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The Invincible Full-Moon System

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Author: Mrboogey13

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The sinful acts of humanity bring forth a great calamity upon themselves, or so they thought.

Supernatural Emergence happened.

Supernatural creatures start to come out of nowhere and forcefully claim half of the Earth and massacre any humans that cross their paths. All of them are too powerful, dozens of countries fall under their diabolic claws. Humanity was pushed against the corner.

But things started to turn around when humanity began to awaken magical powers.

Awakened is the name for those who awaken these powers blessed by the Gods, and they become the pillars of humanity.

Rex Silverstar is a normal boy who has a traumatic experience. On the day of the Supernatural Emergence, a Werewolf takes everything he has. He lost his family and his home, left alone in this cruel world. What drives him to live every day is his deep hatred towards the Supernaturals.

Joining the military in the hope of helping exterminate the Supernaturals from an early age, he found out that it's impossible to kill the Werewolf that was responsible for killing his parents without being an Awakened.

On a fateful night, in a near-death experience, he's given a chance by the full moon.

It was the turning point of his life. Obtaining a System that allows him to become stronger, having the potential to match and surpass the Supernaturals, Rex was ecstatic until he saw his stats window.


"Daily quest failed, sanity stat has been decreased by 20%!"

"Sanity stat is too low, you are unable to contain the blood moon blessing!"

"Starting forceful transformation!"

"WHAT?! I'm a human! What transformation?!"

"You are overwhelmed with bloodlust!"
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    is there a discord for this novel.......

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    So…I’m on the 17th chapter and while the story’s been great so far, it hasn’t warranted the 5* review I’m currently giving. What warrants this 5* review is my pity towards the author for having to deal with so many readers that don’t pay attention. As I said, I am on chapter 17 and I’ve lost count how many times people have attempted to fix the author’s “errors” for things they didn’t pay attention to. There have been explanations to all stat changes, or lack there of yet these readers constantly believe they know what they are talking about which then leads to further confusion as other readers begin to believe what they say. Sorry author, story’s great and I have plans on catching up, hope you the best.

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    The Mc is honestly just disgusting he just stands there and watch the supernatural civilians get raped by humans and even lets the humans go and don't get me started on what he did to the assassin siblings, and he acts like humans are the good guys what a hypocrite there is no saving someone as disgusting as hm.

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    I liked this story until the moment when the mc became a pathetic simp...................................................................................

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    450k veiws 11 reveiws all 5 star 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Negtives Awfull grammer Stale dialogue Mental deficient Mc The world has terrible common sense Positive Has potential if the author just downloads Grammarly

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    author the mc could be more proactive with the girls , he has to be an alpha not a dense protagonist author the mc could be more proactive with the girls , he has to be an alpha not a dense protagonist

    View 15 Replies

    This novel is... Not great. The grammar Is so painfully bad that I can’t actually read anymore. Mistakes here and there are fine, but literally every sentence takes me out of it. Please if you write a book at least use grammarly or something. Also the writing has been... bad. Often times the author skips foreshadowing and straight up says “something is going to happen” before it happens and without foreshadowing. Its absolutely frustrating.

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    Dialogs are dull, characters are one dimensional and i can't describe how much dumb mc is. He's literally walking through the fire and can't comprehend why the person in front of him is surprised. World background is okay, to some extent it's interesting. Overall i wouldn't recommend it unless author revise it

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    mc a simp and that alone makes me hate the novel and if you wondering why I gave it 5 star is because author deletes reviews that show the bad side of his work

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    this book is quite enjoyable. problable because its a werewolf book that lacks the usaly extreme romance. This doesn’t mean it’s the book to end all books but its pretty good. Kodos to the author. 👍

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    Story is good, mc is an idiot. Soo many plot holes and inconsistencies. Mc is all about himself one minute next he isn’ and vise versa. Harem is okay, but once again dense mc. It’ okay but would save your fp for better stories

