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A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world's awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new path—spirit qi occupations!
Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also evolving toward their ancestry line or developing spiritual mutations.
Lin Yuan realizes that he can assist feys in evolving limitlessly and constantly purify their bloodlines. He starts off with a small fey evolution store on the Star Web and rises up from there.
Lin Yuan: "There is no problem that I cannot solve to deliver the goods. If there is a problem, it is because the goods are better than expectations!"
This is a story purely about pets!

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    In depth Characters with their own backstories, and connections, groups, the story is good as even though it has weak to strong kind of MC the young master kind of character are basically next to nil, or our MC is somehow a bigger young master so no killing and being chased for it on the continent. This is a pure pet based novel, no martial arts, no special techniques, just different kinds of pets, evolution, etc. The original pets are relevant till the end and the pets are actual beings not just weapons of power or anything, each of them have their own characteristics, skills, etc All in all a good story.

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    HUGE INFODUMPS! And author constantly repeats the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Also, one chapter he introduces a new rule of this book, later he will break this rule. Let me put it this way. The normal conversation in this novel goes like this, Mc says something. The person mc is talking to replies with unfamiliar terminology. Author takes 3 paragraphs to explain. The mc replies with unknown terminology again. Author explains using 3 paragraph again. Every conversation is a tool for the author to dump huuuuge info that will probably never be mentioned again. 30 chapters in and VERY LITTLE has actually happened. But boy oh boy you probably know about half of all technical details on how fey, fey grades, fey characteristics, various companies, tools, fey cultivation plans used in this book's universe. Also, to the review that said no system, that is true. But the mc has a huge all encompassing cheat when it comes to feys. Not a bad thing per say but just mentioning. Dialogue is VERY dry because of the constant info dumps in them. So i s the exposition. And whenever any character in this story is feeling something, like happiness or anger, the author explains exactly why that character is feeling that, why the mc mad them feel like that, what the mc thinks about that character, etcetc you get my point. I mean the readers aren't dumb. the author doesn't have to explain why the mc's sister is feeling happy when the mc got her a good fey. But the author does, line by line, breaking down what she was feeling. Also, in this world it is apparently really hard for people to train something called 'runes'. But the mc just has to look in a certain random direction and recite poems. Then boom, new rune. Author said only contractors can choose skills for fey, but a few chapters later we see people choosing skill for fey not contracted to them. Author spends HUGE TIME explaining how things work, but when executing them in the book he literally throws all that out of the window and lets the characters break every rule he established. Oh and don't get me started with FEYS. Random fey appears, author takes a chapter to explain all the characteristics of that fey. Like he does that for almost every fey. Even the ones not related to mc or any major character. This is not a novel, it is one GIANT INFO DUMP or MONSTER ENCYCLOPEDIA. Not recommended.

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    petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................

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    This story is quite good I have been reading it on mtl around 900+ chapters just I don't understand why is it called a fey merchant. The summary isn't that good he only assists pets in evolving by hand at the beginning later it becomes extremely hard to do that. If anyone wants to read on mtl then "Imperial Beast Evolutions".

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    10% About Pets. 30% about How good the MC is and why people should worship him. 30% about politics / trade. 30% Repeating information or speaking useless information.

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    This is similar to Astral Pet Store, except no system (there's a stat screen though), no fighting (so far), and the MC is actually able to sell pets (isn't that wonderful?). The MC is a poor store owner who took over the shop at the age of 8 and taking care of his 6 year old sister. He raised her after their parents died and they developed a close relationship. Since the sister is talented, he struggles to make ends meet while also saving up to send her to school. He's a transmigrator who brought a special type of fey, pet, with him from his previous life but hasn't awakened until now. This is where he gets his MC exclusive cheat to improve his and his sister's life. This is where he unlocks his abilities to boost fey's abilities and evolve them into the next rank among other things. There doesn't seem to be much fighting so far, since he has an attribute for healing, support, and plant type fey it's most likely going to go down the store owner route rather than adventurous type of novel. That said, MC's probably still going to get into fights and explore dangerous areas later on anyways. It's a good novel for those who like novels like store owner type novels and summoner/pet novels.

