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The Helio's Bride

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Author: Avalorian_

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A princess with a twisted past.

When her fate takes an unfortunate turn, she is thrown off her pedestal and into the web of marriage with the bloodthirsty king of the enemy kingdom.

Faced with life and death choices, Delaney must decide whether to side with the enemy—her new husband—or her family who betrayed her.

As the son of the sun goddess, Darius finds his life unnecessarily long and boring. Until he meets his bride, Delaney, the feisty, fiery princess who is rumored to have rejected suitors by the dozen, the only female descendant of his arch nemesis, and a demon princess.

When they get married, will he use her in his quest for revenge, or fall in the trap of her charm like every other male does?

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    LV 14 Badge

    Hi Ava! I read a lot of stories where the princess is forced into an arranged marriage with a prince that is equally or not at all reluctant, but this story is surely a breath of fresh air. The bride and groom are both very interesting characters who walk around each other in circles but I can sense the delicious chemistry between them 🤣 Also, there is a complicated history between the two kingdoms. The reason why the marriage takes place is not going to keep both kingdoms at peace, as quickly shown not long after Delaney and Darius are married. A few key elements you need to know : kingdom, revenge, war, strong female MC, concubines, arranged marriage, charming male lead. All packed into a story with detailed world setting and unpredictable plot. The writing style makes you relive the story as if it were your own life. Definitely a great novel to take a look into 😊 Good job, Author!

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    I have read all your books author and I have to say this is by far my favourite. You have grown so much in the years that you have been writing. ❤️

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    LV 11 Badge

    Great work author, interesting plot, and well-written chapters, I just started reading and I already find myself gushing over Delaney and Darius, honestly, I like Delaney's character, she's feisty and independent not like typical FL who will be waiting for a knight in shining armor, anyways I'm rooting for you🙌🙌🙌

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    I love the characters of this book. Delaney is feisty and makes me laugh with her reactions to Darius. Darius is such a tease 😂😂😂😂 can't wait for next chapters

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    shout out loud for the author 👏 🙌 and you can try her novel name my beautiful love 😍 is worth your time

    Reveal Spoiler
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    I love a good historical romance and this novel did not disappoint. Despite some glaring typos that can be easily fixed with a simple proofreading. The author managed to captivate her readers from the start with a twist of fate. We get a headstrong, passionate bluestocking who’s not afraid to challenge her stubborn and arrogant suitor. I’m enjoying every bit of this novel and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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    I dont know why this novel hasn't gotten more views or ratings. This hidden gem absolutely deserves it. It has 50+ chapters, well established characters and an awesome world. I found no mistakes, story flaw interruptions and major errors. I’d recommend this novel to anyone who wants something fresh.

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    Captivating heart throb! This is one of the books that deserve to be in my library. The story starts with the Delaney being betrothed to Darius which was completely against her wish. Delaney is smart, courageous and a born leader who wants to rule her kingdom, Iverasea after her father. While Darius is cunning, smug and always a step ahead than Delaney. He is the ruler of kingdom of Itrusia which is an enemy kingdom to Iversea. This isn't it, there's a rumor about Delaney being cursed and the Royal family has done it's best to keep it a secret from everyone. Darius isn't just a King, he is the son of goddess of sun. And not only this there is more to the story. if you open it once you won't be able to stop yourself from reading till the end. the world building, description and the wya author has fleshed out both Delaney and Darius is so satisfying. I can't express how much I enjoyed reading this book that I had to come here to put this review. this offers, an enemy to lovers trope, mystery, thriller, romance and imageries all throughout the story. I recommend you all to read it, you'll thank the author for ages

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    GOOD STARTING WITH GOOD PLOTS. I just like this kind of novels and found a good gem this time.Highly recommended. I hope your book become popular

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    A new book by my dear talented author! I really have fallen in love with the characters, and I read 11 chapters in one go as I just could not stop reading. This book is going to be a fun ride and def worth all the coins!! Well done dear author!!😍😘

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    This is one of my best books although its in the genre I don't usually read much. I prefer modern romance but I tried reading this when I saw a shout out on the book I was reading and I am glad I did

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    Author Avalorian_