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    Welcome to my Novel! Yes, I'm the author of this novel :) Firstly I want to say tell you guys that this Novel is a participant of the WPC #164 so please vote for it! And I thank you guys who vote and read in advance! XD Okay enough with the yittyyatta, This novel is a fantasy novel, so if you want to see a meteor fall from the skies, supernatural creatures, or even a cursed relationship then this novel is your cup of tea! The main character will go through hardships so his principle and personality might change from time to time. For those who like romance? There will be one! For those who like a harem, there will be one! I mean there might be! And yes the MC can sometimes be selfish and lustful but that's okay! It's just how people are, Not flawless. Anyway, hope you like the novel! Cheers!

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Bro honestly it races I mean bro 118 he let her get raped cuz he wanted to know y the man didn’t fight back and he let the that raped her leave like bro just cuz they’re supernatural doesn’t means u have to kill them like bro u should really be mad at the wolfs so in reading this anymore

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    After reading many werewolves and/or system novels, I decided to give this one as my first review. I've read most of the existing reviews and decided to give my 2 cents. Writing: Yeah, I can see why some people dislike it. The writing at the beginning does justify the negative reviews. I personally didn't mind it as much since I (slowly) skimmed through it. It got better for the later chapters and I can see the author's effort to improve. Regardless, the writing is nothing stellar but not horrible either (for the later parts that is). The use of onomatopoeias is pretty excessive for my liking personally but I understand the author's intention for the tone of the novel to be much more casual. After some amount of re-reading, it certainly has somewhat grown on me. Plot: I think the story is fantastic. It doesn't have a strong start (after the main character got the system). I did not enjoy the school setting very much, but that's just my personal taste. However, things get increasingly more enjoyable as the story advances further. I really like the psychological mind games between the protagonist and the antagonists here, albeit sometimes it gets slightly dragged out a bit. Also, I would love to see some hints or appearances of the werewolf who killed his parents since it was the main antagonist after all. Characters: The main character is the reason why I'm in love with this novel. Sure, he's certainly not the brightest sometimes, but I love everything else about him. Unlike most MCs I came across, he's not some ordinary high school twink who suddenly found supernatural powers. Even before the appearance of the system, the dude was an absolute menace, being in the military force against supernaturals as a normal human. He's very cunning and ruthless, which is extremely fitting for a werewolf. Other than the MC, the females are quite lacking. Harem is not my cup of tea so I'm glad that this one is not too overbearing. World building: The setting is pretty good. The world building is not heavy as it adds bits and pieces as the story goes on through the MC's missions. I really like the war-like atmosphere with a magi-tech world. Overall, while it is not the best, it is certainly very enjoyable. I am currently and will continue to purchase privileged chapters and support the author. PS: If you are dissapointed with this novel, I HIGHLY suggest "The Harvester"

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    I'll be honest..I have read this novel till chapter 52 and dropped it there because i couldn't bear mc's behaviour anymore..so from my experience.. starting is good..literally good but later mc turns into a simp despite having a tragic past..and got worse and worse in it but if you like a story where mc is a simp..who has no self respect when it comes to beautiful girls..etc...then you might like it.....

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    LV 15 Badge

    the system really portraits the MC's zero intelligence on his stat window, and school life... IDK why people still like school life stories, ima add this to the read when desperate pile

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    After reading up to 300 chapter…It still annoying that author forget reward items from completing the mission. Another thing is development between Mc and Fmc is very bad. Mc already made her female alpha and kiss her once and they go back to same relationship as before. But main thing to offset me is the rewards items. Do not give reward items if you will forget to use it

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    LV 11 Badge

    This novel is wonderful, however the grammar is not so good I started it sometime ago and I’m happy I didn’t drop it It’s an amazing novel with unexpected twists and unending action But the author should try and get an editor or improve the writing quality

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    Starts off good, but slowly just gets more and more trashy. I'm not going to go too into detail because I don't care enough, but it's worth a read if you have nothing else to read, but definitely wouldn't be one of my go to novels.

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    Author Mrboogey13