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    Nothing happens in the first 30 chapters. I'm not joking. Sure he gets his ability but the author spends so much time just galivanting and increasing word count that nothing happens. Just when you think he's going to start being a merchant he wastes more time at other things. Don't waste your stones.

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    Wow, just wow. I'm speechless how good this pet store novel is. Great world building, character designs, reasonable cheat, and most importantly no system. Not having a system in a genre of a novel that are mostly composed of systems feel really nice and refreshing.

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    Not even 100 chapters in Raws and I am already vomiting blood. I get that the Author may be a new writer (If I read machine translation correctly) But dang story-wise it's bad. I grit my teeth when he joined the 'adventure guild' . It's going further away from being 'merchant'. Just full of cliches

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    Read till Ch 334 and i have to say im extremely dissapointed with the author. It was one of the best novels i have read so far,interesting with good plots with a little bit of slice of life, BUT... in the newer chapters the author stretching the chapters like theres no tommorow with so much repetitive details that it becomes impossible to read with no story progression,it becomes a chore much less enjoyable. For example.. The protagonist tries to do something and had a thought....proceed to write 3 chapter explaining his thought with useless descriptions wHICH are so repetitive and boring. It could have been one of the best novel i would recommend to friends but i have to drop it now.

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    If you like exposition, useless fillers, repetition, excessive repetitive descriptions, and eventually plot movement every tens of chapters....this is for you. It had potential, but the writing style just screams filling out word count.

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    all the reviews are a lie. .. basically just another copy and paste. at the start it seems like it will take a different direction with an actual mature mc, but just falls off back into that rhythm of a self proclaimed 'mature'mc

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    why is the MC so stupid? chapter 46, meet random strangers, follow random strangers to a dangerous place I'm guessing from the context that these 2 are work colleagues of his parents but I'm I the only one that thinks it's so nice of them to offer to give him some money at the age of 19 but did nothing for the last 11 years when the MC and his sister where orphaned at the age of 8 and 6 respectively WTF

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    It's just not good... I wouldn't recommend this. As for why, look for the most liked reviews. - Coming from someone who have read the raw version of the novel.

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    Nothing really happens, or rather every insignificant thing is explained in detail from multiple perspectives with repeated info. It telling not showing. The story is very easygoing for a place with large power spike. Mc cheat utilisation is sub-par. Still better than the trial reads released along with it.

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    I have been reading this novel on mtl. It is pretty decent and average. I really can't say it is good but it is not that bad. I can skip some chapters and not miss a thing due to how boring some chapters are in mtl. Hoping it would be better when properly translated. I can say this is a better consolation prize with how the previous pick are. Webnovel have embargoed all of the rights to translate novels so not much competition and this makes them really lazy in picking good novels to translate. Communist sucks.

