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The Wretched: Ascent of An Anti-Hero

Fantasy 123 Chapters 303.6K Views
Author: MattHarris

4.73 (14 ratings)

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A golden man screamed across the sky and laid waste to the Earth.

He appeared out of nowhere, striking down cities with golden blazes of light.

Then, he disappeared. Where he went nobody knows.

In the aftermath, the Powered emerged. Humans granted superhuman abilities that transcend all logic and physics.

The world is in tatters, communities spread across the globe with limited contact, ruled by battles between humans and villains.

All the while monstrous creatures known as the Wretches stalk the barren, scarred wasteland.

With incredible powers of my own saving the world is a journey of putting one foot in front of the other.

Come check out the Discord to chat with the author and other readers: https://discord.gg/BEJgcRVVev

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    I had never heard of Webnovels before, but after reading through a couple over the past day this is one of the only ones I have enjoyed. A lot of it is more like a traditional novel, so maybe that is why? Either way, I liked it, so five stars!

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    Hero books aren't usually my thing. But this guy isn't exactly a hero, is he? If anything at the moment he's just a straight up villain. That I can get behid.

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    I am fallen. The main character of this novel has also suffered a fall. Let us see if he manages to rise. Part of me hopes that he does not.

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    Ah, here I am, the author doing his author review. Is this an all star 5 novel? I'd like to think so, but I definitely encourage you to do your own reviews with your own opinions!

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    Awesome novel!

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    This is the best example of story conversion I had seen so far. Plot, chapters, events are all similar following timeline of the Novel "WORM". Backstory of the world being destroyed by Endbringers, heroes and nemesis's being capes and villains. Sorry but if you are looking for original masterpiece it is free to read online and no locked chapters are present.

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    Amazing story with some uniqueness. I love the plot with the Wretches. The chapters hooks u up really well and l love the world building too. I wish u luck author! KEEP IT UP! Tho the golden man part was a little cringe

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    In this story our character starts off in a dark place, and at the moment it seems like things are going to get much darker before it gets better. If you like darker stories, this is for you

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    Hey matty! I told uncle Bob about your novel so that he would do a review. I hope that he did! Good luck with your story!!!

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    Yeah, this is pretty good. Keep it up, I guess. I'd like to see where the story ends up going and if the character keeps on the path that he's on.

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    Stephanie told me that you're writing a novel on this site, and that leaving you a review would help you. So here you go, here's a review, I hope this helps!

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    It's kind of annoying that you went private so soon, but the story is good enough to warrant putting money on the line to read it. I hope you keep updating. It's annoying to pay and then the writer quits! Please, don't quit!

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    I very much liked this at first... and then few months later I pick up another novel called "Worm" from 2011. To my surprise, it is very very V E R Y similar to this novel in so many ways. The plot, events, character design, are basically the same with very minuscule changes... If you want a not abandoned, free, complete story, that is the original copy of this, go read that instead.

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    Author MattHarris