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The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

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Author: God loves the worldTranslator: TransnEditor: Transn


3.75 (602 ratings)

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The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe is a Chinese fantasy fiction containing themes of cultivation, Sages, Demons, Sorcerers, and Chinese Ancestors. Minghe, reincarnated from an IT nerd in the modern world, sets his mind to change his history and create another legend in Untained Land. No one knows how many secrets he has or how powerful he is. What will happen in this afterlife of his? How can he pursue the power of the Origin in order to change his history? Discover all the answers in this book.


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    I see light sabers I’m voting.......................................................,..,,..............................................................................

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    Website : qidian china Views : 712thousand Rating : 7.6(142) Chapters : 436 Status :???? Word count : 1.11million author level : lv5 No of works : 2 If you are interested my reviews are in almost every novel.

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    Reasons why people are voting for this novel: 5% I’m an IT guy as well! 5% the plot sounds interesting 5% Dont like the other options 85% Lightsabers heck yeah!

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    A very sad 2/5 for its spark of originality. The MC is supposed to be like one of the primordial Gods in a newly made world. But he starts from 0 cultivation and has knowledge of the future like all other gods, but this futere can be altered. Confused? I dare say you will never meet a more INCONSISTENT novel ever. The time intervals are completely irrelevant. By chapter 2 the MC has cultivated for milions of years and then after many other years goes to impart cultivation techniques to the ordinary creatures which do not really know what its like. BUT in just 10000 years these commoners which have no preordained knowledge or countless treasure like the MC does, they achieve a jigher realm than the MC. This is just an example from myriad. The author just dumps a lot of random lore, impossible to remember or see the bigger picture. And the translotors, which are average at best, just translate it robotically. Lots of terms that are not explained is really annoying. For MC character, utterly illogical. An otaku apparently which magically transforms and becomes the most productive guy ever, because we k ow otakus are very hardworking. He cultivates for milions of years but still always thinks of his previous 0.000001% life on Earth. No character interaction whatsoever. This novel it is honestly pure sh1t, so don't give it a chance.

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    since the guy is an IT nerd he must be smart or otherwise there is no novel. i also expect this guy making technology. he better have no harem. it would be nice if he hooked up with a girl like himself. if he reincarnates into a body ofa poor ass piece of sh*t person that got betrayed and needs to get revenge by killing that person then im gjust gonna drop this book i hear about the settings. i t better at least not have a boner whenevr he sees a girl. it would be pretty funny if he had stereotypical nerds sense of humour like e.g i would tell you a science joke but all of the argon. see what i did there. oh and also if some people say it's **** because it's isekai. i agree , it's just i'd like something unique about the mc , like how he could have a really nerdy smartass (p.s my rating is what i would expect out of this book)if it does better it will suprise me

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    Possibly the most disappointing novel I’ve ever voted for. Confusing and boring is how I would describe it. Half the chapter is spent on describing every treasure he has, why it’s important, and what it can do. I can’t even tell if there’s a plot underneath all this description. Absolutely no hook to make me want to read more, no motivation for the main character, no reason to care about his previous life, and no interesting world building. Seems more like a rough draft or an idea chart than an actual story. Maybe it’s the translation from Chinese to English, or maybe it appeals more to Chinese culture, all I know is I don’t like it

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    LV 11 Badge

    BullShit... Do not read, possible internal damage... Coughs up blood.... If you are so strong that you have read more than one chapter... (And even get to 3...) You will get cool abilities: travel 200 thousand miles in a second, gain the ability to transform into 108 kinds of divine beasts, and direct attacks targeted at you towards any of 480000000 Clones of Blood God that you own. (Each of which increases your prediction capabilities) You will certainly get more divine original artifacts than anyone else... The ability to be reborn as many times as you wish, and many other abilities, from the description of which Sasuke will cry bloody tears... Though you had spent hundreds of thousands of years without a physical form and later another 130 thousand years to complete yours Clones of Blood God. Hero i must congratulate you, you remained a virgin not only 20 earth years, but also hundreds of thousands of years in another world.... (Sitting in one place) For this you get a unique ability there is no logic there is a line author....