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    For the first hundred chapters or so, it’s a pretty typical ‘Pet Store’ novel. Typical ‘tragic’ back story, typical ‘hard working’ protag, typical little sister. Only missing fat best friend. The world building is fairly spotty. It is a bit excessively described which isn’t too much of an issue if the author didn’t constant retcon himself. Make things to ‘extremely rare’ then everyone has it/knows about. Make some skills ‘extremely hard’, then bam no one is surprised by anyone who can do it. For example, MC’s profession is supposed to be stupidly rare and hard to do. Only reason he’s good at it is because of his cheat and he has absolutely no foundation. Like an award winning inventor who dropped out of primary school and barely understands science. MC does the equivalent of memorising some books and suddenly he’s an expert at the job and no one is even suspicious? For a profession where people seem to be in triple digits in an entire ‘federation’ (or so the author makes you think at the beginning. Will soon realise that’s more bullshit)? The actual world building feels like the author can’t decide between having a society in the Information Age or one set in fantasy. It’s some weird combination of the two that really doesn’t make sense. There is whole list of normal cliches and plot holes I won’t go in to, but at least the book was entertaining for what I came for - pet evolution + business. ****** ****** ****** ****** Then I got past around 130 chapters. Hooo Boy. Hooooooo Boy. Everything positive from the start of the book? Gone. Relationships? Pretty much ignored. World building? Jesus... In one of the later chapters, the author mentioned the words ‘Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’ 33 times. 33 TIMES ONLY IN THE BOTTOM HALF. At least if it was a Wikipedia of Feys I might find some interesting information. But no, it was the same information packaged and reworded multiple times. Then this same information is repeated to me Ad Nauseam in later chapters as well. This happens so many times I lost count. Then there was an entire chapter telling me stuff about a taxi bird fey. An entire chapter describing it. Again absolutely nothing interesting. No David Attenborough with his dulcet tones to do a voiceover. Drier than tumbleweed and even less useful. He even has a ‘Master’ now. I don’t even get the point. Sure she gives some stuff, but there’s no teaching. No guiding. No tasks. But can’t forget to insert obligatory young master while MC hides his background. If the book was around 3.5 in the first 100, it it’s easily tanked to a 1 now. The info dumping and repititiveness is absolutely atrocious. Never mind the fact the MC has pretty much become a combat guy now. Never mind that so called ‘support professions’ are still judged by combat. Never mind the confusing evolution mechanisms that seem to change every few chapters. Ugh. Just another disappointing Chinese pseudo-Pokemon knockoff (fake pokeballs from a mega corporation included).

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    I have read this until chapter 160, and to be honest, i kinda dont want to continue further. See, this book author is quite a genius imo, he can drag 2-4 chapters just to explain something. Sometimes the xplanation can be important like xplaining the fey ecosystem and ability, sometimes unimportant like how writing mc's account book how much he spend and gain every penny, and sometimes can be totally useless.like copy-pasting the same fey abilities again and again with just 1 (ONE) skill addition. A good way to fulfill your release and word quotas i guess, good for him, but not really good for me, i mostly scroll all the way every xplanation chapters and totally not missing anything important. Filler chapter is still better than this kind of chapter, at least it's more entertaining. And because of this too, the plot become slow and sometimes stagnant, it's like 3/4 xplanation and 1/4 story. Crazy right? i know. And imo the plot is getting inconsistent over time. Like, at first mc does not want to attract attention cuz he's weak, he got no backing, all that nonsense. But he stronkly pushing his sister to the front row with "my sister is awsum so she must attract attention" logic. I kinda wish his sister got killed off screen and he regret his decision in the future to be honest because of his braindead action. Also mc made a promise to trading agreement with a web shop at the beginning, saying he's not an ungrateful person who pay other's kindness, but until chapter 160 that matter never comes to surface again. Well maybe becuz mc already rich guy now so he thinks it's alright to forget his promise, and thus he become the ungrateful bastard himself. His first retainer which he promised to heal also never appear again after he told him to find a big shop in the capital. Maybe he retired and decide to donate his insect queen to mc off screen lmao. That's my opininon, go read it if you like this kind of writing. I'm not here to judge you.

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    Just a reminder that so far in this genre (given the description), World's Best Martial Artist is the best novel (kicks off 80+ chap). A gem. On par with novels of other genres like Lord of the Mysteries, Legendary Mechanic and a couple of others. This novel will never be able to reach this quality, albeit it's somewhat decent. At least not worse than Kung Fu Beyond the World or Dawn of a New Era and some others which tbh are crap.

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    story, and world background are the only interesting in the novel, writing quality is bellow average, with too many repetitions and useless terminology and quotes this novel needs serious filtering and editing....i really hope someone makes a fanfic of this.

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    Author Amber Button

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios