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A Heavenly God was transmigrated into a different world right after he died. After arriving in that world, he resides in the body of a handsome young man with a mechanical voice inside his head providing him with missions. It also kept on telling him to brew wine every single day.

The system built a humble store within the territory of the Silver Wing Empire where peak experts roam on a daily basis. His first task was to sell... wine?

The patrons thought that winemaster Jiu Shen was not as simple as he seemed to be. Even his identity and background were still a mystery to everyone.

They also thought the adorable and chubby white cat named Ice was just a normal household cat, but Jiu Shen knew that it was actually a 10th-ranked God-Class Glacial Sovereign Tiger.

Join Jiu Shen on his path on becoming the first ever Wine God!

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    This is Malignant, the rewriter of this book. This book was originally the work of Condemned, but due to certain reasons, he placed the book on hiatus. Now, I got his permission to continue writing this craft. Why did I rate it so low? It's not because the book is subpar or mediocre, but because I want the book to start at the very bottom. Only you, the readers will tell the quality of this book. Of course, I hope that before you guys decide to write a review, you will take time to read more than ten chaps at the very least. Anyway, I will leave this review here to indicate the new start of this craft.

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    I enjoy reading this book I can't wait for the next chapter every time I finish the one that just came out there isn't any big grudges or fight scenes all the time but the book itself is interesting enough that it doesn't need to rely on that to keep its readers. I didn't have much hope for the book when I first started reading it as I thought that making wine would be boring and I would end up dropping the book but next thing I knew my coins were flying away and I had no more chapters to read because I was hooked into the story so thank you author for this amazing book.

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    I love this novel, for some reason I feel at ease when I'm reading, it's a really strange feeling but when I read this novel all the stress or everything that I can usually feel in other LN isn't present, it's just calming and I want to congratulate and thank the author for this. Well, let's speak about the novel itself, first there aren't that many if any fault in the language. The way the author use the words is very pleasing and not repetitve. The phrasing is good and I must say that it is more and more difficult to find novel with this quality. Then about the updating stability, as you can see, the author is uploading 14 chapters / week, which is why I think he deserves 5 stars. The chapters are not that long but the writing quality make me feel that the author spend much time working on his novel. The world background is especially good here, we have some lead about the origin of the system but not all the fact, the world is structured, there is no incoherence and everything is clear, well thought, and nit over exaggerated. The universe described is plausible. And all of this lead to a good story development. Some might think that the author is too quick with the beginning but I think that it is a strength of this novel, it skipped the boring part and always show what is really interesting (I won't hide the fact that I would enjoy if the author decided to spend a little bit more time on each part because I really enjoy reading). If the author can continue this speed or slow down a little bit it would be perfect I think. The story itself is well built, it's coherent, the goal of the MC is clear and logic and ghe way he acts and how the story evolve is at the same time a little bit obvious (if you spent the last few years reading novels you will be able to see what's coming in the few next chapters) but also surprising (the way the author make the MC acts is different but coherent, logic and intelligent). And the good world background and story development is completed by the characters, the MC and first plan characters are all interesting and I hope they can progress along the MC so that they are not forgotten like in a lot of novel because each of them has a personality which is really cool. The MC development is particularly good, he is not oblivious and his stubbornness is justified but it doesn't stop him from evolving and developing feelings. The second plan character are less developed (which is logic) but they are not stupid or boring, they blend perfectly in the story. As for the characters that only appear occasionally they are qualified by something that make you recognize them even after long time not seeing them and they add rythm and consistency to the story. For the characters that only appeared once they are either here to make the story progress or for the comic relief. All in all a rare jewel on this app, worth reading, worth following. I would like to congrat and thank the author for this story. Keep up the good work, it's really good.

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    Stating my review as of C51, I held the top Non-Author review on the original so please read the whole review. I would check on it daily till it finally was removed by the author himself. It was a great book that I rated 4.5 Stars for having great Writing Quality, Stable updates, Good Character Design, the only issue was the lacking story development which was due to low chapter count, and lower world background due to the main character as of then not expanding his horizons past 3 places, all described and imaginable through context, just a lack of world knowledge. This story has, in my opinion, different from the original too much for it to be considered a replacement. The Writing Quality is lower, at 3.5 stars, but I rounded to 4 due to the rating system in place. The author can't seem to stay on topic and butts in the story to explain things that need no explanation, and could if was a good author, be explained in dialogue or thought. For example, the heart cultivation system, they deviate for a minute to explain the heart cultivation system, how it's based on the soul and therefore one of the hardest things in the cultivation world to raise, and how only the 3 top immortal emperors have reached its peak. He can think back on his death while cultivating in his store, " I could have caught up to him and beat him if I had raised my heart cultivation to Heart Void... I'm still stuck at Heart unmoving mountain, I may have had a glimpse into it previously but my cultivation now is simply too low ", and the two earlier realms explained which he teaches his future disciple. The stability of Updates is fine, I give it 5 stars. Story Development is butchered, the original was much more of a casual yet satisfying read and had you interested in the side-characters, this is my main point of critique and the one I hope my comment readers sit up from there seats to read. The Side-Characters in the original you would learn about more, they would attempt to talk with the store owner and the store owner would be unresponsive, giving nods or a smile, they would say a qualm they had which silently built the depth of the world, they would talk with each other, you would see the bandits leaning to each other and appreciating seniority and looking up to there boss even in the presence of a 9-saint. In this it feels like their props, put there to show off the MC, this ruins the original novels likeness and lowers it to be just another novel on the board, making it nothing special to read, just another interesting title with a forgettable narrative. I would normally give it a 3, but due to remembering the original, I must give it a 2. Character design is also a 2, the main character is given no prior explanation like in the original, you learn from the context in chapter 2 or 3 that he was transmigrated, but then he talks about how he used to be a top expert if I hadn't read the original I don't think I would've understood the situation immediately. As previously said the characters have become props to show his greatness, and are no longer interesting, the two girls have no personalities, there just prizes unwarranted for the main character to show off to his customers, who he never talks to and shows no appreciation nor affection towards. World Background, this was a complaint I had for the previous author as well so I can't be too harsh in reality, luckily though we're on the internet and I can be hypocritical in my choices. If I remember correctly I gave the previous author 4 stars for world background because he at least depicted the environments and I could imagine them, but now, it's a small shop in some area is some kingdom with a history we know little about and can only correlate to the very simple and unbuilt world history (which this world history is new and was not mentioned in any of the originals chapters, I do not know why the empire is suddenly founded by a long-dead hero who fought in this great war that would be unimportant if it followed the likeness of the original). We don't get to imagine the interesting black wasteland like in the last book with a quaint village on its bordering coast that live off the sea and cultivators explore the deadlands for rare ingredients, where our MC meets up with the two best cooks on the continent or at least proclaimed by there elder, who is acknowledge as the best cook on the continent, who then follow after to find our MC cause he shows off his cooking skills without even knowing. World building is 1 star. Is this all just me complaining about how it isn't faithful to the original? Yes. Is that bad? To most no. But to me, this author could always just write his own book, sense he clearly has concepts for them by introducing this random world history with a great war. But instead, he tried his hands at reviving a very great book in my eyes and turned it into a second-rate book, and now no one else can ever read that original book, even if it would've never been completed, it was a good short run that left you with an idea in your head, one that could let you imagine that world and the character's future just in your mind, without needing to continue it. If this is the same author who just didn't like his old book and made a new account saying that he transferred rights, then you have made a downgrade, and if it's a different person who has taken the reigns of this, you have removed a great book from this site, and no one will be ever to read that original again. If I could rate this anything, personally id rate it 1 compared to the previous, but on its own, 3.5-4 , but I acknowledge it will never be what the previous was, but I can not forget the previous so in the end I will leave it with 2.8.

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    he was introduced as billions of years old, cold aloof god. but he talks way to much, and speaks many unnecessary things, 15 chapters in his 'cold' charecter is already breaking, and the story is already progressing to fast, I would be surprised is the emperor of the kingdom came down next chapter. two peerless beauties were generated out of no where,, just cause no doubt for smut reason which also brings the story down a bit. but the main problems as I said are. cold personality breaking, story moving way too quickly, and too much unessarcary speech on the mcs part. oh and too many random long drawn out info dumps.

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    It said Wine Store??? Now MC has started to do the Cooking and Refining Pills also?? That's completely different from what it initially started from.

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    As of Chapter 49 Writing Quality: 5/5 No visible mistakes were seen. (My english might not be the best so take it with a pinch of salt all you grammer nazis) Story Development: 5/5 A relatively light hearted story in my own opinion. This story has a theme seen by most light novel readers. However, the light heartedness of the story carries teally nicely despite there being a little gore in some areas. A relatively easy read. Character Design: 3/5 A typical aloof MC. There is nothing out of the ordinary about the MC so far. However, the MC stays true to his role and does not do anything out of character thus far. (OP and aloof MC). Not much is seen in the side characters as there is little to no depth in them. They feel very surface level (if you get what i mean). Updating Stability: 5/5 I jist binge all 48 chapters so i am assuming that this novel has daily releases. World Background: 3/5 A typical chinese fantasy theme as a world background. Nothing outstanding seen so far. Overall: 4.2/5 I would consider this a novel to pick up and run with. There seems to be alot of potential in this novel. However, this novel is fairly light hearted and not for those who enjoy grimdark. This novel can be considered more of a easy read type novel. The main issue with this novel (why it has a low score) is due to the lack of chapters which will be solved in the future. Will do a future review once there are more chapters

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    Its deviated from the original idea. What originally should have been about a fallen immortal running a wine store has instead morphed into a story where the wine store aspect has been sidelined in favour of ‘sect building’. Like what the **** author? I came here to read about what was written in the synopsis not some bullshit xianxia novel where the protagonist builds a sect with the system aspect only being there to give him quick powerups. An example being how the system missions were previously all about making wine and the betterment of the store deviating and becoming some random bullshit like “Explore the Fallen Immortals Cave where there are items useful for your cultivation!” Summary: Used to be a unique novel that stayed true to its synopse only to regress into a typical xianxia novel where the protagonist unwittingly collects a harem and the system is relegated into being an object that serves no other purpose other than to be the source for the protagonists miraculous powerups.

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    I'm so happy someone picked up this novel I'm even more happy I found it 😃 I'd recommend reading both the original and this. It's essentially gourmet of another world but for wine.

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    I was really sad when this book went hiatus and I waited for the original author to pick it up again. Good thing someone decided to approach the original author. I have nothing else to say about the book. It's great and the MC is so OP and badass.

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    Thisbis perfect kind of laid back I wanted to read. I am more than happy to read this kind of novel. Though the chapters are bit short, the quality makes up for it.

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    It pretty average. It started off interesting and funny but later on it started to get boring and generic. Story also started to divert from the main theme of the novel which is making wine.

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    Such a shame, the book started out as having great potential and the world building and character development was good, everything was great apart from the cardboard cutout stereotypes that were the characters and the fact that the MC never really fought until it got really annoying for the readers, and then the author just stopped updating. I looked at his profile and I think the last time he was on the website was like a month ago or something? What a waste of potential and such a big cliffhanger.

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    The system giving him servants(or followers, whatever you want to call them) who is subservient to him is somewhat insulting.The sect leader lady completely lost her personality.I feel like that three potentially strong female characters just devolved onto mindless followers... That being said I did like the outline of the story although it dis feel astonishingly similarly to a novel I have read before. But I am reserving judgement since I have read only 72 chapters. I did think it would have been better for him to just sell wine since he is an aspiring? wine God but this is good too. Also I feel like the villains are too idiotic and don't have any good information network to understand they are horribly outclassed. I wish they could be a bit more fleshed out and intelligent. There are a lot of cliches and overused plot themes. Hair trigger cannon fodder villains, arrogant females who gets swayed by his looks or power, rich scions who gets won over by the amazing food and wine, greedy experts who wants to snatch MC's possessions, an astonished mob......

