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In this world, human are in peril. 72 Obelisks suddenly appeared out of nowhere, infecting the world with Monsters. Amongst this chaos, people look for hope.

A man named Basil Pacifer is the humanity's hope. He is the strongest Mage alive at that point. Sadly, he believes in no man, and he always moves alone.


Basil observes the unfolding scene bitterly. He is aware of his impending doom, however he has no grudge. He has lived long enough to achieve things people can only dream about.

Looking back to his past, he realized his life is nothing more than a sad story.

Closing his eyes, he accepted his end — or so he thought.


"Look at me! What do you see?"


"Don't you want to undo it?"

"Tell me what the offer is."

Thus, Basil Pacifer returned to the past, being his younger self once again. Of course, he returned back with something.



[Guide to Omniscience is successfully merged with The Chosen One]

[Analyzing The Chosen One's mental capability...]

[Analyzation Complete!]

[Result: The Chosen One is retarded]

[Initiate Brain Configuration!]

No matter how useless the golden finger he received seems, he will reach a higher height than his last life. This time, he will completely erase any regrets he has!


I'm too broke to make my own Cover. Therefore, I'm borrowing the masterpiece of AnatoFinnstark from DeviantArt (title: The Cold of Eternity).

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    I personally think this is one of the best novels on this site. The Mc has a lot of mysteries around him and he first may seem as arrogant but he is calculating and may be a bit over confident but that's fine...I also love how the system talks🤣🤣🤣 magic with adventure, seeking new discoveries... that's the kind of novel I love...and this is one of them now😁😁 Overall I must say everyone should try this novel...if you are a adventure action fantasy novel fan.

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    I'm usually more of a fanfiction guy rather than one to hang around the original stories section, but, luckily in this case, I found myself stumbling up on this relatively hidden gem with loads of tags that I couldn't help but love, I mean #genious,#system,#dark,#immortal and a few more iconic ones, like, why are you not giving this a chance yet? :P Anyway, since if you are still reading this is seems that you need a bit more convincing before giving it a try, so, after having red a good ~60 or so chapters just to make sure that the quality was consistent in the long run, I'll say my piece on it: The story, as the synopsis say, is the one of a guy who, through incredible and unprecedented efforts from his part, reached the pinnacle of what humanity had to offer in the fight against hordes of demons spawning from the 72 Obelisks scattered across the Earth. In this setting, humans pick between being Mages or Knights (like a rpg class), and our guy, despite being (what he believed to be) the self made pinnacle of both, after "suffering a set back" we shall say, finds himself all the way back to his younger days when he was nothing but a 16 years old, scrawny, bullied kid with no magical talents to speak of and only a super handsome (but feminine) face as his saving grace, but worry not, as this time around he not only has all the memories of his several decades long journey to the top that he went through in his previous life, but also an awesome system (which acts more like a sassy encyclopedia really) on top, which, when questioned, tells him the "true" ways to reach the pinnacle, leaving him all too often completely baffled about his original misconceptions regarding the way to go about growing in strength which he believed to be ineffable, creating some very amusing interactions between the two, while at the same time giving him an opportunity to embark on his journey back to the pinnacle way sooner and smoother than he did in his previous life! But worry not, the MC will always keep an aura of superiority towards his peers, and elders alike, showing off his talents and knowledge whenever its possible as if it was the most natural thing in the World to do while charming all the onlookers along the way, because, after all, The Lord Is Too Overbearing!! ^_^

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    A Webnovel masterpiece to be made. A novel with limitless potential and i can just do nothing but imagine in what direction this story will unfold in the coming updates. This novel plot is cliche that is sure but story development is so very unique in a way and the world in novel is so mysterious, many things still hidden in the dark. From what i know Author didn't mention the name of this world in novel yet(i am waiting for it just so you know dear author). Characters are some real some cliched, some generic dialogues could be seen in the novel. Family of MC is described good, whether it's his pretending family or real (which is mystery till now). I would like to say that it could have been better, i am sure you also know that yourself dear Author. MC overbearing character is amazing fleshed out. His character is written so nicely that I can feel Author's dedication in writing the main character. His dialogues are not overly concerned, not forced jokes, not insanely hilarious (as in mostly edgelord Chinese drama) and is meticulous and he knows where and what to say and not ro say. After MC character my most favourite character is Iliana and next favourite is Vagus. Here i would say that I would have wanted to read a moment between Vagus and MC after the death of Irene but that didn't happen. That scene would have highlighted the warm and emotional serious( motherly only as reference) side of Vagus that was hinted at various points in the novel. Lastly I would give my best wishes to dear Author for his amazing creation and future updates. May God bless as you don't left behind any character in your novel😅🤣🤣. Here is end bye bye dear Author 💐💐