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    5 star for this. REINCARNATION + IT EXPERT + CULTIVATION = BOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOM. I love reincarnation, specially came from modern life. Voting for this.

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    I'll admit I judged this book by its cover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I don’t get the title nor do I get the synopsis, but the cover looks pretty flicking badaxe with the dual wielding lightsabers so its a yes from me!😀

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    ok at first when i saw the rating as 4.2... i thought .. man at last there is a good novel from the new ones released... then when i read the first chapter...info dump... then i thought may be just 1 chapter.. the next fucking 5 chapters.. more info dump and the chapters are like a fucking documentary abt how that mc became a god with a time skip of abt 1million years? cmon.. GUYS this novel sucks BIG TIME... i donno y ppl rated this a 5 star.. i think those must be the fake accounts from QI or the translators... haha.. grow up qi.. u can do better then creating fake accounts and giving 5 star rating just to increase the novels rating.. m not telling lies.. haha see the newest comments and you will know.. this novel is SHIT... Also there is no light sabers... fu QI for giving us this stupid novel..

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    Garbage waste of time Read the first 10 chapters and can’t stay interested in the story Have no idea what the writer is trying to convey to the reader considering most readers don’t have a through knowledge of Chinese mythology Maybe the writer had an interesting idea and plot but unfortunately with weak start no one would stay and suffer to read it

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    Don't know if anyone else thought so, but this novel was extremely boring. First 3 or 4 chaps were all info dumps and didn't create any suspense at all. More of a chore than a leisure to read this novel. Author uses phrases that readers might not know, some of which even I don't know even after reading 100s of novels. Like wtf is breath of tongtian? What are all these weird cultivation stages? Author are you ok? Furthermore, translation is very subpar and it gets noticable after a while. Sad thar I voted for thus novel to get released early for 2 weeks. Also sad that this novels rating js heavily inflated by reviews done when it was still in the What's Next? section.

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    The light saber is a scam The story is about chinese myth god and cultivation Oh yea the light saber on cover is purely scam! Did i mention the light saber is a scam?

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    LV 13 Badge

    BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL BORING AS HELLL.................... ... ..................................... . . ...............................

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    First time ever write a review.. So like everyone else I was waiting for this to come out. As it seem like something I'll get really into to. But I couldnt... It I don't know.. 4 chapter in and it seems the main character isn't real at all to me.. He throw everything he was away to fast and became someone new. It feels like he doesn't have a real back story that make you want to be at his side and cheer him on. It went from dam got it by lighting, reincarnated, let me use millions of year making myself a body while I'll tell you about everything else that about the world and all the culturing I'll have to do, oh finally got a body talk about myself for 20 seconds and how I feel like I'm a cpu and all the other clones are small cup and back to talking about things that put you to sleep... Overall fir me the picture they use is so much clickbait... At least in the book "True Martial Arts World" he waa fighting for everything that he had and wanted to go all the way to the top. This is more like well this place is very peaceful and you can call her all you want become really strong without anyone getting in your way.. Sorry but for me this is like watching paint dry not worth it. It make me sad to say it tho. But it true and I been waiting for this to come out too.. Oh well maybe the next book that released will be better.

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    Can be summed up in one word; disappointing. I had high expectations based on the summary but there is basically no plot or character development. Also the mc starts out omnipotent with no enemies or challenges to overcome. So if you enjoy poorly written novels this one is for you.

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    Star wars +Xi'an Xia= best sifi novel Nerd +will of a devil = Meng he Broad detailed world + amazing character development + new cultivation system ,= MUST READ

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    Giving it a five stars because this story seems to be pretty unique compare to most light novels nowadays. The cover is interesting and the synopsis is good. If I had to give it an honest review just based off of all of this, then I would give it 4.25/5 but Qidian doesn't work like that so 5 stars it is then.

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    I'm going to rate this as average from what I skimming first 15 chapter, maybe the future review will be change. Too many time skip and I so confused with World building lol

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    Author God loves the world

    Translator Transn

    Editor Transn