/ Eastern / To achieve immortality, I cultivate using Qi Luck

To achieve immortality, I cultivate using Qi Luck

To achieve immortality, I cultivate using Qi Luck

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Author: Toast to the bright moon


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Traversing the Nine Provinces in the Immortal Cultivation World, Lu Yuan possessed the Dao Fruit of longevity, an eternal lifespan. If he were careful, he could anticipate the Immortal Method.
This was indeed a beautiful thing.
However, he was born during the Age of Dharma Decline, with spiritual energy depleted and the Immortal Method difficult. The great path was elusive.
Even worse, the Immortal Cultivation World of the Nine Provinces was on the verge of collapse, and the four poles were about to fall, marking the end of an era.
If that was the case, why shouldn't a man take up his sword and conquer fifty states across the mountains?
To survive in the Age of Dharma Decline, Lu Yuan cultivated the ancient Way of Control Pneuma, established an Immortal Dynasty, and gathered Qi Luck. He brought order to the Nine Provinces and peace to the four seas.
Gathering strength from across the world, he ascended to immortality step by step.
In ancient times, there were three Human Emperors: Hua Guang, Xia Xi, and Hao Tian.
Who is the Human Emperor now?
It is Emperor Chu Luyuan.


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    I really liked the start. He has a gold finger that doesn't really interfere too much. It gave him immortality from natural causes and kept track of his skills and whatnot. He's also a lowkey person who slowly gets stronger secretly. It also wasn't too one-sided because he could still die of other things like hunger or being killed. Anyway, he hunted and set up some traps for gangsters to get some money. However, after making a fortune the story took a turn for the worst, it became a slice of life he would train read eat go to the brothel then repeat however. It still wasn't too bad. What made it bad was when he risked his life for a stranger and then took on that stranger's kid as a disciple. That was when I lost interest in the novel because he took on undo responsibility for no reason, He even risked his life for a person he only met like 5 times and only to buy medicine from.

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    Rating before reading as synopsis is one of kind !! Always interesting to see cultivating other things but this time you gave me Kingdom making man i hope i am in for a long ride :3

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    Only problem with this is that this series is Haram. Also, I was wondering why the author was not putting up what kind of series it is and I figured it out it’s a harem. And a main character talking about having 100 wives, the main character lives forever and he thought that it was a smart idea to get as many wives as possible after he became all powerful so if you’re trying to look for an interesting, female protagonist you get 100 to choose from 100 random characters, isn’t that great for me? It’s not not a fan of parents you couldn’t choose one person you chose them al. Wow

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    the whole concept comes from Journey of the fate dominating emperor

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    The beginning is rather decent. However, the novel soon turns out for the worse. I don't recommend reading it. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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    Reveal Spoiler
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    The beginning to about ch 345/370 is great and I found it fun to read but after it becomes realy bad.

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    Does anyone knows the raw name? Skkskskskskkskskskskkskskskkskskksmsmsmssmmsmsmsmsmmsmsmsmmsmsmmsmsmmsmsmsmmsmsmsmmsmsmmtlmtltmltmtlmtltmtlmtltmrlrmlrmrlrmltmrlrmr

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    Great story. Please check out my book of the same genre "Odyssey In The Shadow Realm".

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    Not really much I have to say other than finding this book a nice change to what I usually find in this genre. Good book, recommend it for anyone interested in an actually logically thinking MC.

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    the novel is pretty good, it has a good world building and a storyline, the character is not Omni point and he face challtenges once awhile he's a cousion person

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    Author Toast to the bright moon