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    I was incredibly hopeful in the beginning. Everything was amazing and was a perfect hook. The writing, Dialog, and the story telling was great. it very quickly took a turn and became an anime-esque Harem situation. people are dying and women scream "kyaa". which felt ridiculous for me to even write. I'm very disappointed I wasted a whole half day off on reading something thag could have been incredible but devolved into a teenage ego-boosting harem novel.

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    I think the story is amazing and very interesting.The writing quality and story development of this novel is really good.Very interesting world background.I would recommend to others, but this is just my opinion.Have a great day everyone and keep up the good work author.(first review ever)

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    Its good just the mc's personality is inconsistent it is always narrated as cold but he pats every girl that crying and girls fall in love with him at first sight

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    A fascinating read. The writer does a great job of creating the characters, describing it all and telling the story. It’s so easy to imagine. Almost like a movie in the readers heads. It is very well done.

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    Amazing read~ "you don't judge a book by its cover", I liked the plot a lot but would also like it if you changed the novel cover from time to time, attractive covers are important too you know, they attract more readers~

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    This novel is a hidden gem with fantastic story. OP MC with cold personality. Although he's too cold to his classmates, I hope he helps his friends when they are in need~ Keep it up Author🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Ngl, the story is good but only in the early stages. I don't know if I can say the changes to him later on the story gives him a more depth personality or giving him an unstable character. Also I don't like harem and it seems like the story is going there so I stop reading. The relationship he had with her sister is realistic but still annoying. What can I say is that it's readable and you should give it a try.

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    starting can be a bit salty but after that part i love this novel[img=update][img=recommend][img=fp] all and all good story development, characters are well thought i think author sama poured his blood...kuhum sweat in this novel

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    It seems promising so far. The writing quality is one of the best I've seen on this app. I'm definitely going to keep up with this novel. ..

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    Drop on 60 chp. The setting is similar to Korean dungeons. MC is a regressor with cheats. All works are based on the character of mc(very domineering, easily attracts women, which brings him problems (which he is not happy about)) Who dropped? 1) The author, unfortunately, does not like to disclose the details of the world building, so we will find out everything at the very last moment. (In the worst case, the author simply did not think of anything in advance) 2) The power levels work incomprehensibly. Often you can see Chinese-cultivation phrases like - No one below the level could break through the aura of the knight of the green core, etc. 3) The author loves cliches. Especially the appearance of MC at the last moment. Even if our MC not a typical hero, cliches still cliches. 4) A typical problem for a regressor. Even if MC will be 100 times faster than in a previous life in level up, events will still force him to overcome difficult enemies...

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    Love everything about this book my only complaint is the grammar nothing that really disrupts the story just missing words like a and the when referring to people places and occupations.

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    I dont like the mc, even though the enemy is his future enemy, you cant just kill people in broad daylight in front of everyone. He kill people without thingking the consequence at least kill the enemy in discreet

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    Wait a second That picture looks like Malena (who is the Blade of Miquella, and has never known defeat, who will cause you to witness true horror and will have your flesh rotted by Scarlet Rot)

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    I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Good mc , good story , good dialogues , good novel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    after days of searching, I finally found another hidden gem with chad mc....................................................................

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    I love the novel for it character development and story and background and The mc personality But i find it sad that only 23 chapter are only free i wish there where more free chapter because i dont have enough to pay For the rest so maybe when i can spare some things i will continue to read and man keep Doing the work You do so when i pay for chapter I can buy it it bulk Awesome Novel my man have a blessed day

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