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The Villain in Making: One Hell of a Survival Original

The Villain in Making: One Hell of a Survival

Fantasy 75 Chapters 448.3K Views
Author: Champsing

4.71 (14 ratings)

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A notorious criminal is reincarnated as a mob character destined for death, but the person he is inhabiting is a little kid chained inside a prison.
With only one hour of control per day, he must navigate a world of magic and mutation, where he is not the only one with knowledge of the future.
As he builds his forces, he must contend with another transmigrator who has their own agenda. The clash between the two will determine the fate of the world.

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    Yo, so this is a detailed review of what to expect from the novel. 1. World: it is a post-mana apocalypse word that starts heavy on the magic side with slow revelation of other apocalypse elements. I gave a solid para hinting at the history. Feel free to take a guess in the comment. 2. System: Just like the world there will be at least 2 power systems. Everything starts from mana arts but just a hint that this is not the only system here and the mana arts is quite complex to satisfy you guys. 3. Character: The main characters Drake/Kane are 2 souls that share one body. And no it will not like old man soul things. I try to give both characters distinct traits and you will love it the more they change the control. (read the novel for clarification.) 4. Setting: Well things started with multiple common elements that I combined + my touch that will lead it to something new hopefully. Though You have to read at least 70-80 chapters for that. (Well if anyone read my dungeon one then they knew what I am talking about.) 5. Writing: New to English this is my second work so if you find any problems feel free to point them out, all I can say is I will try to give my best in the chapters. Is there anything left???? Oh yeah, the biggest question ‘is there Harem’? Sorry, I hate harem so nah. Though romance I can’t say much about that as of now. (well I believe all this will be enough for you guys to decide. If there is anything you want to ask feel free to comment in the chapter or here. I will try to answer it as long as it does not spoil things.) [Mc is a human and he can make mistakes. T.Y]

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    I don't have anything to add. The story is unique with a mix of some general elements(which makes it more interesting ) , writing quality is nearly excellent and the novel holds much promise. Nothing else except for my encouragement to the author to continue this fantastic piece of art

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    It's much more good and better than I initially expected. Especially the 'survival' aspect of this story. My god, I haven't seen such brutal situation of MC in any of the villain novels I have read till date. And that I absolutely loved it.I also liked that dual MC thing you did. That thing was good and new. But despite being new, you handled it with perfection. Hats off for that!I would really much prefer no harem. I haven't seen tags yet, but i would really much like this story in that direction rather than Harem route.The last thing I liked is the intervention of another transmigrator in the story. Really wondering what type of personality Sam has...Is it Good? Evil? Lustful? or Neutral?That's it.Oh yeah, that thing you wrote in the synopsis about MC and transmigrator facing off, I'm really excited about that part.

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    I like this novel very much i have not read many novels like this this has logical plots and ways of how the mc is going to try to become stronger and save himself from the "novels protagnist" i don't know much but i like it

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    All I can say is I try my best, you will get some cool characters to some some what new system. I believe this will be fun read[img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    I highly recommend this novel.Not only is it transmigration but it is unique to its own genre too.The character designs are amazing and the pacing is perfect.The lore is great too especially the amount of questions I have (Chris) and wow.I have no words.Stop what you are doing and open this baby.

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    The novel is excellent. It has good world building and character building capabilities. It is very good. I hope the author continues writing the novel

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    Just Wow! The Title and the synopsis captivates me to read the first chapter, and after reading that too, I was instantly intrigued. The concept of Kane transmigrating to become a Villain is just a whole new level. Come and accompany the journey of Kane to become a Villain!

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    interesting reading and world building, a lot of flowing elements and mysteries and good story structures, the concept seems fresh and the stakes are high. I enjoy it a lot so far, the only issue is some grammatical errors but I think it'll improve over time. Would recommend.

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    I haven't read this yet, just wanna know about rise of dungeon master novel, upload that too pls

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    I really liked the premise and the world building here. Thanks to the author for this captivating novel

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    After reading the first 41 chapters I am inclined to say this is a great book the pacing is nice story development is good character are also relatable overall good lots of potential keep it up author. Also a question author is this a dual mc book or is Blake or Kane the mc it would be best if it’s dual just my opinion though.

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    ahhh i cant explain it but i felt like i waste my time reading this, there's no character development after 40 chapters they kept talking and explaining. bring me some action man and in early chapter the main character said he would change his attitude like be more aggressive or something but his attitude is still the same.

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    pretty good so far, excited for more chapters

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    Author Champsing