore that things will be different.
The extended version of the synopsis is in the first auxiliary chapter. Give it a read if you want to know more about the book before you dive in
At the start of the novel, the MC is weak, not so pathetically weak that anyone can just walk over him, but weak enough that he can't make any rash moves in the tower because there are people that are much stronger.
Please, keep that in mind as you read.
He won't suddenly gain his past skills in one day, neither will he find an SSSSSS+++++ rank skill overnight (That's a joke by the way. What the hell is a skill like that?) He will work for his power and even though he will grow much faster than his past life, he will still have to grow. Thanks.
Maybe I need to write this too. Regressing to the past doesn't make someone an angst-lord. He doesn't have any murderous intention at every little thing that someone does. He is still a normal person, so don't expect a brooding, frowning, chain-murdering demon or something like that. Thanks.
Try to read to at least chapter twenty before deciding to love or despise the book. I'm sure you'll all love the book, but if you don't, then thanks for reading, and it was a pleasure entertaining you.
Can't believe none of you told me about that mistake.
P.S. It's pretty fast-paced for the first arc. Second arc will be a lot more mind boggling and a little slower. Hope y'all enioy.
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    Alright, here goes the shameless review. This book will be a blend of magic, monsters, and dungeons. Jason Black - a dark magic user - tries to save his home from otherworldly forces while also eradicating the people that betrayed him in his last life. It's a slow burn, so the main character didn't have all the power from the start, but I assure you that he'll get there.The main character is going to have all the dark magic powers but Shadow control and necromancy will be the main two. Hope you guys enjoy the book.

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    Love academy novels and I love tower climbing novels for some reason. I also don’t want the Mc to be to good of a guy but not necessarily very evil. I also like novels with at least a little romance which this novel has. So if you are looking for a novel with the things I just said this is the novel for you.😄😄😄😄

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    LV 13 Badge

    Has this been dropped? The last chapter was a month ago.

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    Amazing Novel. Would highly recommend. The world building is amazing and the author manages to keep the MC well balanced and not to overpowered. The MC is also very level headed without the typical sole goal of revenge, which is quite unusual for reincarnation novels.

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    The novel isn't bad although the tags were making it out to be an evil mc when in actuality the mc isn't. Although that wasn't too much of a turn-off, after finding out that the author is adding romance as well as the MC caring for others, yeah no. To me romance and the such turns novel that would otherwise be treasure to trash, So I'ma have to drop this but for those who like that sort of stuff good luck with it.

    View 9 Replies

    is there any single girl romance .

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