    Reveal Spoiler
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    So far, this nobel has been really enjoyable the only complaint I have is the length of the chapters otherwise its a 5/5

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    CULTIVATION REALMS (From chapter 31 for those interested) In the 1st-rank Warrior realm, a cultivator's body will undergo a substantial change which will greatly enhance their physical strength and ability. In the 2nd-rank Elite Warrior realm, a cultivator's skeletal system will be strengthened considerably. People who reached this realm will be able to easily shatter a wooden table with their fists. In the 3rd-rank Crusader realm, their digestive organs will be further enhanced. When one reached this realm, they would only need to eat food once every three days. Their internal injuries will also heal at a much faster time. The 4th-rank Knight Crusader will allow a cultivator to manipulate the true essence in their bodies adeptly. They can then use true essence to strengthen their attacks by more than several times. In the 5th-rank Spirit realm, a cultivator mind will be enhanced further. This will make it easier for them to wield their true essence and they could even possibly create a skill that could produce the elements of nature. (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, etc.) In the 6th-rank King realm, a cultivator will be able to naturally wield the elements of nature with the use of their true essence. An expert of such caliber can create a fireball, wind blade, earth spike, etc. In the 7th-rank Emperor realm, a cultivator can glide through the air for a brief moment and they were also able to wield a much stronger force of element. In the 8th-rank Divine realm, a cultivator can manipulate his true essence to enable himself to fly in the air. Their strength is also more destructive and their lifespan will reach up to more than three hundred years. In the 9th-rank Saint realm, a cultivator will have no more need for food, water, and sleep. They can simply nourish their bodies with true essence. An expert of such caliber can shatter small mountains... In the 10th-rank God realm, a cultivator can freely command the elements of nature. If they want it to rain, then rain it shall be. But the people Nuar barely knows anything about the legendary realm.

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    I'm confused about what this is supposed to be. spoiler alert.. Why have our mc who is more than a billion years old. He got reincarnated with a system that makes him do wines. In the first chapters, I felt that the story was going fast and I started to get into it but then when it came to the origin of frost wine it started to become weird. The author started to locked possible ways to the mc become stronger, not only that but his explanation are odd and made it look stupid how he could cultivate to the 9th Saint rank in the first place. The sense of the progression of the story felt odd because of the origin of frost wine, we were already introduced to a more expensive wine but then the system makes the mc work to get this cheaper one. Furthermore in the story, the store is basically ignored by the mc, the system even gives him a mission that does not contribute anything to the store but to him. His decisions are strange he doesn't want to interfere in the kingdom, but then he wants, but in chapters later he doesn't want, and then he fights a dragon and he rediscovers a hidden side of him, after that he decided that he was going to interfere. IT goes back and front. Then he wants to create a sect, this is the chapter that I'm currently and i wonder to myself, Why the fu** is this called "The immortal's Wine Store" since chapter 10-13 nothing expensive appear in the board of the store. It's like the author had an idea he didn't like where it was going and kept changing and changing it.

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    the start of the novel wasnt bad till it reached a certain point where i dont understand most of the characters (some even got their personality changed without a true reason...even the protagonist and noone thought it was strange.........), some characters even got almost cancelled for exemple the purple feathered flame eagles, for the mc they should be extremely important for when he ill be back to the big continent but when he got there Aren got mentioned only one time and no more and there are more like him.... i still read it cause the overall of the story wasnt bad but are you serius about ending this story like this?... truly unsetting. From this point is spoiler: I can understand make him to die like that(i actually didnt understand very much but okay.) but shouldnt he come back to life? why ending this so sad like this? it was never a sad novel so why like this? truly hate this ending .

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    i really love the character and how he is cool but strict at the same time. its not your generic fighting cultivation but it has that cultivation feeling but with a nice plot and story line with all the characters has different characteristics

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    Author Malignant