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Everyone loves the protagonist, many read countless manga, watch countless animes and adore the protagonist of the story.

They feel happy when their protagonist wins, feel sad when their protagonist loses.

Everyone takes fancy to reading a novel and wished to have time to relive in the world of their favourite novel.

But what happens if their wish comes to be true?

Is reincarnation as easy as it sounds? Is the person who reincarnated can really change the world to his or her wishes and can survive easily in the world he or she reincarnated into while in their previous world, they were just simple people with no power.

This is the story of a boy who died only to reincarnate into a novel he had read 'Dawn of legends'.

Unlike in another story, he had reincarnated into an extra who is just cannon fodder in the novels who are just present to be used by the Villains and Protagonists to achieve their goals.

At first, he was in despair, shocked and confused about what to do. He racked his mind and tried to survive in this harsh world. He was in a pinch whether to stay low key or use his future knowledge to get stronger or befriend the protagonist.

But will everything occur according to his plans? Will the future event follow the same route as described in the novel? Can he overcome all the crises that are about to happen in the future with the future knowledge?

Does the world have other plans for him? Is his reincarnation is just a coincidence or does someone or some other forces have a role in it?

It is the tale of a simple boy, a boy who is not like other reincarnated who adapt to this world from the very first day and established their dominance, rather it is the tale of the boy who rises and climbs higher, step by step.

Accompany Lucas on his journey, who is armed with future knowledge and the help of his system traverses the obstacles in his path while fighting against the dangers of the world which is both, similar and dissimilar to what he once knew,and find out the mystery behind his reincarnation.

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    This is first time writing a novel so I am wishing myself luck by giving 5 star. I have no experience in writing so there may be lot of grammatical mistake. If you don't like any part of the novel you can comment what you didn't like. I will surely try my best to improve myself with time hearing your comments

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    My favourite book right now. The reason I wake up in the morning😌. Like the author said there is some grammar mistakes but you barely even notice them! I highly recommend reading this book. Thank you for the updates author!

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    I'm so shocked, I was wondering why the writer didn't publish the chapters in Lucas' novel, but in fact he was stupid enough to write a second novel! And a harem novel! Such a thing would only be done by a fool who wants to increase his reading! I can accept that professional writers will write two novels at once, the writer of the descent of dimensions is a good example of that, his level is very good, the plots of the story are excellent, he has great ideas, he is a professional and that is why it is okay to divide his focus on two works.... but the writer of a survival novel The add-on is just a hobbyist! He did something very stupid, if he had focused more on his first novels it would have been better, I'm sure he was arrogant after he got some credit, but he has already crossed the line.... Personally, I am very critical of what he did.

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    I ve read to chapter 12 and skipped to some further chapters and honestly I'm quite frustrated. What's the point of having a 'first life' and reincarnating in this novel. It feels like it's put there for the sake of having the word 'reincarnation' in the tags, we hardly get to see the Mc's feelings or ambitions from his previous life, what are his regrets? What's moral and immoral for him? There's a reason why most of these novels spend a great deal at building the mc's backstory. I'm pretty the author would explore the mc's personality further in future chapters using flashbacks or whatever, but at that point people would stop caring about his previous life

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    If you have a system you are not an extra .. . .. .. .. .. . . .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. . .. .. .mmvvm.m.k... .. .. .. ..

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    I enjoyed reading this book, it keeps the readers Reading. my only problem is with the grammar. I look forward to reading future chapter that you put out. Have a nice day author San 🥳

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    I like it. It's pretty similar to The Novel's Extra and The Author's POV. Anyone who's read either can pretty much predict where the story is going to go, which isn't necessarily bad. I can't really say much when it comes to the world and characters because the novel is newer and there aren't a lot of chapters. Character development is really what makes these kinds of stories stand out from the rest; when storylines are similar, it's the characters that determine if the novel is good or bad. Both the world and the characters have room to grow. What really hurts this is the grammar. It's legible, and that's about it. Most of the people on Webnovel probably aren't real strict about grammar, but it's also clear where good grammar is what determines which novels people keep reading and which ones are dropped. A few things I'd like to point out: Run each chapter through Grammarly. The free version works very well. It's a great way to improve grammar. Periods go inside of quotes. I noticed this a lot in Ch. 17. It should be: "Blah blah blah." instead of "blah blah blah". The same rule is true for commas. A lot of the sentences are broken; it feels like words are missing. Finally, use commas. I see a lack of commas in a lot of novels. It's more of an experience thing, deciding where to place them, but reading well-written works helps with figuring out where to place them. I was taught to read each sentence out loud, and to put a comma where I naturally paused. Overall though, it's a good story with potential, worth a try if you like this kind of novel.

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    I loved reading it before as he tried to remain low key and didn't go into troubles... but then he started saving people, do that save slaves and its fking frustrating to see the character you like change into a fking cliche hero character... sorry i dropped this due to this

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    Thank for the beautiful story Author. I like the world and characters you created. And i hope you would until the very end. Stort is a bit slow-paced but i like the way you write except grammar. But i too am not a native English speaker so i am not affected. But you can take and editor. Therea are some readers who wants to do it and if you create discord you can communicate and take their help. And i want to ask do you think about increasing the daily updates. Even though not everyday once in a while could be very good for us readers. Again thanks for the story and i hope you continue the writinh until the end .

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    Lots of grammar mistakes and tons of bad wording, along with the story jumping the gun often and having it's pacing increase drastically. Characters are pretty well designed however for a lot of important characters the author forgets how he described them even with his knowledge of the world from reading through it, changing how they act and making them entirely different people from how they were initially described. (not as in seeing into the characters but more as in he's changing the characters themselves). The world background is the worst part, if i could give it a lower rating i would. There is almost to explanation of the world, like how it seems to be a fantasy world with modern and maybe even sci-fi elements within.

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    LV 11 Badge

    Thanks for this book author. I like very much your book. And i hope you don't stop writing. And you mentioned about harem and i think one Fl is enough. But is your work and your choose. Don't let people affect your thoughts. Write the story you wanted to share. I also want to ask dou you any plan of increasing the daily updates to two. Not everyday but if you do it occasionally i would be appreciated. [img=update]

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    LV 12 Badge

    What a cheap copy of THE AUTHOR'S POV. Though not exactly the same but almost the same. There is no flow in the story, the writing is messed up, although I liked reading it, something about this story doesn't allow me to give it 5 stars or 4 stars.

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    inconsistent is how i would describe this story . Main character says something but does something else He wishes to stay out of trouble but gets himself into it. Tries to sacrifice his life for school in which he has 2 friends he has known for a week or so ? Condemns slavery and goes to burn their business yet talks about that he is weak and should stay low. Don't read unless you are into japnese white knight novels

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    I like your work Author and hope you don't stop writing until the very end. But i think you shouldn't write one fight with many chapter. Max 3 ideal and if you would increase it is killing the hype. It is just a thought and you shoul write your own story. I hope i can see the end of this beautiful story. Again thanks for the book.

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    Looks interesting reminds me of The Authors POV, bookmarked waiting for more hopefully a mass release so I know the real potential of this story, very excited.

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    1- Bad grammar (close to MTL) 2- Bad plot, after unlocking the system we found out that the protagonist can just upgrade his bloodline to the highest tier possible by killing 1000 of the weakest G rank monster, which makes his system very OP, but it's fine, since his goal is survival and he's the one with the OP system and not the Protagonist, why would he enter the academy that will restrict his actions and follow the plot? He could've very easily just used his knowledge of the future and his system to get stronger and gg, but we wouldn't have a novel if it went that way, so our Extra had to enter the academy and do what every other extra does... Anyway I just feel like this novel has no soul, most things are done just to include the cliche's that we readers already know of or just to copy/parody/be inspired by other novels, but the fact is, that certain plots work on these other novels because the MC doesn't have an OP system (Novel's extra, The Author's POV, The Villain wants to live, etc), in all of these novels the MC had to follow the plot, because mostly he needed the protagonist of the world to become strong, not the case in this novel since the MC also has a system, so we're just fed a plot we don't want and get bored really f* fast. Protagonist = Protag of the novel MC =Extra = Our protag (Lucas)

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    Hello Mr. Author. I love your novel very much. Although the grammar is average. I don't mind. The character development and design are very good. But the jokes are quite cringed, it's like they are forced to make jokes. But I don't mind, I am here to enjoy the novel, not to justify. The overall world-building is quite good but I believe it could be much better. The storyline and plot are enjoyable. But there are a few slow points. I believe you will grow much better. I believe that there is no such thing as a perfect novel in this world. There would always be a thing or two which are dissatisfied with readers. And please, please Lord Author. I beg you not to make this novel a harem. I and my friends have to use our weekly pocket money to buy new chapters. I believe the harem will destroy the potential of this novel. And sorry if I have said any dissatisfied things in the comment that you may not like but I also have the right to give an honest review as I am sending my money on your novel. The novel has great potential. Please don't destroy it by adding a harem. I believe Lucus and the princess could very good couple and mainly I love the interaction between the two. Please don't add any third party. That's it, my honest review. Many might not like my comment but as I am spending money I have the right to express my honest feelings about the novel. Thank you, Your faithful and loyal reader.

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    hmm how to say this... Let's see, it's normal for authors to be inspired by a story to create their own story. The problem was that the author was too inspired by TAP (The Author's POV). The beginning has several elements similar to TAP, and when there are so many similar elements, comparisons are inevitable. To be honest, if you read this story without knowing TAP, you will probably think: "hey, this is a good story". But if you know TAP... as I said, the comparison is inevitable. Let's start with writing. The author needs to improve in this area. It is readable but needs improvement. For me, who use google translate, the errors get worse. Reading the story I think Lucas is not an extra. Lucas is versatile using sword, daggers and powerful magic. He is OP. Lucas is not stupid but also not smart (compared to the MC of TAP). He works hard and trains a lot. He doesn't stay discreet for long. So far there are almost 0 human interactions with the other races. I hope there will be some change soon. At the moment, I believe Lucas is too stuck in the human realm. There are very interesting mysteries in the work about the protagonist's family, evil cults, super powerful beings, gods... This is very good. It seems the author is very wary of Lucas' interaction with other girls. It's as if the author thought: "Lucas is very hot. It's very difficult to write him interacting with other girls of his age without them throwing themselves into his arms". For example, Rose is Fredrick's love interest from the beginning. Nearly 200 chapters and Lucas' interaction with Rose is zero. I do not understand this. I really feel that the author is very cautious about including girls in the story. I don't know if this story will be a harem or not (I must admit that when the mc is as amazing as Lucas, with the potential to be the emperor of everything, I prefer a humble harem of 2 or 3 girls. After all, the good seed has to be spread hehehe The protanonist, the girls and humanity win and are happy) but I ask the author to include female friendships. Come on, aren't there any girls with potential that the mc wants to include in his group? This may even serve to make the princess feel some jealousy and realize her feelings for Lucas. To conclude, although the beginning has many elements similar to TAP, the author begins to take his own direction in the future in his work. I believe this story has good potential and that the author is getting better. It is very enjoyable to read and I recommend it to everyone. Just don't compare it too much to TAP and I guarantee you'll have fun reading it. I hope this review has helped in some way. Keep up the good work, author-san XD

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    TO AUTHOR: Updated synopsis This is a complete and total correction to the synopsis. Didn't want you to miss it since I replied in a comment previously. Please read carefully, I fixed it while trying to keep your original words as much as possible. The synopsis is a bit long and it looks too much like an essay, I'm really not sure what the attention span of readers on this site is but it's best to space things out so they don't feel overwhelmed. I'm sure you know or have seen people who encounter a block of text and immediately skim it or don't read it. I'm not sure if the comment keeps formatting but take a look at most other synopsis on the site, They follow either of the two: 1) Short synopsis in which case it's okay to be a paragraph 2) Longer synopsis in which case everything is broken apart and spaced out so it seems much more friendly. Again, I tried to preserve your original words and intentions as best as possible but let me know if you want thoughts on changing something. I don't mind helping with this bit since it isn't too time consuming. If the comment doesn't have spacing, try not to keep the multiple sentence paragraphs like you're writing an essay. You want it to look friendly, not intimidating to people who are impatient and judge by first impression. I wanted to tell you to check out "Pro Writing Aid". Grammarly is for grammar and punctuation. ProWritingAid is basically it's big brother that covers everything else, as long as you're not horribly misspelling words this should really help you out. I used to use it in college and still use it on rare occasions. There should be a trial you can try out as well, it doesn't even hurt to get your readers opinions while trialing it and see how they feel if you want that route. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\My corrections below, you'll have to figure out the formatting\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Everyone loves the protagonist, and it’s difficult not to since they’re the centerpiece of the story, nothing seems to move if they don’t. You’re happy when they achieve great things and sad, maybe even disappointed when they lose or fail. How many people fall in love with a novel and wish they could live in that world? What happens if their wish comes true? There’s a reason people say “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it”. Is reincarnation as easy as it sounds? Sure, if you don’t mind being a nobody. Can someone who was just a normal person change the world they were reincarnated in? Not just to survive but thrive? Can they magically be accustomed to great pain and hardship or does it actually take willpower. This is the story of a boy who died only to reincarnate into a novel he had read, Dawn of Legends. Unlike other stories, he reincarnated into an extra who is just cannon fodder; someone who’s only purpose is to be used by the villains and protagonists to achieve their goals. Someone you could forget, whose life means nothing to the plot. At first, he was in despair, shocked and confused about what to do, racking his mind figuring out how to survive this harsh world. He was in a pinch whether to stay low-key or use his future knowledge to get stronger while befriending the protagonist. But will everything go according to plan? Will future events follow the same route in the novel with him influencing the world? Can he overcome all the crises that are bound to happen in the future? Does the world have other plans for him? Is his reincarnation just a coincidence or are there other forces at play? This is the tale of an ordinary boy, not a once in a millennium, martial artist or genius, billionaire who adapt from the very first day and establish their dominance; this is the tale of a boy who rises and climbs higher, step by step. Accompany Lucas on his journey, armed with future knowledge and a system as he traverses obstacles in his path, fighting against a world unlike what he knew before, and to find out the mystery behind his reincarnation.

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    this is a hidden gem! i like the story, the character development, the world background, and the story is not rush which is i liked the most! i loved you novel author-san<3 i hope this novel continue until i grow old hehe

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    Author Mohitkumar